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How to Easily Create Viral Quizzes for a WordPress Site

Content is the king, but the viral content is the emperor! In fact, viral content is becoming increasingly relevant with the development of social networks and their ubiquitous integration with web sites on the WordPress platform. Today, you simply can not ignore the viral content, if your internet project is dedicated to the entertainment sphere or even has any connection with it. Even well-known brands use viral content to attract new audiences and keep the attention of regular customers.

But the content is not created by itself. Moreover, the viral content does not just require time and effort for its creation, but also actual knowledge of internet trends. The best option is to create your own trends, but this approach already requires a creative and technical team to implement. More realistic is the method of creating interesting viral content based on existing trends. Such content attracts the maximum number of the audience and involves it for a long time.

The question of creating content lies not only in the creativity`s plane, but also requires certain knowledge in the technical part. The WordPress platform provides the ability to create and distribute content without restrictions on the level web development knowledge and skills. WordPress plugins offer great opportunities for all site administrators with simple and understandable visual content editors. One of the vivid examples of such a plugin is OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is a versatile plugin for creating and distributing viral content through social networks. At the moment, OnionBuzz covers the 5 most popular types of viral content to create on your WordPress site or blog. In the future, this list will be replenished by the developers of the plugin.

Today we will take a closer look at all the possibilities and features of OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker. This review will help you draw preliminary conclusions about the need to purchase this plugin and use the viral content in the development of your internet project in general.

OnionBuzz Viral Formats

Viral FormatsAs we already mentioned, OnionBuzz now offers 5 different viral formats for your WordPress blog posts. These formats include personality quiz, trivia quiz, lists (including ranked lists), flip cards and checklists. Each of these formats has its own characteristics and is able to attract attention to a certain kind of viral content.

Personality quiz is one of the most popular today’s viral content formats. Quizzes of such type offer to answer a series of questions, each of which in a certain way characterizes the psychological portrait of the user or the presence of certain qualities and skills. The results of such a quiz usually correlate with a number of famous personalities, heroes of popular films, serials or computer games, famous historical personalities or even cute animals. Most often the results are comic, which promotes the sharing of the quiz passing results in social networks.

Trivia quiz is a competitive form of entertainment. Users are invited to answer a series of questions about their favorite characters from TV-show, movies or games (any TV or internet trend can be the subject of the knowledge test). As a result, the users receive a certain number of points for the correct answers and can compare their results with friends on social networks using sharing features of the OnionBuzz plugin. Such quizzes are not a serious test of knowledge in important areas of activity, which also makes it possible to flavor them with humor to increase the viral effect of content distribution.

Trivia QuizRanked lists are created for voting and collecting opinions among users of your WordPress site or blog. You can make a selection of contestants for a certain feature, for example, the best modern serials. For each item in the list, you can add featured image and short overview. Such selections are popular among users as additional information about serials, films, games or other entertainments in a certain genre. In addition, each user can vote for his favorite contestant. The result may be unpredictable! And the more interesting the result of voting is, the greater the chances of viral distribution of your content in the form of ranked lists grow.

Flip cards are designed for mini-games with a visual component. Here, trend characters or shows are often used to attract attention to a wide audience. One example of a mini-game using flip cards can be presented as a quiz “find 10 differences” between two photos. Another popular example of using flip cards is a mini-game “find a mistake in the movie”, where participants find random objects caught in the camera lens while shooting their favorite movies.

Checklists are also a competitive type of quiz games. Checklist prompts the participant to choose any number of correct answers to the question asked. The number of matches with the correct answers determines the points scored. User can also boast the result to friends in social networks, which opens up almost unlimited possibilities for the viral potential of such quiz content.

Ranked ListAll of the above formats of quizzes is extremely easy to create with the help of the visual editor of OnionBuzz Viral Maker. You just need to come up with the idea of the test, find the right questions and pictures for their illustration. All the technical components of the design and operation of the test will be carried out by the plugin at the automatic level.

Knowledge Quizzes

Knowledge quizzes stand alone in a series of viral formats of content for your WordPress website or blog. This format can be used not only as entertainment but also as an educational one. Knowledge quizzes offer to assess the level of knowledge in a certain field and compare their results with friends in social networks. Many will want to boast of a good knowledge of history, geography or other sciences. Knowledge quizzes will help them share their achievements!

Knowledge QuizKnowledge quizzes can be used for serious purposes, for example, for testing students on a particular subject. In addition, such tests will help students to prepare for serious exams and self-determination of possession of the necessary knowledge level.

Marketing Tools

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker not only entertains visitors of your site but also makes benefits for your WordPress project. First of all, you significantly improve the behavioral indicators of your site: the bounce rate decreases, the time spent on the site and the depth of visits increases, the level of interaction with all elements of the site, including advertising, also increases.

The popularity of your WordPress project can also increase significantly due to social sharings of your viral content by users. OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker allows you to easily add social sharing buttons to distribute quizzes results on your site. You can also install a content locker that blocks the passing of the test at a certain stage and requires the user to share the entry in their social accounts to continue.

Quiz ResultsContent locker is also relevant for use with another effective marketing tool — email newsletters. With the help of quizzes, you can collect the subscriber base and constantly expand it. At the same time, you can also make a subscription voluntary after passing the quiz, it is not necessary to force visitors to leave their email using the content locker.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker also provides an analytics of user actions during the tests. You can conduct comparative tests for different types of quizzes and find out the most suitable for your potential audience.

The settings of OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker make it easy to embed advertisements in your quizzes. The feature of simple code insertion for Google AdSense Ads is also included. With these features, you can earn real money after investing your time and creativity in making interesting quizzes.

Customization Options

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker provides ample opportunities for customization of content inside your quizzes. First of all, it should be noted that you can add quizzes to the pages of your WordPress site not only as special post types but also as widgets. The second way allows you to integrate quizzes into any posts on the blog and post them to the place of the site where you think this is the most profitable.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker allows you to easily customize the colors and styles of blocks with your quizzes on the WordPress site. You will also be able to access full-size and compact quizzes with slider layout.

The customization of quizzes also concerns the way questions are displayed. You can choose a specific order of questions or random display for each new user. Also, you can turn on displaying the correct answer in the test immediately after selecting by the user or only after passing the entire quiz.

Technical Features

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is fully responsive to use on any mobile device. Thus, you do not need to further optimize the content of your quizzes for smartphones and tablets. Functional of the plugin is ready to be translated into all languages of the world using standard multi-language WordPress plugins.

Another feature of OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is the ability to create categories for your quizzes. When you add tests in the widget format, you can use the filtering feature of the various types of tests according to the categories indicated for them.

Final Words

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is a versatile WordPress plugin for creating modern viral content of various types. If you are interested in entertaining visitors of your site, sooner or later you will need such an effective tool as OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker. Its marketing opportunities will not leave indifferent any WordPress administrator who wants to make his project profitable.

Follow the news in WordPress viral themes and plugins with us — and you will always know how to attract and retain visitors of your site!

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