Comparing 3 Best Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress

Comparing 3 Best Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress

Viral Quiz Makers are the new-generation plugins for any WordPress website or blog. Modern audience demands lots of entertainment and interactive opportunities to communicate with your WordPress project. Quizzes are one of the best tools to involve your audience for a long period of time and significantly reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Viral Quiz Makers for WordPress allow you to create different types of polls and quizzes, both for entertainment and serious business like education and training. Nearly any website topic allows a WordPress administrator to show the imagination and to make involving quizzes.

The viral factor is reached by means of social sharing tools for the results of your users on the created quizzes. Every user will have a desire to share his or her knowledge of just a funny results of an entertaining quiz. It is very popular to post such results on your Facebook, Twitter of even Instagram timelines.

The creation of stylish and interesting quizzes would be very difficult without special WordPress plugins. Viral Quiz Makers aim to provide ample opportunities for creating, styling and editing of such viral entertaining content without any knowledge and skills in web development or design.

Today we have gathered 3 premium modern tools for viral quizzes and will compare their key features. First of all, we will consider OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker, BuzzFeed Quiz Builder and Quiz Cat WordPress Plugin separately to show you the most outstanding opportunities of these tools. Than we will provide you with consolidated tables for easy comparing the key features of these WordPress plugins.

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The Choice of Educational WordPress Theme for Your Website

Education is the key for any successful business. People constantly need education — from the yearly of childhood to the adult professional skill advancing. That is why education websites are also very popular and important for modern society and each of us separately. WordPress platform offers nearly unlimited opportunities for every educational project.

But to start your WordPress educational project wisely, you need to use some vital tools. First tool you should choose is a WordPress theme to use on your education website or blog. There are plenty of opportunities, both free and premium. Today we will focus our attention at premium variants and look at the best sellers in the area of WordPress educational themes.

Most of the participants of our list will be versatile tools for pre-school education, schools, colleges, universities, training and coaching centers, courses and so on. But there would be some more specific participants, which are dedicated to only one of this directions, optimizing the site structure and its features specially for corresponding needs. The choice is always yours, because only you can estimate the main goal of your project and the vision of its audience. The good news are about the really wide choice provided — check out our list and take the best from it!

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Best WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

Comparing 3 of The Best Slider Plugins for WordPress

Sliders exist mainly for the stunning animation effects. There’s nothing like the wow factor you can get from having cool slide animations and image galleries on your site. When it comes to choosing responsive slider plugins for your WordPress website you definitely have a lot of options. As competition gets stiffer and developers continue to churn out quality slider plugins, it’s gets tougher to figure out which one to choose. That’s where we come in.

This article takes a deeper look at three of the bestselling sliders on CodeCanyon. We are going to look at LayerSlider, Master Slider and Slider Revolution. We’ll contrast and compare some of the highlighted features and functions of these sliders. Why did we choose these three? These are a few of the top selling premium plugins so we thought we’d find out why.

First we’ll get started with a rundown of all the main features of these plugins as reported by the developers then we’ll discuss them.

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Improve WordPress Site Performance with the Best Premium Slider Plugins

Improve WordPress Site Performance with the Best Premium Slider Plugins

Sliders can become a real treasure for your WordPress website. These tools can present information in the most interesting and attractive way — by means of interactive animated blocks. Sliders can serve not only for online shops to represent sales or new goods, but also for any other type of a WordPress site: personal blog, portfolio, landing page, viral and buzz project, online magazine and so on.

We have previously told about the free slider plugins, which you can use on your WordPress site. But now it is time to get serious: premium slider plugins offer much more opportunities due to extended set of features. Some of them even can be used as a well-tailored visual editors for your animated and interactive content. On the other hand, this tools are very important for every new website to attract visitors and keep their attention focused on those things that you can show through the sliders. So, there is no way you can save funds on this versatile plugins.

Today we present the list of 7 premium slider plugins, which have the greatest users` ratings and amount of sales. These indicators show the most important point — how other WordPress users judge the competitors in this area. But sales and ratings are not the only features we are looking for. Lots of unique possibilities are open to the users of each of the listed plugins. And it is for you to decide what features are the most important for you as the site owner and for your audience as the independent judge for the result of your work on the website.

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Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Add Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Maps can provide lots of important and useful features for your WordPress website or blog. Travel sites, companies with local and worldwide representatives, cafes and restaurants, gyms and fitness clubs, charity and non-profit organizations — all these and much more other categories of websites need maps to guide their users through some important content. And of course, maps on your WordPress site should me interactive.

One way to create and edit interactive maps without any knowledge in web development and design is to use Google Maps plugins and widgets for WordPress. But the opportunities of WordPress platform go far beyond standard features of Google Maps. We will share the most important information about the best premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps on your website. These maps are more flexible and provide opportunities to create your own maps (for example, map of a supermarket or a mall) or track visitors activity through all regions of the world and display it live on the site.

We will consider 8 premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps in this article. Each of the plugins has its own set of features and possibilities. Thus you can choose the most suitable interactive maps for your project to provide your users with the options they are looking for. Do not forget to analyze your visitors’ behavior before making any decision.

