Best WordPress Themes 2017

Best Premium WordPress Themes Released in 2017

There should not be the ending of the year without a good summary for the WordPress premium themes. Themes are always on the edge of trends and fashion within the web development sphere. So, by analyzing the leaders of 2017 we can make a lot of interesting conclusions about WordPress evolution and web design trends in common.

It would be also interesting to compare trends from the year 2016. For this purpose, you should check out our previous year article about the best WordPress themes. This type of analysis is essential for both WordPress newcomers and experienced web developers. Join us in this time travel trough the year 2017 and it best WordPress premium themes!

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Envato Elements Main

WordPress Themes and Plugins — now on Envato Elements with Sale!

Envato Elements is a platform that provides unlimited access to its items on the basis of monthly fee. Until the 15th of November 2017 this platform was focused on different design elements: graphic templates, fonts, presentation, web and CMS templates, 3D art and so on. But from now on it sells WordPress themes and plugins! It means you can get access to unlimited download of WordPress themes and plugins from the list given by Envato Elements. To use WordPress themes and plugins directory of Envato Elements you must buy the annual subscription.

Moreover, Envato Elemets presents the 33% discount for the annual membership from Wednesday, November 15 at 02:00pm (AEDT) till Wednesday, November 29 at 02:00pm (AEDT). With this discount you can get tons of WordPress plugins and themes for even cheaper price — $228 for the annual subscription needed to use WordPress themes and plugins within Envato Elements. For the moment there are 132 plugins and 306 themes available for the members of Envato Elements. And this number will grow constantly!

Today we are picking some of the most outstanding WordPress plugins and themes available within new assortment of Envato Elements. These are just the example of new opportunities brought for you by Envato — enjoy the new horizons!

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Portfolio WordPress Themes

Easy to Use WordPress Portfolio Themes

Portfolio websites can be a huge advantage when it comes to landing jobs and attracting the right kind of attention. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and showing someone your portfolio is like giving someone a sample of your pudding. Continuing on with the pudding analogy…you want to make your pudding as tasty as possible.

WordPress themes can give you scalable solution for creating killer portfolios. WordPress is the most popular web platform in the world. It’s no surprise that there are lots of great portfolio themes available. In fact there are hundreds of themes with portfolio building features. With a comprehensive WordPress portfolio template, you will have access to some powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Read more

The Choice of Educational WordPress Theme for Your Website

Education is the key for any successful business. People constantly need education — from the yearly of childhood to the adult professional skill advancing. That is why education websites are also very popular and important for modern society and each of us separately. WordPress platform offers nearly unlimited opportunities for every educational project.

But to start your WordPress educational project wisely, you need to use some vital tools. First tool you should choose is a WordPress theme to use on your education website or blog. There are plenty of opportunities, both free and premium. Today we will focus our attention at premium variants and look at the best sellers in the area of WordPress educational themes.

Most of the participants of our list will be versatile tools for pre-school education, schools, colleges, universities, training and coaching centers, courses and so on. But there would be some more specific participants, which are dedicated to only one of this directions, optimizing the site structure and its features specially for corresponding needs. The choice is always yours, because only you can estimate the main goal of your project and the vision of its audience. The good news are about the really wide choice provided — check out our list and take the best from it!

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Best WordPress Charity Themes

Best WordPress Charity Themes

WordPress is the optimal platform choice for non-profit and charity projects. A variety of features and a simple admin panel interface allow representatives of charitable foundations to create online representations of their organizations without involving additional specialists in the field of web development and design. This helps charitable organizations to focus on their core business and constantly increase its effectiveness through the introduction of modern internet technologies.

Charity projects always need a wide publicity and mass dissemination of information about their activities. WordPress site can be an excellent focal point for a charity, especially if it has affiliates around the world. The presentation of the general philosophy of the charitable foundation and individual descriptions of each of its programs will form the basis of useful content provided by the charity WordPress site. Flexible possibilities for customizing the design will help to draw attention to the problems that a certain fund solves, and the expansion of functionality through useful plugins will enable visitors to take an active part in the life of a friendly organization and become active patrons without leaving home or office.

The creation of any WordPress project begins with the selection of a suitable theme for its design. The existing diversity can discourage newcomers in the field of site administration, which are often the organizers of charitable foundations. Today we have collected for you the top 10 premium WordPress themes for creating websites on charitable topics. Choose the most suitable design and functionality according to the description provided and continue to do good for those in need — now on the internet!

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Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for Fitness Sites

Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Fitness Sites

WordPress brings all necessary versatile tools to easily build a useful and efficient fitness site of any kind. This means that owners of fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools and other sports facilities can create their own website without any knowledge in the field of web development and design. This opportunity also opens new prospects for personal trainers or organizers of group classes for fitness, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and other sports activities.

All that is necessary for representatives of these professions is to choose the suitable WordPress theme and enlist the support of the most useful plugins for expanding the functionality of their internet presence. After that, a small investment of time, effort and money will bring your profit in the form of new customers for your sports business.

