Helpful Tools for Grammar Check on Your WordPress Site

Grammar check and spelling play a more important role than commonly considered among the majority of internet users. In terms of business or a serious information project, the absence of errors in text content is a basic requirement for winning a good reputation among its audience.

The problem of checking grammar sooner or later comes before every person who writes the texts. Despite the high level of literacy, everyone can make occasional errors that are difficult to notice without additional proofreading of the text. And additional proofreading of the text significantly enlarge the time spent on creating content.

An adequate way out of this situation is to attract artificial intelligence to perform a simple, but long and tedious procedure for checking the written text. Unfortunately, even the most modern tools can not compare with a human as a text checker. However, they can significantly facilitate this task and save you a lot of time and effort.

Today we will review the 3 best tools for grammar check and spelling. All the tools from our list are free to use. In addition, there are many more WordPress plugins and browser extensions that perform similar tasks. But we have chosen the optimal tools for you in the ratio of ease of use and performance.

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Working on the reputation of your business on the network is one of the most important and most complex tasks at the same time. The importance of reputation is justified by the open dissemination of information on the internet: one review can be read by millions of people around the world. The complexity of working on a reputation is based on a psychological factor: it is difficult to deal with angry or just negative people and respond to their reviews in a weighed and polite way, offering compensation in case of mistakes on your side.

However, working with a reputation does not end with the processing of feedback. Reputation depends on many nuances, and the main ones we will try to consider in this article. The good news is that the amount of work with reputation will always be correlated with the attendance of your site. This means that in the first months (and possibly years), this type of activity will not take much of your time. In addition, you can easily understand the level of popularity of your project in terms of the amount of time you spend working with a reputation.

At all stages of work on reputation you need to focus your attention on 9 critical aspects. Further we will consistently consider each of these aspects.

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10 Generators to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your WordPress Site

Domain name plays a very important role in the popularity and success of your project. An interesting, memorable and easy to write domain name will be an additional reason to visit your site, and a difficult domain name will deprive you of a certain percentage of potential visitors.

Any serious project begins with a thought-out strategy for the development and branding. Branding will always include the project name and interpretation of this name in the domain name of the site. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering an insurmountable problem of an occupied domain name, on which the entire strategy of your branding is built.

The number of internet sites is very large and increases with every second. Therefore, choosing a good domain name, which is not yet occupied, can be a difficult task. One of the useful helpers in this matter will be an automatic service for the generation of domain names.

Today we will look at a list of free and efficient services for generating domain names so that you can choose a convenient option for your needs. All these services use artificial intelligence to form variants of domain names and immediately check the availability of the proposed options for use. Not all of the suggested options will be interesting and useful, but their number will allow you to select several suitable ideas for a real domain name.

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Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total WordPress theme aims to provide a universal solution for owners of web sites in different topics and purposes. And it should be immediately said that Total WordPress theme successfully copes with such an ambitious and grandiose goal. The main key to success is a successful combination of the two tools — Visual Composer and WordPress Customizer. However, success consists of many nuances. We will try to consider them in detail today.

But to start it is worth saying a few words about the success criteria of Total WordPress theme. The main evaluation criteria are the feedback of site owners and the study of the variety of projects created on the basis of Total WordPress theme. A detailed review of the most interesting examples of the use of Total WordPress theme you can read in the blog of its developer.

It is worth mentioning separately that Looks Awesome gladly uses Total WordPress theme to create demo sites with presentations of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin. The wide possibilities of Total WordPress theme perfectly correspond to the large audience coverage of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin, so this cooperation is quite logical.

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Restaurants, cafes and food services have long taken their strong positions in the internet space. The popularity of these services will not lose its relevance as long as people eat. However, along with the popularity of the industry comes the high competition within it. If you want to open a new restaurant or cafe and create an online representation for it, then you should seriously think about how your project will differ from a large number of existing competitors.

One way to create an attractive and memorable office of your food service in the web is to use the WordPress platform. Here you can select ready-made themes to design your site and add it with the necessary tools in the form of plugins.

Opening a website or blog for your food service should start with choosing the right WordPress theme. If you are not yet sure in the success of your company, then you should pay attention to free WordPress themes. But if you want to create a really beautiful and effective online project for your cafe or restaurant, you should immediately buy a premium WordPress theme. This saves you from having to invest your time in additional study of the nuances of WordPress administration and will allow you to quickly start the site from scratch without special knowledge in the field of web development and design.

