Comparing WooCommerce and Shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify: which eCommerce Platform is Better?

The commerce on the internet is expanding with each passing day. There Constantly appeare new online stores that offer unique products or services. WordPress is also a very popular platform to accommodate online store. There are many different approaches to creating and maintaining your own online store. Today we look at the two most popular methods that involve the use of WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.

The choice between WooCommerce and Shopify should be based on a conscious campaign, that is why we will try to highlight the most important moments for every online store owner. It should also be noted that the choice of a specific eCommerce platform should be based on the individual needs of each business line. However, in this article we will try to give a sufficiently comprehensive overview of the general characteristics of each platform, so you can make the right choices of your own.

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Top 10 Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Top 10 Free WordPress Slider Plugins

The slider is a must have element for any WordPress site that wants to attract the attention of visitors. Modern sliders may include not only simple images, but video or interactive elements. Thus, the slider can become a versatile tool in the field of visual content. Even if you run a simple blog theme, slider can increase the involvement of readers, just showing the last publication or the most popular blog posts.

Most modern premium WordPress themes include the plugins for the creation of sliders. But if you are already using a convenient free WordPress theme and do not want to change it, then free plugins for creating sliders will come to the aid for you. These tools allow you to quickly and easily create a slider of any complexity without any knowledge in web development or design.

Modern plugins allow you not only to easily create sliders, but also make fine adjustments for this element of your site. For example, you can switch methods of changing slides, the time delay between slides, display different content types, the size of the display area and place for the slider placement. And this is not the whole list of features of the most sliders.

In this article, we will examine the 10 best WordPress slider, which you can download and install on your website or blog. All of our ranking plugins have paid premium version, which greatly enhance the functional and allows for finer adjustment. Let us find out all the features of sliders, which will be primarily of interest to beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Photography is one of the most popular activities in the modern world. Currently, more than 40 million people are engaged in a photo on a professional or amateur basis. At the same time the internet is an ideal platform for the publication and distribution of photo content. Statistics confirms this fact: more than 90 million photos are posted on the internet daily.

These facts can not pass by WordPress, as the most modern platform for hosting of web sites. In addition to posting photos on social networks, each keen photographer would like to create his or her own online project, which could accumulate the results of all his labors. In addition, this site could be an excellent portfolio to potential employers, to find out that there are many talented photographers.

Thus, WordPress can provide modern photo genius with everything necessary to create his or her own cozy corner in the web space. Around this project, you can gather the interested audience.

But there are some problems when building a website for a photographer. And the first of these problems is the choice of theme for the design of your web representation. The point is the large number of themes for WordPress. And even if you limit the search to only specific themes for photographers, the range still remains very wide.

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How to Install and Use Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics is a powerful modern tool to improve the performance of your WordPress site on the basis of studies of its audience. Google Analytics provides virtually any information about user behavior on your site or blog. But you should first of all bear in mind that Google Analytics will not work with sites that are hosted on a free WordPress platform. So if you want your project to develop and instantly improve, the first step in this direction would be the purchase of a good hosting service.

In this article, we will examine a consistent guide to install the Google Analytics tracking code on your WordPress site, as well as the basic techniques of audience research with the help of this wonderful tool. This information will be helpful for novice administrators of the sites in WordPress platform. We recommend using Google Analytics with the earliest days of your site launch. This allows you not to miss out on any changes in the composition of the visitors and their behavior on different pages of your project.

The main advantage of using Google Analytics is its simplicity and user-friendliness due to an intuitive interface. You will see that the Google Analytics installation and usage is pretty easy as we move on to our guide.

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Top 6 Places to Hire WordPress Developers and Experts

WordPress is a fully open platform for your website or blog. This means that you can add any element of front-end or back-end interface as desired. However, this requires some knowledge in the field of web development and design. Alternatives are ready premium WordPress plugins and themes, which include a variety of additional functions. But this approach is not always effective. In addition, the existing themes and plugins can meet not all unique ideas that you want to implement on your website or blog.

There is a simple way out of this situation. Professional developers and experts in the field of WordPress administration can help you with any challenge to implement the unique features of the site or blog. These experts can work in a team or alone, but all of them are distinguished by the excellent knowledge of WordPress as a platform and an opportunity to quickly finalize your project.

Today we will talk about where to find such experts, and how exactly can they help your web project on the WordPress platform. In fact, there are two main approaches to the search for the WordPress developers to carry out certain work on the site: it is an appeal to the services of specialized companies or finding a freelancer.

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WordPress Post Formats Guide

WordPress Post Formats is one of the most useful feature of the platform, which is available to all. Post formats expand opportunities for rapid deployment of posts in various styles. If your WordPress theme supports post formats, you can use prepared templates for various types of posts – from the gallery to chat. You can also customize the display of different post formats for the individual design of your site and the needs of its target audience.

