Most Interesting Stats of Modern SEO

Most Interesting Stats of Modern SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) can be determined as one of the most important parameter of any website, including those who are based on WordPress platform. Understanding of the SEO rules and following them are crucial not only for the position of your website in search engine query but also for the sake of your users` experience. It happens because SEO demands exactly the same things most users are looking for: intuitive navigation, clean and useful content, wide social sharing opportunities and so on.

The main problem of search engine optimization is that it is very complex and lasts without end. Experienced website owners have already managed to find their golden mean between perfectionism and reality in terms of SEO. But if you are one of the beginners in this field, then you probably need the guiding light.

We have gathered the most interesting facts from history and modernity of Search Engine Optimization to guide you through the raging sea of subjective opinions and experience which always float somewhere near the SEO. These facts will allow you to understand SEO from the inside and determine the most suitable strategies of developing your own web project due to its requirements and suggestions. The data in this article are supported with the amazing infographic by SeoTribunal.

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launchparty-wordpress-course (1)

LaunchParty — WordPress Templates with Full Tutorial

WordPress platform has been always focused on the beginners in the field of website creation, development and administration. That is why WordPress is built as a pretty simple and intuitive platform for creating and editing content, as well as design to underline some parts of your website or some messages within it.

Although WordPress gives you nearly unlimited options for customizing your website`s design and content, it does not possess a wide variety of templates to work with. And the creation of web design elements from scratch appears to be a difficult task for any beginner.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to work with different templates and customize them for your website`s needs. One opportunity is to download free WordPress themes and work with a few templates they offer. Another one is to buy a premium WordPress theme and enjoy much more wide choice of templates and tools within its kit. But today we are going to present you the third alternative which can become an optimal choice for your WordPress project — LaunchParty.

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Configuration Tricks for Your WordPress Website

Configuration Tricks for Your WordPress Website

Although WordPress is often considered as the website platform for beginners, it has lots of opportunities for advanced fine-tuning. These options are mostly hidden from a sight of most WordPress administrators just because a thoughtless manipulation with them can cause severe problems in the work of your website. There is no need to worry about your website safety, if you have done a back-up before customizing your WordPress configuration file.

Today we are talking about WP-Config file and its hidden opportunities to fine-tune your WordPress website. Most WordPress administrators had no experience with WP-Config because most hosting providers install it automatically to prevent any harm by inexperienced website owners to their own projects and to minimize the consequential damage.

The wp-config.php file has lots of opportunities not only for fine-tuning your WordPress options but also for troubleshooting and enchanting your website security. If you want to know more about WordPress platform from inside and seek to develop your website in a professional level, then this article will be very useful for you. Arm yourself with your website back-up and any of available FTP clients (FileZilla, for example) and hop into the world of extended WordPress configuration!

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Google Web Designer logo

Google Web Designer — Perfect Tool for Ads` Creation

The process of creating suitable design for online advertisement can be very difficult for the beginners in the field of website administration. WordPress websites also need good advertisement banners either to promote themselves or to provide additional service for paid advertisement for their clients. For a long time, there were only some difficult tools to create web design elements like Photoshop. But now the situation has changed for the sake of all website owners who does not possess special web design skills.

Google Web Designer is a brand new application that gives you all needed tools to create advertisement design of any difficulty without special knowledge. Google Web Designer is the new way to incarnate all your design ideas to practical use. We will observe this wonderful tool in this article to show you the main features and opportunities it gives to any website owner, including WordPress administrators.

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Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

Analytics is the key tool to understand what your potential and existing audience desires most and to create a successful content and UX strategy on this reliable basis. It means each WordPress website owner who wants to develop his or her project must have analytics tools and know how to use them.

Most WordPress website owners know only the most popular analytics tool provided by Google. Google Analytics is surely the most versatile tool but it can be too difficult especially for the beginners in the field of WordPress administration. That is why we decided to introduce you to some alternatives from which you can pick the most convenient for your goals.

We have gathered different analytics tools in this article to provide you with the deliberate choice. All of the provided analytics tools have proved themselves as reliable and user-friendly instruments of a WordPress administrator. Let us discover the most important analytics metrics and the tools that can keep you in touch with them.

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Performing a Keyword Research for Your WordPress Website

Performing a Keyword Research for Your WordPress Website

Keyword research is not a SEO tool but also a versatile assistant in the creation of your content strategy. Keyword research should be performed for any website that aim to constantly grow its audience and engage the existing one. Basically, it is one of the first tools you should use while creating your WordPress project.

Some website owners rely purely on their sense of the audience and its demands. Unfortunately, this method is very unreliable because the audience`s wishes are constantly evolving and changing. Today`s trends can lose their popularity tomorrow. That is why you should be well-informed about user requests every day.

Lots of tools have been already created to help website owners with the task of constant keyword research process. These tools perform deep analytics of user requests and behavior to provide you with the full map of active trends. We have gathered the most versatile and popular tools for keyword research for your convenient decision making.

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Creating a Giveaway on Your WordPress Website Step by Step

Giveaway is one of the best ways to attract your website visitors` attention and keep them engaged for a really long time. The secret is very simple — everybody likes free stuff. Moreover, giveaways often engage users in some process which is very similar to a game. A good game with a good reward is what the best entertainment looks like.

You could have thought that a giveaway is very simple and straight-forward — you just present your users with some gifts for a particular action. But when it comes to the real process, a lot of complications can appear for an unprepared WordPress administrator. Let us look at the process of creating a giveaway with a complex approach and underline the most important stages of it. We will see how a successful giveaway is built step by step.

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Increasing Your Websites ROI through a Footer

Increasing Your Website’s ROI through a Footer

ROI (return on investment) is a highly chased goal for most of web projects which have any way to convert their attendance to money. It is pretty simple to understand the main meaning of ROI: each action, development step of investment you make is compared with the funds it brings afterwards. If you invest less then you get in result, than your ROI is positive. Of course, you could not accomplish positive ROI always (unless you live in a perfect world) but the aspiration to the perfection is clear.

One of the most important aspects of ROI is the usage of any tool you have access to. That is why we are talking about footer as one of such aspects, although it is surely not the highest priority tool to consider. The reason is that there were lots of guides about headers, text content, visuals and other parts of any website but footer is usually ignored. We will try to show you the way this part of your WordPress website can also serve for the sake of ROI and overall user experience improvement.

