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Create Awesome Instagram Galleries on WordPress with Grace Plugin

Social streaming is becoming a must-have trend for WordPress users and administrators. This trend is surely dictated by the growth and development of social networks. As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others take more and more time spent by users in internet, so the possibilities of integration between social networks and WordPress website enlarge. Is it possible to be in the trend but to stay unique in the same time? Today we will show you one way to use Instagram as your limitless source of content in style.

Social Stream Apps project (known as the creators of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin) now expands and evolves by presenting a new plugin to your judgement. This new WordPress tool focuses on creating and editing Instagram social streams for WordPress websites and blogs. Meet the Grace Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin, which is not just a part of Flow-Flow Social Streams, but a unique and independent project. Grace has a goal to provide the best features and a broader range of opportunities within more narrow framework of one particular social network to stream.

Let us look inside the features and fine-tuning possibilities of the Grace Instagram plugin and define key differences from its ancestor — Flow-Flow Social Stream. We can determine the most important differences of Grace Instagram plugin in a few words: more settings for layouts, stylings, lightboxes and profile headers.

Even right before the initial release, Grace Instagram plugin possesses more unique features and customization possibilities than all existing analogues in social streaming field. Instagram positioned itself as the most advanced modern social networks, so the social streaming tool must correspond in terms of the design and functionality opportunities. Grace has done this difficult but important job perfectly.

Grace allows you to transfer all the awesome features of Instagram to the needs of your WordPress site. Furthermore you gain full control over the fine-tuning for the design of your social wall. You can easily unite the limitless Instagram feeds from the public accounts in the borders of one amazing social stream. Just think how far beyond the scope of the standard Instagram functional you can go! Now let us describe and analyze in detail each of the Grace`s features in this introductory article.

Gather Any Public Instagram Content in One Stream

One ring to rule them all — one plugin to gather all the interesting public accounts in your mighty social stream! First of all the support of Instagram API changes from June 1, 2016 should be mentioned. This cancels any limits for the usage of open Instagram user accounts. So, now you can use not only your own profile, but any of your taste. Grace also cancels the limitations for the number of connected Instagram feeds and provides you with a unique opportunity to create a constantly updated social stream without your own participation in creating Instagram content.

Do not forget to authorize your access to Instagram public content through the Grace plugin`s functional before using all the above listed features of the Instagram API. But no worries. There will be absolutely no inconvenience in the process of authorization. By “no worries” we mean clicking just one button at the Auth tab. You will be automatically redirected to the Instagram site and need to click one more button to confirm authorization.

AuthorizationAnd that is it. Yes, the authorization has been successfully completed. Make it yourself while first time using the Grace Instagram plugin, if you do not believe our word!

Choosing Layouts with Grace

Grace SliderGrace provides you with the choice of 4 ready-to-use layouts in a WordPress admin panel: classic grid, masonry, justified gallery, slider action. The last type of layout is truly exclusive for the plugin and its competitors (you will not even find such layout in the Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin). Slider layout presents the design of a horizontal blocks arrangement with left-right scrolling buttons.

More common layouts are realized in the form of grid, masonry and justified galleries. One of these layouts could also become a perfect choice for your Instagram social wall, since all the elements of a layout can be easily customized by means of the Styling tab in the options of the Grace plugin.

Styling tab provides you with the possibility to choose a lot of important settings for various elements of the social stream. Colors, margins, sizes, paddings, formats and other features can be changed within the intuitive interface of built-in visual editor. No web development or design skills are required for this operations.

Getting Acquainted with Lightbox Options

The features of lightboxes are really impressive in the Grace Instagram plugin. When a user clicks on the photo, he will see a pop-up, which presents not only a full sized photo, but also full information about comments and likes. Providing such additional info will significantly reduce the bounce rate among users and increase their time spent on your site.

Pre-Moderate It!

Pre-Moderation FiltersThe exclusive feature of pre-moderation can work with each of the Instagram feeds you wish to connect to your social stream. This way you get ultimate control over the posts inside your social wall. Inappropriate content shall not pass! Just because you will refuse to use it in one click.

Grace Instagram plugin is the only one tool in the market that has manual and automatic pre-moderation feature. Think of it as a unique shield to save you from all the unpleasant surprises from internet trolls and spamers. It becomes especially important to use while your Instagram feed is a tool for individual or company branding.

Create Beautiful Custom Profile Header

Custom profile header can be used for Instagram stream from personal account. It does not allow you to connect the additional feeds. This feature can appear useful to create a header with personal information about you and your Instagram account. By default it will be designed as the corresponding user feed header in Instagram. An avatar, number of subscribers and information about your subscriptions can be displayed here.

Custom profile header appears to correspond the needs of personal or corporate branding via Instagram social network. It can serve as an additional tool to spread the social shared content not only inside Instagram, but also in WordPress.

Allow Users to Sort Content

Content SortingYou can provide your WordPress site users by lots of Instagram content, but you will never know, what is good and what is bad for each of them. Grace Instagram plugin has an answer for this problem. Now users can sort Instagram content on your social wall by themselves, choosing different feed types: account, hashtag, likes feed, location. Any feed can be sorted by a user just in one click.

Setting Up Automatic Pre-Moderation Filters

Automatic pre-moderation is a real time and effort saver for any WordPress administrator. Grace provides you with excluding and including features for automatic pre-moderation filters. It means you can create a filter not only for inappropriate content, but also for some trusted sources to be obligatorily included.

Why Choose Grace?

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin is a better choice compared to lots of existing social streaming plugins. First of all, the competitors usually have different restrictions on the use of certain content types, layouts, styles and some elements inside them.

Grace offers wide range of options for creating and editing unique styling elements. Focusing on only one social network is the key to optimize the style of content design in a wider range of possibilities.

Another strong factor in valuing the best Instagram feed plugin is its price. There are some versatile tools, which cost more than Grace. For example, Flow-Flow costs $29 and during the future expansion of its functionality, the cost will also grow. Grace Instagram plugin costs $19 and will be cheaper than most of the multi-feed type plugins.

The choice of Grace Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin should be justified by the need of use only one social network. But you should keep in mind, that there are no better tools in modern plugins` market, tht an offer more features for Instagram feed gallery.

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