Grace Instagram Feed Galleries for WordPress

Create Awesome Instagram Galleries on WordPress with Grace Plugin

Social streaming is becoming a must-have trend for WordPress users and administrators. This trend is surely dictated by the growth and development of social networks. As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others take more and more time spent by users in internet, so the possibilities of integration between social networks and WordPress website enlarge. Is it possible to be in the trend but to stay unique in the same time? Today we will show you one way to use Instagram as your limitless source of content in style.

Social Stream Apps project (known as the creators of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin) now expands and evolves by presenting a new plugin to your judgement. This new WordPress tool focuses on creating and editing Instagram social streams for WordPress websites and blogs. Meet the Grace Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin, which is not just a part of Flow-Flow Social Streams, but a unique and independent project. Grace has a goal to provide the best features and a broader range of opportunities within more narrow framework of one particular social network to stream.

Let us look inside the features and fine-tuning possibilities of the Grace Instagram plugin and define key differences from its ancestor — Flow-Flow Social Stream. We can determine the most important differences of Grace Instagram plugin in a few words: more settings for layouts, stylings, lightboxes and profile headers.

Even right before the initial release, Grace Instagram plugin possesses more unique features and customization possibilities than all existing analogues in social streaming field. Instagram positioned itself as the most advanced modern social networks, so the social streaming tool must correspond in terms of the design and functionality opportunities. Grace has done this difficult but important job perfectly.

Grace allows you to transfer all the awesome features of Instagram to the needs of your WordPress site. Furthermore you gain full control over the fine-tuning for the design of your social wall. You can easily unite the limitless Instagram feeds from the public accounts in the borders of one amazing social stream. Just think how far beyond the scope of the standard Instagram functional you can go! Now let us describe and analyze in detail each of the Grace`s features in this introductory article.

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Bloom Main

Increasing eMail Subscribers List with Bloom WordPress Plugin

Are you thinking about creating an email marketing campaign to develop your WordPress site or blog? Or do you already have a subscribers base, but would like to expand it? For both purposes, you need a versatile, flexible and effective tool that will be optimized for working with the WordPress platform. Bloom WordPress plugin is one of the most suitable premium options when choosing such a tool.

Bloom WordPress plugin combines features of email opt-in and lead generation. With this handy tool, you can easily create static and interactive forms for subscribing site users to your email newsletter. Huge opportunities for customizing the design, layout and behavior of subscription forms are provided by the universal functionality of the Bloom WordPress plugin. You can create email subscription forms of any complexity without special knowledge in the field of web development and design – all actions are performed in a simple visual editor with an intuitive interface.

The distinctive features of the Bloom WordPress plugin is the availability of various display types, different automatic triggers, integration with the most popular modern email marketing services, plenty of opportunities for customization and advanced features. All these characteristics we will consider separately, so that each WordPress administrator can understand their modus operandi and scope.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Bloom WordPress plugin so that you are armed with information about this useful WordPress tool even before its potential purchasing. The need for this plugin must first of all be dictated by the needs of your internet project and the peculiarity of its audience. The importance and urgency of these or other features for each WordPress administrator are determined by himself – this is the main complexity of the development of a site or blog.

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OnionBuzz Main

How to Easily Create Viral Quizzes for a WordPress Site

Content is the king, but the viral content is the emperor! In fact, viral content is becoming increasingly relevant with the development of social networks and their ubiquitous integration with web sites on the WordPress platform. Today, you simply can not ignore the viral content, if your internet project is dedicated to the entertainment sphere or even has any connection with it. Even well-known brands use viral content to attract new audiences and keep the attention of regular customers.

But the content is not created by itself. Moreover, the viral content does not just require time and effort for its creation, but also actual knowledge of internet trends. The best option is to create your own trends, but this approach already requires a creative and technical team to implement. More realistic is the method of creating interesting viral content based on existing trends. Such content attracts the maximum number of the audience and involves it for a long time.

