Why Should Your WordPress Websites Be Enabled with Bitcoin Payments?

What if I tell you there is a way to attract new customers, increase revenue, reduce frauds, save payment costs on your website with no investment at all?

Every once in a while, technology takes a big leap and businesses are usually the first beneficiary and also the first victim of these innovations. Those who innovate and catch-up, ride the wave to the top and those who ignore it are sometimes washed away.

Although the benefits are huge and costs are absolutely none, Bitcoin is still not adopted by e-commerce businesses on the scale which it should be. For many new innovations, there is always a reluctance to adopt. To give an example, it took 20 years for Euro to be completely integrated into the European business ecosystem and today, it is a default.

This reluctance in a way is a huge loss of opportunity for businesses all over the world. Imagine you start accepting Bitcoins on your e-commerce website from tomorrow! Consider the ways in which your business will be improved:

1. Go Viral

If you are first in your industry and are selling something unique, accepting Bitcoin in itself is a means of making your brand viral. Words spread quickly amongst Bitcoin users and it would make the community flock towards your website.

2. Chargebacks? No chargebacks

What would you pay to eliminate consumer chargebacks forever from your website? You do not have to pay anything. Bitcoin’s distributed ledger eliminates the possibility of chargebacks permanently. Soon, you would forget that such a thing even existed. So, no chargebacks stress in your life from tomorrow! Ever!

3. Pay your bills in Bitcoins

It is possible to hire talent with Bitcoins, get hosting services with Bitcoins and a number of other services used by businesses. These could all be paid in Bitcoins saving a lot of costs for everybody involved. So, access more talent Jobs4Bitcoin subreddit and pay your bills with Bitcoins from tomorrow.

4. Truly Global

With the elimination of chargebacks, you need not block any country’s IPs to protect your business against frauds. Currently, a third of the world is blocked because of the actions of a few but now with Bitcoin, you are totally safe to provide services to anybody and anywhere allowing your business to be truly global unrestricted by anything, from tomorrow.

5. Giving privacy to customers

At times, customers are not enthusiastic about staring at their details and rightly so. By accepting Bitcoins, you allow your customers to retain their privacy just like you would like to retain yours. This also reduces a load of cyber threats from your business as you don’t have to store any credit card information, taking your business off of the target list. So, no hacking risks from tomorrow!

6. 66% cheaper than PayPal

Blockonomics Bitcoin payments fees are fixed at flat 1% with no hidden charges at all. This is 66% cheaper than what you are currently paying to PayPal which could possibly be hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your business. Accepting Bitcoins will help you reduce your costs and save hundreds of dollars, from tomorrow!

The crazy returns!

Besides this, the one thing that Bitcoin is really famous for, the returns on your earning could be really huge in the long term. A merchant who had started accepting Bitcoin in say 2016, doing a business of say $100,000 and retaining 30% of it i.e. $30,000 in BTC, would earn a return of investment of more than $250,000 on the $30k. The returns are high and people say this is just a start. But it is recommended for businesses to convert their BTC into fiat depending on the scope their business provides them and Blockonomics allows you to do this as well.

WordPress and Bitcoins

Bitcoin is an open protocol meaning anyone could change a few things and start their own cryptocurrency and people have! Now, there exist more than 2000+ cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin has stood the test of time having a market share of more than 50%. This way, Bitcoin and WordPress and quite similar proving themselves to be the best that there could possibly be. When it comes to e-commerce platforms, there are a lot of options for you to choose from but the advantages that WordPress provides are unmatchable by others and therefore 30% of all internet is WordPress based. Together, WordPress and Bitcoin are what makes a truly e-commerce website.

Blockonomics has a free WordPress plugin to accept Bitcoin payments. The product is completely in alignment with the philosophy of Bitcoin and allows you to accept Bitcoin payments directly to your wallet, without ever leaving your website. You can check out the plugin here. If you are new to Bitcoin and would like to get familiar with it, you can chat with us on our Telegram group.

First 10 transactions are absolutely free, so feel free to giving Bitcoin payments a shot.

Download Blockonomics Plugin Live Demo
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