5 Best Survey and Poll Plugins for WordPress Websites

5 Best Survey and Poll Plugins for WordPress Websites

Polls and surveys are effective and non-disturbing methods of gathering feedback from your WordPress website`s users and potential customers. These tools are widely and successfully used by any developing online business as they provide lots of useful information directly from users and analytics based on this information.

Fortunately, you do not need any web developing skills to create polls and surveys on your WordPress website. There are lots of free and premium WordPress plugins which can provide you with all necessary tools to create a poll or survey of any complexity in minutes. Today we will take a closer look to the top sellers among the premium WordPress plugins for creating polls and surveys. Premium plugins provide more features and professional user support, that is why we focus our attention on them.

The participants of your today`s list aim to provide full service for not only creating and editing polls and surveys but also for detailed analytics, custom user roles, design customization and other important additional nuances which will help you to work with polls and surveys on the WordPress website efficiently.

TotalPoll Pro — Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

Totalpoll ProTotalPoll Pro is a SEO-friendly and mobile optimized WordPress plugin for creating beautiful polls and surveys for your website. It has lots of customization opportunities and does not require web development skills to use them. The plugin is already translated to 15 languages and proceeds work on this direction.

TotalPoll Pro provides a WordPress admin with 5 different custom fields to create in your polls and surveys. This variety will help to attract more users to surveys you create and keep their attention bounded to interesting and diversified forms. The plugin also assures the possibilities to use not only text but images, audios, videos and custom shortcodes or HTML inside your polls and surveys. Thus plugin makes your polls and surveys even more unique and engaging.

TotalPoll Pro also has the built-in statistics and logs. Statistics provides a WordPress admin with the complete information on user replies to your polls and surveys and brings these results in the most convenient form to analyze. Logs save the whole history of users` interactions with your polls and surveys.

TotalPoll Pro makes it possible to provide users with different roles with different polls or surveys. Thus you can segment your audience and provide each part of it with the most interesting and relevant surveys to increase the engagement significantly. TotalPoll Pro is perfectly optimized with WordPress platform and does not affect the performance of your website.

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Super Forms — Drag & Drop Form Builder

Super FormsSuper Forms premium WordPress plugin comes with 57 ready-to-use demos for your polls and surveys and more than 30 prepared elements to easily customize this part of your website. Super Forms provides a WordPress admin with a drag-n-drop visual builder to create polls and surveys in minutes without special web development skills.

Super Forms has convenient and simple admin interface which allows you to create columns and grids for your polls and surveys. The result of your creation will be mobile responsive. You can also use more than 850 icons which comes in the kit of this premium WordPress plugin.

Super Forms also has lots of additional features to make your polls and surveys more effective. For example, you can set hidden fields and provide them with conditional logic that brings users through unnecessary questions in the basis of already answered ones. You can also break your form in a few steps to make it visually easier and increase user engagement.

Super Forms provides a WordPress admin with built-in email notifications which can be fine-tuned to your needs. Email auto-responder can support your users with automatic replies when they finish the poll or survey on your WordPress website. You also get the anti-spam protection via reCAPTHCA service.

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Modal Survey — WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

Modal SurveyModal Survey is another versatile tool for creating any type of poll or survey you need for your WordPress website. This plugin also allows a WordPress admin to insert polls and surveys inside the content and within the popups. This feature will significantly increase the chances to get the precious users` feedback.

Modal Survey can also increase your sales via product recommendation polls which guide users through simple steps to show the most appealing and relevant products from your online shop. Modal Survey is fully integrated with WooCommerce service which gives you even more opportunities to sell products and services by means of engaging polls and surveys.

Modal Survey gives an unlimited access to customization options for the experienced WordPress admins and ready-to-use forms for novice in the field of WordPress administration. You can create even a full-screen questionnaire if you like to totally engage your users with it.

Modal Survey brings unique opportunities to analyze polls and surveys` results with lots of chart types. You can also provide your users with personal pages by means of which they can see their own results and analyze them or share with friends in popular social networks via simple social sharing buttons.

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Ultimate Form Builder

Ultimate Form BuilderUltimate Form Builder comes with 10 pre-deigned templates for your polls and surveys and unlimited customization opportunities via your WordPress dashboard. You can create single or multi step forms without any web development knowledge by means of easy-to-use visual builder.

Ultimate Form Builder includes a lot of ready-to-use elements for improving user experience features of your WordPress website. For example, you can add datepickers, UI sliders or dropdown date and time range for your users’ comfort while filling in the forms you have created. There are also custom elements to add to your polls and surveys: file uploader, agreement block, URL field, star rating, like and dislike buttons and much more.

Ultimate Form Builder allows you to protect forms from spam with captchas of different types. You are free to create your own logic between questions inside the questionnaire to hide some unnecessary questions or show some additional fields if required. The plugin also provides simple email notification integration for WordPress admins.

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JM Survey & Quiz for WordPress

JM SurveyJM Survey & Quiz is a more versatile tool for creating various types of surveys, quizzes and tests. With this plugin you can create some advanced surveys which include multi-step polls, HTML5 animations for your questions and answers with more than 20 options to fine-tune them, unlimited number of answers per question and much more.

JM Survey & Quiz has convenient and effective tools for showing survey results in the best way. 5 types of charts are available for your choice to display results in the clear and understandable manner: simple bar or horizontal bar, classic pie, stylish doughnut, and popular today polar area. You can also categorize your polls and surveys easily via your WordPress admin dashboard. This opportunity will give you more control on existing surveys and their results.

JM Survey & Quiz provides seamless customization options for colors, text fields, pictures and animations. You can also use shortcodes to add different polls or surveys with one of the prepared designs. The plugin is fully optimized to work with widget areas of your WordPress website and provides easy integration for every place inside website elements.

JM Survey & Quiz gives a set of important features for WordPress admins. It provides you with email notifications (which you can fine-tune for receiving new answers in your surveys) and user role restrictions for membership and similar projects. There is also a simple option to look the votes by one per user`s IP.

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