Quick Tip When Premium WordPress Plugins Are Worth Their Price

Quick Tip: When Premium WordPress Plugins Are Worth Their Price?

There is always a kind of dilemma about choosing between free and premium plugins for your WordPress website or blog. There are lots of free plugins` examples which can serve you not worse than their premium competitors. On the other hand, premium plugins always have their advantages like professional customer support or guaranteed auto updates.

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to the question whether premium plugins are worth their price. There are some strategies to estimate the value of premium plugins` purchase for the most popular cases of WordPress administrator`s practice. We will try to share the basic tips on such strategies with you through this article.

Examples of Amazing Free WordPress Plugins

Examples of Amazing Free WordPress PluginsLet us start with the good news: most of the basic WordPress plugins, which a beginner might need, are available for free. This fact relates to the overall friendly strategy of WordPress towards the newbies in the field of website creation and management. The postulate sets the common rule: every basic feature you need is available for free within the default WordPress admin dashboard or by means of free plugins.

The most wonderful examples of free WordPress plugins available for every administrator are:

  • Yoast SEO — the main tool for optimizing your WordPress website due to all demands of search engines and real visitors.
  • WooCommerce — the most popular service which allows you to create an online shop within your WordPress website and sell products and goods by means of it.
  • WPForms Lite — one of the most convenient contact from builders to provide your website visitors with feedback tools.

There are surely much more examples but these are the most important any WordPress beginner should install at the first day of his or her website creation.

When Do We Need Premium Plugins?

When Do We Need Premium PluginsYou could have made a false conclusion about the total uselessness of premium WordPress plugins reading the previous paragraph. There would not be so many WordPress plugins` developers and billions of sales around the world, if it was true. We do need premium plugins as long as we want to develop our website further than the very first steps.

Let us now take some examples of situation when premium plugins become the must-have tools for our WordPress projects.

  • Advanced Features. When you face a challenge of creating something unique and really beautiful, basic features of free plugins are mostly helpless. In this case you have 2 options: to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and other related web development skills, or to extend your free plugins` features to premium. All of our previous examples of brilliant free plugins have their premium upgrades which is the best evidence of the truth about this fact.
  • Dedicated Support. Most premium WordPress plugins` developers provide their users with professional support. It could be crucial especially in your first steps as a WordPress admin.
  • Extensive Tutorials. This is very similar to previous point: only premium plugins have extensive tutorials, usually in video format.
  • Guaranteed Auto Updates. Premium plugins always aim to perfection. It means they are constantly developed and new patches will come constantly. You should not worry about updates though, as they are usually performed automatically.
  • Specific Solutions. Free plugins aim to bring complex solutions but when it comes to your project`s peculiarities, only premium services can adopt and handle with your goals.

Key Point on Choosing Between Free and Premium Plugins

You should consider all of the listed above facts to take a thought-out decision about purchasing a premium plugin or staying with a free alternative for the time being. We can only help you further with some important clarifications about free and premium WordPress plugins:

  • You should not select between using all free or all premium plugins on your WordPress website. Take a golden mean for the sake of your project and its users.
  • Not all premium plugins are awesome. As well as not all free plugins are horrible. Only experience (and helpful articles, like ours) can show you the truth.
  • Premium plugins are mostly one-time paid but there are some services with monthly or annual fees — do pay attention to the information given by developers or resellers.
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