Today we brought together the most interesting versions of WordPress themes and the most necessary plugins for fitness sites in one post. Based on our advice, you can quickly find the right tools for a convenient start of your website or blog about fitness. The choice in favor of this or that theme should be guided first of all by the needs of your potential audience. In advance, think about what functionality is necessary for your average user and choose on the basis of this representation of the visitor’s portrait.

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Extra WordPress Theme

Extra — The Ultimate Magazine WordPress Theme Review

Extra WordPress theme is created specially for personal blogs, magazines and other info publishers in the web. The creators of this theme paid close attention to the elegance of the design of all elements and the wide possibilities for customization with the help of a visual drag-n-drop editor. Thus, all the features of the theme become available to WordPress administrators with any level of web development skills, and even completely without them.

A unique development from Elegant Themes called Divi Builder has found its ideal application not only in the multi-functional Divi WordPress theme, but also in the Extra WordPress Magazine theme. And for Extra WordPress theme some unique features of Divi Builder are available. But we will talk more about them in this review.

Extra WordPress theme meets all modern requirements for mobile responsive and retina ready WordPress themes. In addition, Extra WordPress theme`s kit includes a complete system for ratings and reviews from site users, as well as full compatibility with the WooCommerce service.

The advantages of the Extra WordPress Magazine theme include constant updates and premium support. These features are an excellent indicator of the concern of the theme`s developers to their customers — WordPress administrators who purchase a premium product and are counting on the appropriate level of quality and service. Elegant Themes are able to meet these needs for WordPress administrators. Proof of this are numerous positive reviews and high ratings of products from this developer.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the features of the Extra WordPress theme to form your independent opinion about this product before buying it. The choice of a particular WordPress theme should be based on the needs of your target audience. After reading this review, you will be able to compare the needs of your readers and the possibilities of the Extra WordPress theme for your internet project.

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Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every young couple. WordPress platform offers to facilitate the process of preparation for this large-scale event and capture all the interesting moments with the help of a special web site. This approach will allow you to create your own cozy place with memories of the wedding day, which will be convenient for use not only by newlyweds, but also by their relatives and friends.

Many consider the wedding site solely as a store of photographs and videos from the wedding day and honeymoon. However, the wedding site is capable of more. With it, you can arrange preparation for the wedding at the highest level — from invitations and countdown to a momentous event and ending with an interactive map indicating the location of the wedding (this will help guests to reach their destination more easily).

In addition, the wedding site can serve as an excellent organizer for the newlyweds. For example, here you can open an online guest registration and track the change in their number in real time. You can collect gifts from guests, arrange preliminary competitions for bridesmaids or grooms, give virtual souvenirs to guests and much more — the technical capabilities of the website on the WordPress platform are virtually unlimited.

However, before you take advantage of all the possibilities and features of the WordPress site, you should take a responsible approach to creating it. And the first step in this way will be the selection of a suitable WordPress theme. At the moment there is a huge selection of free and premium WordPress themes. Therefore, the choice of the best theme can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. We will try to help you with choosing a WordPress wedding theme with the help of a specially selected list of 10 premium versions with the best functionality and design.

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Divi WordPress Theme

Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress Theme is a powerful modern tool for creating websites and blogs in any subject. This theme is based on a unique technology — Divi Visual Builder. The capabilities of Divi Visual Builder guarantee freedom of action for the WordPress administrator, even if he is a beginner.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme, however anyone can freely evaluate the features of this product after registering on the site of its developer — Elegant Themes. Such an opportunity will be very valuable for novice WordPress site owners who are just looking for the optimal theme for their project.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Divi WordPress Theme so that you can independently evaluate the need to purchase this premium product. The expediency of buying should be based on the needs of your potential audience: if the features of Divi WordPress Theme can improve the user experience of your readers, then it is worth to purchase. However, do not forget to look forward to the future and try to anticipate the desires of users on your site before they actually appear.

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19 Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

Looking for an easy way to build a premium website? If you need to build a WordPress website and want to have a wide range of options available, it is a good move to choose a multi-purpose theme. This is especially true if you are a designer who likes to have a full pallet of options to work with. Many seasoned developers first learned how to design modern websites by working backwards through the theme files. Multi-purpose themes are great for beginners too, since almost all of them come with a lot of demo content to get you started on the right foot.

Any WordPress theme is going to save you time and money. Multi-purpose themes are great for those who want to make unique sites in a short amount of time. You do not need to possess any coding skills to make a lot of customizations and there are plenty of time saving features. We found 10 of our favorite multi-purpose themes to present in this article. We chose them based on user feedback, usability and overall performance.
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Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total WordPress theme aims to provide a universal solution for owners of web sites in different topics and purposes. And it should be immediately said that Total WordPress theme successfully copes with such an ambitious and grandiose goal. The main key to success is a successful combination of the two tools — Visual Composer and WordPress Customizer. However, success consists of many nuances. We will try to consider them in detail today.

