Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Business Sites

WordPress is one of the most widely used and easily customizable CMSs (content management systems) used by business owners worldwide to create their own branded websites. Many people choose a WordPress website project because it is an open-source program, which means that developing sites with WordPress is always in your pocket.

There are many ways that a WordPress development company can help a business owner make a strong impression in the online world. These companies can provide customized WordPress expertise to enable a company to create websites ideal for their specific requirements.

Setting up WordPress can also help customers get the most value for their money. From developing WordPress plugins to developing themes, a WordPress development company in India can offer its customers various services that help improve their online position and create a strong impression for their target customers.

The best part about choosing WordPress services is that many trusted companies worldwide specialize in working with the WordPress platform. What’s more, today can use WordPress’s custom design and development services at genuinely affordable prices.

Top 5 Amazing Benefits of WordPress Development

  1. It’s Been Around For Many Years

WordPress was launched in 2003 when no one had the basic idea of ​​a CMS or blog. Although it may have started as a tool for bloggers, it has multiplied. It has become the first platform for everyone, from business owners to developers with little or no technical experience. Nearly 500 new websites are created every day using WordPress.

The longevity of WordPress means that it will last longer. You don’t have the same confidence in some of the latest CMS platforms; they are fighting to attract a large consumer base, and many are gaining a competitor or closing down altogether. Therefore, it will not leave you anywhere or probably in the wrong place if you use it.

  1. Get Benefit of WordPress Plugins and Functionality

The main advantage of WordPress is that there are plenty of WordPress plugins for specific functions that need to be added to your blog or website. The website has over 8000 WordPress plugins, as well as over 1000 others, available on various websites and databases.

If you need certain functions for your website, all you have to do is find the necessary plugins, copy, unzip and upload them to the appropriate plugins directory on your blog or website. After this admin area, you can activate the plugin.

You can add features and show how much you’ve dedicated to your work by expressing gratitude to your visitors or customers. WordPress allows you to add WooCommerce plugins if you have a WooCommerce store and add some functionality or express gratitude by installing the WooCommerce thank you page. The sky is the limit when it comes to WordPress plugins.

  1. Search Engine Friendly

Every website owner’s dream is to stand out in the search engines. WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly, as you can download WordPress to improve this feature and optimize your domain.

Using WordPress will make your site very attractive to search engines. The main reason is that the platform is written with easy startup and clean high-level code. Thus, it includes the ability to produce semantic characters.

The responsive and very logical design makes search engines a little more preferred than WordPress. The platform assigns unique meta tag keywords to each page and post, allowing for more advanced search optimization.

  1. Security Access

Because WordPress is currently the largest platform for blogging and website creation in the world, you must protect your content from spam attacks. WordPress sites target your site because there are many (as confirmed by any popular CMS platform). Keep your CMS safe.

Be sure to invest in a secure theme and consider using a backup service like VaultPress or another security backup plugin. There are free and open-source options, but be sure to read all considerations and reviews before installing. It is also a good idea to back up your site to your hard drive or local computer from time to time. Because of so much WordPress, the possibilities to protect your content are endless.

  1. Community Support

While customization and the add-ons available can be overwhelming, there are many places and regions to help – one of the best things about WordPress is the number of people who use it. WordPress runs a healthy community forum moderated by employees and WordPress fans. If you can’t find the answer in the forum, you can formulate your questions.

You can also ask for help outside of WordPress. Many blogs and websites with articles like cover everything from WordPress to plugins to theme installation. Because most users who create a website using WordPress love its features and flexibility, they are always ready and willing to help others get started.

Digital marketer Alex Denning is trying to solve marketing problems that users don’t want to deal with. He first used WordPress on version 2.5 about ten years ago. “I remember when I thought the vibrant community made that obvious choice, and I’m so glad I was right that I’ve tried a handful of CMS platforms over the years, but I’ve always come back to WordPress,” Denning said. According to him, WordPress has the right mix of extensions, simplicity, and customization. The WordPress community is one of its most substantial assets, encouraging innovation, an incredible number of themes and plugins, and a support network.

Last Words

When it comes to website development, we know that not everyone wants to spend all of their work time structuring an online domain. This is why we think WordPress is an excellent tool for beginners and tech geek. WordPress is free, responsive, secure, and highly customizable. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use digital publishing platform, give WordPress a try. It will be a quick win for a better customer experience.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020 WordPress Deals

Envato Cyber Week Sale

Cyber Monday and Black Friday awesome deals are coming to Envato Market for all WordPress website owners who want to get some hot premium plugins and themes at 50% off! This year`s campaign starts on Tuesday, 24 November (12:00 AM EST) and ends on Tuesday, 1 December (12:00 PM EST) 2020. It means we should prepare ourselves for a whole week of delicious deals!

With this article, we bring you the premium items from Envato Market chosen by the platform representatives: best WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins to purchase within Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020 campaign.

Bonus! Top 40 WordPress items’ list from Envato Market is now available — 20 of the best selling WordPress plugins and themes at 50% off!

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5 Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks play a key role in the web design and development industry. WordPress theme frameworks are the most prevalent mainly due to their ability to eliminate various hassles involved in designing a website theme like coding and more. These frameworks also allow you to design a theme that is unique from all other available options.

Other advantages of using WordPress theme frameworks include the ability to increase website security and functionality, improved code quality, easy upgrades with no loss of styling, and extendability of plugins.

