Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting, which will be especially useful for designers, freelancers and creative agencies. However, the benefits of this hosting can be appreciated by the internet projects of other types, including online shops and portfolio sites. Today, we will consider in detail all the features of Flywheel hosting, to find out the reason of its popularity.

Choosing a web hosting is an important stage in the life of any WordPress website or blog. The speed of the site and the ability to withstand the load of a large number of users depends on the quality of services offered by a hosting company. In addition, the introduction of many advanced technologies (for example, CDN), requires modern web hosting provider to meet certain standards.

If you want to create a truly successful internet project, we recommend you to start with selecting a suitable hosting provider. This way you can be sure that your website visitors a comfortable to stay in it, as well as protect yourself from the many problems related to data loss or inaccessibility of the site during certain periods.

In this article, we will consider not only the technical characteristics of Flywheel hosting, but its usability features and the ability to easily work with the settings for beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

Appearance and Usability

Usability aspect of Flywheel hosting is really impressive. The creators of this hosting is primarily taken care of the newcomers in the field of WordPress administration. Dashboard interface looks very simple and user-friendly:

appearance-and-usabilityFlywheel also provides a full set of video tutorials for those who do not like to read manuals. With this approach, anyone can set up his own WordPress site on the excellent hosting without any prior training or in-depth knowledge in the field of web development.

In addition to user-friendly interface, Flywheel hosting provides other useful features. One such feature is the presence of free demo period. During this free period, you can create a website and work with it without any restrictions, using Flywheel hosting service.

You can also provide access to the site in a free period for an unlimited number of persons. It allows you to connect a full-fledged team of developers and designers to create the project before running it, and do it for free. The payment for hosting services is only necessary from the moment when you decide to run the project in the network. Thus you can save considerably on paying hosting during the initial development of a site or blog.

Another interesting feature is called client billing transfer. This system allows you to easily work with your clients’ sites until their release. During development, you connect the client’s site to your account and use the services of Flywheel hosting for free. After all the work is done you can easily transfer the site to the client’s account, which will cover hosting and run the finished project. Neither the developer nor the client does not pay for the time that is spent on the hosting site during development.

Additional benefits of Flywheel hosting include easy CDN integration, free migrations and the ability to pay via PayPal without a credit card. CDN integration significantly speeds up the work of a site due to modern technology of downloading content from a virtual server, which is located closest to a specific user. Free migrations indicate a smooth transition to the use of Flywheel hosting after using any other hosting service. And PayPal payment availability is just another option for your comfort and safety.

Speed Test

Speed is important not only to ensure comfortable stay of users on your WordPress website or blog. The level of the search engines` loyalty to your website depends on the loading speed. Google officially announced the download speed as an important factor in ranking the site at the results of the search engine search. So if you want to see your website on top positions at Google, then you definitely need to take care of hosting that provides your project with the best rate of speed.

The speed of the site, using Flywheel hosting, is in the range between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds. This is a brilliant result, even for the most modern hosting! Details of the speed evaluation of the Flywheel hosting`s work is shown in this screenshot:

speed-testUptime Values

Despite the fact that the Flywheel hosting does not claim any uptime values` guarantees, the test results of this service are really capable to surprise you. Available custom tests show 100% uptime results and 99.99% lifetime score. In fact, it is hard to believe these numbers, but there is no fraud here.

Thus, if you want your site to be available always, the Flywheel hosting is an excellent choice. Naturally, nobody can give the guarantee of 100% uptime. However, practice shows that at the moment Flywheel is one of the best hosting providers through the indicators of uptime values and lifetime score.

Load Performance

Load Performance is another important indicator of the stability level in the work of any hosting. This parameter shows the possibility of using your website with simultaneous load from a large number of users. First of all, it should be noted that the Flywheel hosting uses VPS technology rather than shared hosting. This approach enables your site to maintain an increased level of load with the best results, as shared hosting server implies the separation of capacity to multiple sites simultaneously.

The test results of load performance for Flywheel hosting show consistent quality through the increasing number of users on the site. You can see the results of these tests in the following graph:

load-performanceSecurity and Malware Monitoring

Protection from spam and brute force attack must be a top priority for any WordPress site owner. Of course, WordPress provides a good level of security by default. But these standard measures may not be sufficient for the current level of threat from various hacker bots.

Flywheel hosting provides additional protection against spam and hack to your WordPress site through the Sucuri scanning technology. You save significantly by using of Flywheel hosting, as the acquisition of additional packages from malware protection services will cost a considerable amount of money.

User Reviews

Flywheel hosting is a leader in user rating. Flywheel hosting has a surprisingly large number of positive reviews — 92%. It will be really difficult to find at least neutral feedback about this host. It is an objective indicator of the quality of the provider and the level of service that provides Flywheel hosting.

On the same site you can find the direct user feedback. Also here you can easily make a comparison of several hosting services on the basis of positive and negative reviews about each of them.

Final Words

The choice of quality web hosting for WordPress site has never been an easy task. We hope that this article will help you to make a choice in favor of quality and pleasant-to-use hosting. You can make test your site using free demo access to Flywheel hosting. This will help you ensure a good performance with the example of your own website.

We wish your site the 100% uptime and the best speed performance!

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