But to start it is worth saying a few words about the success criteria of Total WordPress theme. The main evaluation criteria are the feedback of site owners and the study of the variety of projects created on the basis of Total WordPress theme. A detailed review of the most interesting examples of the use of Total WordPress theme you can read in the blog of its developer.

It is worth mentioning separately that Looks Awesome gladly uses Total WordPress theme to create demo sites with presentations of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin. The wide possibilities of Total WordPress theme perfectly correspond to the large audience coverage of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin, so this cooperation is quite logical.

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Top 10 Food and Restaurant WordPress Themes 2017

Restaurants, cafes and food services have long taken their strong positions in the internet space. The popularity of these services will not lose its relevance as long as people eat. However, along with the popularity of the industry comes the high competition within it. If you want to open a new restaurant or cafe and create an online representation for it, then you should seriously think about how your project will differ from a large number of existing competitors.

One way to create an attractive and memorable office of your food service in the web is to use the WordPress platform. Here you can select ready-made themes to design your site and add it with the necessary tools in the form of plugins.

Opening a website or blog for your food service should start with choosing the right WordPress theme. If you are not yet sure in the success of your company, then you should pay attention to free WordPress themes. But if you want to create a really beautiful and effective online project for your cafe or restaurant, you should immediately buy a premium WordPress theme. This saves you from having to invest your time in additional study of the nuances of WordPress administration and will allow you to quickly start the site from scratch without special knowledge in the field of web development and design.

Today we will discuss in detail the issue of choosing premium WordPress theme for any kind of food service. In our ranking you will find specialized themes and several multipurpose themes with excellent features and ready-made page templates especially for the food industry.

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Top 10 Health and Medical WordPress Themes 2017

Top 10 Health and Medical WordPress Themes 2017

Medical sites are becoming increasingly popular with the growth of integration between medical and IT areas of activity. Most large clinics already have their own representations on the internet, and private medical offices do not want to lag behind in this.

Private medical practitioners often can not afford to create their own site from scratch. This is too expensive and takes a considerable amount of time. When you need a simple, quick and inexpensive solution, WordPress platform for online projects comes to the aid of doctors.

Sites of medical clinics and private medical offices have their own peculiarities in design and functionality. For example, an important part of each medical site is the ability to make an appointment with a doctor online. This saves customers from having to wait their turn at the hospital and significantly increases their loyalty to your service.

In this review we have collected the best variants of WordPress themes for sites of medical subjects. Here you will find themes that were highly appreciated by the user community of ThemeForest and became popular among their potential audience. Your choice can be based on many individual nuances, so we provide enough WordPress themes from various developers.

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Consulting WordPress theme

Consulting — Business and Finance WordPress Theme Review

WordPress is one of the best places for virtual business representation. This fact is proved by hundreds of thousands of companies in a different scale – from micro-business to giant corporations. WordPress offers the most flexible conditions for creating a website and its ongoing modernization to benefit the growing audience of every successful online business.

Consulting WordPress theme gives business people the opportunity to create sites with unique design and functionality in a matter of hours or even faster if there is a desire to use ready-made templates in different styles. Consulting WordPress theme is one of those premium products that open the way to the internet space for every business owner. You do not need to collect a team of web developers, designers and administrators to start your own online business. It is enough to buy Consulting WordPress theme and spend several hours customizing the template you liked for your project needs.

Today we will take a closer look at the Consulting WordPress theme and the features hidden in it. If you are at the source of your own business on the web or want to open an office for an existing business, then this review will be useful for you to get acquainted with one of the best products in the sphere of WordPress premium themes.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for Lawyers

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Lawyers

WordPress platform is rapidly developing and attracts more and more specialists from different fields of activity. Today any small business representative can open his online office absolutely free of charge and without knowledge in the field of web development and design. This possibility is guaranteed by the WordPress platform and a huge number of additional services that expand the basic capabilities of sites on this ecosystem.

The field of jurisprudence is not an exception to this rule. Many business representatives need the services of lawyers, jurists, attorneys and other men of law. Lawyers, in the othe hand, can find a large number of potential customers via the internet. The demand meets the offer online, thanks to the capabilities of the WordPress platform for web sites and blogs.

According to the last CMO research, more than 25% of entrepreneurs consider the creation of online office as a matter of survival for any type of modern business. That is why none of the existing fields of activity do not want to lag behind in online development from progressive companies and services.

Today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of WordPress themes in the premium segment that are best suited for creating lawyers` sites. Sites in this subject should be extremely understandable for potential visitors and have a simple navigation. In addition, WordPress themes for legal sites should be easy to manage and customize, as lawyers are not technical experts in the field of web development and should not be uncomfortable because of this.

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Best Viral and Buzz WordPress Themes

Best Viral & Buzz WordPress Themes

Viral content is the most popular way of disseminating information in the modern digital space. Viral content differs from the usual one by the way it covers a wide audience and has great chances to be self-disseminated by users through social networks and other personal blogs. Above all, viral content can bring your site a huge traffic.