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50 Facts about WordPress You Probably Didn`t Know

50 Facts about WordPress You Probably Didn`t Know

WordPress is not only the biggest and most popular platform for websites but also one of the most interesting subjects to study. We study it every day to bring you the most exciting facts and nuances but today we have decided to focus on the numbers and events which are connected with WordPress platform.

These are obviously not all the facts about WordPress but the most interesting and those which can show you the peculiarities of the platform you probably did not know before. Sit back and enjoy the most spectacular features of WordPress.

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How Microinteractions Can Improve Your WordPress Website

How Microinteractions Can Improve Your WordPress Website

Microinteractions are the small answers to users` action within your website. These interactions are usually presented with additional animations while users accomplish some micro tasks. Microinteractions have become one of the most trending web design feature of the modern WordPress websites and blogs.

When microinteractions have come live and popular, there were no turning back to the previous static web design. Users got used to be rewarded for their action within any website and just would not bother to spend time on non-interaction projects. That could seem to be very similar to users` addiction but as soon as it brings new wave of developing interest to WordPress project, there is nothing wrong about that.

Let us observe all the opportunities microinteractions give to your WordPress website and the benefits they provide. This article gathers the information about how microinteractions work, how can they help your website to be more engaging and what prominent examples can be seen and used within your own project by means of modern premium WordPress themes.

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How to Choose a Blog`s Topic 10 Most Popular WordPress Blog Types

How to Choose a Blog`s Topic — 10 Most Popular WordPress Blog Types

The choice of a topic for your WordPress website or blog is the first and the most important step on your way to success. The main reason to pick a certain topic is, of course, your inspiration and will to create content on the corresponding subjects. But there are also lots of cases when you have more than one favorite topic or do not have a clue what to write about at all. Just for these cases we have prepared the list of the most popular WordPress blog topics for you.

In this article you will found the topics which are the most popular and readable nowadays. We will also share links to the posts describing the most interesting WordPress themes for the corresponding topics as we have already reviewed most of them. So you can not only observe the most popular topics but also look at the premium WordPress themes provided for this specific topic on Envato Market. These tips combined will help you to start an interesting and engaging blog in a matter of a few hours.

It is also worth mentioning that all of the most popular topics create highly competitive environment. You should pay attention to this aspect before starting your own project. The choice is either to use popular topic with a ready-to-join audience but to share it with the industry giants or to pick a unique or less popular topic to struggle for creating a new community around it. Both choices have their advantages and downsides, but a popular topic gives easier opportunities to begin for newbies in the sphere of WordPress administration and overall website development and management.

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Meet Gutenberg the New WordPress Website Editor

Meet Gutenberg — the New WordPress Website Editor

Gutenberg is the name for the new WordPress website editor. This editor is coming to all WordPress websites with the 5.0 update but can be tested even now inside your admin dashboard. In this article we will show and analyze the vital changes Gutenberg brings to the WordPress platform.

It is hard to believe, but WordPress was released 15 years ago. In 2003 there were other trends and needs for the most personal websites created within the platform. Web development, design, content and social media trends have changed nearly every month during these 15 years. So, there is no surprise WordPress desires to implement some revolutionary changes for its main tool — page and post editor. The new name means the new attitude to creation and editing your content.

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What Is UX Writing and How to Use It for Your WordPress Website

What Is UX Writing and How to Use It for Your WordPress Website

UX writing is a term that could be met very frequently in a modern internet environment. If you are following trends than you probably know what is User Experience (shortly UX) writing about and maybe even already use it for your WordPress website. Unfortunately, lots of website owners are not acquainted with the term or do not use its advantages.

Today we are talking about the UX writing: from the term`s definition and explanation to concrete examples from the modern trend creators — Google, Facebook, MailChimp and other. This article will help you to understand UX writing and consider the opportunity to use its tips and tricks for your own WordPress website.

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Which Google AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats Perform Best on a WordPress Site

Which Google AdSense Banner Sizes & Formats Perform Best on a WordPress Site

Google AdSense banners remains the most popular way to monetize a WordPress website. Google provides its partners with the most qualified and diversified support which brings the best conditions for the newcomers to join thousands of successfully monetized websites. More important is that Google AdSense has the predefined banner sizes and formats which can suit nearly any website`s design. If you want to monetize your WordPress website with Google Ads then you need to know the opportunities they provide.

We will focus our attention on the best performing Google AdSense banners in this article. This top is made by Google itself and is based on the most complete analytics data from around the world. The most important index is CTR (click through rate). This index shows the effectiveness of a Google AdSense banner and the income you can expect from it.

The choice between the most suitable banner for your WordPress website`s design and the best performing one is a tough deal. But there is also an alternative way to adapt your website`s interface to the most well performing advertisements. This way you can follow the newest trends in web design and attract more active visitors to your WordPress project.

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What Is the Difference between WordPress org and WordPress com

What Is the Difference between and

Most WordPress platform`s newcomers are confused with the existence of two similar names: and Despite of similar names, these platforms are very different in their essence, features and opportunities. It is crucial for any WordPress admin to know the difference and to make the right choice from the first steps.

Today we will make the detailed analytics of these two platforms and provide you with the important information for your choice. This article is the “must-read” for any new WordPress website owner. So, if you have a friend or a client who is in the position of a WordPress newcomer, then you should share this article with this person for his or her good.

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How to Add a Parallax Effect to Your WordPress Website

How to Add a Parallax Effect to Your WordPress Website

Parallax effect is a modern web design tool that aims to engage your audience and keep it on your WordPress website for a longer time. Basically, parallax effect is created by the difference of the scrolling speed between a background image and an overlay content. Background image scrolls much slower and this difference creates an illusion of depth for the whole user`s impression on your website`s design.

Parallax effect is widely used within most of the modern premium and free WordPress themes. It is especially popular for portfolio type of websites and some small business web representatives. These types of websites prefer to use the landing pages over and try to impress a user from the first sight and keep him or her engaged through the whole content of the page which could be very long-scrolling and contain lots of content blocks.

