WordPress Video Marketing Trends 2017

WordPress Video Marketing Trends 2017

Video has long consolidated its position as one of the most effective marketing tools of our time. Owners of WordPress sites and blogs can not ignore the overall trend, which dictates the availability of video in the marketing strategy of any serious internet project (even if it is not commercial).

The most popular video service of the world – YouTube – already has more than 1 billion subscribers. Every month, internet users download a number of videos that exceeds the amount of content produced by television from the early 70s of the 20th century. And more than 50% of all internet users watch the video daily. It would be extremely unreasonable to ignore such a huge audience with an impressive level of involvement in video content.

However, not all videos are equally useful for the development of your WordPress site or for brand promotion. A huge amount of content means more competition in the video marketing. So today we need to not just shoot a video, but to stand out in a qualitative way to attract the attention of users.

Today we will talk about the main trends of video marketing in 2017. These trends will help you to develop your WordPress site or blog in accordance with the wishes of a potential audience not only this year, but also in the next few. So, fasten your seat belts, we are departing to the amazing world of video blogging right now!

Live Streaming

Live StreamingLive video is at the peak of its popularity. Live streaming covers almost all areas of activity and entertainment today – from gaming to educational seminars. Statistics shows that live videos attract an average of 3 times more attention than the records of past events.

Webinars have become a real discovery for business in any field of activity. This type of interactive communication with your current and potential customers will always keep your hand on the pulse of their desires. In addition, live video streaming does not require large amounts of money. You can organize webinars even without professional equipment, using the built-in hardware of any modern laptop or computer.

Services for live video streaming will not take a cent from you, while providing a huge number of potential audience. First of all, we are talking about the most popular services – YouTube, Facebook, Periscope. There are always enough people who want to watch new interesting live videos.

To integrate video streams with your WordPress site or blog, it is best to use the services of special plugins. The most popular free variations are: YouTube Embed plugin and Live Streaming/Broadcast plugin. With the help of these plugins you can not only easily insert video broadcast on any page of the WordPress site, but also customize it for the style and design of your site and for the needs of your audience.

Landing Pages with Videos

Videos on landing pages are not a new trend, but it has not lost its strength for several years. Blue Corona Blog’s marketing investigation claims that video availability increases the conversion to landing page by an average of 34%. The popularity and effectiveness of video as a marketing tool lies in the simplicity of their perception by users. To watch a video, you do not need to concentrate attention, as you should do with a text.

Websites and blogs on the WordPress platform have extremely simple and convenient functionality for embedding video on any web page. After placing on a video hosting (for example, on YouTube), you will only have to copy the link to the video and paste it through a special widget that is available when you create any post in the admin panel of WordPress.

Virtual Reality

Virtual RealityVirtual reality today does not sound like a fantasy or a dream about future technologies. Virtual reality is ready to provide its services to all comers. If you are familiar with such names as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, then you probably know that virtual reality is much closer than most people suspect.

Virtual reality can be not only a way to entertain, but also an effective marketing tool. Imagine how the attention to your goods and services will increase if you offer real 3D tours to visitors of the site to get acquainted with the features of your offer. And do not despair if today most users will just go in for the sake of seeing your presentation – tomorrow it can be a decisive factor for ordering from you, not your competitors.

360-Degree Video

360-Degree video can achieve the same results in a marketing campaign that video with virtual reality. But 360-degree videos will be cheaper, because the equipment for their shooting is more affordable and easy to use. For many large companies such videos have become an indicator of compliance with modern technologies and business trends.

360-degree videos will be an excellent advertising tool for the real estate industry. Here buyers are most interested in the appearance of the purchased goods. And since the acquisition of real estate is a serious investment, the business should not skimp on marketing tools to attract attention of its potential audience.

To add 360-degree videos to your WordPress site, it is also better to use special plugins. An example of such a tool is the WP VR View plugin. With this plugin you can add 360-degree video and adjust the settings for displaying it on your WordPress site to the smallest detail.

Mobile Optimization for Videos

The use of mobile devices is also an established trend, which is unlikely to decline. Each modern WordPress site is optimized for mobile platforms. And your videos should not be an exception. It is not just about the design or styles that are adequate for allowing the screen of a mobile device, but also about the length of the video. Few people will watch the video for more than 3-5 minutes on the mobile device. But an interesting 30-second video has a high chance of finding a viral effect.

Do not forget also about modern instant messengers and social networks that support the transfer of video. Examples of such services are Snapchat and Instagram. If you want to run a video with a virus potential, then you need to consider the size and duration limitations that these social networks impose to transfer multimedia content from one user to another.

Branded Video Channels

YouTube provides an excellent opportunity to build a strong community around your brand. But this possibility is open only if you create high-quality, interesting and unique video content. In this case, the number of your subscribers will constantly grow, and every novelty that you want to present using video will have the effect of a virus bomb for your potential audience.

The most popular marketing videos are reviews of new products and useful tutorials. With the help of such videos, you can get to know your customers more closely and learn more about their preferences – do not forget that YouTube is the same social platform for communication as Facebook or Instagram. Also note that according to research, 60% of YouTube users would follow the purchase advice from their favorite channel.

Email Marketing using Videos

Email Marketing using VideosIndependent studies of the internet audience claim that adding the word “video” to your email subject string can boost its open rates by 19%. The video really works as a catalyst for the attention of the reader and the natural way of keeping it for a long time.

Video content will also help to collect and increase the subscriber base for your email newsletter. Place interesting videos on the subscription page and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result. You can also experiment with pop-up messages that offer to subscribe to the newsletter as a fee for continuing the view of an interesting video on your WordPress site or blog.

Final Words

We hope that knowing about video trends 2017 will help you create interesting and useful content for visitors of your WordPress site or blog. Not all of the above trends are universal for use in any topic, but knowledge of their existence should guide serious projects throughout the internet.

Let’s follow all the trends in internet marketing and blogging together!

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