If you are interested in the sphere of viral content and you want to dedicate your internet project to entertainment and information content simultaneously, then you should carefully approach the choice of your WordPress theme. Projects with viral content should pay great attention to the design and available options to share created posts or individual images, videos, quotes.

WordPress theme for a site with viral content should have tools that meet two critical requirements: the ability to easily share content in all existing social networks and the possibility to quickly create an interesting post for any user of the site. Your site can become truly viral only when these requirements are met.

Today we will review the best viral and buzz WordPress themes, which can be found on ThemeForest. In our list there are only premium WordPress themes, which managed to win recognition from the owners of sites with viral content. Also these themes correspond to the two above requirements. Choose the most suitable option for your potential audience and enjoy the benefits of the best WordPress themes!

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Top 10 Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Google AdSense is one of the most important tools for monetizing a WordPress site or blog. The popularity of this method is justified by the simplicity and availability of Google AdSense for every WordPress administrator, even if it has just started his or her way to success. Google AdSense provides an opportunity to earn for everyone, but this does not mean that every site owner will receive tangible profits from placed ads.

The difference between a successful site and an thriveless project lies in a variety of features – from SEO optimization to the ability to create interesting content and correctly submit it to visitors. Today we will talk about WordPress themes, which will greatly facilitate the work of any WordPress administrator on setting up Google AdSense.

In our list we have collected WordPress themes, which are well optimized and have additional tools for quick integration with Google AdSense. Earlier we have already described in detail the actions of the site owner, who wants to earn money in the Google AdSense system. Read this guide if you are not yet sure that you are familiar with all the basic techniques and nuances.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that many Google AdSense optimized WordPress themes are designed for news sites or online magazines. This is not a sultry coincidence. Such types of WordPress projects attract the largest amount of traffic and are the most successful in the field of Google AdSense. However, in our list you will find more universal themes for sites and blogs that are designed for projects of other types. Therefore, you are not limited to a particular type of project for selecting the Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

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Best Themes and Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site on WordPress

Amazon is one of the largest trading platforms of the modern eCommerce market. The secret of success and constantly increasing popularity of Amazon is the multi-channel traffic received by this site. People buy on Amazon not only on the trading platform, but also on a huge number of affiliated sites. Affiliate sites successfully advertise and sell certain niche products that are of interest to visitors and regular readers of this particular WordPress project. And even sites with little traffic can earn online thanks to a simple and convenient affiliate program by Amazon.

Are you already interested? Do you want to receive revenue from the sale on your site without having any problems with the storage and delivery of the goods, as well as with all the service attendance problems? In this case, the offer of Amazon affiliate program is created especially for you.

Naturally, in addition to a desire to earn money, you will need certain WordPress administrator tools. On the other hand, all these tools are at your fingertips – in the form of WordPress themes and plugins. Today we will review the most convenient WordPress themes and the most useful WordPress plugins for your participation in the Amazon affiliate program.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Photography is one of the most popular activities in the modern world. Currently, more than 40 million people are engaged in a photo on a professional or amateur basis. At the same time the internet is an ideal platform for the publication and distribution of photo content. Statistics confirms this fact: more than 90 million photos are posted on the internet daily.

These facts can not pass by WordPress, as the most modern platform for hosting of web sites. In addition to posting photos on social networks, each keen photographer would like to create his or her own online project, which could accumulate the results of all his labors. In addition, this site could be an excellent portfolio to potential employers, to find out that there are many talented photographers.

Thus, WordPress can provide modern photo genius with everything necessary to create his or her own cozy corner in the web space. Around this project, you can gather the interested audience.

But there are some problems when building a website for a photographer. And the first of these problems is the choice of theme for the design of your web representation. The point is the large number of themes for WordPress. And even if you limit the search to only specific themes for photographers, the range still remains very wide.

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Zaser Pro — All-in-one WordPress Theme Review

Zaser Pro is a new all-in-one WordPress theme, which will surely impress you with its capabilities. Zaser is created to meet the needs of the owners of the most diverse sites. This WordPress theme is suitable for personal blog or portfolio, and for the online shop or the agency website as well. This versatility is achieved by having a large number of pre-made templates, and the ability to easily adjust them to the individual needs of any web project on the WordPress platform.

Zaser meets all requirements of a modern WordPress theme: it is mobile responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized. These features solve the majority of problems that the owner of the WordPress site could potentially face. For example, Zaser eliminates the need for additional optimization for mobile devices. In addition, the question of optimizing a website in accordance with the requirements of search engines requires needs a considerable investment of time and money if it would not carried out by the creators of a WordPress theme. Zaser allows you to leave these problems behind and to be engaged directly in the development of your site, and creation of the content for it.

In this article we analyze all the features of Zaser WordPress theme in detail. This way you can familiarize yourself with all the advantages of this theme before you buy it. We will separately analyze the opportunities and benefits that Zaser provides for portfolio sites, personal blogs and online stores.

