Envato Mid-Year Sale — Grab Your Favourite Plugin with a Great Discount!

The big Mid Summer Sale on Envato Market has just started! It is your perfect chance to buy WordPress themes, plugins, and other useful elements for your website like pictures and videos with a 30–50% discount! The sale ends on Friday, 25th of June, so do not hesitate too long and grab the items you were always dreaming about!

We have gathered the most popular and interesting items from the Envato Mid Summer Sale to save your time and energy on the search for important extensions for your WordPress project. Each of the mentioned below items can significantly improve your website`s appearance and performance. Enjoy this list with exciting discounts!

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020 WordPress Deals

Envato Cyber Week Sale

Cyber Monday and Black Friday awesome deals are coming to Envato Market for all WordPress website owners who want to get some hot premium plugins and themes at 50% off! This year`s campaign starts on Tuesday, 24 November (12:00 AM EST) and ends on Tuesday, 1 December (12:00 PM EST) 2020. It means we should prepare ourselves for a whole week of delicious deals!

With this article, we bring you the premium items from Envato Market chosen by the platform representatives: best WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins to purchase within Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020 campaign.

Bonus! Top 40 WordPress items’ list from Envato Market is now available — 20 of the best selling WordPress plugins and themes at 50% off!

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5 Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks play a key role in the web design and development industry. WordPress theme frameworks are the most prevalent mainly due to their ability to eliminate various hassles involved in designing a website theme like coding and more. These frameworks also allow you to design a theme that is unique from all other available options.

Other advantages of using WordPress theme frameworks include the ability to increase website security and functionality, improved code quality, easy upgrades with no loss of styling, and extendability of plugins.

When choosing a WordPress framework to use, you have to choose from two types i.e. in-house framework which is popular among theme developers seeking to build their products and free theme frameworks that can be used by anyone (free versions).

Before using a theme framework, you need a child and parent theme. The Child theme duplicates both the code and design of a parent theme and can be personalized to suit your needs.

The advantage of this is that even if the parent theme is updated, the child theme will still retain modifications of parent theme.

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Helping to Translate WordPress - Dortmund Translation Day

Helping to Translate WordPress — Dortmund Translation Day

One of the main features that brings WordPress its popularity is the international and interlingual approach of the platform. WordPress is meant to be accessible and simple for people all over the world. It means, that it should be translated to all known and used languages. The task is very ambitious and there is still no company that could make it in a full volume. On the other hand, WordPress might be closer to this goal than any other company or project. And the key is the community.

WordPress can not be translated to each of the existing languages just by one team, no matter how big it is. Only an international community can deal with the task. Fortunately, WordPress has such a community. People from all over the world make WordPress better each day. Translation is one of the numerous features being done by this community.

You can also become a part of this community and its great work. One of the opportunities to join the team is to visit one of the meetups organized by dedicated WordPress users and administrators. We will share an interesting experience of visiting such event and tell you the basics of WordPress platform`s translation any member of the community should know.

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How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

Nowadays it is extremely hard to attract and engage internet users even for a one second. Is it necessary to create and customize your About Me page within your WordPress website in these circumstances? Obviously yes, because it represents one of the few opportunities to grab user`s attention where he wants it by himself.

Although you could have seen thousands of boring and useless About Us (About the Company, About Me or any similar suggested name) pages it does not mean that your own representation should also be so. We have gathered the most important tips on creating your unique About Me page to interest and intrigue your potential readers.

This article will show you why About Me page is essential for any type of a WordPress website and how could you use it for the sake of your website popularity and recognizability. Do not hesitate to spend an appropriate amount of time and effort on this part of your WordPress project because it could become your key to success.

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WordPress 5.2 Update What Will It Bring

WordPress 5.2 Update: What Will It Bring?

One of the key features of WordPress is the constant updating process. The platform updates to keep the safety level high and to provide its users the best features from the latest trends. WordPress changes from year to year but one thing remains: it always serves website administrators in order to give even opportunities for everyone in this field.

