How to Gain Interest of Your Audience with Visual Content

How to Gain Interest of Your Audience with Visual Content

Visual content plays an important role in attracting the attention of your website`s readers in WordPress. On average, the text content with visual elements is 94% more effective than plain text post. Do you want to increase the involvement of your audience by 100%? In this case, we will share the most practically tested tips for creating visual content, which attracts the attention of users.

Methods for creating visual content are very diverse. Some of them require specialized knowledge and skills in the field of design. Others can be carried out even by inexperienced users, who use the handy tools. In this article, we discuss the various methods of creating visual content – from simple to those one which require advance preparation. Which of them will be more effective and optimal in terms of time spent and the result is for you to decide.


The easiest way to create a unique and useful visual content is to make a screenshot. With the help of screenshots, you can not just select a particular area of the image to which you would like to draw the attention of users, but also to leave your comments directly on the image.

Featured screenshots can be easily created with the help of modern programs. Examples of such programs are Jing and Lightshot. If the size of images that you capture with the program is too large for your purposes, we suggest you to pay attention to alternative screenshooter called Awesome Screenshot.

These programs allow you to capture a part of the image on the screen or your full screen. After capturing, you can put your own comments on the picture in the form of text, lines, and other geometric objects. Thus you will save time and energy to work in an image editor.


Charts not only attract attention but also are able to hold it for long. Interesting graphs can entertain the reader for a long time, because they have more information than the usual pictures. In fact, the charts are optimized for the delivery of a large amount of information. With the help of visual aids you combine a lot of data in a systematic pattern. Such work always deserves respect from the readers.

With the help of graphs you can not only organize arrays of complicated and boring information, but also to tell interesting stories and hold the parallel analysis. And all this functions – in one picture! For example, if you want to summarize the content of the tale about Cinderella for your readers and simultaneously analyze the level of luck in all this history, you will need only one graph:


Use the presentation in cases when you want to show the information in details. For the most comfortable placement of the finished presentation on the website, you can use an open and free service SlideShare. This service allows you to leave formatting troubles about the presentation and focus on its contents.

To create high-quality and creative presentation you will need some experience. You must pay close attention to the brevity and precision of the thought on each slide. In addition, there should be a logical connection between slides – they should inherit and carry forward the same story you want to tell the reader. Avoid an abundance of textual content on the slides, but do not limitate it with pictures only – their content and connotations may be incomprehensible to some users of your site.

Original Illustrations

If you decide to engage in visual content seriously, we advise you to pay attention to the possibility of creating unique images for each post. Original illustrations will greatly improve your ranking among readers. In addition, such an approach is the most accurate method to highlight the text content that you illustrate. No ready-made image may be ideally suiteable for the text that you have just created. Only the synergy of text and visual content under a single editor can give the maximum result – the improvement of audience`s engagement.

To search for designers and suitable pictures, you can use the service Dribbble or its analogs.


Webinars and video courses are the best proof of your competence in certain matters. People are always ready to listen to new knowledge, if they are presented in an interesting and colorful way. If you shoot video tutorials or webinars, there is nothing better for visual content than placing this work on your site.

In addition to sharing of the useful information you provide your subscribers a way to talk to you live and ask questions. Many will appreciate this step towards community.

Short Videos

Short videosThis method significantly differs from the previous one, although it also uses video content. In this case, the video does not teach, but entertain your readers. With Vine and Instagram services, you can create video in micro format – up to 6 seconds in Vine, and up to 15 seconds in Instagram.

Entertainment is always more popular than teaching, so to miss such an opportunity would be short-sighted. In addition, micro video format gives more room for imagination than many realize. You need to try this format yourself to see its benefits.


Infographic is the most popular way to organize and visualize statistical data. There is nothing more boring than statistics, if you provide it to readers in the form of simple numbers. On the other hand, the statistics can become your faithful ally, if you use it the data in a right way. Infographics implements the correct approach to the visual representation of data.

You might think that the creation of an infographic needs some designer skills. But modern services provide a tremendous opportunity to create infographics without painting any elements. You will be able to work with ready-made templates and images to provide your information in an interesting way. An example of such a service is Visme.

Pictures with Text

Short text messages on colorful pictures is the perfect symbiosis of text and visual content. Such messages have attracted far more attention than plain text, and retain it for much longer than a simple picture.

With this approach, you can provide your readers interesting quotes or ask questions to start the discussion. These messages are ideal for social networks, where the optimal combination of user involvement and motivation for the response is necessary.

Convenient tools will help you to create such images. They relieve you from having a deal witha a variety of functions in visual editors and provide a quick opportunity to attach text to a picture. An example of such a service is Canva.


MemesMemes are also often used as a simple combination of text and pictures for the best way to convey information and emotion at the same time. However, memes are aimed exclusively at entertainment audience, so they have certain features. You can use the popular memes in their own interpretation, depending on the context of the information provided. Also you can try to create your own meme. It is much more difficult, but will give you more popularity among the audience.

To create such visual content you may use simple services like Mem Generators.

User Generated Content

You must not deny the pleasure of your readers to create their own content and share it with others. If interesting pictures or memes appear in comments, you should take a cue from your readers. You can create special posts with a set of the most successful comments, which will be a great original content for your site.

Never interfere with the user to create their own content. You should encourage this tendency. You may even create a ranking of users who have made the greatest contribution to the development of the visual content of your site.

Final Words

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of visual content on the popularity of your website on WordPress. But your first step should be a study of the target audience, its desires and preferences. Only in this case you will create a good visual content, which will increase the popularity of your project. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Always follow the rule of the highest quality. Pictures in poor quality can only lower your rating among users. But be aware about overloading the site with thr large sized pictures. This is a bad strategy. No one will appreciate your work, if the image will interfere with loading of the site. The reader will simply close your website before he have time to study it.

Choose the best ways to work with visual content based on our tips and you will definitely get success among your readers!

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    Memes realistically should be on most blogs, not all but MOST. They are a way of engaging humor and making a point in a funny way while showing people you are in touch with modern online banter. I know that sounds silly but it makes a difference! As for the original illustrations.. Someone once told me that I need to buy a camera and use my own pictures. Google supposedly eat up original content and so do people.


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