Jupiter — Multi-Purpose Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Review

Jupiter is a premium multi-purpose theme appropriate for building a wide variety of websites. It’s flexible and powerful. This mega theme has enough functions and features to make your head spin. Fortunately it’s easy for any level WordPress user to navigate. Jupiter is suitable for enthusiasts or professional web designers. Editing is easy, you can drag and drop any element into a page or post section with Visual Composer.

It’s a great tool for those looking to build contemporary websites. You can quickly get your site up and running by using one of the developers pre-made templates. Currently their catalog includes over 50 templates for eCommerce, business, photography, portfolios, community, creative, food, health, entertainment, online stores, fashion and technology.

Using Jupiter is an easy way to make elaborate and stylish sites with all the bells and whistles. The documentation for this theme is very well written and easy to follow. There are also official tutorial videos available that show you how to do everything like install your site, migrate to a new server or add content.

My Opinion

I’ve had the chance to try out lots of all-purpose themes. So far, I’ve used Jupiter for a small business project and an online shop. What struck me first with Jupiter was how well thought out the backend is. Building is simple. The dashboard menu items and theme options panel is well organized, making it easy to start building.

Most web designers enjoy the freedom to choose from a large number of elements. Jupiter gives you everything you need to get creative, giving you limitless design possibilities. As far as performance this theme lives up to industry standards for responsiveness, high resolution support of multimedia and design elements. One thing you should realize is that Jupiter gives you tons of options for showcasing multimedia. So if you plan on adding lots of high resolution images, videos ect. you will need to make sure your server can handle it.

Jupiter 50 Templates

About Jupiter

Jupiter is a top selling WordPress theme was created by Artbees. They are an independent company focused on graphic design that has been around since 2008. Artbees have earned the title of elite author on Envato marketplace — the company is known for their cutting edge products, which include 3 WordPress themes and 21 graphic design products.

This theme has a clean, sophisticated feel to it. You’ll never have to worry about your visitors being turned off by weak color schemes or harsh visual patterns. With one click, you can import the demo content and have a seamless website ready for you to fill with your content.

Live Demo

Jupiter’s Workflow

WordPress is nice because it offers people like me a nice balance between ease of use and options. I don’t have to sacrifice any of the functionality I could get from hand coding a website from scratch, yet I can get sites up quickly without the headaches. With drag and drop functionality and the use of shortcodes, the learning curve is even smaller with WordPress.

Jupiter comes with a built-in drag and drop builder. This makes building pages or sections incredibly easy and flexible. Jupitor also comes stocked an enhanced version of Visual Composer when you activate the theme. This saves you $34 and gives you a lot of page building power.

With VC you can work from back-end or front-end to build any type of layout you can dream up. Select from a wide range of elements and content modules to add content. This allows you to get a very unique page layout with WordPress – without having to do any coding. Visual Composer integrates perfectly with Jupiter, so every page template can be modified within the editor.

Use it to divide your layout into columns or sections to fit your needs. This theme automatically generates a mobile stylesheet, to help you save time coding. There’s nothing wrong with coding all this yourself, but there are many times where you need to get a prototype up and running fast. You can use Jupiter to get things done much faster. This gives you less time to stress and more time to focus on design.

FeaturesJupiter — Elements

The Jupiter theme falls in line with the flat design convention that has taken over contemporary website design. It has a parallax effect you can choose to activate and looks great on all devices. The responsive design makes it easy to view on any sized browser from smartphones to television screens. It’s also one of a handful of true multi-purpose themes, allowing you to change a large number of options.

The default configuration for Jupiter is fairly unique – containing options for full width layouts, parallax sliders, sticky headers, multimedia galleries, buttons and more. Moreover, it’s really easy to get started. It’s easy to download and install a layouts for any type of website you can think of. Their demo content is sure to have something for you whether it’s for business, creative or blogging.

Take the demo content and make it your own by changing the configurations. You can change the typography, add content blocks, widgets, slideshows and integrate social media. To display new content to a section, all you need to do is add a new row and add a new element. You can add more classes and IDs to any of the content for custom CSS styles.

Theme OptionsJupiter — Theme Options Panel

Most of the premium themes for WordPress offer lots of features. For beginners, figuring out how to use all of those options can be a struggle. Jupiter’s options panel and dashboard menu items are very beginner friendly. It’s made for human beings, not HTML/CSS superheroes. You can easily add content and edit your website without having to navigate your way through a complicated admin panel. Experienced WordPress will also find that this theme is a valuable tool for speeding up the development process and getting prototypes up quickly.

From the WordPress dashboard you can customize anything you want on your website. There are a wide range of options for:

  • Post Templates
  • Headers
  • Formatting
  • Buttons
  • Styles
  • Column Layouts
  • Headings
  • Quotes
  • Process Builder
  • Shortcodes
  • SEO

Jupiter Editing

Create Stunning Slideshows

Adding beautiful slideshows to your website can really add to your visitors experience. Jupiter comes with  3 sliders you can use to build stunning slides. You can showcase your content and make it more accessible with a carousel slider, computer slider or tab slider. The computer slider can be placed in any page of your site as a shortcode to display images inside a large screen. You can set the speed of your slideshow and choose animation effects.

Add an unlimited amount of carousel sliders on your page. Carousel sliders are found within columns, making them versatile. This means can add them alongside other content as well. With the tab slider, you can allow users to quickly change slides by choosing tabs. The tab slider comes with two different skins, light or dark. Allow users to use text and/or navigation to navigate.

Website TemplatesJupiter Template Grid

Website templates are awesome because in seconds you can have a pixel perfect site, just waiting for you to fill it in with your own content. You can install one of over 50 templates for just about every niche their is on the web. This theme can produce an impressive amount of sites. The demo content is slick and looks like it was built by people who have a knack for graphic design. When you register your theme, you can download any of the templates from artbees website and install them with 1-click. This is especially good for people who want to get an online business up and running. Simply import the demo content, add your products and start selling.

Jupiter — Template Example

Final Word

The Jupiter Theme is at the top of the heap when it comes to design and versatility. It’s a practical solution for building any type of website. There are lots of pre-built templates to download and install. It’d be hard to find a site that this theme couldn’t build. You can do most everything without having to touch any code, making it ideal for beginners. Professionals will enjoy how quickly this theme can get their vision up.

If you are looking to set up a website to promote products and/or sell services, this theme is an awesome tool. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to build product loops easily. You can display your products, promote your services and make more money. Many people love this theme because it’s an easy way to build a fully functioning, attractive website. It comes with a ton of theme options, Visual Composer and it’s mobile ready. Jupiter is sure to help you get more traffic as well as land more clients.

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