Today we will pay our attention to the process of creating parallax effect on any WordPress website. We will consider three of most effective ways to create parallax effect: with the help of WordPress themes, plugins and CSS coding opportunities.

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What Is Relevant for Creating a Perfect Subscribe Button

What Is Relevant for Creating a Perfect Subscribe Button

Newsletter is one of the main marketing tools of any successful WordPress website owner. Previously we have talked about the common pieces of advice for growing your subscribers list and using the best WordPress plugins for this purpose. But now we will focus on one of the most important constituent of this complex process — the subscribe button.

The subscribe button on your WordPress website can become the last obstacle for a user to subscribe for your newsletter, if it is ugly or wrong situated on the web page. To avoid such negative effect, you should follow some simple rules on design, copywriting and web development related to the subscribe button and its environment.

Today we have gathered the most essential tips on creating the perfect subscribe button for your WordPress website in this article. This tips concern to the button positioning, color, timing, audience targeting and other basic features to which you should pay attention while creating this important subscription tool of your WordPress website.

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How to Prevent Illegal Image Copying from Your WordPress Site

How to Prevent Illegal Image Copying from Your WordPress Site

Internet is an open space where there are not only polite and law-obedient persons. Image theft has become a very spread issue through internet in common and between WordPress websites particularly. Every day and every minute hundreds and thousands of photos and pictures become stolen and travel from one thief to another. But there are some ways to prevent the image theft for your WordPress website.

This article is very important for any copyright owners of visual content. If you create the original art works or simply draw images for your articles and do not want them to be used for free by another websites, then we suggest you to read the following 4 methods of preventing illegal copying of your images from the WordPress website or blog.

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Showing Your WordPress Site in Google Answer Boxes

Showing Your WordPress Site in Google Answer Boxes

Google answer box is an additional feature of the search engine that helps users to find a quick and short answer to a concrete question. This block appears on the top of all search results if Google evaluates users request as a question and if the search engine has found a good answer to it.

Google answer box shows not only the text, but also the corresponding picture and link to the source of content. Usually users further to search some other information if they simply found the concrete answer in this special top block. But the research shows that the answer block gets up to 50% of clicks from users who see it. That is why this place of Google search results is very valuable for any WordPress admin who wishes to develop his or her project and grow its audience.

Today we will focus on the methods to enhance your chance of appearing at Google answer boxes and getting new visitors for your WordPress website or blog. In this article you will find common advice about SEO and content tricks for making your web pages more relevant to users` question queries.

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YouTube vs Vimeo

YouTube or Vimeo – How to Choose Better Service for WordPress Website

Video content is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is now simply inevitable to use videos on your WordPress website if you want to keep the loyal audience and increase it. And you do not need to create your own video content. You can just use the YouTube and Vimeo services to look for thematic content and put it to your WordPress website for your users’ entertainment.

It should be also mentioned that WordPress itself provides and opportunity to upload videos on your server. But this method of storing and showing videos is connected with lots of problems due to big sizes of video files. Services which are specially created for this purpose are much better and convenient for both WordPress admins and users.

Today we will compare YouTube and Vimeo services as two most popular video hostings of the world. Both services provide ample opportunities for video bloggers or for those who want to use the created content for the sake of their WordPress projects.

We will focus on such subjects as pricing, monetization, upload limits, audience reach, video editing options and privacy control. YouTube and Vimeo will be compared within these metrics in this article. This comparison will give you the clear picture of all main features for both services and will allow you to make the best choice for your WordPress website.

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Disable Widgets

Quick Tip: Disabling WordPress Widgets

Widgets are very important and helpful tools to set up and develop your WordPress website. But sometimes we store more tools than we need for the near future. In this case the problem of overwhelming by the widgets can appear. The other situation that involves widgets` disabling can appear when you change your WordPress theme or make some other changes in the website design. Some widgets can no longer work efficiently with the new design set up.

Than you can decide to return to the previous version of design or just the need of some old-and-faithful widget can appear. All this cases need to be dealt with suitable approach. How to maintain WordPress website and admin panel in order and disable the unnecessary widgets? In this article we will desirable 3 of the most simple and efficient ways to deal with this issue.

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WordPress Secure Connection Error

WordPress Secure Connection Error — Fixing the Issue

WordPress secure connection error is one of the common issues any website administrator can face. So it is important to know what causes such an error and how to deal with it. As WordPress is a large web platform with lots of additional plugins, tools and extensions, it is not always obvious where to look in case of errors.

In this article we will analyze the possible reasons of secure connection error within a WordPress website and the methods to fix this issue. The article will be helpful for the beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration and development.

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Multilingual main

How to Build a Perfect Multilingual WordPress Website

Modern business on the internet should have the ability to mass-scale through the introduction of new language versions in accordance with the expansion of the company or brand to the markets of new countries and regions. Fortunately, the WordPress platform fully supports multilingual websites and blogs. Most of the modern free and premium WordPress themes allow you to optimize content for many languages ​​of the world, and convenient plugins take on the technical part of the process.

However, translating content into the languages ​​you need is just the beginning of the way to create a truly multilanguage project. It is necessary to take into account the cultural characteristics of different countries and regions, as well as the features of the marketing campaign for each of the language versions of the site. There are also certain nuances in optimizing the site for user search queries that can not be ignored. All this is a complex and multidisciplinary work on the multi-language WordPress site.

Such a complex work may seem too complicated, but in fact the task remains quite feasible if it is decomposed into separate processes. Moreover, many of the processes can be performed by means of WordPress plugins for you.

Today we will consider in detail the issue of creating multilanguage WordPress sites — from content translation to site optimization and marketing campaign for new regions. We hope that these tips will help you to create all necessary language versions for your WordPress site or blog without any unnecessary fuss.

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bbpress main

Guide to Create WordPress Community Forums via bbPress

Communities based on forums may seem a little outdated nowadays, but in fact they have a number of undeniable advantages for use in certain cases. Communication on the internet began with forums, but their long history does not make them useless and obsolete. Quite the opposite, for a long time forums have been able to hone their functionality and features to the extent that administrators and ordinary users feel the optimal combination of available features and an intuitive interface for working with them.