When choosing a WordPress framework to use, you have to choose from two types i.e. in-house framework which is popular among theme developers seeking to build their products and free theme frameworks that can be used by anyone (free versions).

Before using a theme framework, you need a child and parent theme. The Child theme duplicates both the code and design of a parent theme and can be personalized to suit your needs.

The advantage of this is that even if the parent theme is updated, the child theme will still retain modifications of parent theme.

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Helping to Translate WordPress - Dortmund Translation Day

Helping to Translate WordPress — Dortmund Translation Day

One of the main features that brings WordPress its popularity is the international and interlingual approach of the platform. WordPress is meant to be accessible and simple for people all over the world. It means, that it should be translated to all known and used languages. The task is very ambitious and there is still no company that could make it in a full volume. On the other hand, WordPress might be closer to this goal than any other company or project. And the key is the community.

WordPress can not be translated to each of the existing languages just by one team, no matter how big it is. Only an international community can deal with the task. Fortunately, WordPress has such a community. People from all over the world make WordPress better each day. Translation is one of the numerous features being done by this community.

You can also become a part of this community and its great work. One of the opportunities to join the team is to visit one of the meetups organized by dedicated WordPress users and administrators. We will share an interesting experience of visiting such event and tell you the basics of WordPress platform`s translation any member of the community should know.

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Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Startups represent the new vision of business based on creative relationship between people within a company and with its clients. Startups usually offer some unique ideas or at least present the known subjects in a new light. It is also common for startups to have a small budget or not to have it at the campaign start at all.

In this circumstances WordPress platform appears to be the best choice for any startup to find its way to the potential audience. Most startups` founders seek for any ways to lower the expenses because of lack of budget. Free opportunities given by WordPress are welcome in this case, even if startup founders and their colleagues are experienced web developers. In comparison with the majority of WordPress websites` creators, these people want to have extended features and dive deeper into the roots of their project.

Fortunately, WordPress platform can offer a good solution in this case too. Best premium WordPress themes allow WordPress administrators to get full control on their website design and utility features. Moreover, these themes are affordable even for a startup`s low budgets. This has become a real saving grace for the most startup owners. Let us looks at the top sellers among the premium WordPress themes created especially for startups and packed with all corresponding tools.

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How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

Nowadays it is extremely hard to attract and engage internet users even for a one second. Is it necessary to create and customize your About Me page within your WordPress website in these circumstances? Obviously yes, because it represents one of the few opportunities to grab user`s attention where he wants it by himself.

Although you could have seen thousands of boring and useless About Us (About the Company, About Me or any similar suggested name) pages it does not mean that your own representation should also be so. We have gathered the most important tips on creating your unique About Me page to interest and intrigue your potential readers.

This article will show you why About Me page is essential for any type of a WordPress website and how could you use it for the sake of your website popularity and recognizability. Do not hesitate to spend an appropriate amount of time and effort on this part of your WordPress project because it could become your key to success.

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9 Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Need to add Google Maps to WordPress? There are lots premium Google Maps plugins for WordPress that can make the process much easier. There are so many in fact, that it can be tough to know which one will suit you best. In this article we’ve collected 9 of the best WordPress plugins for Google Maps. All of these plugins can be used to add responsive Google Maps to any post, page or sidebar.

If you are running a business from a physical location, such as a brick and mortar store, your success will depend on people finding your location. People aren’t going to spend too much time browsing your website to figure out how to find you. This is why it’s important to make yourself as accessible as you can.

The best way to do this in WordPress is with a plugin. Although Google Maps has it’s own API, it’s not the most elegant tool. First off there is a bit of a learning curve to overcome, second the Google Map API doesn’t provide many options for customization.

This article outlines 9 plugins to help you embed a custom Google maps with WordPress. These plugins enable you to add locations, markers, directories, meta info, animations, custom icons and more. Easily build professional maps with no coding, no API keys and no unnecessary stress.

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WordPress 5.2 Update What Will It Bring

WordPress 5.2 Update: What Will It Bring?

One of the key features of WordPress is the constant updating process. The platform updates to keep the safety level high and to provide its users the best features from the latest trends. WordPress changes from year to year but one thing remains: it always serves website administrators in order to give even opportunities for everyone in this field.

WordPress 5.2 update is already available in beta test. The release of the update is planned for the end of April 2019. We will now list the most interesting features of the 5.2 update and look at the opportunities they give to a WordPress administrator.

Note, that the beta test features may differ from those we will see after the release. But the main ideas and update`s direction should remain as they are on the beta test version now. To try all features by yourself, use the free WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

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Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes March 2019

Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes — March 2019

It is always exciting to observe the trends changing from month to month and from year to year. WordPress is a very large platform that includes websites of all possible topics and types. That is why WordPress trends are really comprehensive: even website owners outside the platform always keep an eye on projects created and developed here.

WordPress themes represent great opportunities to observe and analyze trends. Premium themes for WordPress websites are always following the demands of the web market and the wishes of online audience. WordPress theme`s creators keep abreast of events and reflect the market`s dynamics as no one else.

We have gathered the best of the fresh WordPress premium themes created in March 2019 within this article. You can make lots of important decisions based on the trends these premium WordPress themes show. Do not hesitate to grab the exclusive information and be ahead of your competitors!

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