WordPress 5.2 update is already available in beta test. The release of the update is planned for the end of April 2019. We will now list the most interesting features of the 5.2 update and look at the opportunities they give to a WordPress administrator.

Note, that the beta test features may differ from those we will see after the release. But the main ideas and update`s direction should remain as they are on the beta test version now. To try all features by yourself, use the free WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

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Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes March 2019

Best of the Fresh WordPress Themes — March 2019

It is always exciting to observe the trends changing from month to month and from year to year. WordPress is a very large platform that includes websites of all possible topics and types. That is why WordPress trends are really comprehensive: even website owners outside the platform always keep an eye on projects created and developed here.

WordPress themes represent great opportunities to observe and analyze trends. Premium themes for WordPress websites are always following the demands of the web market and the wishes of online audience. WordPress theme`s creators keep abreast of events and reflect the market`s dynamics as no one else.

We have gathered the best of the fresh WordPress premium themes created in March 2019 within this article. You can make lots of important decisions based on the trends these premium WordPress themes show. Do not hesitate to grab the exclusive information and be ahead of your competitors!

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Quick Tip How to Choose Between JPG and PNG File Types Wisely

Quick Tip: How to Choose Between JPG and PNG File Types Wisely

Images represent one of the most popular content types for any WordPress website. Although we often prefer to express thoughts with good photos and pictures, most of us know very little about the basics of this file type. The choice between JPG and PNG file types can serve as a great example of this statement: how many of us know what do these file types stand for? What is the difference and what file type is preferable in a certain situation?

Our today`s Quick Tip will show you the truth about JPG and PNG file types: what secrets do they hide and how can we use it. We will discover the basics about image file formats and learn how to use their strength and weaknesses for the sake of a WordPress project.

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Best WordPress Themes for CV and Resume Websites

Best WordPress Themes for CV and Resume Websites

WordPress is already well-known as one of the best platforms for advertising your own experience with a neat portfolio, CV or resume website. It is true, that WordPress provides the optimal combination of features for a landing page or website with the goal of CV representation. These features include free basic services, ease of creation and customization, great variety of additional tools and much more useful options.

CV websites represent one of the simplest types of WordPress projects. They do not take a lot of time and effort for the creation and customization, do not require constant updates of content and do not need any special skills in web development or design to be sufficient. On the other hand, the competition in nearly any professional segment is now very tough. It means, that your CV websites need to be really outstanding to draw attention of the potential employers.

We have gathered the best sellers among WordPress themes for CV and resume websites for you in this article. This top will help you to select the best premium WordPress theme for any type of CV you could imagine. The themes from this list are tested by hundreds of users and have proved themselves as perfect tool for the advertising of your experience and skills.

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Create Reusable Blocks with Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

Quick Tip: Create Reusable Blocks with Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

Since the 5.0 update of the WordPress platform most of us started to use the new editor called Gutenberg. This block type editor has lots of advantages and only one downside — we needed to get used to it. Over months of using Gutenberg the majority of users find it better than the old one. The minority of users install the “Classic Editor” plugin and enjoy their workflow in familiar conditions. We would not focus our attention on the editor`s alternatives rather will look at one of the new features that Gutenberg brings to WordPress.

Reusable blocks are actually custom blocks that you can create, edit and use in any moment of your work with Gutenberg editor. These blocks can also be combined and represent a group of blocks which you often use while creating your WordPress content of any type — from text to video.

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Create Your Product Buying Guide for WordPress

Create Your Product Buying Guide for WordPress

WordPress gives great opportunities for the development of eCommerce projects. The chance to create your online store for free within a WordPress platform is really promising, but you would need much more than a WordPress theme with a bunch of plugins to make your eCommerce project successful.

One of the most important things on your way to the glory among thousands of competitors in online sales is your content. The ability of your WordPress website to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers is mostly dependent on the quality of your content and its correspondence to your potential audience demands.

