Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Startups represent the new vision of business based on creative relationship between people within a company and with its clients. Startups usually offer some unique ideas or at least present the known subjects in a new light. It is also common for startups to have a small budget or not to have it at the campaign start at all.

In this circumstances WordPress platform appears to be the best choice for any startup to find its way to the potential audience. Most startups` founders seek for any ways to lower the expenses because of lack of budget. Free opportunities given by WordPress are welcome in this case, even if startup founders and their colleagues are experienced web developers. In comparison with the majority of WordPress websites` creators, these people want to have extended features and dive deeper into the roots of their project.

Fortunately, WordPress platform can offer a good solution in this case too. Best premium WordPress themes allow WordPress administrators to get full control on their website design and utility features. Moreover, these themes are affordable even for a startup`s low budgets. This has become a real saving grace for the most startup owners. Let us looks at the top sellers among the premium WordPress themes created especially for startups and packed with all corresponding tools.

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Best Coupon Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Best Coupon Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Coupons, vouchers and other discount tools are very important for any WooCommerce project on the WordPress platform. They can also be very helpful for other types of WordPress projects: membership websites, community hubs and even corporate representative websites or personal blogs.

The main goal of any coupon or voucher is to attract your visitors’ attention and keep them engaged with your products, services or just some pieces of content. By providing discounts on your (or your partners`) products or services you gain much more interaction between your website visitors and your content. This changes positively influence on your website`s reputation among the search engines: bounce rate is significantly reduced and user engagement in form of time spent on site and the depth of a session is increased.

WordPress platform allows you to create coupons and vouchers without any special web development knowledge and skills. There are plenty of WordPress plugins for each purpose you may need within your special offers and discounts. We have gathered the list of the most interesting and efficient premium plugins for you to choose from.

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Quick Tip Cyber Monday Deals on Envato Elements

Quick Tip: Cyber Monday Deals on Envato Elements 2018

Black Friday is at its peak but it does not over just with the 50% deals on each WordPress plugin and theme on Envato Market. Today we want to share another important information on massive discounts within Envato Market. These discounts concern to Cyber Monday on 26th of December 2018 and are provided by Envato Elements platform.

Envato Elements is the subscription type of platform, that offers the same products as Envato Market but with unlimited access to them within a monthly fee. The special Cyber Monday deal starts on 26th November, 2 p.m. AEDT and ends on 27th November, 8 p.m. AEDT. Instead of $33 per month of subscription you can pay only $19 per month. Within the annual subscription the price has lowered from $198 to $150 per year.

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018 on Envato Market for WordPress

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018 on Envato Market for WordPress

Cyber Monday and Black Friday super deals are coming to Envato Market for all WordPress website owners who want to grab some hot premium plugins and themes at 50% off! This year`s campaign starts on Tuesday 20th November, 2 p.m. AEDT and ends on Tuesday 27th November, 8 p.m. AEDT. It means we should prepare ourselves for a whole week of amazing deals!

With this article we bring you the premium items from Envato Market chosen by the platform representatives: 5 best WordPress themes and 5 best WordPress plugins to purchase within Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018 campaign. We will also provide you with the list of the best deals from Envato Market as soon as all competitors will announce their deals. Stay tuned to the important updates of this main topic for the year 2018!

Update: Top 100 WordPress  items` list for from Envato Market is now available — 50 of the best selling WordPress plugins and themes at 50% off!

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Martial Arts Clubs and Schools

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Martial Arts Clubs and Schools

Martial arts represent one of the most popular sport type among both children and adults. The popularity is based on the perfect conjunction of spiritual and physical training that brings self-confidence and lots of opportunities for self-protection against robbers and bandits. With the popularity of martial arts clubs and schools comes the inevitable growth of competition between them. Even different martial arts representatives are struggling for customers against each other.

WordPress platform opens up great opportunities for all kinds of business in internet to advertise themselves. Martial arts clubs and schools are not the exceptions — they also need a convenient and effective website to guide their potential and existing customers from first steps to mastery level in martial arts.

Fortunately, there are different option for each school or club to create free or premium level internet representation of their services. We have gathered the best selling premium WordPress themes in this article to save your money and time on choosing a theme for your martial arts club blindly. Open our list and find the premium WordPress theme that fits best for the demands of your business and its potential customers.

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Why Should Your WordPress Websites Be Enabled with Bitcoin Payments?

What if I tell you there is a way to attract new customers, increase revenue, reduce frauds, save payment costs on your website with no investment at all?

Every once in a while, technology takes a big leap and businesses are usually the first beneficiary and also the first victim of these innovations. Those who innovate and catch-up, ride the wave to the top and those who ignore it are sometimes washed away.

Although the benefits are huge and costs are absolutely none, Bitcoin is still not adopted by e-commerce businesses on the scale which it should be. For many new innovations, there is always a reluctance to adopt. To give an example, it took 20 years for Euro to be completely integrated into the European business ecosystem and today, it is a default. Read more

How to Create Before and After Image Slider on Your WordPress Website

How to Create Before and After Image Slider on Your WordPress Website

Interactive elements are one of the most crucial parts of any modern WordPress website. Although it is often complicated to create some amazing interactive elements on your WordPress website, there is one popular and accessible way to diversify your content in such a direction. We are talking about before and after image sliders.

Before and after image sliders have a goal to show some difference between 2 images. These images are usually used to show a vision of an object or person before some action or event and after it. The immediate comparison is reinforced by a user`s interaction with your website interface: dragging or hovering over the first image shows the second one.

Such interactive comparison involves users and make your image content much more popular. Before and after images are used within various website topics: medical (for example, to show results of a plastic surgery), all types of designers, photographers and artists (to showcase the stages of their work process), newspapers and bloggers (to illustrate some changes brought by dedicated news and events), science projects (to view results or plans of a project) and much more.

Fortunately, WordPress platform offers easy and convenient ways to create before and after image sliders within your website or blog without any special knowledge in the sphere of web development or design. Lots of premium WordPress plugins were created to help reach this goal. Today we will observe the best of such plugins for the sake of your thoughtful and wise choice in terms of special demands of your website`s audience.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Yoga Websites

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Yoga Websites

Health and fitness have become the vital themes for the modern internet with the growing interest to self-recreation among the general public. This trends shows that people start to pay more attention to their health and beauty compared with the first ten years of the 21 century. This trend has positive consequences not only for the people who become healthier and prettier but also for WordPress websites` owners have received an additional strong impulse to create thematic projects.