Community forums for WordPress are usually created and maintained via bbPress system. bbPress has three major advantages that distinguish it from a number of competitors: it is really lightweighted, fully integrated with the WordPress platform and easily customizable, even without knowledge in web development and design.

bbPress is ideal for two purposes: selecting a separate zone for thematic and free communication between users of your project and creating technical support forums for your customers. As a rule, these are exactly the goals pursued by WordPress administrators for their projects, so we will also focus on the features and capabilities of bbPress in the context of meeting the respective needs and requirements.

Today we will stop your attention at the bbPress platform for creating community forums: we will look at its functional features, customization capabilities, and additional features for connecting useful plugins. This guide can help you with creating and configuring your first community on the WordPress platform. We advise you to think about creating a place for communication of your users today, so as not to lose your potential audience tomorrow.

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Helpful Tools for Grammar Check on Your WordPress Site

Helpful Tools for Grammar Check on Your WordPress Site

Grammar check and spelling play a more important role than commonly considered among the majority of internet users. In terms of business or a serious information project, the absence of errors in text content is a basic requirement for winning a good reputation among its audience.

The problem of checking grammar sooner or later comes before every person who writes the texts. Despite the high level of literacy, everyone can make occasional errors that are difficult to notice without additional proofreading of the text. And additional proofreading of the text significantly enlarge the time spent on creating content.

An adequate way out of this situation is to attract artificial intelligence to perform a simple, but long and tedious procedure for checking the written text. Unfortunately, even the most modern tools can not compare with a human as a text checker. However, they can significantly facilitate this task and save you a lot of time and effort.

Today we will review the 3 best tools for grammar check and spelling. All the tools from our list are free to use. In addition, there are many more WordPress plugins and browser extensions that perform similar tasks. But we have chosen the optimal tools for you in the ratio of ease of use and performance.

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Gaining and Improving Your WordPress Site’s Reputation

Working on the reputation of your business on the network is one of the most important and most complex tasks at the same time. The importance of reputation is justified by the open dissemination of information on the internet: one review can be read by millions of people around the world. The complexity of working on a reputation is based on a psychological factor: it is difficult to deal with angry or just negative people and respond to their reviews in a weighed and polite way, offering compensation in case of mistakes on your side.

However, working with a reputation does not end with the processing of feedback. Reputation depends on many nuances, and the main ones we will try to consider in this article. The good news is that the amount of work with reputation will always be correlated with the attendance of your site. This means that in the first months (and possibly years), this type of activity will not take much of your time. In addition, you can easily understand the level of popularity of your project in terms of the amount of time you spend working with a reputation.

At all stages of work on reputation you need to focus your attention on 9 critical aspects. Further we will consistently consider each of these aspects.

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10 Generators to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your WordPress Site

10 Generators to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your WordPress Site

Domain name plays a very important role in the popularity and success of your project. An interesting, memorable and easy to write domain name will be an additional reason to visit your site, and a difficult domain name will deprive you of a certain percentage of potential visitors.

Any serious project begins with a thought-out strategy for the development and branding. Branding will always include the project name and interpretation of this name in the domain name of the site. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering an insurmountable problem of an occupied domain name, on which the entire strategy of your branding is built.

The number of internet sites is very large and increases with every second. Therefore, choosing a good domain name, which is not yet occupied, can be a difficult task. One of the useful helpers in this matter will be an automatic service for the generation of domain names.

Today we will look at a list of free and efficient services for generating domain names so that you can choose a convenient option for your needs. All these services use artificial intelligence to form variants of domain names and immediately check the availability of the proposed options for use. Not all of the suggested options will be interesting and useful, but their number will allow you to select several suitable ideas for a real domain name.

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Basic Tips to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Site

Basic Tips to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Site

Comments are an important part of your WordPress site`s life. The presence of comments on your posts is evidence of the readers` interest in the content of your internet project. In addition, comments are a good incentive to start a discussion among a less active audience, who will never start a conversation on their own, but will gladly join the already existing one.

Well-commented blogs have higher positions in search results. This occurs due to the improvement in the behavioral factors of the site ranking. In other words, you increase the length of time users stay on the site, the depth of pageviews, and reduce the failure rate. In accordance with the improvement of these indicators, search engines start to treat your site better.

Involving users in commenting is a fairly complex process. For this reason, a large number of modern blogs have no active commentators. However, the opportunities for attracting active commentators are quite broad and accessible. The main point is that using these opportunities is necessary in a complex manner. Only in this case they will bring the desired result.

Today we will talk about the simplest and most accessible methods for involving your audience in the commenting process. All these techniques are better to apply from the very first day of your internet project`s life. In this case, the process will be faster and more efficient. But do not despair if your project already has a rich history, good attendance, but very few comments. This situation can be gradually corrected if you follow the advice that we give in this article.

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Best Online Courses for WordPress Beginners

Best Online Courses for WordPress Beginners

WordPress is the best Content Management System for beginners site administrators. WordPress CMS is extremely simple for initial acquaintance. This is the main reason for its popularity among newcomers who want to create a personal website or blog. But the further you go into the study of the system and the more you try to develop your internet project, the more difficult tasks it can become.

WordPress can be fully explored on your own. But it will take a lot of time and perseverance. A much simpler option is to gain experience from more competent WordPress administrators and developers. If such knowledge is presented in an accessible and consistent way, then it will help you deal with most nuances much more quickly through an independent study.

There are several easy ways to quickly get key knowledge of WordPress. The most obvious way is to read cognitive articles, which is what you are doing right now. Well done! We encourage you to visit our special section for Beginners. And we advise you to start reading with one of the most interesting and useful article: the Most Awful Mistakes of a Site Owner on WordPress.

However, there is another convenient and enjoyable way to get knowledge. This method consists in attending seminars and lectures on WordPress administration. And of course, there is no need to attend such events personally. After all, we live in the age of digital technology! Online courses and seminars from professionals in the field of WordPress administration will help you quickly join the environment of successful site owners.

In this article, we offer you a list of the most useful and interesting courses on mastering the skills of WordPress administration. Choose the most suitable for yourself!

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W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache: which Caching Plugin is Better?

