Exposing the Most Common Myths about WordPress

Exposing the Most Common Myths about WordPress

Popularity always creates lots of myths. WordPress platform is the most popular way to open your project in internet and it is not the exception for the rule. Most myths about WordPress are created by people who have not tried to use it at all or might have experienced some problems with their first projects on the beginner levels.

WordPress myths are very well-known and we will now try to expose these tales to bring you the true information about the platform. It is very possible, that you have met some of the myths from our list, and even believe in some of them. That is the main reason why we are making our list of expose.

Myth 1: WordPress Is Only for Blogging

In early years of its development WordPress had received a reputation of a blogging platform. The reputation is a very stubborn thing, that is why some people still think WordPress is just for bloggers and personal websites. This is of course not true. WordPress offers extended opportunities for websites of all types: online shops, corporate websites, portfolio, web communities, membership websites and much more. There is still lots of opportunities for bloggers to create and develop their projects within WordPress but nowadays it is hardly the most popular type of website on the platform.

Visual website builder is the main feature of WordPress that ensures equal opportunities for all kinds of websites and any levels of web development knowledge of their owners. Simple and intuitive interface allows any person to acquire all needed skills in WordPress web development on the catch.

We also advise you to get acquainted with our list of popular websites supported by WordPress platform. You can find large online stores, well-known magazines and newspapers` online versions, government projects and other types of websites within this list. The scope of WordPress website types is really amazing, if you analyze it carefully.

Myth 2: WordPress Lacks Security

Actually, WordPress is being selected by many web development experts as one of the most secured platform for their important projects. Some beginners, however, still believe in a myth about WordPress security vulnerabilities. This myth could be based on the statistics that shows WordPress websites being often hacked. More thoughtful analytics can show, that websites outside WordPress platform are hacked even more often.

The myth`s effect is created by the great amount of WordPress websites and the careless attitude to security by their administrators. Essentially, any WordPress website`s security depends on the actions its administrator takes to prevent hacking. WordPress offers all needed tools to secure any type of website but these tools are often ignored.

There lots of simple and more advanced ways to secure your WordPress website. We have even created the particular category within our blog to describe the most efficient ways to secure your WordPress project. There you can find essential tips for beginners as well as some pieces of advice for advanced WordPress developers and administrators.

Myth 3: WordPress Does Not Support eCommerce

The truth is that WordPress does not include eCommerce tool in its default package. However, it does not mean the platform does not support online shops. Just think about the next statement: there would not exist such a term as WooCommerce, if WordPress would not support eCommerce. WooCommerce is the complex of plugins, services and tools to ensure the seamless work of any online shop within the WordPress platform. This is essentially the main answer to the myth — WooCommerce does exist.

In our blog section dedicated to plugins you will find lots of tools to create, manage and develop online store within the WordPress platform. Moreover, there are special premium WordPress themes dedicated to a particular type of online shops. The examples of such themes by categories can be found at another blog section dedicated to WordPress themes.

Myth 4: Nobody Knows the Future of WordPress

Some website owners are scared about the future of their projects. They start to think about WordPress as a company that can one day go bankrupt or just disappear. This myth is of course created by people who are not closely acquainted with WordPress and have only some hearsay type of understanding about the modus operandi of WordPress.

WordPress is not just a group of people or a local company that can do something wrong and substitute its customers and users. WordPress is a real ecosystem that stands on thousands of people all around the world. The case when such diversified and strong system can go out of order can be imagined only a global apocalypse.

Myth 5: WordPress Has a Limited User Support

This myth also belongs to obsolete and miss-understandable ones. For now, WordPress has 3 powerful ways to support its users: within its various official manuals on WordPress.org, by means of independent experts on different forums and communities (thousands of them do exist and are very popular), and with the help of certified paid experts` help.

Most beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration uses the second type of support because it is the simplest to find: just type the problem or issue description to Google and you will get tons of suggestions from independent communities and single experts. It is also common that beginners experience the same problems by their first website management attempts, that is why the solutions have already been posted in internet long ago (but they still work).

Myth 6: WordPress Is Free and Therefore Low Quality

WordPress is truly free but not even close to low quality. Even the default tools of WordPress platform allow a website owner to create and customize his projects without limitations, as well as without crucial bags. Furthermore, there are lots of additional tools — plugins and themes — which allow you to extend WordPress website`s options without losing any bit of initial quality of WordPress platform.

There are also premium tools to extend your WordPress experience even further. These tools provide some opportunities of advanced website management for beginners by providing visual builders and drag-n-drop editors for those features which could be edited only by experienced developers with default WordPress interface.

Myth 7: WordPress Is Only for Beginners

WordPress is really very friendly towards beginners even without any knowledge and experience in web development and design. It does not mean however, that WordPress limits its options to the beginner level. All WordPress website`s files are open to customize — and experienced developers with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript knowledge can apply them free.

There is a saying among WordPress admins: “There is a plugin for that”. The saying means you can find a special plugin to create or customize nearly any idea of your own. WordPress plugins have become the universal answer to billions of user demands.

Myth 8: WordPress Is Slow and Does Not Support High Traffic Projects

How To Speed Up WordPress: 8 Simple TricksThat is another example of an old-fashioned thinking, we must say. WordPress is very flexible and highly customizable. It means you can optimize your website`s speed and performance as much as you need. High traffic projects obviously need more speed and performance optimization than some beginner`s project. On the other hand, these projects need to have more experienced administrators who know how to use all WordPress features and hidden opportunities.

You can find useful articles within our blog about WordPress website`s speed optimization. We suggest you to start with 8 simple tricks to speed up your website and then to proceed to Hosting blog category to acquire basic and advanced knowledge about this important feature of your website.

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