Increase the Time Visitors Spend on Your WordPress Site

Increase the Time Visitors Spend on Your WordPress Site

The owner of any WordPress site wants users to remain on the pages of his internet project as long as possible. This desire can be justified by various reasons — from the wish to share interesting information to the desire of selling goods or services through a web site. However, not all WordPress site owners know how they can affect the amount of time visitors spend on their site.

Today we will talk about the goals of increasing the duration of the users session on your site and how to achieve this result. We will look at the simplest but most effective methods that will not require a WordPress administrator to have special knowledge or skills. In addition, you will learn how to quickly evaluate the results of work to increase the duration of the users presence on the site.

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Optimizing WordPress Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization is crucial not only for your site in common, but for every WordPress post you create. If you have already created a unique text and visual content, but have not optimized it for search engines, the chances of losing potential readers are quite high. It makes no sense to risk huge losses among the target audience, as modern tools for WordPress offers convenient features for fast optimization of any post.

One of the most important instruments for optimizing is the Yoast SEO plugin. Today we look at all the possibilities of this plugin for easy optimization of each new WordPress posts. The main advantage of Yoast SEO plugin is its versatility. With this tool, you will be able to optimize not only the pages` meta tags while creating a new post, but also the settings of social sharing and more advanced options.

There are other useful tools for the optimization of WordPress posts. Also, do not forget about the built-in capabilities of the WordPress admin panel. We will analyze all these features in detail in this article. With the help of this walkthrough, you will be able to easily build SEO-optimized content, which will be better ranked in the search engines results.

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Yoast SEO Plugin — Full Guide for WordPress

Yoast SEO Plugin — Full Guide for WordPress

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pursues two goals: to improve the position of your site in the search results on thematic requests and optimize user interaction with your site. These factors are crucial for the development of any project on WordPress, so ignoring SEO is impossible. However, site optimization may seem a complicated and confusing process for the novice website owners. That is why special plugins are constantly being developed and improved to provide substantial assistance in the initial setup for SEO elements and maintaining the site within the established by the search engines requirements.

One of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast. This plugin has earned the trust of the majority owners of WordPress sites due to a variety of features and an intuitive interface. Let us look at Yoast SEO plugin from the installation to the details of everyday use to highlight all the advantages of this tool.

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Tips to Quickly Index Your WordPress Site By Google

Tips to Quickly Index Your WordPress Site By Google

You have already started the project in WordPress platform and you are proud with the completed work? Of course, you have already passed the most difficult stage in the life of your internet project. Nevertheless, its life has just begun, and it means that a large layer of work is still ahead. Now you are looking forward to an exciting journey in the world of SEO, where the party is ruled by Google. Do not be afraid of the big difficulties, because WordPress and Google provide their customers with a friendly interface and comprehensive assistance in the form of various manuals.

But where to start your journey to success in a good position in the search results? How not to make a mistake at the first corner and make the Google indexing of your site fast and painless? This will be discussed in detail in this article.

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How To Speed Up Wordpress: 8 Simple Tricks

How To Speed Up WordPress Site: 8 Simple Tricks

Slow web sites irritate everyone. You do not want to visit even your own site, if it is loaded for too long. Now think about your visitors, who form their first impression of your internet project on a basis of those long seconds waiting, which they need to carry out before downloading the content of your site. In addition, Google has officially noted that the download speed of the pages is an important factor in ranking the site in the search engine results.

Let’s talk about specific numbers. Every second of site download waiting will cost you 7% of traffic for your project. If you are using the site to sell any goods or services, then every extra second of loading will result in a loss of revenue. Let`s suppose that your site has a turnover of $ 1,000 per day. In this case, every second delay at loading will cost you about $ 30 000 per year.

Now you understand how serious things are and it is time to move on how to overcome long load of your site on WordPress platform. We tried to collect only simple and effective ways to reduce the loading time of the site that do not require special knowledge in the field of programming and does not occupy a large amount of time on their implementation.

