10 Generators to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your WordPress Site

10 Generators to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your WordPress Site

Domain name plays a very important role in the popularity and success of your project. An interesting, memorable and easy to write domain name will be an additional reason to visit your site, and a difficult domain name will deprive you of a certain percentage of potential visitors.

Any serious project begins with a thought-out strategy for the development and branding. Branding will always include the project name and interpretation of this name in the domain name of the site. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering an insurmountable problem of an occupied domain name, on which the entire strategy of your branding is built.

The number of internet sites is very large and increases with every second. Therefore, choosing a good domain name, which is not yet occupied, can be a difficult task. One of the useful helpers in this matter will be an automatic service for the generation of domain names.

Today we will look at a list of free and efficient services for generating domain names so that you can choose a convenient option for your needs. All these services use artificial intelligence to form variants of domain names and immediately check the availability of the proposed options for use. Not all of the suggested options will be interesting and useful, but their number will allow you to select several suitable ideas for a real domain name.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify-Business-Name-GeneratorShopify Business Name Generator can be called one of the most simple and understandable tools for finding the ideas of a domain name. You only need to enter a keyword and the generator will offer thousands of options for free domain names. Naturally, not all the proposed options will be easily readable and beautiful. But at least you will be able to get off the ground if your ideas run out.

The simplicity of this tool is its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Simple functionality allows you to quickly get a large number of options for domain names, but does not have additional features that many of the followers on our list can boast of.

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Instant Domain Search

Instant-Domain-SearchInstant Domain Search is designed primarily to provide information on the requested domain (all available WhoIs data). However, this service can also offer its assistance in the search for free domain names and the analysis of the entered keyword for the availability of free domain names associated with it.

Detailed keyword analytics will help you understand not only the number of available domain names with the appropriate words, but also the price of buying beautiful domains. Buying an existing domain is one of the alternatives for registering a new name. Given the low cost of some domain names, you can get the desired name without having to adapt it to free options.

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Name Mesh

Name Mesh differs from similar services for searching new domain names by its in-depth cataloging of available options. After entering the keyword for your new domain name, you can search the catalog categories of Name Mesh. Categories include such sections as SEO, Short, Fun, Mix and other.

This search will allow you to focus on those free domain names that more closely match the idea of ​​your WordPress site or blog. Given the large number of generated names, this separation will save your time on finding the ideal variant.

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SpinXO WordPress Names

SpinXO is a service not only for the selection of domain names, but also for generating the names of various profiles: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other. All generated names will be the result of processing your answers to a few key questions.

SpinXO will offer 30 variants of names that you can use for both the domain of your WordPress site or blog, and for a new nickname or login to any internet service. SpinXO offers not only a serious service, but also a lot of fun while using it.

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Lean Domain Search

Lean-Domain-SearchLean Domain Search also offers a fairly simple and efficient service for automatic generation of domain names based on the keyword you entered. By default, the service generates domain names in the .com zone, but this parameter can be changed in advanced settings.

The results of generating domain names will be highlighted in green if they can be used freely and in red in the case of occupied domain names. You can mark certain names in yellow to add them to your favorites and return to the name selection later.

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NameStationNameStation allows you to select additional tags and settings for the entered keyword. Thus, you can narrow the domain name search field or vice versa add the necessary parameters if there are not enough generated variants.

NameStation also offers every site owner to open their own contest for the best domain name among community members. You will only need to provide a short description of your project, and community members will offer a variety of options for its names. The winner should receive a stipulated remuneration from you.

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DomainrDomainr provides a simple domain name search functionality with one feature: variants will be offered with each letter that you type in the search field. You can stop in case you notice a suitable variant of the domain name before you have typed the keyword completely.

The results of issuing the Domainr service are highlighted in green if the domain names are free and red in the case of occupied domain names. In the latter case, you can get all the public information about the owner through the WhoIs database.

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Panabee provides the opportunity to describe your site in two words and immediately get a large number of domain name options. By default, all domain names will be generated in the .com domain zone, but this parameter can be changed in the service settings.

The received variants of names will have the designations in the form of a blue heart if the domain name can be registered or bought. Occupied domain names will have a badge in the form of a broken heart. Panabee also provides a convenient opportunity to quickly purchase available names and view WhoIs data for busy names using hyperlinks.

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DomainsBot provides a service for finding suitable domain names for the keyword with the possibility of their immediate purchase in case of detection of free options. If your keyword does not provide suitable options, the service will suggest modifying the cue word using prefixes, suffixes, synonyms or variants in other languages.

This simple service will allow you to quickly find the right domain name and immediately buy your favorite domain name.

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DomainTyperDomainTyper provides quick access to available domain names by keyword in different domain zones. This approach is very convenient for those owners of WordPress sites that want to see a particular word or phrase in the site name. In this case, popular domain zones may already be occupied, but alternatives in new or less popular domain zones may remain free for registration.

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