Any WordPress project starts with the choice of the proper theme. The theme identifies the common mood of a project and gives the best motivation to create content in a certain style. This step is very important but usually underestimated by the beginners in the field of WordPress websites` administration.

We have gathered the best premium WordPress themes for websites dedicated to yoga in all its forms. Each of these themes allow you to create a yoga dedicated project in a matter of minutes by using prepared templates. On the other hand, these themes have nearly unlimited options to create and customize any elements of your yoga WordPress website. It gives you limitless opportunities to develop your WordPress project, make it better in accordance with new knowledge and skills you acquire during your WordPress administration experience.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Application Showcase

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Application`s Showcase

Applications represent the new era of mobile technologies and bring further opportunities to communicate, create and share for every user. Applications are the fastest growing segment of web and program development nowadays because more and more people come mobile and need lots of convenient tools to operate within their devices.

WordPress offers great opportunities to showcase your applications within a perfect website or landing page. The platform is very comfortable for both experienced developers and beginners in the field of website administration. You just need to pick the right premium WordPress theme and create your application showcase within a few hours.

We have gathered the bestsellers among the application showcase premium themes for WordPress websites. You can easily find themes for either a landing page showcases or a complete website to present and advertise your creation perfectly. Choose your favorite style and features` pack and start to showcase your application right now!

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Top WordPress Themes for Writers

Top WordPress Themes for Writers

Modern writers represent one of most passionate groups of personal website owners within the WordPress platform. WordPress offers great variety of options for writers who want to publish pieces of their work in internet. It is also very convenient to sell books via WordPress online shop the WooCommerce basis. All these opportunities are provided for website owners without special knowledge in web development or design which is crucial for writers.

WordPress itself is only the open opportunity. To use this opportunity, a writer should have corresponding tools. Modern premium WordPress themes are the key to create a website of a writer`s dream. These themes include all necessary plugins and addons to secure all possibilities of WordPress for beginner level administrators.

We have gathered the best selling and trending WordPress themes for writers in this article. The choice of a perfect theme can be tough for every writer but we will try to guide you in this difficult path to success. Enjoy our list and pick your favorite premium theme towards your potential audience`s demands.

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Top WordPress Premium Themes for Landing Pages and One Page Websites

Landing pages have become a perfect option for may WordPress website in different topics. One page website can be a good choice for any project that aims to inform visitors about a person, company, service or product and gives them ways to get feedback from the owners. In other words, one page websites just advertise something and give their users opportunities to contact a company or a person whom belongs the project.

This simple and straight-forward approach makes things much easier for portfolio websites and even online stores. Furthermore, you can already have a WordPress website but need some additional page to promote a new product or service. Landing pages come in handy in tis case too. They allow you to build up an absolutely new design and structure for a promotion page and link it to your main project with ease. This opens up huge opportunities to create unique pages for each new or trending product or service.

WordPress premium theme creators could not bypass such an important sphere of website creation as landing pages. There already are lots of options to purchase a WordPress theme focused on one page websites and landing pages. Multipurpose themes in this category are not the only option. Dedicated WordPress themes for one page websites can be found in lots of topics — from cryptocurrency to online courses. We have gathered the most prominent examples of premium WordPress theme for one page websites and landing pages in this article.

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Top WordPress Themes for Architecture and Interior Design Websites

Top WordPress Themes for Architecture and Interior Design Websites

Architecture and interior design are the industries that build our everyday environment at work and at home. Every person has his or her own attitude to interior design, even if we do not feel the need to create something in this field of activity. It is just a natural feeling of convenience (or inconvenience) which we feel towards any interior we see.

Architecture and interior design also represent a big industry with lots of talented engineers. Many companies and personalities want to showcase their vision of architecture and interior design nowadays. That is why creating a website for a brilliant portfolio is essential. By means of website you can show both ready and yet only planned projects in the most inspiring way. There is no better way to gather all your portfolio then within a WordPress website.

Premium WordPress themes are ready to serve architects and interior designers with plenty of useful features. We have gathered the best selling premium WordPress themes dedicated to architecture and interior design for you to evaluate their benefits and pick your choice as fast and wise as possible.

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Best Premium Political WordPress Themes

Best Premium Political WordPress Themes

Politics and politicians actually rule our lives despite of residence country. Surprisingly most of us do not like to be somehow connected to politics because we know it is a complicated field of activity. On the other hand, we should take part in election and now the candidates to make a wise choice. This kind of dilemma can only be solved by means of providing more information about politicians and their programs to actual and potential voters.

And when it comes to providing people with any kind of information, internet comes on top every time. Only the web gives a voter the opportunity to collect and compare information from different sources in most convenient and fastest way. That is also a reason why politicians should be interested in providing true and actual information about themselves in internet. If you do not speak about yourself, then everyone else will come up with fake stories about you.

Premium WordPress themes represent the easiest way to keep your voters informed about your political program and achievements. The choice of a premium WordPress theme is actually a choice of your face in internet. That is why you should pay close attention to this point considering all features you would need to impress and involve your website visitors. We have collected the best premium WordPress themes for politicians in this article for your convenience.

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Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant with Premium Plugins

Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant with Premium Plugins

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes live in Europe in one week, May 25th 2018. If you are not yet acquainted with the term, then you should check out our previous article dedicated to the basics of GDPR and the most important actions a website owner need to take in accordance with it.

You could have prepared your WordPress project in advance because the GDPR rules were announced very early. But if you have put this problem aside until the last days, then there is not much time left. In this case you could have think about some opportunities of solving the GDPR issue in a fastest and easiest way possible. Fortunately, WordPress plugins` developers have already brought some ready-to-use solutions for this new must-have feature.

We have gathered the most effective solutions for GDPR issue in the form of premium WordPress plugins within this article. Developers had a lot of time to build new premium plugins or to update some previous tools dedicated to cookies policy and other privacy policy issues. Now we will see how well did they prepare the plugins` market for the coming updates.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs have been the most popular topic for WordPress websites in the yearly years of the platform development. Now there have appeared much more variety of topics and categories of personal websites but lifestyle blogs still remain among the most popular reasons to create and develop a WordPress project.