Caching plugin allows your WordPress website to load much faster. The download speed of the site is a key indicator of the quality for any modern website. A huge number of people expects your site to download within 2 seconds or even faster. Fortunately, the choice of tools for properly caching is quite wide and available to every administrator of the site on the WordPress platform. It remains only to decide which of the existing tools will be best for your site or blog.

Now the most popular caching plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. We will carry out a comparative description of the two plugins, so you can make an informed choice. In addition, in this article we will examine the principle of caching plugin operation. Without this knowledge, it will be hard for you to appreciate the advantages of the tools that we will be talking about here.

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Comparing WooCommerce and Shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify: which eCommerce Platform is Better?

The commerce on the internet is expanding with each passing day. There Constantly appeare new online stores that offer unique products or services. WordPress is also a very popular platform to accommodate online store. There are many different approaches to creating and maintaining your own online store. Today we look at the two most popular methods that involve the use of WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.

The choice between WooCommerce and Shopify should be based on a conscious campaign, that is why we will try to highlight the most important moments for every online store owner. It should also be noted that the choice of a specific eCommerce platform should be based on the individual needs of each business line. However, in this article we will try to give a sufficiently comprehensive overview of the general characteristics of each platform, so you can make the right choices of your own.

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How to Install and Use Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics is a powerful modern tool to improve the performance of your WordPress site on the basis of studies of its audience. Google Analytics provides virtually any information about user behavior on your site or blog. But you should first of all bear in mind that Google Analytics will not work with sites that are hosted on a free WordPress platform. So if you want your project to develop and instantly improve, the first step in this direction would be the purchase of a good hosting service.

In this article, we will examine a consistent guide to install the Google Analytics tracking code on your WordPress site, as well as the basic techniques of audience research with the help of this wonderful tool. This information will be helpful for novice administrators of the sites in WordPress platform. We recommend using Google Analytics with the earliest days of your site launch. This allows you not to miss out on any changes in the composition of the visitors and their behavior on different pages of your project.

The main advantage of using Google Analytics is its simplicity and user-friendliness due to an intuitive interface. You will see that the Google Analytics installation and usage is pretty easy as we move on to our guide.

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WordPress Post Formats Guide

WordPress Post Formats is one of the most useful feature of the platform, which is available to all. Post formats expand opportunities for rapid deployment of posts in various styles. If your WordPress theme supports post formats, you can use prepared templates for various types of posts – from the gallery to chat. You can also customize the display of different post formats for the individual design of your site and the needs of its target audience.

The use of post formats provides the possibility to optimize the work with WordPress admin panel and allows you to make your website more enjoyable and easier to read by visitors. Post formats are relevant for those who wish to create a variety of content, not just the standard text posts with images. If you are still using only one post format, you should think about the variety of content on your website or blog. Users of your site will also appreciate more frequent updates of content, even if they are not as bulky as a standard text posts.

In this article, we will analyze in detail all kinds of WordPress post formats, as well as how to use them for different purposes. Here you will also find a top of the most interesting WordPress themes, which supports post formats and customization.

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Optimizing WordPress Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization is crucial not only for your site in common, but for every WordPress post you create. If you have already created a unique text and visual content, but have not optimized it for search engines, the chances of losing potential readers are quite high. It makes no sense to risk huge losses among the target audience, as modern tools for WordPress offers convenient features for fast optimization of any post.

One of the most important instruments for optimizing is the Yoast SEO plugin. Today we look at all the possibilities of this plugin for easy optimization of each new WordPress posts. The main advantage of Yoast SEO plugin is its versatility. With this tool, you will be able to optimize not only the pages` meta tags while creating a new post, but also the settings of social sharing and more advanced options.

There are other useful tools for the optimization of WordPress posts. Also, do not forget about the built-in capabilities of the WordPress admin panel. We will analyze all these features in detail in this article. With the help of this walkthrough, you will be able to easily build SEO-optimized content, which will be better ranked in the search engines results.

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Most Useful WordPress Widgets

Most Useful WordPress Widgets

Widgets are the most simple and effective way to customize your website on WordPress. In fact, you can customize most parts of your website`s interface using only the widgets. Therefore, the understanding of the most popular and useful widgets is vital for each site administrator on WordPress. We will help you to orient in a huge variety of existing widgets, and you can select the most appropriate elements to optimize your site or blog.

All widgets can be divided into two large groups. The first group includes widgets that are available by default in the most themes for WordPress. The second group of widgets is implemented through specific plugins. We will briefly observe both groups of plugins because their functionality is too important to ignore it. Some participants of our list require the installation of simple and intuitive to configure plugins.

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Improving Your WordPress Site for Free

Improving Your WordPress Site for Free

We have previously written about, how much should you spend on a WordPress site. If you are already familiar with this information, you know that one should spend a lot of money for this purpose. Any internet project needs constant attention and updating. And sites on the platform WordPress are no exception. However, there are ways to improve your website or blog without any financial investments.

In this article, we will discuss a simple, effective, and (most importantly) free methods to improve the performance of your WordPress site and amaze its users. You can adopt them all or choose the most suitable to begin work on the optimization of your site. This process can occur gradually and do not affect all aspects of project activities at the same time. But in the end you will come to the knowing that the process of improvement never stops.

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Beware the Most Awful Mistakes of a Site Owner on WordPress

Beware: the Most Awful Mistakes of a Site Owner on WordPress

People tend to make mistakes. And the owners of sites on the WordPress platform is not a miraculous exception. However, various mistakes lead to different consequences. Site administration errors can lead to loss of potential and existing audience as well as to the loss of good reputation in the internet.

As in any other case, you can learn from your mistakes or learn from others’ missteps for your own benefit. We hope that this article will help you avoid the most terrible mistakes, that the site administrator on WordPress is able to make.

We will focus on the interaction with the audience of your site and possible mistakes in its implementation. You can also preview our previous publication about common technical mistakes that site owners on WordPress often make. So, here are the basic nuances which you should avoid:

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Basic Tips for Creating a Perfect Text

Basic Tips for Creating a Perfect Text

Text content is the basic element of your potential audience engagement and sales. Visual content will draw initial attention to your website or blog, but visitors will not look at the image forever. They need something more. Useful and interesting texts will be the key for involvement and gradual incensement of the audience at a long distance. But how to create content that will meet these goals? We will reveal the basic techniques of creating a great text content in this article.

