The Biggest Business Sites That Use WordPress

The Biggest Business Sites That Use WordPress

Do you still think that WordPress platform exists exclusively for the little-known bloggers and startups in the web? We have a surprise for you! Convenience and functionality of WordPress has long been appreciated by many leaders in their fields of activity. Using WordPress is not a sign of a low budget or a small support team of a site. You will see the truth, when you meet the participants of our list of the biggest business projects using WordPress.

Here we present a list of the most interesting and well-known sites that are based on WordPress. Naturally, there are other interesting projects which trust WordPress. But we will focus on those that prove the irrefutable leadership of WordPress as the best platform for the sites in various topics.

We hope that these sites will become an example for all novice bloggers and businessmen in the web. Starting and developing your project on the internet with WordPress is the most profitable and interesting way to succeed.


TechCrunchTechCrunch is one of the largest and most popular sites dedicated to technology in all its diversity in the modern world. Here every visitor will find the latest news from various fields of industry. Also, a huge number of interesting videos on various topics has been collected here: technology news, reviews of the latest gadgets, interesting interviews with scientists and engineers, and more.

The site also has a calendar of events, somehow connected with the technological development of mankind. Here you will find a schedule of exhibitions, congresses and international forums held in different parts of the Earth and devoted to the latest discoveries in technologies. Plan your own schedule in a way to visit the most interesting events. It becomes very simple with the calendar of TechCrunch.

And all this variety of sections and functions is contained in CMS WordPress. TechCrunch is the embodiment of the process of human development in the modern world, and WordPress is one of the practical evidence of this development.

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The New Yorker

The New YorkerThe New Yorker is one of the leaders in the field of information activities. Blog of the international news agency is using WordPress since 2014. Minimalistic and super comfortable design allows the magazine to entertain thr readers on the internet by the most interesting news and reviews in a convenient design.

Website of The New Yorker is fully mobile responsive. Following current trends, The New Yorker allows to use its informational resources with literally no restrictions. You can read the latest news from your smartphone practically anywhere and anytime. Along with WordPress the web project of The New Yorker is becoming more popular day by day, even though it is difficult to believe with the already existing level of its global popularity.

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ForbesAnother global giant in the field of information is Forbes. This world-famous magazine focuses on the business and economic activity. A huge amount of invaluable information for business people from around the world will appear here. In addition, Forbes continually entertain its readers by interviews with businessmen and celebrities of the global importance, as well as analytical articles, which can be an excellent guide for novice and even experienced entrepreneurs.

Cooperation with Forbes is a large achievement and pride for WordPress team. This is one of the clearest examples of the opportunities that WordPress is capable for large portals.

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BBC America

BBC AmericaAnother giant, this time in the field of broadcasting. The main feature of BBC America`s website is that it has a big amount of sections, each of which is dedicated to a particular show. Each of these sections has a unique design, based on the main template of the project.

Many viewers distinguish their favorite shows and want to know all the information related to them. News from the life of the actors, the latest tidings from the sets, scandals and intrigues – all this and more awaits you in each section, designated for a specific show.

BBC America uses a special WordPress Multisite to manage a vast number of sub-projects.

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PoliticalTickerPoliticalTicker is a project of CNN international television channel and is completely dedicated to politics. This area is the home for the personal blogs of many professional political experts and commentators who cooperate with PoliticalTicker. This makes the project a multiplatform, which is very convenient for visitors.

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The Official Star Wars Blog

The Official Star Wars BlogA series of Star Wars movies boasts the most popular among the modern audience. And WordPress platform can boast of having acquired such a valued customer as The Official Star Wars Blog. Website is daily updated by news, interesting articles and reviews, videos and recordings of TV shows, devoted to legendary space saga.

In addition, The Official Star Wars Blog is a huge platform for social interaction of movie fans. It is the place for their creativity, chatting through interesting topics, participating in competitions and much more.

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Sony Music

Sony MusicSony Music is the official representative of many music celebrities. Sony Music is an information website and a representative platform for singers, musicians and fans from all over the world.

Here you can find the latest news from the world of showbiz, share your opinion on the events in the comments, track the work of a favorite singer or group. This platform great for music fans who want to stay tuned about the latest events.

Collateral multifunctionality, responsiveness and comfort for the users are engaged by the WordPress platform.

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MTV Newsroom

MTV NewsroomA blog of another media giant trusts his functionality and popularity to the WordPress platform. All news of showbiz are gathered here. Movies, television, music, pop culture – all this has long been associated with an international brand of MTV.

The blog of MTV Newsroom serves as an information platform for those who prefer internet to television.

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EbayEbay is one of the leading trading corporations of the modern world. However, Ebay does not live alone trade. Corporate blog provides readers with a huge amount of useful information related to online purchases and beyond.

Here one can also find a lot of interesting news and podcasts, which will be of interest not only for ordinary consumers but also for big players in the various markets.

Such comprehensively useful project could not be located anywhere except the WordPress platform.

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XeroxXerox is a global corporation with a lot of subsidiaries worldwide. It is very important for the employees of a large company to maintain the motivation and team spirit of employees. Xerox achieves these goals through a corporate blog and community platforms hosted on WordPress.

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Final words

The best proof of the success of any business is the recognition of other leaders. WordPress has earned the respect of the representatives of almost all spheres of activity, which today does not imagine the life without their online projects based on this simple and convenient platform.

If you want to get acquainted with the other leaders of the business world, who collaborate with WordPress, we can offer you another review of 20 Big Brands That Use WordPress to Power Their Website.

We wish you to become a giant and legislator in your industry with WordPress one day!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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