Today we will discuss in detail the issue of choosing premium WordPress theme for any kind of food service. In our ranking you will find specialized themes and several multipurpose themes with excellent features and ready-made page templates especially for the food industry.

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Top 10 Health and Medical WordPress Themes 2017

Medical sites are becoming increasingly popular with the growth of integration between medical and IT areas of activity. Most large clinics already have their own representations on the internet, and private medical offices do not want to lag behind in this.

Private medical practitioners often can not afford to create their own site from scratch. This is too expensive and takes a considerable amount of time. When you need a simple, quick and inexpensive solution, WordPress platform for online projects comes to the aid of doctors.

Sites of medical clinics and private medical offices have their own peculiarities in design and functionality. For example, an important part of each medical site is the ability to make an appointment with a doctor online. This saves customers from having to wait their turn at the hospital and significantly increases their loyalty to your service.

In this review we have collected the best variants of WordPress themes for sites of medical subjects. Here you will find themes that were highly appreciated by the user community of ThemeForest and became popular among their potential audience. Your choice can be based on many individual nuances, so we provide enough WordPress themes from various developers.

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Best add-ons for Visual Composer

Creating at the speed of inspiration is what Visual Composer is all about. It makes designing easy, more productive and lots of fun. There’s a lot you can do with Visual Composer straight out of the box without having to write one line of code. With add-ons and extensions, you can take things even further.

This article is a list of 11 of our favorite add-ons for Visual Composer. Not all of these plugins are purely add-ons for VC. Some of them are standalone plugins as well, but are designed to integrate with Visual Composer. I chose these plugins with regular WordPress users in mind. Get inspired and create with ease by using these tools alongside Visual Composer. Read more

Consulting WordPress theme

WordPress is one of the best places for virtual business representation. This fact is proved by hundreds of thousands of companies in a different scale – from micro-business to giant corporations. WordPress offers the most flexible conditions for creating a website and its ongoing modernization to benefit the growing audience of every successful online business.

Consulting WordPress theme gives business people the opportunity to create sites with unique design and functionality in a matter of hours or even faster if there is a desire to use ready-made templates in different styles. Consulting WordPress theme is one of those premium products that open the way to the internet space for every business owner. You do not need to collect a team of web developers, designers and administrators to start your own online business. It is enough to buy Consulting WordPress theme and spend several hours customizing the template you liked for your project needs.

Today we will take a closer look at the Consulting WordPress theme and the features hidden in it. If you are at the source of your own business on the web or want to open an office for an existing business, then this review will be useful for you to get acquainted with one of the best products in the sphere of WordPress premium themes.

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Maintenance mode is the state of your site before it is fully opened or during technical issues of the project. At these moments, it is extremely important to calm down your potential audience with detailed information about the timing of the opening of the project. This will allow you to save most of your visitors.

You can create an attractive page for maintenance mode (or “coming soon” page, as it is also called), but for this you will need knowledge in the field of web development and design. An alternative option is to use special plugins (or part of the functionality of more versatile plugins) to quickly and easily create a page for maintenance mode.

Today we will bring to your attention the 5 best WordPress maintenance mode plugins, which you can use for free. Each of the presented plugins has its own features, but all of them allow you to realize the main goal – creating a beautiful and effective maintenance mode page on your WordPress site or blog.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Lawyers

WordPress platform is rapidly developing and attracts more and more specialists from different fields of activity. Today any small business representative can open his online office absolutely free of charge and without knowledge in the field of web development and design. This possibility is guaranteed by the WordPress platform and a huge number of additional services that expand the basic capabilities of sites on this ecosystem.

The field of jurisprudence is not an exception to this rule. Many business representatives need the services of lawyers, jurists, attorneys and other men of law. Lawyers, in the othe hand, can find a large number of potential customers via the internet. The demand meets the offer online, thanks to the capabilities of the WordPress platform for web sites and blogs.

According to the last CMO research, more than 25% of entrepreneurs consider the creation of online office as a matter of survival for any type of modern business. That is why none of the existing fields of activity do not want to lag behind in online development from progressive companies and services.

Today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of WordPress themes in the premium segment that are best suited for creating lawyers` sites. Sites in this subject should be extremely understandable for potential visitors and have a simple navigation. In addition, WordPress themes for legal sites should be easy to manage and customize, as lawyers are not technical experts in the field of web development and should not be uncomfortable because of this.

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