How to Style Contact Form 7 With Ninja Kick: Contact Form Plugin

There are many reasons why you’d need a contact form on your WordPress website. You can use them to produce leads, provide customer service, get feedback, give quotes and book appointments among other things. Web forms are a problem that has been solved many times over. Finding a plugin to help is usually the most practical solution. Unless you are a good web programmer and you can bang out a web form in a couple minutes, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Recently we published a post on how to Styling Contact Form 7 in WordPress. While Contact Form 7 is an awesome contact form plugin and easy to use, you may want something a little more powerful. Perhaps you are looking for ways to make your form stand out so you get as many responses as possible. One way to build a killer contact form is to use Looks Awesome’s Ninja Kick: Contact Form plugin. Use it to create a engaging forms and record your submissions. Read more

wordpress-cache-enabler plugin

Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache Plugin Review

If a cookie falls on the ground for 5 seconds there’s a good chance I won’t pick it up and eat it (the condition of the floor is another matter altogether). The 5 second rule isn’t just for food. If a website takes longer than 5 seconds to load on a decent connection, than there’s a good chance I am going to bounce. We all know that website performance is important. It can make a big difference in UX as well as your bottom line. Faster loading times mean better SEO, a reduced bounce rate, increased ROI and a more responsive feel.

Fortunately it’s not hard to fix slow loading times. There are many different ways to tweak performance and get an edge. One way is to utilize HTTP caching. It’s one of the easiest ways to accelerate performance by reducing latency. HTTP caching is useful for web applications. Read more


The Best Plugins to Create a Multilingual WordPress Website

According to the WordPress download counter, version 4.5 has been downloaded over 44 Million times by people all over the world! Since I typed the previous sentence the counter has gone up by at least 20 more. While all those downloads may not be active installs, it gives us a good idea of how many websites use WordPress.

You can make a multilingual website to reach more people. There’s no reason to limit your website to a single language. Multilingual plugins for WordPress can make it much easier to translate pages, posts and other sections with text on your website. This list has some of the most reliable and popular multilingual plugins for WordPress. Read more

Styling Contact Form 7 in WordPress

For most people creating a WordPress website, a contact form is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. An effective contact form doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to serve it’s purpose. As long as email is still around – contact forms are something that most websites should have. Displaying links to your social media accounts and an email address is fine, but contact forms make things even easier for people to contact you. You can use your contact list for lots of useful things like building marketing purposes, customer support issues and more.

If you decide to dive into WordPress without a whole lot of background knowledge (like I did), one of the first things you will end up fiddling with is a contact form plugin. Contact Form 7 has been downloaded over 6 million times! With over 1 million active installs, it is by far the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress. It works great and it is free. One of the best things about it is that you can use it to learn. Read more


The Anatomy of a WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress theme is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a high quality website. A good theme can allow you to implement all the latest design trends and get a site up the same day (5 minutes to install). Knowing the anatomy of a WordPress theme can help you get a better understanding of how a WordPress theme works.

The best thing about themes for many people is how simple and easy it makes your work. All you need is some basic knowledge to carry out complex tasks. There are many things a WordPress user can do without having any technical background at all. If you are looking for a theme, checkout out our WordPress Theme Repository. When you are theme shopping, make sure and choose a theme that has all the functionality you want built-in.  Read more


20 Big Brands That Use WordPress to Power Their Website

In 2003 WordPress started out as a blogging platform built on PHP and MySQL to help bloggers do their thing. Back then, nobody could predict that it would become one of the most powerful CMS solutions on the planet.

I am not talking about The Chicago Manual of Style when I say CMS (also abbreviated as CMS), I mean a fully functional content management system. This list post contains 20 leading brands that use WordPress. You can check these sites out to get some ideas and what WordPress is capable of. Read more

Best WordPress Real Estate Themes

The Best Real Estate Themes for WordPress

As a real estate agent or agency, it’s important to put your best foot forward. The way you advertise properties and how you present listings will have a huge impact on sales. One of the things you need in order to do this is a have professional website. Having your own website is not just about giving you an edge over the competition. A website is an asset that can help you build a solid reputation and take your career to the next level.

WordPress is the top CMS for the real estate industry because it offers an incredibly powerful and easy to use set of tools. This makes for an elegant business solution. It couldn’t be easier, just choose a theme and add your listings. Which theme should you choose? That’s where we can help. Read more

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Review 2016

Bateaux is an innovative multi-purpose WordPress Theme made by Twisttheme. You can use this theme to crank out high quality websites in no time at all. Bateaux offers you a powerful set of tools and options to get creative with. There are some interesting features that outperform some of the top-selling themes on the market. Use it to build websites for any niche. Possible use cases include: landing pages, design studio websites, ecommerce, restaurants, blogs, one page websites or any other business purpose.

I really enjoyed taking Bateaux for a test drive. The developers did a really great job on this theme. They found a harmonious balance between simplicity, power and ease of use. I was pleasantly surprised with just about everything this theme had to offer and how easy it was to work with. Read more

Jupiter Template Grid

How to Create a Landing Page With the WordPress Theme Jupiter

A landing page is any web page that somebody lands on after clicking on a link from another web page. Most of the time landing pages are dedicated solely to a promotion or product. Typically you will be brought to a landing page after clicking a call to action (like one located in a promotional email). Landing pages are great for many different purposes from promoting events to marketing products. Jupiter makes it easy to build a killer landing page.

For most businesses that market online, a landing page is essential. Not everyone has the time or expertise to create a landing page from scratch. Many businesses choose to use pre-made templates from landing page services or website builders like Wix. There are some problems with doing things this way… Read more


Best WordPress Plugins of June 2016

As a WordPress user and plugin junkie, I love to scour the market to find useful plugins for my projects. This month there were over 100 new WordPress plugins added to Codecanyon. We checked them out so you don’t have to. This list contains 11 of the best WordPress plugins in June 2016.

As WordPress continues to be the most flexible and dominant CMS on the planet, developers continue to churn out new plugins. The problem with this is there are so many plugins that do the same thing; it can be hard to make a choice.

All of the plugins on this list are making an impact on Codecanyon. This post has WordPress plugins to help you get more traffic, provide a better user experience, build sections on your site, optimize content, generate money, connect socially and sell products. Use them to save money and time on your road to success. Read more