The question of creating content lies not only in the creativity`s plane, but also requires certain knowledge in the technical part. The WordPress platform provides the ability to create and distribute content without restrictions on the level web development knowledge and skills. WordPress plugins offer great opportunities for all site administrators with simple and understandable visual content editors. One of the vivid examples of such a plugin is OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is a versatile plugin for creating and distributing viral content through social networks. At the moment, OnionBuzz covers the 5 most popular types of viral content to create on your WordPress site or blog. In the future, this list will be replenished by the developers of the plugin.

Today we will take a closer look at all the possibilities and features of OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker. This review will help you draw preliminary conclusions about the need to purchase this plugin and use the viral content in the development of your internet project in general.

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11 Awesome Instagram Plugins for WordPress 2017

Instagram is one the most popular social networks. Millions of people use it to share high quality photos and videos. There are lots of obvious and not so obvious reasons why you would want to integrate Instagram to your WordPress websites. Whether you are using it for business or personal reasons, a Instagram plugins can help make the most out of the social media network.

You can use it to promote your brand, share content, make your site sticky, connect with your audience, get more followers or run marketing campaigns. Here we have 10 Instagram Plugins to use on your WordPress website. Read more

Extra WordPress Theme

Extra — The Ultimate Magazine WordPress Theme Review

Extra WordPress theme is created specially for personal blogs, magazines and other info publishers in the web. The creators of this theme paid close attention to the elegance of the design of all elements and the wide possibilities for customization with the help of a visual drag-n-drop editor. Thus, all the features of the theme become available to WordPress administrators with any level of web development skills, and even completely without them.

A unique development from Elegant Themes called Divi Builder has found its ideal application not only in the multi-functional Divi WordPress theme, but also in the Extra WordPress Magazine theme. And for Extra WordPress theme some unique features of Divi Builder are available. But we will talk more about them in this review.

Extra WordPress theme meets all modern requirements for mobile responsive and retina ready WordPress themes. In addition, Extra WordPress theme`s kit includes a complete system for ratings and reviews from site users, as well as full compatibility with the WooCommerce service.

The advantages of the Extra WordPress Magazine theme include constant updates and premium support. These features are an excellent indicator of the concern of the theme`s developers to their customers — WordPress administrators who purchase a premium product and are counting on the appropriate level of quality and service. Elegant Themes are able to meet these needs for WordPress administrators. Proof of this are numerous positive reviews and high ratings of products from this developer.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the features of the Extra WordPress theme to form your independent opinion about this product before buying it. The choice of a particular WordPress theme should be based on the needs of your target audience. After reading this review, you will be able to compare the needs of your readers and the possibilities of the Extra WordPress theme for your internet project.

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WordPress Video Marketing Trends 2017

WordPress Video Marketing Trends 2017

Video has long consolidated its position as one of the most effective marketing tools of our time. Owners of WordPress sites and blogs can not ignore the overall trend, which dictates the availability of video in the marketing strategy of any serious internet project (even if it is not commercial).

The most popular video service of the world – YouTube – already has more than 1 billion subscribers. Every month, internet users download a number of videos that exceeds the amount of content produced by television from the early 70s of the 20th century. And more than 50% of all internet users watch the video daily. It would be extremely unreasonable to ignore such a huge audience with an impressive level of involvement in video content.

However, not all videos are equally useful for the development of your WordPress site or for brand promotion. A huge amount of content means more competition in the video marketing. So today we need to not just shoot a video, but to stand out in a qualitative way to attract the attention of users.

Today we will talk about the main trends of video marketing in 2017. These trends will help you to develop your WordPress site or blog in accordance with the wishes of a potential audience not only this year, but also in the next few. So, fasten your seat belts, we are departing to the amazing world of video blogging right now!

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The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder — A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder Review

WordPress platform offers equal opportunities in creating websites for everyone. There is no need to learn programming languages for web development of WordPress sites and blogs. All the technical component of the process is performed by special visual editors. These editors allow WordPress administrator to deal with ready-made design elements or whole blocks that can be rearranged or changed in styles of their design using an intuitive user interface.