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45 WordPress SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

45 WordPress SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

WordPress is a great CMS for SEO right out of the box, but optimizing your site for success will take some effort. Getting good results won’t happen overnight. You will have to stay consistent and keep up with the latest trends. The good news is that SEO is easy enough for anyone to learn.

Anybody with some basic knowledge will be able to apply it and get good results. WordPress SEO is all about gaining favor with search engines, mainly Google. Search engine optimization involves optimizing your text, link building, gaining popularity and your reputation.  Below are some fast and effective SEO tips for WordPress. Read more

7 Reasons to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

People are more connected to the web than ever before. In the year 2000 there were approximately 17 million websites on the net. Today there are over 1 billion websites up and counting. The way people access the internet has changed the landscape of the web. With billions people using mobile phones to connect it’s important to have a mobile friendly website.

Conventionally when we think of someone sitting on the computer to browse the internet. But more and more people are using their cell phones or tablets to get online. Many people’s first experience with the internet are now through mobile phones. This is a trend that is not going away. It’s clear that mobile friendly websites are going to increase exponentially in the future. Read on to find out why you should optimize your site and some ways that you can do it.  Read more

Comparing WordPress Sitemap Generators

In today’s post I am going to take a look at two of the most popular plugins for creating a sitemap in WordPress: Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachold’s and Yoast SEO. Using a plugin to generate a sitemap is hands down the easiest way to manage this task, especially if you have to do it multiple times a day for multiple sites.

We will go over what these plugins can do and how you can use them to keep your sitemap up to date. It should be mentioned that Yoast SEO has much more functionality than Google XML Sitemaps. An average WordPress user with Yoast SEO probably won’t need to install Google XML Sitemaps. Read more

SEO Strategies For WordPress in 2016

Every year business owners hope to get their page on the top of the best SERPs. The guidelines for a winning SEO strategy has changed dramatically over the past five years. Experts are always coming out with new tips on how to increase your search engine presence and maximize returns on your investment.

In 2015 we saw some interesting developments. As Google and other search engine’s AI continue to develop, so do the rules on how to increase your SERP rankings. Many sites will implement strategies that don’t reflect the current SEO landscape, resulting in wasted efforts and low rankings. Read more

How to Avoid Google Penalization

Sharing your content and optimizing your website for search engines are the best ways to attract visitors to your site. It’s important to incorporate all major search engines into your optimization strategy, not just Google. Yahoo, Bing and social networks like Tumblr and Facebook also have powerful search engines.

If you only focused on Google you’d be ignoring a large portion of the market. Nevertheless Google has grown to become the biggest player in the game when it comes to search engines. Having a high ranking on Google search can be one of the most valuable marketing assets for your website.

You’ve heard the saying, “The best way to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google’s search results.” While we shouldn’t take this saying literally, we should take this message to heart. Ranking on the first page of Google can draw an enormous amount of traffic to your WordPress site. Read more

Basic WordPress SEO

SEO Basics for WordPress

WordPress is hands down one of the best content management systems for SEO. A lot of people see spending the time required to get good search engine visibility as time wasted. Nothing could be further from the truth. Optimizing your site takes diligence and hard work, but it will definitely pay off. Using the tips offered in this article can help you optimize your WordPress site to gain more subscribers and improve your website. We think that good SEO should be an integral part of your online strategy. Checkout these WordPress plugins to help manage your SEO strategy.

Search engine web crawlers, also known as spiders, don’t spend a whole lot of time on your website. The web crawlers of today comb through your site and collect content, ignoring your meticulously placed CSS and HTML style elements. To begin with, it’s a good idea to pick a theme that places content at the top of the page. Most search engines will not scan past the first half of your page. There are just way too many pages to index and a third of a page is usually enough to get an idea of what a website is all about.

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How to configure WordPress permalink for better SEO?

By configuring the right type of permalink, you will be able to make your post adorable to leading search engine like Google and Bing. Adding a custom permalink to your post can also give you an extra edge on your SERP competitors as well. If you are not sure about how to configure your website’s permalink or which permalink setting would bring the best profit for your site, then keep reading this post.

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