The most common mistake of beginners is to transfer their own needs and desires to the potential audience of the site. So we are trying to fit visitors of your site to ourselves. This approach is not right. If you want to create interesting content for your readers (rather than yourself), then you should consider some important rules of the game. Next we will talk about 6 consecutive steps that will allow you to get closer to your readers and create interesting content for them.

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Various Methods of Growing Your Subscribers List

Various Methods of Growing Your Subscribers List

We have already talked about the value of email marketing and the importance of attracting new audiences through this channel of communication with your readers. But before you begin your march to success, you should take the first positive step. This step is the creation and gradual expansion of the base of subscribers for your newsletter.

There are many ways to collect and increase the list of subscribers. We will consider the black methods that can lead to spam filters sanctions. Such an approach is short-sighted and dangerous. Instead, we have collected the top 5 effective and relatively simple ways to build and expand your list of subscribers.

After reading these tips, you will be able to choose the optimal strategy depending on all the features of your project on the WordPress platform. However, we recommend using a combination of all these strategies, considering reasonable limitations. In this case, restrictions will be directed to ensure that newsletter does not bother the audience too much.

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How to Use MailChimp with WordPress

How to Use MailChimp with WordPress

Email marketing is an important part of your project in WordPress. Consider the fact that 70% of your site`s visitors will not get back to you after the first visit. Are you willing to lose the biggest part of your potential audience? In addition, a protection from such serious traffic loss is not a difficult task. It is enough to wisely use ready-made tools – MailChimp mailing service, integrated WordPress functionality or additional features of special plugins.

Our choice has stopped on MailChimp, because it provides the most user-friendly interface and free service for newcomers. If your subscriber base has not yet reached 2000 people, you can use all the capabilities of the service for free. Then you will be offered to buy one of the existing packages of services at very reasonable prices. In any case, the start and initial testing does not require any financial investments.

Today we will talk about how to carry out initial MailChimp setup to work with the site on WordPress platform. A few simple steps will help you to understand that setting email campaign does not require extensive training or deep knowledge in the field of marketing or web development. In addition, we will address the theme of setting the most useful plugins to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns – from the increase in the number of subscribers to the improvement of their interaction with your site.

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The Biggest Business Sites That Use WordPress

The Biggest Business Sites That Use WordPress

Do you still think that WordPress platform exists exclusively for the little-known bloggers and startups in the web? We have a surprise for you! Convenience and functionality of WordPress has long been appreciated by many leaders in their fields of activity. Using WordPress is not a sign of a low budget or a small support team of a site. You will see the truth, when you meet the participants of our list of the biggest business projects using WordPress.

Here we present a list of the most interesting and well-known sites that are based on WordPress. Naturally, there are other interesting projects which trust WordPress. But we will focus on those that prove the irrefutable leadership of WordPress as the best platform for the sites in various topics.

We hope that these sites will become an example for all novice bloggers and businessmen in the web. Starting and developing your project on the internet with WordPress is the most profitable and interesting way to succeed.

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Basic Rules of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Basic Rules of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has become an integral part of any modern marketing strategy. Despite the widespread popularity of social media, many still do not have a clue how to approach the creation and implementation of strategies in this field of activity properly. Especially if you are a beginner, it would be difficult to identify the main landmarks of your own. Therefore, we have collected the basic rules for creating a successful marketing strategy in social media for you. Consistent adherence to these rules will allow you to better understand the social media, to find out something interesting about its structure and value. Also you can discover a minimum determination of the main aspects that you need to consult with experts in SMM.

All the tips in this article do not require special knowledge or training. They just require a little amount of your time and a desire to understand the insides of social media. On the other hand, you should not expect a stunning effect within the application of these rules in practice. Remember that they are the basis and not the secrets of success within one day (such thing does not exist in any field of activity).

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How Much Should You Spend on a WordPress Site

How Much Should You Spend on a WordPress Site

WordPress is a free platform for sites. But how much should the owner of the site pay actually to make it user friendly and successful? This question can not be answered in one statement. First of all, you should consider the fact that the majority of material expenditure for the start and support of any web project on WordPress platform can be replaced by the cost of your own time. If you have the desire to do everything by yourself, you can save funds considerably. But for many business people the purchase of ready-made solutions for WordPress is an optimal option.

Let`s consistently understand, from which parts consists the cost of creating and maintaining a website on WordPress. This will help you to make the right conclusion on what you can save, and what is better to buy as a ready-made product in your concrete case. We will try to parse the entire multi-faceted site maintenance process on WordPress platform, but will not go deeply into detail for not be ing distracted by the particular matters.

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Styling Contact Form 7 in WordPress

For most people creating a WordPress website, a contact form is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. An effective contact form doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to serve it’s purpose. As long as email is still around – contact forms are something that most websites should have. Displaying links to your social media accounts and an email address is fine, but contact forms make things even easier for people to contact you. You can use your contact list for lots of useful things like building marketing purposes, customer support issues and more.

If you decide to dive into WordPress without a whole lot of background knowledge (like I did), one of the first things you will end up fiddling with is a contact form plugin. Contact Form 7 has been downloaded over 6 million times! With over 1 million active installs, it is by far the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress. It works great and it is free. One of the best things about it is that you can use it to learn. Read more


The Anatomy of a WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress theme is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a high quality website. A good theme can allow you to implement all the latest design trends and get a site up the same day (5 minutes to install). Knowing the anatomy of a WordPress theme can help you get a better understanding of how a WordPress theme works.

The best thing about themes for many people is how simple and easy it makes your work. All you need is some basic knowledge to carry out complex tasks. There are many things a WordPress user can do without having any technical background at all. If you are looking for a theme, checkout out our WordPress Theme Repository. When you are theme shopping, make sure and choose a theme that has all the functionality you want built-in.  Read more

11 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

One of the first things you have to decide when considering a website is if you want to hire a developer to build you software from scratch vs using a CMS like WordPress. Hiring a solid developer will most often get you the best result, but this can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Not everyone has the budget for that. The best thing about WordPress is that it is limitless, even for non-developers. It resides in a sweet spot between ease of use, control and flexibility. Below are 11 reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website. We had ten, but had to squeeze in one more, just to kick things up a notch. Read more

Jupiter Template Grid

First Time Setup of Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter is a powerful WordPress theme that has been making a splash on Themeforest since it’s release in 2013. Things have really improved since the release of Jupiter 5.1 in April, 2016. This theme is powerful, lightweight and easy to customize. It’s like having an entire team of developers at your fingertips.