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Winter Holidays Sale 2016 — Best WordPress Themes and Plugins with Discounts

Winter Holidays are a great time to start a new project or upgrade the existing one. Stunning discounts on themes and plugins for WordPress sites will help you to save 50% and more on the most important purchases. Among these purchases are the necessary elements for a modern and constantly evolving web project.

Today we will present you a detailed description of the 5 best themes and 5 the best plugins that are sold during the winter holidays 2016. In addition, we will list other interesting proposals, which are still relevant today for WordPress themes and plugins. Let us proceed to present the participants of our list!

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Top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes of 2016

End of the year is time to sum things up. This time is also ideal for planning new achievements for your web project on WordPress platform. If you are planning to open an online business, it is now the best time for the implementation of these plans. First of all because of Christmas sales that will allow you to buy WordPress themes and plugins with unique discounts.

We will try to help you in choosing the best WordPress WooCommerce theme. In our list of the best themes of 2016, we have collected all the themes that were able to take a leading position in this year. The main criterion for selection is based on an amount of sales for a specific theme. As we said earlier, this indicator is the most objective one. For WooCommerce themes it could not be more useful. If you want to successfully promote your business online, then you need to select a WooCommerce theme that can sell itself well. It will be the first indicator of its competitiveness in the world of online business.

All the themes presented in our list deserve your attention. However, the choice of the best theme depends on the characteristics of your business. Some themes provide multi-tasking features, but that does not mean that they will suit you best. Choose based on your idea about the target audience, its tastes and preferences.

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Best WordPress Themes 2016

Best WordPress Themes Created in 2016

Premium WordPress Themes are the first essential tool for creating a successful website or blog. The choice of a theme is the first important step on the way to the thrilling world of online projects in WordPress platform. But how to choose the best option for your project, if there is such a huge variety of themes?

In this article we will look at the best WordPress themes of 2016. An indicator of the quality will be seen by the number of satisfied customers, so in this list you will find only the best sellers. We have collected a variety of themes for you. There are multi-tasking themes, and themes designed for a particular industry. We believe that you will have the best opportunity to choose the appropriate theme from the given list. Let us go on an exciting journey to the Forest of WordPress Themes!

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Connecting Your Instagram Account to WordPress Site

Connecting Your Instagram Account to WordPress Site

Widely known fact says that the visual content attracts attention better than any text. This is the basis of popularity of the modern social network Instagram. Instagram is the most popular social platform for rapid posting of the images. Today the social network has more than 500 millions of subscribers. And this number is constantly growing.

Instagram attracts users with a simple possibility to instantly share bright moments of their lifes with friends. In the presence of the mobile internet, Instagram becomes your online album with photos that can be updated immediately after taking any shot with your smartphone.

Many site owners on the WordPress platform already appreciated the advantages of combining Instagram account with your internet project. Active account in Instagram can be interesting not only for personal blog, but also for the online store, which wants to ease and effectively communicate with its regular customers.

Let us look at the simplest and most effective ways to link Instagram account with your WordPress site. We will introduce you several themes that are adapted to connect the Instagram feed to your WordPress site. And also consider a way of manually adding the Instagram posts on your site and the possibilities of modern WordPress plugins designed specifically to optimize the Instagram-WordPress connection.

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Hauntingly Spooky Halloween Website Templates and Builders!

Every year as the leaves on the trees start to change and the Autumn season comes into full swing, we all (okay, some of us dread it) look forward to the many traditions and flavors of Fall. Our culinary creativity goes seemingly to the ends of the pumpkin patch to incorporate pumpkin spice into every dish and beverage. And don’t pretend you don’t take that small paper apple picking bag as a light suggestion of how many apples you really intend on picking (and eating) at the orchard. Though the most devious of Fall habits is when we start to scheme on how to best outdo last year’s Halloween costume and, better yet, how scare the apple cider donuts out of your All Hallow’s Eve party guests!

Well now that we at Artbees Themes have clearly outed ourselves as overzealous Autumn and Halloween enthusiasts, let’s skip the pumpkin circumstance and get straight to templates (not apologizing for the corniness of that pun). What we’ve noticed is that Autumn is one of the most popular seasons when we see a boost in requests for website builders that can quickly build temporary mostly Halloween-themed websites. So we know that you need to build a website that’s centered around Halloween activities and materials, but that still leaves us with a few options. Two of the most common website requests we’ve gotten are for eCommerce websites to sell costumes and decorations or an invitation to be used for upcoming Halloween parties. So we put our Artbees ghouls and goblins to work to make sure you’d have a selection of fun and spooky Jupiter WordPress templates to help you quickly launch a website! Here we’ll give you a quick sneak peek of two of our Halloween templates that are ready to be summoned. Read more

12 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

12 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

Modern WordPress themes tend to have a lot of design elements. This diversity is justified by the desire to create a universal theme for a wide range of potential audiences. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that a large number of elements overloads WordPress site and impedes the perception of content. If you want your readers to focus on the most important points, the prudent choice would be minimalist WordPress themes.

