Best Online Courses for WordPress Beginners

Best Online Courses for WordPress Beginners

WordPress is the best Content Management System for beginners site administrators. WordPress CMS is extremely simple for initial acquaintance. This is the main reason for its popularity among newcomers who want to create a personal website or blog. But the further you go into the study of the system and the more you try to develop your internet project, the more difficult tasks it can become.

WordPress can be fully explored on your own. But it will take a lot of time and perseverance. A much simpler option is to gain experience from more competent WordPress administrators and developers. If such knowledge is presented in an accessible and consistent way, then it will help you deal with most nuances much more quickly through an independent study.

There are several easy ways to quickly get key knowledge of WordPress. The most obvious way is to read cognitive articles, which is what you are doing right now. Well done! We encourage you to visit our special section for Beginners. And we advise you to start reading with one of the most interesting and useful article: the Most Awful Mistakes of a Site Owner on WordPress.

However, there is another convenient and enjoyable way to get knowledge. This method consists in attending seminars and lectures on WordPress administration. And of course, there is no need to attend such events personally. After all, we live in the age of digital technology! Online courses and seminars from professionals in the field of WordPress administration will help you quickly join the environment of successful site owners.

In this article, we offer you a list of the most useful and interesting courses on mastering the skills of WordPress administration. Choose the most suitable for yourself!

WP Apprentice: WordPress Quick Start Course

WP ApprenticeWP Apprentice is suitable for WordPress administrators who want to start from scratch. If you have never used WordPress and have never developed sites or blogs, then this course is for you. Here you are consistently introduced with all the nuances of creating a WordPress site – from the search for hosting to installing the necessary themes and plugins.

WP Apprentice course is completely free and is designed to quickly launch your WordPress site or blog. You will only need 1 hour to review this introductory course. This small period of time will allow you to save considerably in the future – not only time, but also money. With an understanding of the basic principles of the WordPress CMS, you can avoid most of the mistakes that novices tend to make.

WP Apprentice will explain what are WordPress themes, plugins, widgets and how to work with them. Basically, the person who attends this course can start the site creation immediately after its end. Moreover, you can successfully create any kinds of content that WordPress supports and freely share it with interested readers.

This course is not an acute one, for those who already have basic knowledge in the area of WordPress administration. However, if you spend one hour of your time, you will be able to see for sure that you are acquainted with all the basic nuances of WordPress site maintenance. Since the course is free, this possibility should not be ignored.

Visit WP Apprentice

Udemy’s Complete WordPress Training for Beginners

UdemyUdemy’s Complete WordPress Training for Beginners is also a completely free course. But this course is more in-depth and it will take 4 hours for detailed study. However, a long duration is fully justified by the excellent set of knowledge and skills that you will receive after the completion of the course.

Udemy’s Training is a complete set of recommendations for every WordPress administrator. Here you will find not only basic information about the installation and launch of the site, but also more in-depth information about SEO optimization and even about creating your own WordPress themes for your website or blog.

On the other hand, Udemy’s Training remains a step-by-step guide for setting up the WordPress site. So it is suitable for any beginner. All the nuances are explained without using complex terminology, so that the listener can immediately understand the essence, without using a technical dictionary or additional knowledge.

Another incredible advantage of Udemy’s Training is a detailed description of the operation principles of all the basic elements of WordPress CMS. With the help of this course you not only receive instructions on how to build the site, but start to understand on your own how everything is arranged from within. This indescribable feeling of complete comfort from understanding the slightest nuances will surely make you feel good.

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The Basics with WordPress 101

WordPress 101With the WordPress 101 Basics we are coming to a premium section of courses, that will cost you some money. On the other hand, paid courses always give more information and are ready to provide qualified support if some questions are not disclosed to you. The choice between a free start and the initial investment in your own knowledge is always yours.

The entire course of WordPress 101 Basics includes 90 minutes, which are divided into 20 videos. The first 8 videos are free and introductory. You can buy the access to the rest of the video for $24. In addition, you can purchase a periodic subscription or use one of the promotional offers, which are often conducted by the authors of this course. After purchasing this course, you also get free access to intermediate course for WordPress administrators.

WordPress 101 Basics describes a lot of interesting information related to setting up a website. This information concerns both changes in the design and content on the site, and purely technical settings, which can be useful to every WordPress administrator. However, this course does not deal with the choice of hosting and the initial launch of the site. Therefore, if you want to start from scratch without any knowledge, the course will not suit you.

Visit WordPress 101 Basics WordPress Courses is essentially a platform for WordPress education in various directions and knowledge levels. Here you will find interesting information not only for beginners, but also for advanced WordPress administrators who want to constantly improve their skills and learn something new about the CMS with which they constantly work. offers a monthly subscription for $20. You will also have a free trial period for 10 days. After purchasing a subscription, you can use the content of the site without restrictions. This has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you get access to a huge amount of useful content at a relatively low cost. On the other hand, you will not receive a clear educational program and will have to choose the lectures or lessons that interest you.

The courses of this service can acquaint you with both basic information about launching the site and its initial configuration, and with advanced aspects of WordPress administrator activities such as SEO optimization, custom CSS and much more. Here you choose the information you want to read. And you are not limited to a particular course or topic.

The service of is perfect for intermediate level of a WordPress administrator. This stage may require you to study specific nuances that you will not find in courses of a broader profile. Also, the service assumes that you yourself know what you need to learn. This can be too complicated for beginners to use.


WordPress Development by Treehouse

TreehouseTreehouse WordPress Development course is a bit like the previous member of our list. However, Treehouse has an undoubted advantage: it is better structured and can provide step-by-step guide even for full beginners in WordPress administration.

Treehouse WordPress Development course is also a paid service. The cost of a monthly subscription is $25. The first seven days you can enjoy a free trial period. The duration of the course is 27 hours. The first two hours are devoted to the basics of WordPress administration.

A full course of Treehouse WordPress Development will give you the opportunity to significantly upgrade your WordPress administration skills. You will be provided with detailed information on all aspects of WordPress CMS. The last lessons will require serious concentration, since they will be devoted to quite complex technical aspects of administration. However, if you want to become a truly qualified owner of a successful WordPress site, then all this knowledge will certainly be useful to you once.

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Final Words

We have brought you some interesting opportunities for learning and self-development in the area of WordPress administration. We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities for the benefit of your internet project and for the sake of increasing its audience.

We wish you good luck in understanding all the depths of WordPress CMS!

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