5 Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks play a key role in the web design and development industry. WordPress theme frameworks are the most prevalent mainly due to their ability to eliminate various hassles involved in designing a website theme like coding and more. These frameworks also allow you to design a theme that is unique from all other available options.

Other advantages of using WordPress theme frameworks include the ability to increase website security and functionality, improved code quality, easy upgrades with no loss of styling, and extendability of plugins.

When choosing a WordPress framework to use, you have to choose from two types i.e. in-house framework which is popular among theme developers seeking to build their products and free theme frameworks that can be used by anyone (free versions).

Before using a theme framework, you need a child and parent theme. The Child theme duplicates both the code and design of a parent theme and can be personalized to suit your needs.

The advantage of this is that even if the parent theme is updated, the child theme will still retain modifications of parent theme.

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Helping to Translate WordPress - Dortmund Translation Day

Helping to Translate WordPress — Dortmund Translation Day

One of the main features that brings WordPress its popularity is the international and interlingual approach of the platform. WordPress is meant to be accessible and simple for people all over the world. It means, that it should be translated to all known and used languages. The task is very ambitious and there is still no company that could make it in a full volume. On the other hand, WordPress might be closer to this goal than any other company or project. And the key is the community.

WordPress can not be translated to each of the existing languages just by one team, no matter how big it is. Only an international community can deal with the task. Fortunately, WordPress has such a community. People from all over the world make WordPress better each day. Translation is one of the numerous features being done by this community.

You can also become a part of this community and its great work. One of the opportunities to join the team is to visit one of the meetups organized by dedicated WordPress users and administrators. We will share an interesting experience of visiting such event and tell you the basics of WordPress platform`s translation any member of the community should know.

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Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Startups

Startups represent the new vision of business based on creative relationship between people within a company and with its clients. Startups usually offer some unique ideas or at least present the known subjects in a new light. It is also common for startups to have a small budget or not to have it at the campaign start at all.

In this circumstances WordPress platform appears to be the best choice for any startup to find its way to the potential audience. Most startups` founders seek for any ways to lower the expenses because of lack of budget. Free opportunities given by WordPress are welcome in this case, even if startup founders and their colleagues are experienced web developers. In comparison with the majority of WordPress websites` creators, these people want to have extended features and dive deeper into the roots of their project.

Fortunately, WordPress platform can offer a good solution in this case too. Best premium WordPress themes allow WordPress administrators to get full control on their website design and utility features. Moreover, these themes are affordable even for a startup`s low budgets. This has become a real saving grace for the most startup owners. Let us looks at the top sellers among the premium WordPress themes created especially for startups and packed with all corresponding tools.

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How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

Nowadays it is extremely hard to attract and engage internet users even for a one second. Is it necessary to create and customize your About Me page within your WordPress website in these circumstances? Obviously yes, because it represents one of the few opportunities to grab user`s attention where he wants it by himself.

Although you could have seen thousands of boring and useless About Us (About the Company, About Me or any similar suggested name) pages it does not mean that your own representation should also be so. We have gathered the most important tips on creating your unique About Me page to interest and intrigue your potential readers.

This article will show you why About Me page is essential for any type of a WordPress website and how could you use it for the sake of your website popularity and recognizability. Do not hesitate to spend an appropriate amount of time and effort on this part of your WordPress project because it could become your key to success.

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WordPress 5.2 Update What Will It Bring

WordPress 5.2 Update: What Will It Bring?

One of the key features of WordPress is the constant updating process. The platform updates to keep the safety level high and to provide its users the best features from the latest trends. WordPress changes from year to year but one thing remains: it always serves website administrators in order to give even opportunities for everyone in this field.

WordPress 5.2 update is already available in beta test. The release of the update is planned for the end of April 2019. We will now list the most interesting features of the 5.2 update and look at the opportunities they give to a WordPress administrator.