WordPress themes designed in minimal style will help you to get interested audience not only for portfolio sites, but also for many kinds of online businesses. The point is that modern users are paying less attention to the study of your site. And if it is overloaded in terms of design, there is a very large chance for the reader not to keep attention to the pages of your website or blog. Do you want to avoid losing the audience? Then we suggest you to get familiarized yourself with a selection of the most popular and stylish minimalistic themes.

We have selected for you only the themes that optimally combine functionality and ease of visual perception. Not all of the above themes are multipurpose, so you need to choose a specific topic based on the individual needs of your project in WordPress.

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Best selling WordPress themes for creative people

Best Selling WordPress Themes for Creative People

The choice between lots of WordPress themes often becomes difficult for many novice users. The variety of themes is really amazing. The question is: what things you should focus, if you do not have a clear idea of how your site will look? One option is to trust the taste of the community.

If you want to know what themes are the most popular, the simplest and accurate way is to pay attention to the bestsellers. Themes that are sold best of all are the trusted by the international community of bloggers products.

Let’s find out what WordPress themes are bestsellers on ThemeForest. Perhaps it will help you make a choice in favor of the best themes for your personal website or blog.

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The Anatomy of a WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress theme is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a high quality website. A good theme can allow you to implement all the latest design trends and get a site up the same day (5 minutes to install). Knowing the anatomy of a WordPress theme can help you get a better understanding of how a WordPress theme works.

The best thing about themes for many people is how simple and easy it makes your work. All you need is some basic knowledge to carry out complex tasks. There are many things a WordPress user can do without having any technical background at all. If you are looking for a theme, checkout out our WordPress Theme Repository. When you are theme shopping, make sure and choose a theme that has all the functionality you want built-in.  Read more

Best WordPress Real Estate Themes

The Best Real Estate Themes for WordPress

As a real estate agent or agency, it’s important to put your best foot forward. The way you advertise properties and how you present listings will have a huge impact on sales. One of the things you need in order to do this is a have professional website. Having your own website is not just about giving you an edge over the competition. A website is an asset that can help you build a solid reputation and take your career to the next level.

WordPress is the top CMS for the real estate industry because it offers an incredibly powerful and easy to use set of tools. This makes for an elegant business solution. It couldn’t be easier, just choose a theme and add your listings. Which theme should you choose? That’s where we can help. Read more

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bateaux Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Review 2016

Bateaux is an innovative multi-purpose WordPress Theme made by Twisttheme. You can use this theme to crank out high quality websites in no time at all. Bateaux offers you a powerful set of tools and options to get creative with. There are some interesting features that outperform some of the top-selling themes on the market. Use it to build websites for any niche. Possible use cases include: landing pages, design studio websites, ecommerce, restaurants, blogs, one page websites or any other business purpose.

I really enjoyed taking Bateaux for a test drive. The developers did a really great job on this theme. They found a harmonious balance between simplicity, power and ease of use. I was pleasantly surprised with just about everything this theme had to offer and how easy it was to work with. Read more

Jupiter Template Grid

How to Create a Landing Page With the WordPress Theme Jupiter

A landing page is any web page that somebody lands on after clicking on a link from another web page. Most of the time landing pages are dedicated solely to a promotion or product. Typically you will be brought to a landing page after clicking a call to action (like one located in a promotional email). Landing pages are great for many different purposes from promoting events to marketing products. Jupiter makes it easy to build a killer landing page.

For most businesses that market online, a landing page is essential. Not everyone has the time or expertise to create a landing page from scratch. Many businesses choose to use pre-made templates from landing page services or website builders like Wix. There are some problems with doing things this way… Read more

WordPress Logo over Landscape

16 of the Best Single Page WordPress Themes in 2016

Single page WordPress websites are very useful for many applications. This can include all different types of websites for high end business, portfolios, online stores, events, products and e cards. In the past few years this design trend has had a solid presence on the web due to fact that more and more people are browsing on mobile phones – where scrolling is easier than navigating to a new page.

The majority of websites are built using the classic multi-page design convention. This is a great way to build a website but may not always be applicable. One page websites can be an effective way to provide a high quality user experience. Single page sites can make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Read more

Jupiter Template Grid

First Time Setup of Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter is a powerful WordPress theme that has been making a splash on Themeforest since it’s release in 2013. Things have really improved since the release of Jupiter 5.1 in April, 2016. This theme is powerful, lightweight and easy to customize. It’s like having an entire team of developers at your fingertips.

All it takes is a single click to import a fully functional website. There currently over 70 templates (demo content) available free with purchase of Jupiter. With 50 of those templates specifically built for business, it’s a great choice for any type of business website. Read more

You Wanted it. Jupiter V5.1’s Got it.