Product buying guides represent one of the most amazing opportunities to attract users’ attention and keep them engaged within your WordPress eCommerce project. We will observe the features of product buying guides and will look precisely at the first steps of creating your own product buying guide for a WordPress website.

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Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for WooCommerce

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is known is the largest trading platform for WordPress websites. However, WooCommerce is not the only tool you need to create a successful online store project on the WordPress platform. The modern eCommerce is a pretty complicated sphere that demands lots of work to bring your efforts to success. Even more work is needed to keep your WordPress online store among the leaders in any segment of marketing. Today we will pay attention to one of the most important aspects — social media integration within a WooCommerce project.

Social media represents one of the most rapidly growing channel of new customers your business can possibly have. Social networks tend to replace all kind of online services — from testimonials and feedback to buying guides and personal assistants. That is why your WooCommerce project based on WordPress platform can not ignore the opportunities of social media.

Fortunately, WooCommerce is flexible enough to work with lots of useful social networking plugins for WordPress. We will consider the most interesting and promising tools of this category in the article below. Do not hesitate to learn more important tips on developing your WordPress online store with us!

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Readability Score

Increase The Readability Score of Your WordPress Website

The process of a WordPress website development implies a lot of communication with your potential audience by means of various texts. Lots of guides aim to teach how to draw and keep website visitor`s attention but only a few of them pay attention to the question of text readability. In other words, text readability is mostly underestimated.

Readability score is a measurable indicator of the success of your texts. This score shows you how easy or how difficult is it for your website visitors to understand what you say within your texts. The problem is that usually we can not estimate the difficulty level of a text written by ourselves. In this case modern WordPress tools can be very handy and do the analytics on an automated level, displaying tips on simplifying a text right inside your WordPress dashboard.

We will look at the term of readability score closer and learn how to use this knowledge for the sake of a WordPress project. Otherworldly, all you need to know about readability score is in the article below.

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How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your WordPress Website

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your WordPress Website

Artificial Intelligence (or simply AI) develops constantly to cover all tasks that could potentially be automated. By automating lots of everyday tasks we get more opportunities to stay creative and invest more time into gathering, analyzing and applying new ideas to our WordPress projects. In other words, Artificial Intelligence lets us focus on strategical tasks, while it deals with tactical ones. With such a tool you can drive lots of projects with better effectiveness.

Unfortunately, modern Artificial Intelligence is far from a perfect one. It means we can not yet delegate it a lot of tasks we would like to. On the other side, it is always good know what innovations are available and use them in a proper way. With this aim we have gathered the most stable and useful tools which provide service based on Artificial Intelligence. This list is still shorter than most of us would like to have, but there are some interesting features each WordPress administrator could use within his or her project.

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4 Step to Create Your Brand Strategy for a WordPress Website

4 Steps to Create Your Brand Strategy for a WordPress Website

Brand strategy defines your whole attitude to a business you represent with a WordPress website. It is foremost important to determine and understand your goals and methods before coming to your target audience offering a brand strategy. Unfortunately, brand strategy remains underestimated by many businesses.

This article will be useful for the beginners in the field of WordPress administration and related marketing options. We will analyze the term of brand strategy and see how it can help your WordPress project to develop and earn more and more audience in the process. Moreover, we will take a look at 4 basic steps to create your own brand strategy within a WordPress website or blog you have or only are eager to create.

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The Top 3 Exit-Intent Popup Best Practices

The Top 3 Exit-Intent Popup Best Practices

An exit-intent popup is an animal in comparison to other list building tools. The success rate can reach 35%, which is more than 8 times better than a simple opt-in form at the bottom of your website.

Moreover, the popup that appears on the exit gives you an additional chance to re-engage with your site visitor which is about to leave. So you can kill three birds with one stone — actively collect email addresses, reduce your store’s abandonment rate AND increase your sales.

