Helpful Tools for Grammar Check on Your WordPress Site

Helpful Tools for Grammar Check on Your WordPress Site

Grammar check and spelling play a more important role than commonly considered among the majority of internet users. In terms of business or a serious information project, the absence of errors in text content is a basic requirement for winning a good reputation among its audience.

The problem of checking grammar sooner or later comes before every person who writes the texts. Despite the high level of literacy, everyone can make occasional errors that are difficult to notice without additional proofreading of the text. And additional proofreading of the text significantly enlarge the time spent on creating content.

An adequate way out of this situation is to attract artificial intelligence to perform a simple, but long and tedious procedure for checking the written text. Unfortunately, even the most modern tools can not compare with a human as a text checker. However, they can significantly facilitate this task and save you a lot of time and effort.

Today we will review the 3 best tools for grammar check and spelling. All the tools from our list are free to use. In addition, there are many more WordPress plugins and browser extensions that perform similar tasks. But we have chosen the optimal tools for you in the ratio of ease of use and performance.

Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module

Jetpack_mainJetpack is a versatile and multipurpose WordPress tool. Checking spelling, grammar, syntax and stylistics is just one of the features of this plugin. But it is exactly the thing that we now stop and pay attention through the topic of this post.

First you need to install the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress site. It is easy to do in the admin panel through the search for all existing WordPress plugins. After installing the plugin, you should find the Jetpack menu in the admin panel, go to the Settings tab and select the Writing module. Set the Check your spelling, style, and grammar setting to On. After that, Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module will become active.

If Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module is activated correctly, you will see a button with ABC letters in WordPress Editor. This button will enable you to check the grammar, syntax and stylistics for the existing text in the editor. Spelling, grammatical errors and typos will be highlighted in red, syntax errors will be highlighted in green, and stylistic inconsistencies will be highlighted in blue.

JetpackThe selected words can be corrected according to one of the suggested options or ignored. You can also enable or disable individual plugin settings. For example, you can turn off stylistic checking if you use your own author’s style, which the plugin recognizes as erroneous because of its unconventionality.

Keep in mind that grammar check and spelling by Jetpack are not a perfect tool, just like any other way of machine-checking text.

Try Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module

Grammarly Browser Extension

Grammarly is by far the most powerful grammar check tool exciting. Despite the fact that Grammarly is an extension for the browser, you can easily test any text posted in WordPress editor with it.

Grammarly makes it possible to correct errors with the help of two techniques: fix each error that occurred separately or use a special menu in the form of a number-indicator of errors in the bright circle. In the second case, Grammarly automatically corrects all the same errors in the text.

GrammarlyGrammarly also makes it possible to correct mistakes in other text fields of the browser, except for WordPress post editor. For example, you can check the grammar in Visual Composer blocks if you open the settings of any module in this plugin.

Grammarly is easily installed for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and has a native client for Mac users.

Try Instant Grammarly Browser Extension

TinyMCE Spellcheck

Tinymce SpellcheckTinyMCE Spellcheck is very similar in functionality to the Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module. Like the rest of the free WordPress plugins, you can find and download it right in the admin panel. After activating the plugin, you will also find a button with the letters ABC in your WordPress editor`s bar.

Identifying errors and using personal settings for verifying text also make TinyMCE Spellcheck similar to the Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module. The advantage of TinyMCE Spellcheck is its lightweight. You do not need to download the full multifunctional Jetpack plugin to get the grammar check and spelling feature.

The downside of TinyMCE Spellcheck is the lack of updates for a long period. For most users, only the plugin’s performance will be important, but experienced users can be wary of this nuance.

Try TinyMCE Spellcheck

Final Words

Grammar check and spelling can be done using a variety of plugins that can be found on However, most of these plugins are obsolete.

If you want to get a really powerful WordPress plugin, then we recommend you to choose Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module. If you want to use a more versatile verification tool, the Grammarly Browser Extension will do just fine. Among other easy and simple plugins, TinyMCE Spellcheck can be called the best.

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