Whether you’re a veteran WordPress user or just beginning your research on which WordPress Theme will give you the most bang for your buck, there’s one demand repeatedly echoed by WP users. Simply put, more than fancy features and plugins, they want a theme provider that takes their feedback into consideration and continuously improves the functionality of the product they’re paying for. Fair enough. Well, here at Artbees, we heard you loud and clear. We went back to the drawing board and immediately started brainstorming how to take your feedback and integrate it into an even better Jupiter! Read more

WordPress Material Design Featured

9 Material Design Themes for WordPress

Google’s material design is an ambitious concept. It is based on principles of technology and design to push the envelope. Many say that material design is the evolution of the flat design trend that has been popular among designers and developers for the past few years.

In the WordPress world we have definitely seen the material design trend grow. Although the concept was developed by Google, designers are utilizing the elements of material design across many different platforms and devices. How can you use material design to your advantage?  Read more

Creating an Online Portfolio With WordPress

In today’s post we are focusing on the advantages of building an online portfolio with WordPress. Traditionally we may think that a portfolio website is only necessary for visual artists or those in the creative field. This includes photographers, web designers, animators, videographers etc.

It’s a given that people who work in creative fields should have an online portfolio to showcase their work. The truth is that portfolio websites are useful for people in many different professions. Anyone who has a web presence and wants to show off their work can benefit from creating a portfolio on their website. The right presentation can make a big difference in the clients you attract and the people you connect with. Read more

WooPress — Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme Review

It’s never been easier to build an online store with WordPress. There are a large number of affordable and viable solutions available. The only problem is choosing the right tools. There are so many products and themes on the market to help you sell products online, it can be tough know what’s best. If you are really stuck, checkout our guide for choosing a WordPress theme. This post will review WooPress, a modern eCommerce theme for WordPress.

WooPress is a powerful theme. It provides an easy and robust solution for anyone that wants to sell products through their website. WooPress is a full-fledged eCommerce solution powered by WooCommerce. Read more

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme — a Comprehensive Guide

Creating a website is exciting. That’s why it’s easy to rush through the process and make some wrong moves. There’s nothing wrong with diving right in. Many people learn better this way, yet more often than not, it’s unnecessary and counterproductive.

A little bit of research can save you a lot of time and effort. There are thousands of themes for WordPress. In fact, there are too many. The biggest marketplace for themes is Themeforest. Currently they have over 6,000 to choose from and more are being added all the time. It can be overwhelming trying to navigate through the sea (or forest) of software to find the perfect theme. Read more

Hipster Themes for WordPress

The Top 5 Hipster Themes for WordPress

If you enter “hipster” in the search bar on Themeforest you will get lots of results to choose from. Today we have a list of the top 5 hipster themes for WordPress. These trendy themes pay homage to vintage style and sophisticated artistic sensibilities.

Hipster culture has spread like wildfire across the globe. It’s not just a trend anymore. This commercial and cultural phenomenon has come full circle and hipsters have taken over their share of the planet. We have seen a wave business people and artists who employ a quality over quantity and artistic flare to their brands. Injecting a certain aesthetic into every market. Read more

The Best WordPress Business Themes of 2015

Having a website is now a necessary requirement for most businesses. It’s a powerful marketing tool that you can use to promote your business. WordPress gives you an affordable and versatile solution for creating your website. Building an impressive, professional website has never been this easy. A good theme can help you organize your data, market your business and increase brand awareness.

Running a business is definitely a challenge. It requires the owner to understand each facet of operation including marketing, administration, HR, management and IT. This forces you to learn more than you thought possible to be successful and keep things organized.

A large percentage of business websites around the world are powered by WordPress. Starting a website or blog on WordPress gives you the option experiment with many designs and strategies. There are tons themes for business sites, both free and premium. In my opinion a WordPress website is the only way to go.  Read more

Jupiter — Multi-Purpose Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Review

Jupiter is a premium multi-purpose theme appropriate for building a wide variety of websites. It’s flexible and powerful. This mega theme has enough functions and features to make your head spin. Fortunately it’s easy for any level WordPress user to navigate. Jupiter is suitable for enthusiasts or professional web designers. Editing is easy, you can drag and drop any element into a page or post section with Visual Composer.

It’s a great tool for those looking to build contemporary websites. You can quickly get your site up and running by using one of the developers pre-made templates. Currently their catalog includes over 50 templates for eCommerce, business, photography, portfolios, community, creative, food, health, entertainment, online stores, fashion and technology.

Using Jupiter is an easy way to make elaborate and stylish sites with all the bells and whistles. The documentation for this theme is very well written and easy to follow. There are also official tutorial videos available that show you how to do everything like install your site, migrate to a new server or add content.

Read more

Uncode — The Best Premium WordPress Theme of 2015

It’s our first post of the new year so I thought I’d start off with a theme that is sure to be a winner in 2016. Uncode is a new WordPress theme that lives up to its name. With a simple, easy to navigate theme options panel and Visual Composer page builder baked in, it’s easy for anyone to use. This is a multi-purpose theme that has been available on Themeforest since November 4th, 2015 and has been selling steadily ever since.