Lifestyle blogs can include various categories of websites and even combine some of them within one project. Some examples of lifestyle blogs` topics are: fashion, travel, personal skills representation (portfolio), viral content oriented blogs and so on. It is hard to imagine a blog that sticks to only one topic and category nowadays as everything evolves and transforms very fast. WordPress blogs` owners do not want to fall behind in this constant development stream.

To keep your lifestyle blog interesting and up-to-date you need to track and implement all new features and tricks you see around in internet. Only a premium WordPress theme will allow you to constantly develop your project according to modern trends. The main reason you need a premium theme: it also evolves through time, which is unfortunately not always true for free WordPress themes. That is why we have selected the most trending WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs in this post. Explore and enjoy!

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The Choice of a Premium WordPress Theme for a Music Website

The Choice of a Premium WordPress Theme for a Music Website

Music inspires us for work, love and life itself. Music helps us to express our feelings and share our talent with the world. Despite of being one of the most ancient arts, music always remains in trend and tells people about the most important things at the end of the day.

Nowadays there is no way to stay in trend if you are absent in internet. That is why every music band, singer or fan community has its own website. Lots of new ideas can be easily shared and discussed if you can create a convenient place in internet to gather interested people.

WordPress platform gives lots of incredible opportunities for either commercial or non-profit web projects dedicated to music topic. The most important feature of the WordPress platform is the open space to create and develop your own website without any special skills and knowledge.

Premium WordPress themes are one of the first aspects a website administrator should pay attention to. These premium products provide unlimited opportunities to create music websites and packed with all additional tools needed in the process. We will now observe the examples of such themes which you could pick for your own WordPress music website.

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Best WordPress Themes for Handcrafting Blogs and Stores

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and handcrafting blogs will always remain popular despite of the level of technical progress and changing trends. The reason is a desire to create something with your own hands that appears from time to time. To satisfy this desire one need comprehensive guides because most of us do not have master handcrafting skills.

Handcrafting blogs are also very interesting just to observe, even if you do not plan to craft something immediately. They contain lots of beautiful lifehacks and suggestion to make your work, rest and entire life a bit more comfortable and satisfying. And if you are one of the handcrafters who would like to share the experience with internet audience, then you should definitely create your own blog or even online shop afterwards.

WordPress platform offers wide opportunities to host your handcrafting blog, magazine, portfolio or online store. First of all, you will need to choose your WordPress theme to present your works. Fortunately, there are lots of options to choose from. We have gathered the top selling premium WordPress themes for DIY and handcrafting blogs for you to choose wisely and consistently due to needs of your audience and content topic.

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Top WordPress Themes for Fashion Websites and Blogs

Top WordPress Themes for Fashion Websites and Blogs

Fashion is one of the most popular topics for a WordPress website or blog. The main reason why fashion has become so popular nowadays is the changing attitude to the industry. Even 10 years ago fashion was mostly observed and discussed by women. Now it appears to be more and more popular among men too. As the fashion industry marches through the modern trends it gets more and more fans. Fashion becomes the key feature of a successful personality despite of sex, culture and other social differences.

WordPress platform represents the opportunity to create and manage your own project dedicated to fashion trends and industry news. The main advantage of WordPress is the ease of a website creation and management, which opens up the way to express yourself in a favorite topic without special knowledge in web development or design.

The first step on the way to create your fashion WordPress website or blog is the choice of the theme. This importance of this step is often underestimated by novice WordPress administrators. However, it is primarily important to make a wise and consistent choice of a WordPress theme to present your fashion vision in the best way. We have gathered the best of the premium WordPress themes for fashion websites and blogs in this articles for your familiarization.

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Top Premium WordPress Themes for Sport Clubs and Events

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Sport Clubs and Events

Sport is a great and very popular topic to create content for. Previously we have presented you the list of the best premium WordPress themes for gyms and fitness studios. But the sport topic goes far beyond the physical self-improvement. Nowadays sport has become a real entertainment for billions of people around the world. That is why websites for sport clubs, teams and events has become one of the most popular topic among both professional news websites and amateur bloggers.

What do you need to start an attractive and engaging WordPress website on the sport topic? A beautiful and versatile premium WordPress theme, of course! The choice of a modern WordPress theme for a sport website is really huge. It is an advantage and a downside simultaneously: you can choose from a wide variety of proposals but it is hard to find your perfect match among thousands of existing options. Do not fall in despair — we will try to help you with this difficult choice!

We have gathered 9 of the best sellers among WordPress themes dedicated to sport clubs, events and corresponding stuff. All these products have premium quality and professional customer support, which ensures your most convenient experience while creating and developing your sport WordPress website.

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Most Important WordPress Plugins for Food and Restaurants Websites

Most Important WordPress Plugins for Food and Restaurants Websites

Food and restaurant business remains one of the most important and demanded industry worldwide. That is why WordPress offers lots of opportunities for food and restaurant websites in the form of free and premium themes and plugins. Previously we have reviewed the best premium WordPress themes for food and restaurant websites. Now it is time to study the additional opportunities provided by premium WordPress plugins.

Any food or restaurant WordPress website has a need of different services for its users: menu, delivery, stores` locations, booking and reservations, recipes and so on. The set of important plugins is dictated by the individual topic of your food-related WordPress website. Today we present you the list of the most important premium WordPress plugins for food and restaurant websites. Among them you will find tools for different purposes and we believe that any owner of food-related website will receive an interesting piece of information within this article and the related plugins.

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Most Interesting Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Most Interesting Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Pinterest is one of the most popular social network nowadays. Its popularity is driven by the smooth design and convenient features provided for posting images, sharing and saving them to your unique collection (which is actually called “pinning”). So, why not use the most prominent features and the overall design approach of Pinterest for your WordPress website?

The key point of Pinterest design is a masonry post structure showing a picture and short description to it. This style can be successfully used not only for galleries but also for blog posts, testimonials, videos, products and services inside the online store and so on.

Fortunately, you do not need to possess special web development or design skills to apply the Pinterest style to your WordPress website. There are lots of premium WordPress themes which provides you with the corresponding design type and all the customization opportunities you can imagine.

We have gathered the most interesting premium WordPress themes that allow you to create Pinterest style website without great investments of time and effort. You will discover that this type of design is the optimal decision for lots of websites` topics — from cooking and beauty-blogging to news and science magazines. Pick your favorite WordPress theme and start to attract new visitors to your website today!

