WordPress Website Speed Issues and How to Fix Them

The speed of the website load is one of the key factors in the modern digital world. The reason why speed becomes so important is the presence of high competition and a lack of patience from a common user. In other words, users would prefer to visit another website rather than waiting for yours to load slowly.

Although the WordPress platform gives tons of opportunities to avoid the speed reduction of your website, it is not always obvious where the problem hides and how to deal with it. That is why we have decided to gather the most common WordPress website speed issues within this article. Moreover, you will get some advice on how to get rid of these pesky problems.

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wordpress trends 2021

Top WordPress Trends of 2021

You probably know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) around the world. It is actually powering 34% of all existing websites on the internet.

The exciting popularity of WordPress is the main reason why its trends are so decisive. In other words, everything that is important for WordPress is automatically crucial for the main part of all websites in the world.

Let us explore the main trends of WordPress in 2021 to understand the big picture of web development, internet marketing, and social media management of the modern world.

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Envato Mid-Year Sale — Grab Your Favourite Plugin with a Great Discount!

The big Mid Summer Sale on Envato Market has just started! It is your perfect chance to buy WordPress themes, plugins, and other useful elements for your website like pictures and videos with a 30–50% discount! The sale ends on Friday, 25th of June, so do not hesitate too long and grab the items you were always dreaming about!

We have gathered the most popular and interesting items from the Envato Mid Summer Sale to save your time and energy on the search for important extensions for your WordPress project. Each of the mentioned below items can significantly improve your website`s appearance and performance. Enjoy this list with exciting discounts!

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Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2021

Internet marketing and eCommerce are still the most powerful forces that form and reshape websites within the WordPress platform. This is not much surprising because website owners always tend to monetize their projects in some way.

WooCommerce remains the most popular platform for WordPress websites to create and customize commercial projects. Since this trend has only increased its influence during the Corona pandemic, there is no way we can ignore WooCommerce plugins.

We have gathered the best-selling WooCommerce plugins for WordPress websites in this article. These plugins are not only useful tools for the development of your WordPress project but also a great mirror of trends in the modern internet marketing field.

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Top WordPress Media Library Plugins in 2021

Media library plugins are useful and convenient tools that allow you to enhance the experience and workflow with different files you use within your WordPress website. In other words, these plugins allow you to fine-tune your media library for nearly any purpose.

If you feel that the standard WordPress media library does not match the goals and needs of your project, then it is time to look for some advanced tools. Choose any plugin from our list below to enhance your media library in the way you need.

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Best Fresh WordPress Plugins 2021

Best of the Fresh WordPress Plugins for 2021

WordPress plugin can serve as a good source of information. The choices of WordPress website owners are usually dictated by the wishes of their target audience. Therefore, WordPress plugins mirror the modern online market and its trends.

We have gathered the best-selling plugins of 2021 to observe and analyze the present and upcoming trends within the WordPress community and even beyond it. Check out our list and make your precious conclusions about the future of online marketing!

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Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes for 2021

Modern trends of WordPress themes can tell a lot about web development and design. Moreover, these trends always mirror the desires of the internet audience because theme makers try to cover the main wishes of users just after they appear.

We have collected the best-selling WordPress themes created up to this moment — March 2021. Enjoy the fresh trends and make your precious conclusions about the features you need for your online business.

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8 Main WordPress Trends of 2021

The first months of 2021 are behind us and now is the time to look into the future and assess current trends of 2021. Any WordPress Site administrator must always look towards the future to keep up with the new trends of design, user interface and content delivery style for his or her readers.

It is impossible to list the number of current trends completely within a single review. In addition, trends tend to be complemented and change over time. At the moment, we consider the most important and interesting trends that will definitely affect the development of WordPress sites during the current year.

Some of the trends that we will now consider, are already used by leading projects and WordPress sites on other platforms. If you already use at least half of the trends listed here, then your project is clearly on the right way to success. If all of the following will be a novelty for you, then you still have time to implement all these methods.

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5 Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks play a key role in the web design and development industry. WordPress theme frameworks are the most prevalent mainly due to their ability to eliminate various hassles involved in designing a website theme like coding and more. These frameworks also allow you to design a theme that is unique from all other available options.

Other advantages of using WordPress theme frameworks include the ability to increase website security and functionality, improved code quality, easy upgrades with no loss of styling, and extendability of plugins.

When choosing a WordPress framework to use, you have to choose from two types i.e. in-house framework which is popular among theme developers seeking to build their products and free theme frameworks that can be used by anyone (free versions).

Before using a theme framework, you need a child and parent theme. The Child theme duplicates both the code and design of a parent theme and can be personalized to suit your needs.

The advantage of this is that even if the parent theme is updated, the child theme will still retain modifications of parent theme.

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Helping to Translate WordPress - Dortmund Translation Day

Helping to Translate WordPress — Dortmund Translation Day

One of the main features that brings WordPress its popularity is the international and interlingual approach of the platform. WordPress is meant to be accessible and simple for people all over the world. It means, that it should be translated to all known and used languages. The task is very ambitious and there is still no company that could make it in a full volume. On the other hand, WordPress might be closer to this goal than any other company or project. And the key is the community.

WordPress can not be translated to each of the existing languages just by one team, no matter how big it is. Only an international community can deal with the task. Fortunately, WordPress has such a community. People from all over the world make WordPress better each day. Translation is one of the numerous features being done by this community.

You can also become a part of this community and its great work. One of the opportunities to join the team is to visit one of the meetups organized by dedicated WordPress users and administrators. We will share an interesting experience of visiting such event and tell you the basics of WordPress platform`s translation any member of the community should know.

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