Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Total WordPress theme aims to provide a universal solution for owners of web sites in different topics and purposes. And it should be immediately said that Total WordPress theme successfully copes with such an ambitious and grandiose goal. The main key to success is a successful combination of the two tools — Visual Composer and WordPress Customizer. However, success consists of many nuances. We will try to consider them in detail today.

But to start it is worth saying a few words about the success criteria of Total WordPress theme. The main evaluation criteria are the feedback of site owners and the study of the variety of projects created on the basis of Total WordPress theme. A detailed review of the most interesting examples of the use of Total WordPress theme you can read in the blog of its developer.

It is worth mentioning separately that Looks Awesome gladly uses Total WordPress theme to create demo sites with presentations of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin. The wide possibilities of Total WordPress theme perfectly correspond to the large audience coverage of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin, so this cooperation is quite logical.

The possibilities of Total WordPress theme will be a real godsend for those who create WordPress sites constantly. This can be freelancers and entire developer companies, as well as large corporations that are interested in developing through different directions and consider it necessary to create unique representations for each of their activities.

Total WordPress theme is also an ideal solution for those who want to create and develop one internet project. Due to the high level of customization of elements, you can always update your site with new features, depending on the needs of your target audience.

What possibilities and features of Total WordPress theme make it truly multipurpose? Let us look at this issue in sequence.

Drag-n-drop Visual Page Builder

Drag-n-drop Visual Page BuilderVisual Composer gives unlimited possibilities for creating web pages of any subject and complexity. In this case, you do not need to have knowledge in the field of programming, web development and design. Drag-n-drop page builder allows you to create design from ready-made blocks. You can also customize the format and style of each element in the finished block in accordance with the individual goals and tasks of a particular page.

In addition to the standard functionality of Visual Composer, Total WordPress theme offers 40 exclusive Visual Composer modules. Among them you will find a wide variety of pricing tables, social icons, portfolio templates, testimonials boxes, galleries, newsletter forms, icon boxes, image carousels, sliders, milestones, navigation bars and much more. Such a variety will allow you to find ready-made solutions for the most creative ideas for filling out the web pages of your WordPress site or blog.

Demo Importer

Demo Importer allows you to download any settings, data or content of other demos on your website or blog. Fine-tuning will help you to select the necessary elements for importing — it can only be general theme settings or full design with pictures, texts, widgets and ready-made blocks of another demo.

Import speed allows you to transfer the necessary data in minutes. This way you can create a new WordPress site based on the settings or content of the previous project. And each subsequent project will take less time to initialize than the very first.

Live Theme Customizer

Live Theme Customizer replaces the standard WordPress administrator toolbar. This tool allows you to quickly and easily change all the design elements. In this case, you will immediately see the result on your screen, without additional updates and synchronization.

Live Theme Customizer gives you an almost unlimited choice of colors for various elements of your site, as well as over 700 fonts and the ability to choose the width of the site. Any width you specify will be automatically optimized for mobile devices — smartphones and tablets.

Custom Footer and Header Builder

Header and footer are always among the most important elements of any WordPress site. Total WordPress theme made sure that you had maximum freedom to edit these elements for the style of your site and the tastes of your potential audience.

Visual Composer allows you to edit headers and footers with the same ease as any other elements of the site based on Total WordPress theme. The choice of colors, the location of the logo, social buttons, sidebars and widgets — all this remains at your discretion.

Ready-made Demos Variety

Ready-made Demos VarietyThe variety of ready demos is an additional evidence of the versatility and multipurpose approach of Total WordPress theme. 42 ready demo are available to users of Total WordPress theme at the time of this article writing. Their number is constantly increasing, so now it can already be much more — stay tuned!

WooCommerce Ready

WooCommerce compatibility allows you to easily create your own online store from scratch. All the necessary tools and ready-made elements — such as shopping cart or pricing tables — are already included in the Total WordPress theme`s kit. WooCommerce offers additional options for creating and processing product pages in your online store.

WooCommerce is also an ideal solution for sites that work with affiliate programs and coupon systems. For example, you can quickly open your Amazon affiliate shop on the basis of Total WordPress theme without using additional resources or third-party specialists.

BBPress Ready

BBPress is the most popular and reliable tool for creating forums and communities based on WordPress sites and blogs. A strong community is an indicator of a successful project, but it is not as easy to create it as many seem at first glance.

BBPress takes care of all the technical problems associated with creating an ideal platform for your community. The development of the community will largely depend on you, but the basic tools of BBPress make it easier to succeed in this difficult matter.

Translation Ready

The availability of various language versions of the site is an important element in the development of your internet project. At the very beginning, you can not pay attention to this aspect of your site, but sooner or later the extension due to the audience speaking other languages will become a necessity.

Total WordPress theme is fully compatible with WordPress Multi Lingual system and contains the necessary files for translating your site into various languages of the world. Be open to the multicultural community and people will advertise your project naturally!

Developer Friendly

Developer FriendlyMany WordPress themes are designed with customization capabilities through a visual editor, but only a small number of developers think about the comfort of more advanced WordPress administrators who may want to change the source code for their needs. Total WordPress theme is favorably distinguished by its clean and understandable code.

In addition, the system code of Total WordPress theme is optimized in such a way as to meet modern SEO requirements for sites. You do not need to do additional optimization to make search engines feel comfortable on your site.

Final Words

Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress theme fully meets all the requirements for a modern site. Choosing such a premium WordPress product, you invest your money in the successful development of your project, which later will bring much larger dividends.

Choose only the best WordPress themes for your online projects with us!

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