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5 Best Survey and Poll Plugins for WordPress Websites

5 Best Survey and Poll Plugins for WordPress Websites

Polls and surveys are effective and non-disturbing methods of gathering feedback from your WordPress website`s users and potential customers. These tools are widely and successfully used by any developing online business as they provide lots of useful information directly from users and analytics based on this information.

Fortunately, you do not need any web developing skills to create polls and surveys on your WordPress website. There are lots of free and premium WordPress plugins which can provide you with all necessary tools to create a poll or survey of any complexity in minutes. Today we will take a closer look to the top sellers among the premium WordPress plugins for creating polls and surveys. Premium plugins provide more features and professional user support, that is why we focus our attention on them.

The participants of your today`s list aim to provide full service for not only creating and editing polls and surveys but also for detailed analytics, custom user roles, design customization and other important additional nuances which will help you to work with polls and surveys on the WordPress website efficiently.

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Top 10 Best Selling WordPress Themes of All Times

WordPress community should know its heroes! Today we offer you a list of 10 best sellers from Envato Market of all times. These themes have gathered the best features and have made a long way of development to become what they are — the leaders among all premium WordPress themes. All participants of our today`s list are multi-purpose themes with 4.5 to 5 stars rating which means any type of WordPress project can take advantages of using them. So, there are no limitations on your choice from the best of the best!

We will not only list the best sellers but also describe the most prominent of their features. It means the content will be useful not only for WordPress websites owners but also for the developers within the platform. The leaders of the industry are also the best examples for the inspiration among the newcomers and all other players who want to reach the same level of success and popularity. These are only the most obvious reasons to pay attention to this list and you can easily found hundreds of your own. That is why we are now proceeding directly to the list and its beautiful members.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Travel Websites and Blogs

Travel industry is very developed and diversified. Lots of products and services are connected with travels, and internet has a representative for each of them: hotels and apartments, cruises and tours, car and other vehicles rent, personal blogs and review hubs, and much more.

If you are the proud owner of a business in the travel industry, then you already know that the competition in this sphere is severe. You need to have a good website to attract and engage new potential customers. Lots of additional services are also required to be presented on your website: online booking, maps, routes, 3D tours, payments and so on. WordPress platform has solutions for every task by means of premium themes fully packed with all necessary tools.

Travel industry is also a very popular topic for bloggers and reviewers from all over the world. If you are the travel blogger, you also need a lot of tools to engage your audience with the perfect content, create and grow your own strong community of travelers.

Regardless of your goals, you need a good WordPress theme to present your travel website to the internet audience. We have collected the best sellers among the premium WordPress themes for travel websites and blogs and present them to you in this article. Pick your item and embark on the most exciting journey!

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Barbershops

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Barbershops

Barbershops and hair salons need to have their online representatives no less than other services. There is a very high opportunity to get new clients from internet. Lots of people are looking for a local barber every minute. Some of them wish to find some new salon, some of them are new to the city and are looking for help, some of them are just curious about comparing prices and services. In any case there is a big contest inside the barbershop`s category.

If you are one of the owners of the modern barbershop or hair salon, then you should consider the opportunity to communicate with your potential clients through the internet. Most of the barbershops use social networks to find clients, but you still need the place you have a full control of. This place is usually your own website. And there is no better opportunity for a new business than the WordPress platform.

Today we will consider the best-selling premium WordPress themes in the category of barbershops and hair salons. These themes are the examples of optimal choices for the modern barbershops` online representatives. Choose the one that mostly fits the needs of your project and your potential audience.

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Top Premium WordPress Themes for Gaming and eSports

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Gaming and eSports

Gaming industry is one of the most fast growing and engaging within the modern internet audience. Games provide a lot of fun not only while playing but also while watching live streams from professional gamers or interesting video reviews from gaming journalists and bloggers. Since gaming industry has been born, it has evolved much. Now it is a not only an entertainment but also professional business, recognized cyber sport discipline, source for unlimited creativity and much more.

WordPress is always eager to follow the trends, so this platform can not miss the opportunity to become the place where billions of gaming websites are based and successfully evolve. If you are either the one from an army of game-lovers, or gaming bloggers, or professional gamers, or based on video games content creators, or just a member of any clan or community inside one of the popular games, then you should be interested in the features the WordPress platform can give to the gaming industry.

Today we focus our attention on premium WordPress themes devoted to gaming and everything around it. We have gathered the most interesting and useful WordPress themes created especially for the topic of gaming. There could be a lot of reasons to create a WordPress website on gaming topic: a blog, magazine, shop, community center, streaming hub and so on. That is why we have prepared a wide variety of options with the listed WordPress themes. Choose the one your audience needs!

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How to Use Cryptocurrency on Your WordPress Website with Premium Plugins

How to Use Cryptocurrency on Your WordPress Website with Premium Plugins

Cryptocurrency is a stable trend of the past few years. Now this trend comes into a new level. For example, cryptocurrency has been already recognized as the official currency in Japan. It means any cryptocurrency operations are protected by the law in this country. It is most likely that other countries will follow the good example of Japan in recent months.

In such a situation any WordPress website owner should be ready to ensure the seamless usage of cryptocurrency within his or her project. Fortunately, WordPress plugins` developers have already took care of creating the corresponding premium tools for the platform.

Today we will take a closer look at the existing premium WordPress plugins for the usage of cryptocurrency within the platform. These tools allow WordPress administrators to create charts, pricing tables, faucet lists and even interactive games based on various cryptocurrency types. If you are eager to to keep up with the times, you should be interested in the opportunities the participants of your today`s list offer.

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Superfly Advanced Toolbar

Advanced Toolbar Addon Now Available for Superfly WordPress Plugin

Superfly is one of the most useful and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating beautiful and UX perfect vertical menus. If you still are not aware of this awesome plugin`s features, we suggest you to visit the Superfly`s page on our directory section.

And as we know, WordPress evolves every day. Superfly plugin is eager to be up to date and always on top of trends. That is why we present a new extension to this useful WordPress tool for your attention. The addon is called Advanced Toolbar and provides the updated opportunities to create your perfect vertical menus within any WordPress website or blog.

Advanced Toolbar has 3 new features which we will observe in details within this post. If you are interested in making your website a better tool for communicating with your audience and for selling any good or services, than you should be pleased with the new opportunities of Superfly plugin with Advanced Toolbar extension.