Let’s dig and see what the exit-intent popup should be like to bring such great results.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins Created in 2018

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Created in 2018

It is time to summarize the development results of 2018 for WordPress plugins. The year had its trends like new GDPR rules and cryptocurrency interest of many users, and these trends show themselves within the plugins created for WordPress administrators in 2018. What other trends had 2018 — find out in our top 10 WordPress plugins for WordPress list!

The actual information about WordPress trends is crucial for every website owner on the platform and beyond it. These trends will determine the development strategies of the most successful web project on the early 2019. Moreover, new 2019 trends will be surely born from the previous ones, which we analyze now. It is true, that only one who knows the past can rule the future. Enjoy our top 10 WordPress plugins’ list and make your own analytics and predictions of what we should expect in 2019.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes Created in 2018

Top 10 WordPress Themes Created in 2018

2018 is over: it means that the time has come to summarize the trends of WordPress premium themes over the year. We have gathered 10 of the best selling premium WordPress themes from Envato Market in the list above. This list can help you to choose your perfect WordPress theme for a rocket-speed website development in 2019.

Moreover, this top will help you to underline and analyze the trends of the last year. This knowledge will be especially helpful for those WordPress administrators who want to create new project in 2019. There is no success in the future without knowing the latest trends. Multipurpose WordPress themes remain on top but there are some specific topics` representatives in out list, which can show you the most interesting fields of activities from 2018. Use this knowledge to create a potentially popular project as soon as possible!

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Dark Mode for Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Quick Tip: Dark Mode for Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Dark mode is not just a dark color scheme for your WordPress website. Dark mode reduces the amount of light produced by any user`s monitor when the feature is on. It can work perfectly not only for dark designs but also for any color pick you might be using for your WordPress website or blog.

Today we are observing the opportunity to add dark mode to your WordPress admin dashboard. There are lots of opportunities to add dark mode to your website and let your users enjoy it but there is no reason to decline such an amazing feature for yourself. We will introduce you the plugin that makes dark mode for WordPress admin dashboard a simple task with one-click fulfillment. Moreover, we will consider the cases when dark mode is useful and efficient for any WordPress administrator.

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Preventing Damage from Malicious Code on Your WordPress Website

Preventing Damage from Malicious Code on Your WordPress Website

The question of security is the most important one for every web project, and WordPress website are not exceptions from this rule. The quality of your content, search engine optimization, customer support and all other comprehensive elements of work around a WordPress project could not be delivered to your audience properly, if your website has any type of malicious code. In other words, your website is hacked and is completely out of order, when some foreign code finds a way to implement itself within your project.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the appearance of any malicious code on your WordPress website. The prevention of hackers’ attack is much more effective and takes less time, effort and funds. Malicious code works like a disease, that is why the prevention actions are always better for the overall health of your project and its future.

We have gathered the most effective ways to prevent any malicious code within your WordPress projects in this article. These are plugins and services that help you to find any weaknesses onside a WordPress project and turn them into your strength. Moreover, these tools scan your website for any type of malicious code and find it before it can make any damage to your website performance. Check your WordPress website: if you do not have any of the listed above plugins (or their analogues), then it is time to think about the security of your WordPress website immediately.

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Quick Tip What Is Inside WordPress 5 Update

Quick Tip: What Is Inside WordPress 5.0 Update?

The first and only major WordPress update of 2018 has been released on December, 6th. It brings a lot of improvements to overall workflow of any WordPress administrator or author. The main change rebuilds the WordPress post editor completely, making it up-to-date and able to comprehend with most of the modern and future tasks of a web project.

We will summarize the most important new features of WordPress after the 5.0 update in this article. Moreover, we will show how these features influence your WordPress post creation process and how they upgrade it to a future level of interaction between you and your admin dashboard.

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Leading WordPress Trends of 2018

Leading WordPress Trends of 2018

WordPress is one of the leading web development platform mostly because it always follows the important trends. And as the new year has come it is time to look forward for some new or old-and-faithful (but still relevant) trends of web development and design.

