Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

Analytics is the key tool to understand what your potential and existing audience desires most and to create a successful content and UX strategy on this reliable basis. It means each WordPress website owner who wants to develop his or her project must have analytics tools and know how to use them.

Most WordPress website owners know only the most popular analytics tool provided by Google. Google Analytics is surely the most versatile tool but it can be too difficult especially for the beginners in the field of WordPress administration. That is why we decided to introduce you to some alternatives from which you can pick the most convenient for your goals.

We have gathered different analytics tools in this article to provide you with the deliberate choice. All of the provided analytics tools have proved themselves as reliable and user-friendly instruments of a WordPress administrator. Let us discover the most important analytics metrics and the tools that can keep you in touch with them.

Vital Analytics` Metrics

Website analytics for beginners is based on a few key metrics: number of visitors, sources of traffic, pages` popularity and users` behavior. First two metrics are the simplest. You just need to observe numbers of visits and websites from which your audience come more often. On the basis of this information you can built the most common SEO strategy – to buy or exchange links with the most suitable traffic sources for your WordPress website.

Pages` popularity is the metric that should drive your content and UX strategy. The most popular pages of your WordPress website are the key to the audience`s heart. Just stick to what is desired by your users and you will have success for your website development. Users` behavior metric also helps in the same task. With the average visit time and page depth you can see the most important problem of your WordPress website`s pages. The bounce rate metric is helpful to see how much of your audience gets in by mistake.


ExactMetricsExactMetrics was formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (which indicates its main purpose even more precisely). For years this plugin was one of the most popular among WordPress website owners due to its simplicity and versatility. ExactMetrics aims to provide a WordPress admin with the most important analytics information within the most convenient and understandable interface among the competitors.

ExactMetrics provides a WordPress admin with all the metrics mentioned above and even more opportunities. For example, ExactMetrics gives possibility to track affiliate links which can be very important for any affiliate based project. File tracking and event tracking are also available within ExactMetrics. In addition, the tool is GDPR compliant to secure the safety of all personal user data and the opportunity to delete them by user`s request.

Observe ExactMetrics


KissmatricsKISSmetrics focuses on individual user tracking and connects all necessary tools within its interface to achieve this goal. KISSmetrics is the perfect choice for online stores based on WordPress platform because it allows an owner to analyze individual actions taken by each user. The result of such analytics provides wide choices for online stores to supply clients with desirable goods and offer the most interesting promotions.

KISSmetrics also provides a WordPress admin with additional tools to set up an email campaign based on well segmented audience`s representation. Lots of analytics` data drive the creation of engagement tools. Email newsletter is just one of them integrated directly within KISSmetrics analytics.

Observe KISSmetrics

WP Power Stats

WP Power StatsWP Power Stats is a simple, free and fully integrated into your WordPress dashboard tool for analytics. The tool aims to cover all the needs of a beginner in the field of WordPress administration. That is why it has very simple and intuitive interface but could lack some features for the advanced website owners.

WP Power Stats provides all the information within the 4 main metrics we have described above. Furthermore, it gives you some extra information about your website visitors like: browser and operating system used, geographic location, referrers, search terms and so on. The plugin includes translations to 8 European languages.

Observe WP Power Stats

WP Statistics

WP StatisticsWP Statistics is another free WordPress plugin that offers more analytics data and convenient charts to analyze them. WP Statistics explores information about users from such a wide range of search engines as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu. This kind of data provide you with more detailed analytics.

Another feature that makes WP Statistics stand out among competitors is the availability of convenient graphs and charts for your analytics data. Automatic email newsletter can be fine-tuned to deliver you the freshest data from the analytics dashboard. All data can be exported to XML, CSV or TSV files for further analytics.

Observe WP Statistics

Crazy Egg

CrazyEggCrazy Egg is a rather unique tool that provides a WordPress admin with the opportunity to scan his or her website visitors` behavior through the “heat” map. The heat map shows website spots that engage users for most and for the less. Such tool provides you with a visual representation on how users interact with different elements of your website.

Crazy Egg also supports A/B testing which is very important for including any new feature to your WordPress website. Split testing allows you to see whether the new version is more engaging than the old one or to show any weaknesses any of the version have. The creation of successful landing pages is nearly unimaginable without such a handy tool.

Observe Crazy Egg


MixpanelMixpanel is the tool for WordPress websites and mobile application that aims to target your audience more precisely and offer more engaging content or products to your potential customers. The idea of Mixpanel is driven by conversions and even the pricing of the tool is based on the amount of leads you get by means of it.

Mixpanel mostly works with email newsletters and push notifications which you can fine-tune for every user based on detailed analytics the tool gives you. Detailed reports for admins and advanced tools to create custom events are included into the plugin`s kit.

Observe Mixpanel


MatomoMatomo is an open and free analytics platform with cloud-based service. It also has enterprise addition for premium clients who wants to get professional technical support and more space for analytics data. But the main features of Matomo remain free for use.

Matomo provides a website owner with the complete set of analytics metrics within the user-friendly interface. The opportunities of Matomo are very similar to Google Analytics but are packed with extensive reports and available mobile app to track your website analytics live.

Observe Matomo


WoopraWoopra offers the complete solutions for real time tracking your website analytics data and segmenting your user database with ease and style. The tool is focused more on user journey and customer trends to provide a website owner with the full understanding of audience wishes.

Woopra can help you to determine what interface elements stop your potential customers before a purchase. Within the email marketing and event tools this plugin also offers ways to re-engage your website visitors and increase the overall conversion rate of your project.

Observe Woopra
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