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Best WordPress Themes 2017

Best Premium WordPress Themes Released in 2017

There should not be the ending of the year without a good summary for the WordPress premium themes. Themes are always on the edge of trends and fashion within the web development sphere. So, by analyzing the leaders of 2017 we can make a lot of interesting conclusions about WordPress evolution and web design trends in common.

It would be also interesting to compare trends from the year 2016. For this purpose, you should check out our previous year article about the best WordPress themes. This type of analysis is essential for both WordPress newcomers and experienced web developers. Join us in this time travel trough the year 2017 and it best WordPress premium themes!

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Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Best WordPress Plugins Released in 2017

Year 2017 is coming to the end and it is the best time to look back and summarize the information about the best WordPress plugins released this year. Every year we are getting more and more exciting plugins to develop our WordPress websites for the sake of ever growing internet audience. And it would be also awesome to compare the development stages from 2016 to 2017 with the help of our previous year post about the best picks from plugins.

As always we have tried to gather the most useful, interesting and innovative plugins of 2017 for your attention. The tools mentioned in this summary post have impressed us with some new edges of WordPress development or new ways to evolve in already known directions. So, take a cup of X-Mas tea or coffee and take this adventure to the land of best WordPress plugins with us!

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Envato Elements Main

WordPress Themes and Plugins — now on Envato Elements with Sale!

Envato Elements is a platform that provides unlimited access to its items on the basis of monthly fee. Until the 15th of November 2017 this platform was focused on different design elements: graphic templates, fonts, presentation, web and CMS templates, 3D art and so on. But from now on it sells WordPress themes and plugins! It means you can get access to unlimited download of WordPress themes and plugins from the list given by Envato Elements. To use WordPress themes and plugins directory of Envato Elements you must buy the annual subscription.

Moreover, Envato Elemets presents the 33% discount for the annual membership from Wednesday, November 15 at 02:00pm (AEDT) till Wednesday, November 29 at 02:00pm (AEDT). With this discount you can get tons of WordPress plugins and themes for even cheaper price — $228 for the annual subscription needed to use WordPress themes and plugins within Envato Elements. For the moment there are 132 plugins and 306 themes available for the members of Envato Elements. And this number will grow constantly!

Today we are picking some of the most outstanding WordPress plugins and themes available within new assortment of Envato Elements. These are just the example of new opportunities brought for you by Envato — enjoy the new horizons!

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Comparing 3 Best Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress

Comparing 3 Best Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress

Viral Quiz Makers are the new-generation plugins for any WordPress website or blog. Modern audience demands lots of entertainment and interactive opportunities to communicate with your WordPress project. Quizzes are one of the best tools to involve your audience for a long period of time and significantly reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress allow you to create different types of polls and quizzes, both for entertainment and serious business like education and training. Nearly any website topic allows a WordPress administrator to show the imagination and to make involving quizzes.

The viral factor is reached by means of social sharing tools for the results of your users on the created quizzes. Every user will have a desire to share his or her knowledge of just a funny results of an entertaining quiz. It is very popular to post such results on your Facebook, Twitter of even Instagram timelines.

The creation of stylish and interesting quizzes would be very difficult without special WordPress plugins. Viral Quiz Makers aim to provide ample opportunities for creating, styling and editing of such viral entertaining content without any knowledge and skills in web development or design.

Today we have gathered 3 premium modern tools for viral quizzes and will compare their key features. First of all, we will consider OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker, BuzzFeed Quiz Builder and Quiz Cat WordPress Plugin separately to show you the most outstanding opportunities of these tools. Than we will provide you with consolidated tables for easy comparing the key features of these WordPress plugins.

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Best WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

Comparing 3 of The Best Slider Plugins for WordPress

Sliders exist mainly for the stunning animation effects. There’s nothing like the wow factor you can get from having cool slide animations and image galleries on your site. When it comes to choosing responsive slider plugins for your WordPress website you definitely have a lot of options. As competition gets stiffer and developers continue to churn out quality slider plugins, it’s gets tougher to figure out which one to choose. That’s where we come in.

This article takes a deeper look at three of the bestselling sliders on CodeCanyon. We are going to look at LayerSlider, Master Slider and Slider Revolution. We’ll contrast and compare some of the highlighted features and functions of these sliders. Why did we choose these three? These are a few of the top selling premium plugins so we thought we’d find out why.

First we’ll get started with a rundown of all the main features of these plugins as reported by the developers then we’ll discuss them.

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Grace Instagram Feed Galleries for WordPress

Create Awesome Instagram Galleries on WordPress with Grace Plugin

Social streaming is becoming a must-have trend for WordPress users and administrators. This trend is surely dictated by the growth and development of social networks. As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others take more and more time spent by users in internet, so the possibilities of integration between social networks and WordPress website enlarge. Is it possible to be in the trend but to stay unique in the same time? Today we will show you one way to use Instagram as your limitless source of content in style.

Social Stream Apps project (known as the creators of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin) now expands and evolves by presenting a new plugin to your judgement. This new WordPress tool focuses on creating and editing Instagram social streams for WordPress websites and blogs. Meet the Grace Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin, which is not just a part of Flow-Flow Social Streams, but a unique and independent project. Grace has a goal to provide the best features and a broader range of opportunities within more narrow framework of one particular social network to stream.

Let us look inside the features and fine-tuning possibilities of the Grace Instagram plugin and define key differences from its ancestor — Flow-Flow Social Stream. We can determine the most important differences of Grace Instagram plugin in a few words: more settings for layouts, stylings, lightboxes and profile headers.

Even right before the initial release, Grace Instagram plugin possesses more unique features and customization possibilities than all existing analogues in social streaming field. Instagram positioned itself as the most advanced modern social networks, so the social streaming tool must correspond in terms of the design and functionality opportunities. Grace has done this difficult but important job perfectly.

Grace allows you to transfer all the awesome features of Instagram to the needs of your WordPress site. Furthermore you gain full control over the fine-tuning for the design of your social wall. You can easily unite the limitless Instagram feeds from the public accounts in the borders of one amazing social stream. Just think how far beyond the scope of the standard Instagram functional you can go! Now let us describe and analyze in detail each of the Grace`s features in this introductory article.

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OnionBuzz Main

How to Easily Create Viral Quizzes for a WordPress Site

Content is the king, but the viral content is the emperor! In fact, viral content is becoming increasingly relevant with the development of social networks and their ubiquitous integration with web sites on the WordPress platform. Today, you simply can not ignore the viral content, if your internet project is dedicated to the entertainment sphere or even has any connection with it. Even well-known brands use viral content to attract new audiences and keep the attention of regular customers.