Tracking and following the trends is very important for every WordPress website owner who wants to develop his or her project. Fortunately, WordPress administrators can simply track the trends by viewing the main updates of WordPress platform. But today we will take a wider look at the picture of web development and its influence on modern WordPress themes and plugins. We will have a few examples of a premium tools corresponding the trends we are mentioning in this article.

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wordpress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 Update: Introducing “Tipton”

WordPress is the web platform that constantly evolves. New trends in web developing and site administration never come beside WordPress. And this feature has become one of the decisive reasons to use WordPress and create billions of web projects within it.

Today we are taking a closer look at the new 4.9 update, which was called “Tipton” (for the memory of the outstanding jazz musician Billy Tipton). The update was released on November 15, 2017 and has already became a huge milestone in the WordPress platform history.

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Envato Elements Main

WordPress Themes and Plugins — now on Envato Elements with Sale!

Envato Elements is a platform that provides unlimited access to its items on the basis of monthly fee. Until the 15th of November 2017 this platform was focused on different design elements: graphic templates, fonts, presentation, web and CMS templates, 3D art and so on. But from now on it sells WordPress themes and plugins! It means you can get access to unlimited download of WordPress themes and plugins from the list given by Envato Elements. To use WordPress themes and plugins directory of Envato Elements you must buy the annual subscription.

Moreover, Envato Elemets presents the 33% discount for the annual membership from Wednesday, November 15 at 02:00pm (AEDT) till Wednesday, November 29 at 02:00pm (AEDT). With this discount you can get tons of WordPress plugins and themes for even cheaper price — $228 for the annual subscription needed to use WordPress themes and plugins within Envato Elements. For the moment there are 132 plugins and 306 themes available for the members of Envato Elements. And this number will grow constantly!

Today we are picking some of the most outstanding WordPress plugins and themes available within new assortment of Envato Elements. These are just the example of new opportunities brought for you by Envato — enjoy the new horizons!

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What Is New in WordPress 4.8 Update

Constant update and development is one of the hallmarks of the WordPress platform. Each new update strengthens the protection of your website or blog on the WordPress platform and brings new features to improve comfort while working with the admin panel. Global update 4.8 is no exception.

First of all, you should focus on the issue of protecting your WordPress site from hacking and spam. Attackers are constantly inventing new ways to crack existing security systems. The fight between hackers and developers of security software is not interrupted for an instant. In such circumstances, it is extremely undesirable to skip global updates. Each day of delay in the update threatens you with serious dangers in the form of loss of data on the site or the appearance of unwanted content hosted by hackers.

Nevertheless, the global updates of the WordPress platform are not only interesting with modern protection against hacking. Today, we will take a closer look at new features and changes in the existing functionality that will enable every WordPress administrator to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Update 4.8 pays particular attention to widgets. It includes new features for creating widgets and widening the functionality of existing widgets. This universal tool for creating content within the WordPress platform has become even more convenient and interesting, including for professional developers.

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20 Big Brands That Use WordPress to Power Their Website

In 2003 WordPress started out as a blogging platform built on PHP and MySQL to help bloggers do their thing. Back then, nobody could predict that it would become one of the most powerful CMS solutions on the planet.

I am not talking about The Chicago Manual of Style when I say CMS (also abbreviated as CMS), I mean a fully functional content management system. This list post contains 20 leading brands that use WordPress. You can check these sites out to get some ideas and what WordPress is capable of. Read more

Giveaway: Google Maps Widget and Chomolungma Presentation Kit

Google Maps Widget is rapidly reaching a fascinating milestone – the plugin has been downloaded almost 1 million times! Before it gets there within the following weeks, in partnership with Web Factory, we have created a special giveaway just for our readers.

During the following week, you have a chance of winning 2 Google Maps Widgets PRO licenses each worth $39! To make everything even more interesting, we have decided to throw in a few more prizes for you. Next to GMW licenses, you can also win 5 Chomolungma — PowerPoint Presentation Template Kit licenses each worth $15! Read more


WordPress 4.5.3 Maintenance and Security Release

Like a torrent of busy honeybees defending the hive from potential threats, the WordPress contributors have finished 4.5.3 to keep the CMS secure. This release addressed some security concerns which included measures to prevent attacks from known vulnerabilities. The new version of WordPress finished on June 18, 2016 and it was officially released to the public on the June, 21, 2016. If you haven’t updated already, you should take the opportunity to do so.