All it takes is a single click to import a fully functional website. There currently over 70 templates (demo content) available free with purchase of Jupiter. With 50 of those templates specifically built for business, it’s a great choice for any type of business website. Read more

WP Noob Bus

6 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners

WordPress is very easy to use even for non-tech savvy people, but it can be confusing at first. Initially all the settings, options and features can be overwhelming. This usually subsides after a few weeks of regular use. Once you find your groove you will see that it’s a very efficient and useful tool.

Many beginners as well as experienced users find that WordPress serves its purpose, but they may be missing out on some useful features. WordPress is very powerful and has endless potential as a CMS. Getting to know your way around some key admin screen features can help you unlock some of that potential.

This can help you save precious time and money. It also helps you to optimize your workflow, making life a lot easier. Today’s article outlines some easy tips to help beginners get the most out of WordPress. Read more

Adding Custom CSS to WordPress

WordPress is heavily reliant on CSS stylesheets. Making simple CSS changes to a WordPress website is one of the first things that beginners want to do.  Luckily it’s super easy to add custom CSS styles to your site.

There are lots of different methods and anyone, I mean anyone can do it. I showed my 8 year old niece how to do it and she doesn’t even understand the difference between an iPad and an iPod, or at least she thinks the terms are interchangeable. Today we have a quick guide on adding custom CSS to your WordPress website. Read more

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme — a Comprehensive Guide

Creating a website is exciting. That’s why it’s easy to rush through the process and make some wrong moves. There’s nothing wrong with diving right in. Many people learn better this way, yet more often than not, it’s unnecessary and counterproductive.

A little bit of research can save you a lot of time and effort. There are thousands of themes for WordPress. In fact, there are too many. The biggest marketplace for themes is Themeforest. Currently they have over 6,000 to choose from and more are being added all the time. It can be overwhelming trying to navigate through the sea (or forest) of software to find the perfect theme. Read more

45 WordPress SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

45 WordPress SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

WordPress is a great CMS for SEO right out of the box, but optimizing your site for success will take some effort. Getting good results won’t happen overnight. You will have to stay consistent and keep up with the latest trends. The good news is that SEO is easy enough for anyone to learn.

Anybody with some basic knowledge will be able to apply it and get good results. WordPress SEO is all about gaining favor with search engines, mainly Google. Search engine optimization involves optimizing your text, link building, gaining popularity and your reputation.  Below are some fast and effective SEO tips for WordPress. Read more

Why Your Small Business Needs a WordPress Website

The use of globalized technology is has changed the way we behave. Especially when it comes to shopping or searching for services online. More and more people are going online first before buying anything. As a small business owner, having a website is a necessary part of doing business in today’s world.

There are many business owners who wonder whether they need a website or not. For most industries it’s not even a question of whether you need an online presence, but how to manage it.

Ten years ago this definitely was not the case. But as the number of people who use the web approaches half of the world’s population – having your own website is standard. Even if you are already on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other online social communities, having your own little piece of online real estate is a valuable asset. Read more

Tips for Successful Blogging

Although blogging and the way people interact with blogs is constantly changing, it’s been boiled down to somewhat of a science. Naturally it’s a mixture of creativity and proven techniques, along with some networking knowhow and web development skills. One thing is for sure, there’s no secret recipe for success and if you want to be successful, you’ll have to do a little experimenting.

I’ve been blogging as a hobby and professionally for a few years now. I kind of just fell into it and it’s become something I love to do. I don’t know if it was dumb luck or just thick headed persistence but I was able to blog about things I enjoy and make some money doing so. Read more

Common Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

Are you ready to launch your WordPress website? Each day there are thousands of new websites are published. To makes sure your site is optimized properly and stands out from the crowd you’ll want to avoid some of the common pitfalls of publishing from the start. This article goes over some of the most common mistakes beginning WordPress users run into when launching their websites.

There’s nothing wrong from learning from your mistakes, but it’s always nice to learn from other people’s mistakes when you can. WordPress is very user friendly, but launching any type of website involves many variables. This makes it easy to overlook things, especially when you are a new user. Read more

A Guide to Jetpack for WordPress

If you are running a website on then you have most likely come across the Jetpack Plugin. A lot of people newer to WordPress often wonder just what it is, and what you can do with it. It’s an expansive plugin that currently has 36 modules with different functions. Jetpack makes running your blog a lot easier. You can use jetpack to handle a lot of functionality on your site like contact forms, analytics, cloud, comments and more. This guide will explain how you to use Jetpack and we what each modules does.

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Installing Themes and Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is extremely user friendly. If you know how to install programs on a computer than you can build a modern website that looks feels professional. After you figure out how to join WordPress and find hosting, all you need to do from there is install themes and plugins to build virtually any type of website you can imagine. If you are already familiar with themes and plugins are, go ahead and skip down to the guide.

If you are new to blogging or WordPress in general, keep in mind that there is a difference between and Most people start off with – the free version of WordPress and move on to You can’t install plugins on
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Enfold vs X Theme vs Avada

Choosing a theme to design websites in WordPress usually goes one of two ways. Developers choose a theme geared toward a specific niche or they find a theme that can build a variety of different types of websites. Niche specific themes are great, but if you plan on building a website with room to grow, you may find that an all-purpose or multi-purpose theme may be more convenient and cost effective. You will have more options when it comes to future growth of your website. As it develops, you will easily be able to add more functionality and features.

You may find that many themes labeled as all-purpose/multi-purpose can be clunky, have compatibility problems or just aren’t that versatile. The number of WordPress themes that are designed for multi-purpose use is ever increasing. But there really are only a few themes that really pass the test when it comes to successfully building a wide variety of websites with WordPress. Read more

Manage Pingbacks in WordPress

A pingback is a type of comment that is created when you one blog post is linked to another blog post where pingbacks are enabled. Confused? Think about it like this.