But the content is not created by itself. Moreover, the viral content does not just require time and effort for its creation, but also actual knowledge of internet trends. The best option is to create your own trends, but this approach already requires a creative and technical team to implement. More realistic is the method of creating interesting viral content based on existing trends. Such content attracts the maximum number of the audience and involves it for a long time.

The question of creating content lies not only in the creativity`s plane, but also requires certain knowledge in the technical part. The WordPress platform provides the ability to create and distribute content without restrictions on the level web development knowledge and skills. WordPress plugins offer great opportunities for all site administrators with simple and understandable visual content editors. One of the vivid examples of such a plugin is OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is a versatile plugin for creating and distributing viral content through social networks. At the moment, OnionBuzz covers the 5 most popular types of viral content to create on your WordPress site or blog. In the future, this list will be replenished by the developers of the plugin.

Today we will take a closer look at all the possibilities and features of OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker. This review will help you draw preliminary conclusions about the need to purchase this plugin and use the viral content in the development of your internet project in general.

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Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every young couple. WordPress platform offers to facilitate the process of preparation for this large-scale event and capture all the interesting moments with the help of a special web site. This approach will allow you to create your own cozy place with memories of the wedding day, which will be convenient for use not only by newlyweds, but also by their relatives and friends.

Many consider the wedding site solely as a store of photographs and videos from the wedding day and honeymoon. However, the wedding site is capable of more. With it, you can arrange preparation for the wedding at the highest level — from invitations and countdown to a momentous event and ending with an interactive map indicating the location of the wedding (this will help guests to reach their destination more easily).

In addition, the wedding site can serve as an excellent organizer for the newlyweds. For example, here you can open an online guest registration and track the change in their number in real time. You can collect gifts from guests, arrange preliminary competitions for bridesmaids or grooms, give virtual souvenirs to guests and much more — the technical capabilities of the website on the WordPress platform are virtually unlimited.

However, before you take advantage of all the possibilities and features of the WordPress site, you should take a responsible approach to creating it. And the first step in this way will be the selection of a suitable WordPress theme. At the moment there is a huge selection of free and premium WordPress themes. Therefore, the choice of the best theme can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. We will try to help you with choosing a WordPress wedding theme with the help of a specially selected list of 10 premium versions with the best functionality and design.

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Divi WordPress Theme

Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress Theme is a powerful modern tool for creating websites and blogs in any subject. This theme is based on a unique technology — Divi Visual Builder. The capabilities of Divi Visual Builder guarantee freedom of action for the WordPress administrator, even if he is a beginner.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme, however anyone can freely evaluate the features of this product after registering on the site of its developer — Elegant Themes. Such an opportunity will be very valuable for novice WordPress site owners who are just looking for the optimal theme for their project.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Divi WordPress Theme so that you can independently evaluate the need to purchase this premium product. The expediency of buying should be based on the needs of your potential audience: if the features of Divi WordPress Theme can improve the user experience of your readers, then it is worth to purchase. However, do not forget to look forward to the future and try to anticipate the desires of users on your site before they actually appear.

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How to Create Social Wall on Your WordPress Site with Flow-Flow

Social wall is a unique interactive element of a site that combines information from various social networks on one page. Constantly updated social wall can become your universal source of unique content and a way to update the site on an automatic basis.

The source for your thematic social wall can be not only your personal accounts in social networks, but also any open community. This fact opens up unlimited possibilities for crawling of any corresponding content from the social networks. This social wall will be an excellent addition to the author’s content on your WordPress site or blog. In addition, you can attract readers with constantly updated content, even at a time when you can not give your own time to create articles or reviews – social networks will provide your site with enough interesting content.

Naturally, the creation of social wall on your own will require in-depth knowledge in the field of web development and design. However, premium plugins come to help modern WordPress administrators and provide ready-made solutions for this task. Flow-Flow Social Streams WordPress Plugin is designed specifically for comfortable setting and quick launch of the social wall of any theme and complexity.

Today we will take a closer look at the possibilities and features of the Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin for your WordPress website or blog. This review will give you an opportunity to evaluate the advantages of simply creating social streams and the feasibility of maintaining a similar page within your own project.

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What Social Stream Plugin Is Better

3 Best Social Stream Plugins Compared (2017)

Social networks have already gone beyond entertainment content. Today, social networks serve not only to communicate, watch pictures and videos, but also to look for work, offer interesting products, create new brands, compare impressions on purchased goods and services. Any serious business has its representation in social networks, because without it communication with existing and potential customers will be lost.

The responsible and universal role of social networks in modern society places them at the center of attention for all information publications, including online. Social networks are becoming the best source for gathering news and acquaintance with them for the broad masses of the population.

Given such popularity and usefulness of social networks, every owner of the WordPress site should ask himself the question: how do I use social networks for the benefit of my own project? The answer is simple: use social stream plugins to collect, optimize and beautifully present the entire variety of content from social networks.

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Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total WordPress theme aims to provide a universal solution for owners of web sites in different topics and purposes. And it should be immediately said that Total WordPress theme successfully copes with such an ambitious and grandiose goal. The main key to success is a successful combination of the two tools — Visual Composer and WordPress Customizer. However, success consists of many nuances. We will try to consider them in detail today.

But to start it is worth saying a few words about the success criteria of Total WordPress theme. The main evaluation criteria are the feedback of site owners and the study of the variety of projects created on the basis of Total WordPress theme. A detailed review of the most interesting examples of the use of Total WordPress theme you can read in the blog of its developer.

It is worth mentioning separately that Looks Awesome gladly uses Total WordPress theme to create demo sites with presentations of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin. The wide possibilities of Total WordPress theme perfectly correspond to the large audience coverage of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin, so this cooperation is quite logical.

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Top 6 Places to Hire WordPress Developers and Experts

WordPress is a fully open platform for your website or blog. This means that you can add any element of front-end or back-end interface as desired. However, this requires some knowledge in the field of web development and design. Alternatives are ready premium WordPress plugins and themes, which include a variety of additional functions. But this approach is not always effective. In addition, the existing themes and plugins can meet not all unique ideas that you want to implement on your website or blog.

