Basic Tips for Creating a Perfect Text

Basic Tips for Creating a Perfect Text

Text content is the basic element of your potential audience engagement and sales. Visual content will draw initial attention to your website or blog, but visitors will not look at the image forever. They need something more. Useful and interesting texts will be the key for involvement and gradual incensement of the audience at a long distance. But how to create content that will meet these goals? We will reveal the basic techniques of creating a great text content in this article.

The most common mistake of beginners is to transfer their own needs and desires to the potential audience of the site. So we are trying to fit visitors of your site to ourselves. This approach is not right. If you want to create interesting content for your readers (rather than yourself), then you should consider some important rules of the game. Next we will talk about 6 consecutive steps that will allow you to get closer to your readers and create interesting content for them.

Audience Research

First and foremost you need to understand for what kind of people you write. Are they office clerks or housewives, fans of role-playing games or golfers, executives or students? Options are always very wide. Without a clear portrait of your reader, you will not be able to create interesting content for him.

After drawing a portrait, you have to delve into the thoughts and desires of your potential reader. What does he want, what goals he pursues and why has he come to your site? The answers to these questions will help to focus attention on the most important channels of communication and methods of presenting information.

There are two simple approaches to study the audience of your site. The first is simply to communicate with your visitors. Nothing will give you a better understanding of the interests and goals of the person than an informal communication, which guarantees the internet. The second option is the study of analytics which is provided by the search engines for your site. This option passes better for introverts, who prefer to work with numbers rather then with people.

Product Research

Product ResearchThe product does not have to be some certain goods or services. Your non-profit project on WordPress can also be viewed as a product. After all, you are going to draw attention to your site or blog and keep visitors for as long as possible.

You should be aware of all the nuances of the topics you touch in your texts. There can be a variety of topics, but it is always better to start with something specific, not spraying power on everything. Amateur blog is not required to have a professional competence in any issues, but you should be prepared for the fact that readers will ask questions about the topic that you have touched. And if you can not maintain a conversation with them on an interesting level, it is better to postpone the subject to a more in-depth study.

Write an Outline

Good text needs a plan. If you have just started to work with the text content, then you should make a plan and sketch of each text before you begin actual work on its writing. After receiving a good practice, you will be able to sketch in your mind and follow it when writing text. However, do not overestimate your strength and try to use a more practical approach as long as possible.

While working with the initial plan and the outline of the text focus on the following elements of your future content:

  • Title – it should attract attention at the first glimpse. The optimum content of the header is a key advantage of the product, you are promoting by a subsequent content.
  • Subtitles – consistently explain for the reader what it is about and why it is important for him.
  • Images – think over his illustrations for the text content at the stage of drawing up the plan, so you do not overwrite the text under the image.
  • Lists – use this text element to deliver key benefits or short sequence of actions that you would expect from a reader.

Make up the structure of the text so as to go from the most important and interesting parts. The information in your text should be structured from most important to least important. Otherwise, you risk losing the reader’s attention to the moment when you decide to reveal the most interesting part of the story.

Upon completion of the plan and an outline of the text you will be able to evaluate its integrity and completeness. At this point it becomes clear what is missing in your text and what should be removed. Proceed to the next step only if you are fully satisfied with the received outline.

Write a Draft

Now you are ready to work with the text. You need only to carefully reveal the theses which you have previously drawn up in the plan. It must be done on the basis of the knowledge that you have gained in the study of audience and product. In addition, we recommend that you avoid the common mistakes of many new authors:

  • The use of jargon. If you do not consciously want to narrow down your audience to a tight stratum of professionals who understand the specific jargon, we advise you to avoid this style. Speak simple and understandable language.
  • Avoid being annoying. Consider the fact that the internet audience gives very little time to assess the usefulness of the content. Do not risk to disappoint your readers in the first few seconds and try to get their attention as soon as possible.
  • Be precise in his statements. Talk with the audience on the basis of their desires and preferences. Always focus on the things which would be of the greatest relevance to your readers.
  • Bet on the information part of the content. Do not try to impose your own point of view to readers. Your task is to submit the facts in the most interesting way. The solution is always at your reader – whether the decision to purchase the product, or to change their point of view on a particular issue.
  • Practice individual approach. Avoid referring to your audience as a large number of people. Remember that each visitor of your site is alone when he reads your content. Accordingly, you should apply to every reader as a separate destination, and not as a part of something big and unknown.

Check the Draft

Check the DraftReady draft needs to be checked. Pay close attention to those parts of the text where your potential reader may lose interest. These points need to be improved. You may need to remove certain parts of the text or even the whole thesis. Do not be afraid to be a tough critic to yourself.

Check the text on the integrity of the structure and narration. Does each previous thesis correspond to the following one? Does your text superfluous references from the middle to the top of the text? Do you support the interest in the presentation of the material throughout the whole text? These questions will help you assess your work with the reader’s point of view.

Re-read the text on the subject of the perception of complexity. You should aim at a broad audience, so avoid complicated turns and obscure allusions. Try to be clear and open to your readers.

Test Completed Texts

Testing will help you gradually improve the results of the interaction with the audience. Prepare yourself to the fact that the first attempt would not lead to the creation of the perfect content that immediately win your target audience.

The road to success is the continuous search for optimal delivery of content. Analysis of your visitors` behavior will allow you to arrange the necessary accents in your new efforts to create the best texts for them. Get ready for a long journey. Research and improvement does not happen instantly.

Final Words

As you can see, the creation of a high quality text content is not as easy as many novice bloggers imagine. On the other hand, you do not need extensive training to start your journey to good content. It should start with the fact that you are able at the moment and being not afraid to make mistakes. The errors will show you the right way.

We wish you success in lifelong learning and improving your skills in create text content. If you apply energy and spend enough time, then you definitely will achieve great heights in this work.

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