Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Best WordPress Plugins Released in 2017

Year 2017 is coming to the end and it is the best time to look back and summarize the information about the best WordPress plugins released this year. Every year we are getting more and more exciting plugins to develop our WordPress websites for the sake of ever growing internet audience. And it would be also awesome to compare the development stages from 2016 to 2017 with the help of our previous year post about the best picks from plugins.

As always we have tried to gather the most useful, interesting and innovative plugins of 2017 for your attention. The tools mentioned in this summary post have impressed us with some new edges of WordPress development or new ways to evolve in already known directions. So, take a cup of X-Mas tea or coffee and take this adventure to the land of best WordPress plugins with us!

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YouTube vs Vimeo

YouTube or Vimeo – How to Choose Better Service for WordPress Website

Video content is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is now simply inevitable to use videos on your WordPress website if you want to keep the loyal audience and increase it. And you do not need to create your own video content. You can just use the YouTube and Vimeo services to look for thematic content and put it to your WordPress website for your users’ entertainment.

It should be also mentioned that WordPress itself provides and opportunity to upload videos on your server. But this method of storing and showing videos is connected with lots of problems due to big sizes of video files. Services which are specially created for this purpose are much better and convenient for both WordPress admins and users.

Today we will compare YouTube and Vimeo services as two most popular video hostings of the world. Both services provide ample opportunities for video bloggers or for those who want to use the created content for the sake of their WordPress projects.

We will focus on such subjects as pricing, monetization, upload limits, audience reach, video editing options and privacy control. YouTube and Vimeo will be compared within these metrics in this article. This comparison will give you the clear picture of all main features for both services and will allow you to make the best choice for your WordPress website.

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Disable Widgets

Quick Tip: Disabling WordPress Widgets

Widgets are very important and helpful tools to set up and develop your WordPress website. But sometimes we store more tools than we need for the near future. In this case the problem of overwhelming by the widgets can appear. The other situation that involves widgets` disabling can appear when you change your WordPress theme or make some other changes in the website design. Some widgets can no longer work efficiently with the new design set up.

Than you can decide to return to the previous version of design or just the need of some old-and-faithful widget can appear. All this cases need to be dealt with suitable approach. How to maintain WordPress website and admin panel in order and disable the unnecessary widgets? In this article we will desirable 3 of the most simple and efficient ways to deal with this issue.

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WordPress Secure Connection Error

WordPress Secure Connection Error — Fixing the Issue

WordPress secure connection error is one of the common issues any website administrator can face. So it is important to know what causes such an error and how to deal with it. As WordPress is a large web platform with lots of additional plugins, tools and extensions, it is not always obvious where to look in case of errors.

In this article we will analyze the possible reasons of secure connection error within a WordPress website and the methods to fix this issue. The article will be helpful for the beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration and development.

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wordpress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 Update: Introducing “Tipton”

WordPress is the web platform that constantly evolves. New trends in web developing and site administration never come beside WordPress. And this feature has become one of the decisive reasons to use WordPress and create billions of web projects within it.

Today we are taking a closer look at the new 4.9 update, which was called “Tipton” (for the memory of the outstanding jazz musician Billy Tipton). The update was released on November 15, 2017 and has already became a huge milestone in the WordPress platform history.

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Black Friday WordPress Deals 2017

Cyber Monday and Black Friday WordPress Deals 2017

This year Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on Envato Market start from November 21st and will last until November 29th. This and other platforms have lots of exciting, useful and interesting items in 2017 to sell with great discounts. This time of the year is really the best opportunity to upgrade your WordPress website with a desired theme or plugin!

Today we will focus our attention at WordPress premium plugins and themes offered with holiday`s discounts. The most trending items will have their own description, but there also are tons of other useful items, which we will list in tables with the most important information about them. Enjoy the assortment and pick up your favorites!

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Envato Elements Main

WordPress Themes and Plugins — now on Envato Elements with Sale!