There is a simple way out of this situation. Professional developers and experts in the field of WordPress administration can help you with any challenge to implement the unique features of the site or blog. These experts can work in a team or alone, but all of them are distinguished by the excellent knowledge of WordPress as a platform and an opportunity to quickly finalize your project.

Today we will talk about where to find such experts, and how exactly can they help your web project on the WordPress platform. In fact, there are two main approaches to the search for the WordPress developers to carry out certain work on the site: it is an appeal to the services of specialized companies or finding a freelancer.

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting, which will be especially useful for designers, freelancers and creative agencies. However, the benefits of this hosting can be appreciated by the internet projects of other types, including online shops and portfolio sites. Today, we will consider in detail all the features of Flywheel hosting, to find out the reason of its popularity.

Choosing a web hosting is an important stage in the life of any WordPress website or blog. The speed of the site and the ability to withstand the load of a large number of users depends on the quality of services offered by a hosting company. In addition, the introduction of many advanced technologies (for example, CDN), requires modern web hosting provider to meet certain standards.

If you want to create a truly successful internet project, we recommend you to start with selecting a suitable hosting provider. This way you can be sure that your website visitors a comfortable to stay in it, as well as protect yourself from the many problems related to data loss or inaccessibility of the site during certain periods.

In this article, we will consider not only the technical characteristics of Flywheel hosting, but its usability features and the ability to easily work with the settings for beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

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Top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes of 2016

End of the year is time to sum things up. This time is also ideal for planning new achievements for your web project on WordPress platform. If you are planning to open an online business, it is now the best time for the implementation of these plans. First of all because of Christmas sales that will allow you to buy WordPress themes and plugins with unique discounts.

We will try to help you in choosing the best WordPress WooCommerce theme. In our list of the best themes of 2016, we have collected all the themes that were able to take a leading position in this year. The main criterion for selection is based on an amount of sales for a specific theme. As we said earlier, this indicator is the most objective one. For WooCommerce themes it could not be more useful. If you want to successfully promote your business online, then you need to select a WooCommerce theme that can sell itself well. It will be the first indicator of its competitiveness in the world of online business.

All the themes presented in our list deserve your attention. However, the choice of the best theme depends on the characteristics of your business. Some themes provide multi-tasking features, but that does not mean that they will suit you best. Choose based on your idea about the target audience, its tastes and preferences.

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Best WordPress Themes 2016

Best WordPress Themes Created in 2016

Premium WordPress Themes are the first essential tool for creating a successful website or blog. The choice of a theme is the first important step on the way to the thrilling world of online projects in WordPress platform. But how to choose the best option for your project, if there is such a huge variety of themes?

In this article we will look at the best WordPress themes of 2016. An indicator of the quality will be seen by the number of satisfied customers, so in this list you will find only the best sellers. We have collected a variety of themes for you. There are multi-tasking themes, and themes designed for a particular industry. We believe that you will have the best opportunity to choose the appropriate theme from the given list. Let us go on an exciting journey to the Forest of WordPress Themes!

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Best WordPress Plugins 2016

Best WordPress Plugins Created in 2016

This year is coming to an end and it is time to summarize things up. In this article we will look about the best plugins that were released in 2016. Determination of the best plugins occurs in accordance with most objective indicators – the number of purchased copies. This indicator is the only tangible proof of trust by users to a specific product in a large range of modern plugins for WordPress sites and blogs. Naturally, there are other factors, but we will not dwell our attention on them because of their small value.

The participants of our list of best sellers are here for a particular reason. These plugins combine the large variety of tools that can save a lot of money compared to purchasing each element individually, or represent a unique offer in the market of WordPress plugins in 2016. In both cases, these plugins are worth your attention. Perhaps, here you will find just the plugins that you should have bought for the successful development of your online project on the WordPress platform.

So, get ready for the journey, where we will see the most interesting specimens of Plugins` Canyon!

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Best Email Newsletters Plugins for WordPress

The first step towards a successful email marketing campaign is gathering a subscriber base. If your site is already a popular place for hanging out and socializing for a lot of people, then you are the proud owner of an email addresses` base of registered users. But what if you are just starting to promote your site in WordPress? How to motivate passive readers to register on the site and leave their emails? This is what we will discuss in this article – a simple way to create and increase your list of subscribers.

You can do the work with the audience directly, agitating to subscribe in every post. But this method can not be considered as a simple or effective one. Special plugins will come to help every site owner in WordPress. Such plugins allow you to create popups and other interactive elements to interact with your readers. These plugins are able to motivate the members of your site to leave your email in various ways.

All plugins for gathering subscriber base for the newsletter have similar algorithms of actions. But this does not mean that they do not differ from each other. We present you a list of the most popular, convenient and efficient plugins. After reading this list, you will discover the hidden potential of these plugins and their features. In addition, you can make a perceived choice – which plugin best fits your site in WordPress.

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How to Style Contact Form 7 With Ninja Kick: Contact Form Plugin

There are many reasons why you’d need a contact form on your WordPress website. You can use them to produce leads, provide customer service, get feedback, give quotes and book appointments among other things. Web forms are a problem that has been solved many times over. Finding a plugin to help is usually the most practical solution. Unless you are a good web programmer and you can bang out a web form in a couple minutes, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Recently we published a post on how to Styling Contact Form 7 in WordPress. While Contact Form 7 is an awesome contact form plugin and easy to use, you may want something a little more powerful. Perhaps you are looking for ways to make your form stand out so you get as many responses as possible. One way to build a killer contact form is to use Looks Awesome’s Ninja Kick: Contact Form plugin. Use it to create a engaging forms and record your submissions. Read more

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Review 2016

Bateaux is an innovative multi-purpose WordPress Theme made by Twisttheme. You can use this theme to crank out high quality websites in no time at all. Bateaux offers you a powerful set of tools and options to get creative with. There are some interesting features that outperform some of the top-selling themes on the market. Use it to build websites for any niche. Possible use cases include: landing pages, design studio websites, ecommerce, restaurants, blogs, one page websites or any other business purpose.

I really enjoyed taking Bateaux for a test drive. The developers did a really great job on this theme. They found a harmonious balance between simplicity, power and ease of use. I was pleasantly surprised with just about everything this theme had to offer and how easy it was to work with. Read more

Giveaway: Google Maps Widget and Chomolungma Presentation Kit

Google Maps Widget is rapidly reaching a fascinating milestone – the plugin has been downloaded almost 1 million times! Before it gets there within the following weeks, in partnership with Web Factory, we have created a special giveaway just for our readers.