  • You post a blog article.
  • Someone else links your blog article to their blog. If both have pingback enabled, you will receive a pingback.
  • You then go to the post that linked to you to confirm that your pingback came from there.

The pingback will appear in the comments section of your post. It will appear as just a link. Many people like this feature, and many don’t. There has been an increasing trend to stop using pingbacks. Are pingbacks dead? Maybe not but they might be on their last leg. The idea of a pingback is to facilitate a community of like sites. With the ubiquity of social media, it seems like the whole idea of pingbacks may now be a mute point. The @ sign in Twitter, a post on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram can be just as effective if not more so. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of pingbacks.

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How to Avoid Google Penalization

Sharing your content and optimizing your website for search engines are the best ways to attract visitors to your site. It’s important to incorporate all major search engines into your optimization strategy, not just Google. Yahoo, Bing and social networks like Tumblr and Facebook also have powerful search engines.

If you only focused on Google you’d be ignoring a large portion of the market. Nevertheless Google has grown to become the biggest player in the game when it comes to search engines. Having a high ranking on Google search can be one of the most valuable marketing assets for your website.

You’ve heard the saying, “The best way to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google’s search results.” While we shouldn’t take this saying literally, we should take this message to heart. Ranking on the first page of Google can draw an enormous amount of traffic to your WordPress site. Read more

Basic WordPress SEO

SEO Basics for WordPress

WordPress is hands down one of the best content management systems for SEO. A lot of people see spending the time required to get good search engine visibility as time wasted. Nothing could be further from the truth. Optimizing your site takes diligence and hard work, but it will definitely pay off. Using the tips offered in this article can help you optimize your WordPress site to gain more subscribers and improve your website. We think that good SEO should be an integral part of your online strategy. Checkout these WordPress plugins to help manage your SEO strategy.

Search engine web crawlers, also known as spiders, don’t spend a whole lot of time on your website. The web crawlers of today comb through your site and collect content, ignoring your meticulously placed CSS and HTML style elements. To begin with, it’s a good idea to pick a theme that places content at the top of the page. Most search engines will not scan past the first half of your page. There are just way too many pages to index and a third of a page is usually enough to get an idea of what a website is all about.

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Choosing the Right Web Host for WordPress

Choosing a web host is one of the first things you should consider when you start building a website. To make your website available on the web, you will need a space to put it. Your web host provider will supply this space for you. Your host will store all your site files and the traffic you’ve received. Web hosts also offer other services such as security, technical support, email, FTP access, domain name registration and more.

Many people who are starting out often overlook how critical it is to find the right web hosting service. Finding the best host for your needs can help your search engine visibility and bring more traffic to your site. There are a variety of options available for WordPress hosting. In this article we’ll help you choose the best host for your WordPress website. Our goal is to give a basic guide of what you should look for in a web host, and the things you should consider before deciding on a host provider. We’ll also share a list of some of the most popular WordPress host providers.

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Rocket Launch

Launch a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is a great starting point for any type of blog and is one of the most popular CMS solutions for a reason. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to build a platform and you can customize just about every aspect of your site. Beginners can easily post videos and share content without any knowledge of PHP or HTML. You also won’t have to worry about hosting costs, updates, downtime or cache problems.

Another huge plus is access to the WordPress community, which provide bloggers with a torrent of online support from all over the world. Most people start blogging with the free version of WordPress. If you are at the point where you want more flexibility and options for customizing your site, you may want to purchase host space from a provider.

One of the easiest ways to use the full potential of your online presence is to create a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can create more traffic to generate a buzz or make some money. This is an easy and inexpensive way to attract the right kind of traffic, and monetize your site. The good news for newbies, novices and all kinds of beginners is that launching your own self hosted blog is really easy.

You don’t have to be too tech saavy to setup your own self hosted blog or site, and there are many tools that can help make things even easier. If you can drag and drop, and you have a bit of knowledge of FTP, you can easily create a self-hosted site with plenty of potential. All you really need is a few bucks a month and a bit of time to learn the basics of installing and setting up your page. Common site files are .jpg pictures, .mp3 music files, and .mp4 video files.

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Website

Bounce Rate is a term that you might have heard before. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. A bounce rate is NOT a measurement of times you can bounce up and down on your chair before a page is done loading. Bad jokes aside, a bounce rate IS a term used to describe the percentage of people who visit one of your webpages, and leave without viewing any other pages on your site.

This is based off the first page that is visited, known as the landing page. Many people confuse bounce rate with exit rate. Exit rate is a measure of visitors who left your site from a page. The bounce rate can be found using web analytic tools and is usually expressed as a percentage. If your bounce rate is 80%, then 80% of your sites visitors left after viewing one page. Here are four of the most common bounce rate scenarios:

  1. Back button is clicked
  2. Browser is closed
  3. New URL is entered
  4. No activity. Session times out after 30 mins

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Beginners Guide to Custom Fields in WordPress

WordPress allows many different ways to store and access data. If you need to quickly add content to a certain area of your post or page, you could choose to add it in the WordPress editor or you could also build a widget but the content would display on your whole site by default. Both of those solutions leave something to be desired in the way of options.

Creating a custom field in WordPress is a powerful, elegant solution that gives you more control over how you want your content displayed. There are many plugins and themes that use custom fields, and you have most likely come across them before even if you aren’t exactly sure what they are. If you are relatively new to custom fields, or aren’t sure how to use them, this article can help shed some light on the subject.

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How to configure WordPress permalink for better SEO?

By configuring the right type of permalink, you will be able to make your post adorable to leading search engine like Google and Bing. Adding a custom permalink to your post can also give you an extra edge on your SERP competitors as well. If you are not sure about how to configure your website’s permalink or which permalink setting would bring the best profit for your site, then keep reading this post.

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WordPress Trackbacks and Pingbacks Explained

Pingbacks are the comments created whenever one blog is linked to another and enable pingbacks. These are in fact the remote comments.

Something is being posted by a person on the blog. Another person posts something on his blog that is linked to post of some other person. When this occurs a pingback is automatically sent to the first person when both persons have blogs with enabled pingbacks. In order to create pingback, all that is required is to link to someone else`s blog post. In case of that post having pingbacks enables, blog owner sees an appearance of pingbacks in the comments section which they can then approve.

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