This release didn’t include any exciting new features like we saw in 4.5, Coleman, but there were some bug fixes from versions 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. You can view the list of the changes to see exactly what bugs were fixed. Read more

Free Must Have WordPress SEO Plugins for 2016

Today’s post features a list of WordPress SEO plugins to help you boost your blog or website. Using WordPress makes the tedious process of optimizing your site very easy. The WordPress core is already SEO friendly — in fact, it is considered to be one of the most accessible SEO content management systems out there.

Optimizing your website for search engines is crucial for any website. Search engines like Google can direct people toward your website, giving you tons of traffic if you optimize your website successfully. The good news is that there are many tools for WordPress that can help you improve your search engine ranking. This article introduces 10 of the best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2016.  Read more

QuoteUp: The Complete Proposal Management Plugin for WordPress

The best buyer/­seller relationships work best when there is open communication from both sides. This is easy enough to achieve during a live transaction, but what of virtual sales? A major drawback of online deals is that there is no scope for a customer to ask a query about the product to be purchased directly.

Or is there?

QuoteUp bridges this gap by letting customers request for a sales quotation for the product they are about to buy. This is especially useful for orders where bulk quantities, custom made products and discounted goods are involved. Read more

Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin + Giveaway

Check out the new Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin! We are really excited to announce the release of this handy new extension. To kick things off we are offering a free giveaway with purchase of Big Screens.

This is a limited offer, so don’t wait. The first 30 customers to contact Looks Awesome through CodeCanyon after they purchase Broadcasting extension will get a copy and license of Cholomungma, a huge multi-purpose PowerPoint presentation kit from GraphicRiver. See the bottom of the page for more details on how to receive your free download with purchase of Broadcasting extension. Read more

What’s New in WordPress 4.5 — Coleman

WordPress has released a major update on April, 12 2016. Version 4.5 was dubbed as “Coleman” in recognition of the late great jazz saxophone player Coleman Hawkins. You can download it or update it directly from your dashboard or download it from WordPress.org.

This release has some exciting features along with the typical list of bug fixes and updates. Coleman aims to streamline workflow with added improvements for editing and customizing in WordPress. New features include… Read more

Superfly 4 WordPress Menu Plugin

Superfly 4 — WordPress Menu Plugin Update

Superfly is an awesome WordPress menu plugin and it just got better. This top-selling vertical menu plugin is powerful, easy to use and loved by many. You can use it as a standalone menu or as an auxiliary menu.

I am happy to announce the release of Superfly 4! The team at Looks-Awesome knows how important it is to keep things up to date. The great thing about Superfly is that the design is shaped by the community. Thanks to feedback and suggestions from users, the developers are able to improve Superfly and give people the features they want.

The bottom line is that Superfly improves WordPress navigation. It allows you to create nav menus that look and function better. With Superfly your menus can include the latest and greatest design trends for mobile and desktop. Superfly helps you create an awesome user experience for your website’s visitors. It’s fast and easy to build a variety of navigation menus with rich features. Read more

Advertising Extension for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream

Advertising & Branding is a brand new add-on for Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin. This extension allows you to advertise with your social streams and make money. This is very useful way to extend the functionality of Flow-Flow. Start reaping the benefits of your traffic by earning passive income.

Ads & Branding gives you lots of marketing potential. You can create your own custom cards to run successful ad campaigns. It makes it easy to advertise, track your results and earn money. Use it to place ads from sponsors, affiliates or to build a brand. It works great with Google AdSense.  Even if you don’t want to monetize your website, it’s a great way to build a brand. You can display ads to increase awareness and solidify your online presence. Read more