During the following week, you have a chance of winning 2 Google Maps Widgets PRO licenses each worth $39! To make everything even more interesting, we have decided to throw in a few more prizes for you. Next to GMW licenses, you can also win 5 Chomolungma — PowerPoint Presentation Template Kit licenses each worth $15! Read more

Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin + Giveaway

Check out the new Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin! We are really excited to announce the release of this handy new extension. To kick things off we are offering a free giveaway with purchase of Big Screens.

This is a limited offer, so don’t wait. The first 30 customers to contact Looks Awesome through CodeCanyon after they purchase Broadcasting extension will get a copy and license of Cholomungma, a huge multi-purpose PowerPoint presentation kit from GraphicRiver. See the bottom of the page for more details on how to receive your free download with purchase of Broadcasting extension. Read more

Cornerstone WordPress Pagebuilder Review

The Cornerstone page builder from Themeco has always been promising. Lately dt has been generating quite a buzz in the WordPress community. This modern drag and drop editor is a powerful and innovative solution. It’s a 100% front end page building tool for beginners and power users alike. It makes editing fun, easy and efficient. Today we are going to give you an overview of Cornerstone and what you can do with it.

Themeco, the developers behind Cornerstone realized that WordPress users were in need of a better way to utilize shortcodes. This became the inspiration behind Cornerstone. It was created it as a component of X Theme, but quickly developed into an intuitive front end page builder. According to Themeco’s website: Read more

WooPress — Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme Review

It’s never been easier to build an online store with WordPress. There are a large number of affordable and viable solutions available. The only problem is choosing the right tools. There are so many products and themes on the market to help you sell products online, it can be tough know what’s best. If you are really stuck, checkout our guide for choosing a WordPress theme. This post will review WooPress, a modern eCommerce theme for WordPress.

WooPress is a powerful theme. It provides an easy and robust solution for anyone that wants to sell products through their website. WooPress is a full-fledged eCommerce solution powered by WooCommerce. Read more

Advertising Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream

Advertising & Branding is a brand new add-on for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin. This extension allows you to advertise with your social streams and make money. This is very useful way to extend the functionality of Flow-Flow. Start reaping the benefits of your traffic by earning passive income.

Ads & Branding gives you lots of marketing potential. You can create your own custom cards to run successful ad campaigns. It makes it easy to advertise, track your results and earn money. Use it to place ads from sponsors, affiliates or to build a brand. It works great with Google AdSense.  Even if you don’t want to monetize your website, it’s a great way to build a brand. You can display ads to increase awareness and solidify your online presence. Read more

Jupiter — Multi-Purpose Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Review

Jupiter is a premium multi-purpose theme appropriate for building a wide variety of websites. It’s flexible and powerful. This mega theme has enough functions and features to make your head spin. Fortunately it’s easy for any level WordPress user to navigate. Jupiter is suitable for enthusiasts or professional web designers. Editing is easy, you can drag and drop any element into a page or post section with Visual Composer.

It’s a great tool for those looking to build contemporary websites. You can quickly get your site up and running by using one of the developers pre-made templates. Currently their catalog includes over 50 templates for eCommerce, business, photography, portfolios, community, creative, food, health, entertainment, online stores, fashion and technology.

Using Jupiter is an easy way to make elaborate and stylish sites with all the bells and whistles. The documentation for this theme is very well written and easy to follow. There are also official tutorial videos available that show you how to do everything like install your site, migrate to a new server or add content.

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Uncode — The Best Premium WordPress Theme of 2015

It’s our first post of the new year so I thought I’d start off with a theme that is sure to be a winner in 2016. Uncode is a new WordPress theme that lives up to its name. With a simple, easy to navigate theme options panel and Visual Composer page builder baked in, it’s easy for anyone to use. This is a multi-purpose theme that has been available on Themeforest since November 4th, 2015 and has been selling steadily ever since.

It’s perfect for any WordPress user who wants to put up a blog or portfolio. There are some rich options for typography that I haven’t seen in other themes and enhanced media library options. We all know that WordPress was built for blogging, yet has evolved into one of the finest an all-purpose CMS solutions around. Read more

Excited! Testimonials Showcase for WordPress Review

If you want to sell a product or a service on your WordPress website, testimonials from customers can be a huge asset. You can sell yourself all you want, but unbiased opinions can make a difference. Testimonials are key because they can prompt people to buy. By using testimonials with photos, text and ratings on your site, you are getting free endorsements. This adds social proof as well as insight as to what it’s like to be your customer.

Excited! Testimonials Showcase is a plugin that enables you to post a variety of testimonials on your WordPress website using shortcodes. Easily manage, edit, create and delete testimonials without coding. Use it to showcase your services or products. It’s an add-on for Visual Composer and works with shortcodes. There are many options to style and configure the display. You can add random testimonials to any page or in any widget area. Display testimonials in many formats and add ratings. Read more

Team Builder — Meet The Team WordPress Plugin Review

This week we are going to review Team Builder, our very own plugin that is designed to build a showcase for your team on your WordPress site. There are plenty of team showcase plugins and add-ons but I’m sure you won’t find anything better than Team Builder. In industries where the people behind your work are just as important as your work – having a team showcase is a good idea for any company or organization. It’s a nice way to show your team members how proud you are of them as well as show your visitors just how awesome your team is.

People are naturally curious and adding a team showcase can satisfy that curiosity as well as gain their trust. This is especially important if you are in the design or tech industry. Nowadays there are all sorts of phishing scams lurking on the internet, many people can’t or won’t do business with a company they don’t trust.

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Add a Slick Sliding Contact Form in WordPress

Contact forms make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form plugin can make it easier for users to get in touch with you and has some interesting features as well. There are many advantages to be had by adding a responsive contact form to your website. You can grow your audience, gain a stronger connection with your visitors, generate more traffic and bring in more revenue.

An appealing and inviting contact form is an ideal way for people to ask questions, reach out for advice, or make inquiries. Regular contact forms are well suited for getting in touch with your visitors, they don’t offer anything special in the way of looks or functionality. Ninja Contact Form plugin was designed to increase the likelihood of making contact with your visitors. If your goal is to make yourself readily available, promote a service or product, then this plugin may be your answer.
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