Envato Elements is a platform that provides unlimited access to its items on the basis of monthly fee. Until the 15th of November 2017 this platform was focused on different design elements: graphic templates, fonts, presentation, web and CMS templates, 3D art and so on. But from now on it sells WordPress themes and plugins! It means you can get access to unlimited download of WordPress themes and plugins from the list given by Envato Elements. To use WordPress themes and plugins directory of Envato Elements you must buy the annual subscription.

Moreover, Envato Elemets presents the 33% discount for the annual membership from Wednesday, November 15 at 02:00pm (AEDT) till Wednesday, November 29 at 02:00pm (AEDT). With this discount you can get tons of WordPress plugins and themes for even cheaper price — $228 for the annual subscription needed to use WordPress themes and plugins within Envato Elements. For the moment there are 132 plugins and 306 themes available for the members of Envato Elements. And this number will grow constantly!

Today we are picking some of the most outstanding WordPress plugins and themes available within new assortment of Envato Elements. These are just the example of new opportunities brought for you by Envato — enjoy the new horizons!

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Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Video and Audio Players

Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Video and Audio Players

Media content is one of the best ways to attract audience and keep it interested in your WordPress web project. It is an indisputable fact, that text content is less involving and popular in comparison with images, audio and video messages to your target audience. The great influence of social networks and their short, laconic posts dictates the new vision of a WordPress website`s content strategy, including more and more media formats in it.

Actually, you do not have to create your own media content to attract and involve new users for the WordPress website (however, it would be fantastic, if you really create your own media content in a good level of performance). Modern video and audio players for WordPress websites can provide you with tones of media content from social networks (like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) and other sources. You just need to build them in and gather the appropriate content.

Good news are about no need in professional preparation for using this players. WordPress premium plugins have already done all the hard work on coding and allow you to use the simple and user-friendly tools without special knowledge in web development or design.

Today we will talk about media players — video and audio plugins to create modern content for your WordPress website. There are lots of such tools, but we have gathered those that have earned the trust of WordPress community and proved to be reliable and easy in use. Choose those one your potential visitors want and need!

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Portfolio WordPress Themes

Easy to Use WordPress Portfolio Themes

Portfolio websites can be a huge advantage when it comes to landing jobs and attracting the right kind of attention. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and showing someone your portfolio is like giving someone a sample of your pudding. Continuing on with the pudding analogy…you want to make your pudding as tasty as possible.

WordPress themes can give you scalable solution for creating killer portfolios. WordPress is the most popular web platform in the world. It’s no surprise that there are lots of great portfolio themes available. In fact there are hundreds of themes with portfolio building features. With a comprehensive WordPress portfolio template, you will have access to some powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Read more

Create Perfect Pricing Tables with Premium WordPress Plugins

Create Perfect Pricing Tables with Premium WordPress Plugins

Pricing tables are one of the important selling elements of your WordPress website. Pricing tables represent the last step on the way of your potential customers` purchase. That is why this selling tool must be beautiful, user-friendly and intuitive. To create such elements by your own, you need to have advanced web development skills. But with WordPress you need no special skills, because there are lots of useful plugins.

Premium WordPress plugins allow you to create different pricing tables in a matter of a few minutes. Most of these premium tools have easy installation process, wide variety of prepared templates and shortcodes technology to add the created elements directly on any page of your WordPress website by simple copy and paste feature.

Customization option are usually very broad. You have the opportunity to choose colors, sizes, columns settings, different headers, bodies and footers for each of your pricing table. Moreover, you can edit the prepared templates to shorten the time and effort needed to achieve the desired result.

Today we will take a closer look at 5 best selling premium plugins for creating pricing tables with ease and style. These plugins have similar goals, but they reach them by means of different features and unique nuances. Meet these powerful eCoommerce tools within the WordPress platform and choose the best one for the needs of your potential audience.

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