Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant with Premium Plugins

Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant with Premium Plugins

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes live in Europe in one week, May 25th 2018. If you are not yet acquainted with the term, then you should check out our previous article dedicated to the basics of GDPR and the most important actions a website owner need to take in accordance with it.

You could have prepared your WordPress project in advance because the GDPR rules were announced very early. But if you have put this problem aside until the last days, then there is not much time left. In this case you could have think about some opportunities of solving the GDPR issue in a fastest and easiest way possible. Fortunately, WordPress plugins` developers have already brought some ready-to-use solutions for this new must-have feature.

We have gathered the most effective solutions for GDPR issue in the form of premium WordPress plugins within this article. Developers had a lot of time to build new premium plugins or to update some previous tools dedicated to cookies policy and other privacy policy issues. Now we will see how well did they prepare the plugins` market for the coming updates.

WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPR is one of the newest plugins that includes the most important features of General Data Protection Regulation. These features are: Forget Me feature for users, Data Breach Reports, Cookies Policy Popup, Data Regulation Office contact form, Request Data from archives feature and Policy Update Newsletter.

Forget Me is one of the essential features from General Data Protection Regulation. The new rules say that a website owner should provide any user the simple possibility to delete all the data collected about him or her by the corresponding web project. WordPress GDPR plugin allows a WordPress admin to create a special form for users. This form gives a user the opportunity to delete his or her personal data by him- or herself. This feature actually relieves a WordPress admin from the necessity to manually delete users` personal data by their requests.

Data Breach Reports present another mandatory feature of a GDPR compliant website. You need to inform your users about any data breach as soon as possible. This feature is inextricably linked with the previous one — once a data breach happens any user should have an opportunity to delete his or her personal data from a dangerous area.

Cookies Policy remains one of the important issues in terms of GDPR compliance. You still need to have user`s permission to save and store any cookies (which are also considered as personal data). Cookies Policy Popup will help you to provide a user with cookies acceptance as soon as he enters your website.

Contact forms for archives` request and data regulation officer feedback are also very important. Your users need to feel themselves protected from any GDPR rules` violation. That is why these forms need to connect you with them. Policy Update Newsletter is another way to keep track of updates and keep in touch with your users simultaneously.

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Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

Ultimate GDPRUltimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit is another fresh-made plugin that helps you to easily keep up with General Data Protection Regulation. The plugin`s feature include data access for users, cookie consents, right to be forgotten, pseydonimisation, global data breach reports.

User data access and right to be forgotten feature aim to provide your visitors with the full control on their own personal data. They can observe all the personal data your website is storing for them and delete by request when needed. This features provide the compliance with basic GDPR rules. The violation of these rules could cause significant penalties.

Cookie consent feature gives your users an opportunity to accept cookies policy. This tool also blocks any cookies` creation and saving until a user has accepted the privacy policy.

Pseydonimisation feature allows your users to encrypt some of the personal data stored by your website. This feature has become a good alternative to a full data removal from a website storage.

Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit also provide its owners with the translation to over than 10 European languages. Improved integration with Google Analytics and BuddyPress integration give you additional opportunities to build a GDPR compliant website without any stress.

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GDPR Compliance Suite WordPress Plugin

GDPR Compliance SuiteGDPR Compliance Suite includes all the mentioned above important features of General Data Protection Regulation and some unique additions to them. For example, you can restrict the access to your WordPress website to a user who has not accepted the cookies policy or Terms and Conditions document.

GDPR Compliance Suite has a seamless integration with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Quform and other important WordPress plugins and addons. Such integration gives opportunity to obtain consent from users before their registration or order.

GDPR Compliance Suite gives your users the access to their personal data and request for their removal. WordPress admin receives additional opportunities to see all fulfilled and past request within the dashboard. Furthermore, dashboard has convenient tables for separate data removal procedures: made by admin or user himself.

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All-in-One GDPR — Complete GDPR Compliance Toolkit Plugin for WordPress

All-in-One GDPRAll-in-One GDPR plugin is a simple and convenient tool for implying General Data Protection Regulation in your WordPress website. The plugin includes personal data removal feature available for your users and complete data reports by request. Unsubscribe button with all personal data removal is available in a form of easy-to-use shortcode.

All-in-One GDPR plugin also provides your users with quick and convenient access to privacy policy statements and cookies consents. The plugin works with default WordPress admin dashboard which significantly simplifies the usage by beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

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GDPR PRO — Complete EU Compliant Integration

GDPR PROGDPR PRO provides a WordPress admin with ample opportunities to set up a GDPR compliant website in a matter of minutes. The plugin includes all the tools needed to provide basic right of users through General Data Protection Regulation: right of data portability, right to be forgotten, right to be anonymous, right to be informed, right to correct information, right to restrict processing, right to decline direct marketing, right to be notified of data breaches.

GDPR PRO also includes lots of interesting additional features like GDPR badge, plugin enabling and disabling (including fine-tuning for definite pages), age validation registration page, customer notification on different subjects and much more.

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WeePie Cookie Allow — Complete GDPR Cookie Consent Solution for WordPress

WeePieWeePie is a trusted premium WordPress tool initially created to cover all issues about cookies consents. Now it has become more versatile and multi-purpose and covers new General Data Protection Regulation`s requirements for WordPress admins who can not provide them by their own skills and knowledge.

WeePie Cookie Allow is a highly customizable tool. It provides a WordPress admin with built-in editor to manage colors, texts, sizes, positions, shadows and other design options to make your consents unique and interesting to familiarize with. This plugin also allows you to work with social networks` cookies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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