The use of post formats provides the possibility to optimize the work with WordPress admin panel and allows you to make your website more enjoyable and easier to read by visitors. Post formats are relevant for those who wish to create a variety of content, not just the standard text posts with images. If you are still using only one post format, you should think about the variety of content on your website or blog. Users of your site will also appreciate more frequent updates of content, even if they are not as bulky as a standard text posts.

In this article, we will analyze in detail all kinds of WordPress post formats, as well as how to use them for different purposes. Here you will also find a top of the most interesting WordPress themes, which supports post formats and customization.

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Zaser Pro — All-in-one WordPress Theme Review

Zaser Pro is a new all-in-one WordPress theme, which will surely impress you with its capabilities. Zaser is created to meet the needs of the owners of the most diverse sites. This WordPress theme is suitable for personal blog or portfolio, and for the online shop or the agency website as well. This versatility is achieved by having a large number of pre-made templates, and the ability to easily adjust them to the individual needs of any web project on the WordPress platform.

Zaser meets all requirements of a modern WordPress theme: it is mobile responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized. These features solve the majority of problems that the owner of the WordPress site could potentially face. For example, Zaser eliminates the need for additional optimization for mobile devices. In addition, the question of optimizing a website in accordance with the requirements of search engines requires needs a considerable investment of time and money if it would not carried out by the creators of a WordPress theme. Zaser allows you to leave these problems behind and to be engaged directly in the development of your site, and creation of the content for it.

In this article we analyze all the features of Zaser WordPress theme in detail. This way you can familiarize yourself with all the advantages of this theme before you buy it. We will separately analyze the opportunities and benefits that Zaser provides for portfolio sites, personal blogs and online stores.

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting, which will be especially useful for designers, freelancers and creative agencies. However, the benefits of this hosting can be appreciated by the internet projects of other types, including online shops and portfolio sites. Today, we will consider in detail all the features of Flywheel hosting, to find out the reason of its popularity.

Choosing a web hosting is an important stage in the life of any WordPress website or blog. The speed of the site and the ability to withstand the load of a large number of users depends on the quality of services offered by a hosting company. In addition, the introduction of many advanced technologies (for example, CDN), requires modern web hosting provider to meet certain standards.

If you want to create a truly successful internet project, we recommend you to start with selecting a suitable hosting provider. This way you can be sure that your website visitors a comfortable to stay in it, as well as protect yourself from the many problems related to data loss or inaccessibility of the site during certain periods.

In this article, we will consider not only the technical characteristics of Flywheel hosting, but its usability features and the ability to easily work with the settings for beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

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Optimizing WordPress Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization is crucial not only for your site in common, but for every WordPress post you create. If you have already created a unique text and visual content, but have not optimized it for search engines, the chances of losing potential readers are quite high. It makes no sense to risk huge losses among the target audience, as modern tools for WordPress offers convenient features for fast optimization of any post.

One of the most important instruments for optimizing is the Yoast SEO plugin. Today we look at all the possibilities of this plugin for easy optimization of each new WordPress posts. The main advantage of Yoast SEO plugin is its versatility. With this tool, you will be able to optimize not only the pages` meta tags while creating a new post, but also the settings of social sharing and more advanced options.

There are other useful tools for the optimization of WordPress posts. Also, do not forget about the built-in capabilities of the WordPress admin panel. We will analyze all these features in detail in this article. With the help of this walkthrough, you will be able to easily build SEO-optimized content, which will be better ranked in the search engines results.

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Hide My WP — WordPress Security Plugin

The safety issue is always keen for any web project. Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the most secure platform for a website or blog, the chance to be hacked always remain. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no absolute protection against all threats of hacking a web site.

Many site administrators underestimate the importance of their sites for hackers. If you do not have a major and a world-renowned project, it does not mean that it will not be attacked. Statistics argues that small internet projects are even more frequent subjects for hacking than larger ones. The thing is that hackers know about the human factor vulnerabilities of small internet projects.

The problem of small sites and blogs is neglecting the fundemantel safety rules. The administrators of these projects use complex passwords and supports current version of the data very rarely. Timely update is important both for the WordPress platform and for the used themes and plugins. But often we forget about the update immediately after the installation of a plugin. For this reason, there are many gaps in the defense of any WordPress website or blog.

Today we offer you to get acquainted with a revolutionary approach in the protection any WordPress site. This approach involves a qualitative hiding the fact that your project uses the WordPress platform. Hiding WordPress is not aimed to mislead the users of the site. It has a goal to protect against brute force attacks on preventive measures and hacker bots that are constantly scouring the net in search of new prey.

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