Note, that the beta test features may differ from those we will see after the release. But the main ideas and update`s direction should remain as they are on the beta test version now. To try all features by yourself, use the free WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

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Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes March 2019

Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes — March 2019

It is always exciting to observe the trends changing from month to month and from year to year. WordPress is a very large platform that includes websites of all possible topics and types. That is why WordPress trends are really comprehensive: even website owners outside the platform always keep an eye on projects created and developed here.

WordPress themes represent great opportunities to observe and analyze trends. Premium themes for WordPress websites are always following the demands of the web market and the wishes of online audience. WordPress theme`s creators keep abreast of events and reflect the market`s dynamics as no one else.

We have gathered the best of the fresh WordPress premium themes created in March 2019 within this article. You can make lots of important decisions based on the trends these premium WordPress themes show. Do not hesitate to grab the exclusive information and be ahead of your competitors!

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How To Monetize Your WordPress Website

How to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is the place for the work and creativity of millions of people around the world. This fact opens huge opportunities not only for self-development, but also for earning money in the process of studying the WordPress environment. There are a lot of ways to make money on the WordPress platform. And most of them do not require deep knowledge or professional skills. However, if you already have at least minimal experience in web development, design or administration, then your skills will be highly appreciated by less experienced members of the community.

Today we will list the most interesting and exciting ways to make money on the WordPress platform. All these methods are legal and none of them imply fraud or cheating. You can use your knowledge and skills for the benefit of less experienced WordPress administrators. This will not only help beginners with the start, but will also allow you to feel the real benefit from the experience gained.

If you feel that any of the methods suggested in this list is too complicated for you, then you can start with other items. However, you should always keep in mind the most interesting ways of developing your skills, in order not only to earn a living, but also to start dealing professionally with the business that you most like.

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Quick Tip How to Choose Between JPG and PNG File Types Wisely

Quick Tip: How to Choose Between JPG and PNG File Types Wisely

Images represent one of the most popular content types for any WordPress website. Although we often prefer to express thoughts with good photos and pictures, most of us know very little about the basics of this file type. The choice between JPG and PNG file types can serve as a great example of this statement: how many of us know what do these file types stand for? What is the difference and what file type is preferable in a certain situation?

Our today`s Quick Tip will show you the truth about JPG and PNG file types: what secrets do they hide and how can we use it. We will discover the basics about image file formats and learn how to use their strength and weaknesses for the sake of a WordPress project.

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Best WordPress Themes for CV and Resume Websites

Best WordPress Themes for CV and Resume Websites

WordPress is already well-known as one of the best platforms for advertising your own experience with a neat portfolio, CV or resume website. It is true, that WordPress provides the optimal combination of features for a landing page or website with the goal of CV representation. These features include free basic services, ease of creation and customization, great variety of additional tools and much more useful options.

CV websites represent one of the simplest types of WordPress projects. They do not take a lot of time and effort for the creation and customization, do not require constant updates of content and do not need any special skills in web development or design to be sufficient. On the other hand, the competition in nearly any professional segment is now very tough. It means, that your CV websites need to be really outstanding to draw attention of the potential employers.

We have gathered the best sellers among WordPress themes for CV and resume websites for you in this article. This top will help you to select the best premium WordPress theme for any type of CV you could imagine. The themes from this list are tested by hundreds of users and have proved themselves as perfect tool for the advertising of your experience and skills.

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Create Reusable Blocks with Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

Quick Tip: Create Reusable Blocks with Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

Since the 5.0 update of the WordPress platform most of us started to use the new editor called Gutenberg. This block type editor has lots of advantages and only one downside — we needed to get used to it. Over months of using Gutenberg the majority of users find it better than the old one. The minority of users install the “Classic Editor” plugin and enjoy their workflow in familiar conditions. We would not focus our attention on the editor`s alternatives rather will look at one of the new features that Gutenberg brings to WordPress.

Reusable blocks are actually custom blocks that you can create, edit and use in any moment of your work with Gutenberg editor. These blocks can also be combined and represent a group of blocks which you often use while creating your WordPress content of any type — from text to video.

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