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Loco Translate Main

How to Translate Your WordPress Website with Loco Translation Plugin

The problem of translating a site into other languages is relevant for most WordPress administrators. Very often it is necessary to provide users with at least two language versions of the site, and most WordPress themes and plugins are issued in English by default. Fortunately, the WordPress platform provides a wide variety of solutions for translating text content and even the inner content of the admin panel to other languages.

Loco Translate plugin is one of the free tools for translating all the elements of your site. With it, any WordPress administrator can access all the text elements that need translation. To translate, you do not need to have special knowledge or skills in web development to extract the necessary text content from the corresponding lines of the system code.

This plugin is extremely easy to use, so it is best for beginners in the area of WordPress administration. Today we will try to show in detail all the features and capabilities of the Loco Translate plugin, so you can decide on the need to install this tool for your site or blog.

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Best WordPress Charity Themes

Best WordPress Charity Themes

WordPress is the optimal platform choice for non-profit and charity projects. A variety of features and a simple admin panel interface allow representatives of charitable foundations to create online representations of their organizations without involving additional specialists in the field of web development and design. This helps charitable organizations to focus on their core business and constantly increase its effectiveness through the introduction of modern internet technologies.

Charity projects always need a wide publicity and mass dissemination of information about their activities. WordPress site can be an excellent focal point for a charity, especially if it has affiliates around the world. The presentation of the general philosophy of the charitable foundation and individual descriptions of each of its programs will form the basis of useful content provided by the charity WordPress site. Flexible possibilities for customizing the design will help to draw attention to the problems that a certain fund solves, and the expansion of functionality through useful plugins will enable visitors to take an active part in the life of a friendly organization and become active patrons without leaving home or office.

The creation of any WordPress project begins with the selection of a suitable theme for its design. The existing diversity can discourage newcomers in the field of site administration, which are often the organizers of charitable foundations. Today we have collected for you the top 10 premium WordPress themes for creating websites on charitable topics. Choose the most suitable design and functionality according to the description provided and continue to do good for those in need — now on the internet!

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Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for Fitness Sites

Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Fitness Sites

WordPress brings all necessary versatile tools to easily build a useful and efficient fitness site of any kind. This means that owners of fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools and other sports facilities can create their own website without any knowledge in the field of web development and design. This opportunity also opens new prospects for personal trainers or organizers of group classes for fitness, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and other sports activities.

All that is necessary for representatives of these professions is to choose the suitable WordPress theme and enlist the support of the most useful plugins for expanding the functionality of their internet presence. After that, a small investment of time, effort and money will bring your profit in the form of new customers for your sports business.

Today we brought together the most interesting versions of WordPress themes and the most necessary plugins for fitness sites in one post. Based on our advice, you can quickly find the right tools for a convenient start of your website or blog about fitness. The choice in favor of this or that theme should be guided first of all by the needs of your potential audience. In advance, think about what functionality is necessary for your average user and choose on the basis of this representation of the visitor’s portrait.

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Multilingual main

How to Build a Perfect Multilingual WordPress Website

Modern business on the internet should have the ability to mass-scale through the introduction of new language versions in accordance with the expansion of the company or brand to the markets of new countries and regions. Fortunately, the WordPress platform fully supports multilingual websites and blogs. Most of the modern free and premium WordPress themes allow you to optimize content for many languages ​​of the world, and convenient plugins take on the technical part of the process.

However, translating content into the languages ​​you need is just the beginning of the way to create a truly multilanguage project. It is necessary to take into account the cultural characteristics of different countries and regions, as well as the features of the marketing campaign for each of the language versions of the site. There are also certain nuances in optimizing the site for user search queries that can not be ignored. All this is a complex and multidisciplinary work on the multi-language WordPress site.

Such a complex work may seem too complicated, but in fact the task remains quite feasible if it is decomposed into separate processes. Moreover, many of the processes can be performed by means of WordPress plugins for you.

Today we will consider in detail the issue of creating multilanguage WordPress sites — from content translation to site optimization and marketing campaign for new regions. We hope that these tips will help you to create all necessary language versions for your WordPress site or blog without any unnecessary fuss.

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bbpress main

Guide to Create WordPress Community Forums via bbPress

Communities based on forums may seem a little outdated nowadays, but in fact they have a number of undeniable advantages for use in certain cases. Communication on the internet began with forums, but their long history does not make them useless and obsolete. Quite the opposite, for a long time forums have been able to hone their functionality and features to the extent that administrators and ordinary users feel the optimal combination of available features and an intuitive interface for working with them.

Community forums for WordPress are usually created and maintained via bbPress system. bbPress has three major advantages that distinguish it from a number of competitors: it is really lightweighted, fully integrated with the WordPress platform and easily customizable, even without knowledge in web development and design.

bbPress is ideal for two purposes: selecting a separate zone for thematic and free communication between users of your project and creating technical support forums for your customers. As a rule, these are exactly the goals pursued by WordPress administrators for their projects, so we will also focus on the features and capabilities of bbPress in the context of meeting the respective needs and requirements.

Today we will stop your attention at the bbPress platform for creating community forums: we will look at its functional features, customization capabilities, and additional features for connecting useful plugins. This guide can help you with creating and configuring your first community on the WordPress platform. We advise you to think about creating a place for communication of your users today, so as not to lose your potential audience tomorrow.

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