It’s perfect for any WordPress user who wants to put up a blog or portfolio. There are some rich options for typography that I haven’t seen in other themes and enhanced media library options. We all know that WordPress was built for blogging, yet has evolved into one of the finest an all-purpose CMS solutions around. Read more

Impressive WordPress Themes for Business

There’s no shortage of themes available on ThemeForest for you to choose from. Finding a business theme is not hard. Many times it’s tempting to search for a template and choose the first one that catches your eye without giving it a second thought. This can work out but it’s probably not the best approach. This is why we’re here to help.

Before you find that dream theme, it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what you need before making a purchase. This way you won’t waste money on add-ons or plugins because your theme doesn’t have all the functionality you need. Make a list of all the requirements you’ll need before choosing a theme to make things easier. Read more

Enfold vs X Theme vs Avada

Choosing a theme to design websites in WordPress usually goes one of two ways. Developers choose a theme geared toward a specific niche or they find a theme that can build a variety of different types of websites. Niche specific themes are great, but if you plan on building a website with room to grow, you may find that an all-purpose or multi-purpose theme may be more convenient and cost effective. You will have more options when it comes to future growth of your website. As it develops, you will easily be able to add more functionality and features.

You may find that many themes labeled as all-purpose/multi-purpose can be clunky, have compatibility problems or just aren’t that versatile. The number of WordPress themes that are designed for multi-purpose use is ever increasing. But there really are only a few themes that really pass the test when it comes to successfully building a wide variety of websites with WordPress. Read more

Best WordPress Themes of August 2015

People love WordPress because they can use it to create powerful, versatile website in a short amount of time to achieve their goals. Another reason people love WordPress is for retail purposes. With WooCommerce you can easily monetize a website, manage payments and keep track of customer information.

With over 9 million downloads, WooCommerce for WordPress is gaining steam and becoming one of the most sought after eCommerce solutions on the net. According to the developers over at WooThemes, 30% of all eCommerce transactions on the internet is handled by WooCommerce and 85% of all WordPress sites use the plugin (they were reluctant to give any actual figures). WooCommerce solutions continue to evolve as more and more developers create extensions and themes to work with the platform, giving users even more flexibility. Check out our post on eCommerce to see 10 of the Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes of July 2015

There are hundreds of different WordPress themes out there designed to build professional websites with stunning displays. Every month developers churn out new themes for WordPress users to try out. You can use themes to save time and money. Most themes are pretty easy to use and feature a lot of the same tools. It’s also a cost effective way to quickly get your site off the ground and running.

A lot of the differences you’ll find within themes of the same category lie in their unique design templates and customization options. Not all themes are created equal, some fall flat, and some rise to the top. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start since there are so many different themes. When you are a trying to run a creative business, magazine site, showcase your portfolio or put up a beautiful blog, you’ll want your website to match your sensibilities. We focused this article on themes that are designed to help you build you’re a professional looking creative website that looks stunning. We’ve chosen 9 of the best new themes for WordPress that came out in July 2015. I’m sure you’ll find at least one that will stir your imagination and let you showcase your unique artistic perspective.

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Avada Review — Best-Selling WordPress Theme of All Time

Avada is one of the top selling themes of all-time on the biggest WordPress theme marketplace on the planet. This multi-purpose theme for WordPress has everything. You can use it to build a number of different style sites and pages. This easily is one of the most extensive WordPress themes ever created. Versitile is the keyword here. Build a single page site for your mobile app, or an entire directory site. You can really do just about anything with Avada.

Avada’s demo does an amazing job of building a website without the need of a developer. You don’t need any PHP knowledge or coding skills at all to get professional results. Fool your friends and tell them you designed it from scratch. Actually you probably shouldn’t do that, but you will feel like a full-fledged designer once you figure out how to use Avada for it’s full potential. I’ve heard that just about anyone can build a fully customized WordPress website that looks and functions great. We put that idea to the test and tried this theme out to see if it lived up to its promise.

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Best WordPress Themes

Best Premium WordPress Themes of June 2015

We have hand-picked a few of the latest and greatest premium WordPress themes on the market today. What makes a theme deserve to be considered among the best? To understand how we chose these themes, it’s important to know what WordPress has to offer for website design and creation. WordPress is highly customizable CMS that was originally created to address the needs of bloggers. Eventually it evolved into a platform that could incorporate plugins and design widgets. This adds not only aesthetic value, but great functionality…

There are so many premium WordPress themes available to designers, that it can be hard to pinpoint which ones ore the best. Especially when trends and business demands are constantly shifting. As technology develops, new themes that respond to the growing number of users needs are always popping up. We have chosen 7 new themes that we think meet the demands of today’s WordPress webmasters. We will outline why we think the 7 themes we’ve chosen are special and what they can do for you. Read more