This key feature of the web development of WordPress sites provides tremendous popularity to the entire platform. Beginning site owners come here to create their own project without special knowledge, and advanced users appreciate the comfort and speed of this system.

The Divi Builder plugin is one of the vivid examples of those tools that provide the popularity of the WordPress platform due to the convenience and ease of its use. This visual drag-n-drop page builder allows you to create sites from scratch in a matter of hours using ready-made design blocks and extensive customization through styles` editing capabilities.

The Divi Builder is the key tool that is included in the kit of the Divi WordPress theme. If you are interested in a complete solution for your WordPress project, then you may be interested in this premium theme. But you should consider that The Divi Builder can work with any WordPress theme of your choice.

The Divi Builder is a premium WordPress plugin, but its creators have provided a free trial period for testing of this tool. Today we will take a closer look at the advantages and features of The Divi Builder so that you can decide whether to purchase such an important tool for your WordPress project.

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Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every young couple. WordPress platform offers to facilitate the process of preparation for this large-scale event and capture all the interesting moments with the help of a special web site. This approach will allow you to create your own cozy place with memories of the wedding day, which will be convenient for use not only by newlyweds, but also by their relatives and friends.

Many consider the wedding site solely as a store of photographs and videos from the wedding day and honeymoon. However, the wedding site is capable of more. With it, you can arrange preparation for the wedding at the highest level — from invitations and countdown to a momentous event and ending with an interactive map indicating the location of the wedding (this will help guests to reach their destination more easily).

In addition, the wedding site can serve as an excellent organizer for the newlyweds. For example, here you can open an online guest registration and track the change in their number in real time. You can collect gifts from guests, arrange preliminary competitions for bridesmaids or grooms, give virtual souvenirs to guests and much more — the technical capabilities of the website on the WordPress platform are virtually unlimited.

However, before you take advantage of all the possibilities and features of the WordPress site, you should take a responsible approach to creating it. And the first step in this way will be the selection of a suitable WordPress theme. At the moment there is a huge selection of free and premium WordPress themes. Therefore, the choice of the best theme can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. We will try to help you with choosing a WordPress wedding theme with the help of a specially selected list of 10 premium versions with the best functionality and design.

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Divi WordPress Theme

Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress Theme is a powerful modern tool for creating websites and blogs in any subject. This theme is based on a unique technology — Divi Visual Builder. The capabilities of Divi Visual Builder guarantee freedom of action for the WordPress administrator, even if he is a beginner.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme, however anyone can freely evaluate the features of this product after registering on the site of its developer — Elegant Themes. Such an opportunity will be very valuable for novice WordPress site owners who are just looking for the optimal theme for their project.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Divi WordPress Theme so that you can independently evaluate the need to purchase this premium product. The expediency of buying should be based on the needs of your potential audience: if the features of Divi WordPress Theme can improve the user experience of your readers, then it is worth to purchase. However, do not forget to look forward to the future and try to anticipate the desires of users on your site before they actually appear.

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How to Create Social Wall on Your WordPress Site with Flow-Flow

Social wall is a unique interactive element of a site that combines information from various social networks on one page. Constantly updated social wall can become your universal source of unique content and a way to update the site on an automatic basis.

The source for your thematic social wall can be not only your personal accounts in social networks, but also any open community. This fact opens up unlimited possibilities for crawling of any corresponding content from the social networks. This social wall will be an excellent addition to the author’s content on your WordPress site or blog. In addition, you can attract readers with constantly updated content, even at a time when you can not give your own time to create articles or reviews – social networks will provide your site with enough interesting content.

Naturally, the creation of social wall on your own will require in-depth knowledge in the field of web development and design. However, premium plugins come to help modern WordPress administrators and provide ready-made solutions for this task. Flow-Flow Social Streams WordPress Plugin is designed specifically for comfortable setting and quick launch of the social wall of any theme and complexity.

Today we will take a closer look at the possibilities and features of the Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin for your WordPress website or blog. This review will give you an opportunity to evaluate the advantages of simply creating social streams and the feasibility of maintaining a similar page within your own project.

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