Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Best WordPress Plugins Released in 2017

Year 2017 is coming to the end and it is the best time to look back and summarize the information about the best WordPress plugins released this year. Every year we are getting more and more exciting plugins to develop our WordPress websites for the sake of ever growing internet audience. And it would be also awesome to compare the development stages from 2016 to 2017 with the help of our previous year post about the best picks from plugins.

As always we have tried to gather the most useful, interesting and innovative plugins of 2017 for your attention. The tools mentioned in this summary post have impressed us with some new edges of WordPress development or new ways to evolve in already known directions. So, take a cup of X-Mas tea or coffee and take this adventure to the land of best WordPress plugins with us!

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress

OnionBuzzOnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker has become the leading plugin in its category in 2017. This lead is provided by the unique set of features and nearly unlimited opportunities to create quizzes and tests for your WordPress users. It is also very important that the content provided by OnionBuzz Quiz Maker substantialy increases the users` engagement and reduces the bounce rate for your WordPress website. So, as far as you want to entertain your users, you need OnionBuzz at your side.

OnionBuzz provides 5 types of quiz content for your users: personality and trivia quizzes, ranked lists, flip cards and checklists. Using this 5 types of quizzes (and their combined force as well) will let you to diversify content and keep users on the pages of your WordPress website for hours literally.

OnionBuzz also has powerful tools for social sharing. The opportunity to share any result of the test makes your content potentially viral through the billions of social network users. All you need to do is to create engaging quiz — the rest will be done by users themselves.

OnionBuzz Quiz Maker obtains lots of useful marketing tools too. For example, you can create content lockers for any place of your quiz — from the beginning to the result`s section. Content locker will provide you with precious user emails, shares or likes in social networks. There is also a complete analytics on all interactions your WordPress users with test and quizzes. Last but not least, OnionBuzz is great for educational project as a revising and preparatory tool for both students and teachers.

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Instagram Feed Gallery — Grace for WordPress

Grace Instagram Feed Galleries for WordPressGrace Instagram Feed Gallery is the innovative tool to connect the powers of WordPress and Instagram within your website. This connection is essential nowadays, as social networks are leading the overall internet and marketing development of humanity. And Instagram stands in first ranks of these modern social networks.

With the help of Grace Instagram Feed Gallery you can show the beautiful social stream on you WordPress website. Grace allows you to use 4 most popular sources of Instagram content: public accounts, hashtags, like feeds and geolocation tags. Instagram API connection is simplified to virtually one click and allows you to use any public content from Instagram.

Grace Instagram Gallery plugin also can amaze you with lots of customization features. You get full control on the appearance of your social stream, doing it without any special knowledge in web development or design by means of visual editor.

Grace is also great because of its pre-moderation feature. It is very important to take control over the posts inside your social wall if you are using multiple sources of user generated content. Gallery Instagram Gallery allows you to moderate posts both manually and automatically.

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Unlimited Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

Unlimited AddonsThis participant of our list is actually not a stand-alone plugin, but the exclusive set of tools for Visual Composer and WPBakery premium WordPress items. The main reason this pack has entered our list — the list of its features is really huge! It provides a WordPress admin with tons of ready-to-use widgets, blocks, templates and other elements of a modern website.

The examples of these Unlimited Addons are: sliders, pricing tables, banners, content tabs, headers and footers, carousels, content boxes, testimonials & reviews, team members pages, hover effects for icons and links, timer countdowns, social network icons, content accordions, video teaser popups, buttons, video galleries, MP3 audio players. And this is of course not the full list. With this kit you can provide full stack of tools for your WordPress website`s development.

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Modern Visual Composer Addons — Kaswara

Modern Visual Composer Addons KaswaraKaswara has also presented an amazing set of addons for Visual Composer in 2017. This WordPress admin`s kit includes more than 550 prepared shortcodes to develop your website and diversify the content on it. Kaswara Modern Visual Composer Addons also include 45 ready-to-use elements for any WordPress site or blog.

Furthermore, Kaswara Modern Visual Composer Addons have a set of unique page demos for your WordPress project. These demos can decorate some pages of your website (for example, contacts or About Us pages) or become the basis for the full redesign of your project.

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ModuloBox — NextGen Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

ModuloBoxModuloBox is the new generation lightbox plugin that can satisfy all needs of modern WordPress website in fast and mobile responsive galleries. ModuloBox provides the support of multi-gesture technology for smartphones and tablets. Furthermore it`s design is thoughtful for all existing mobile platforms.

ModuloBox provides a WordPress admin with the wide selection of predefined lightbox galleries` designs. This designs includes the features of multiple galleries, thumbnails navigation, infinite scrolling, slideshow mode, full screen mode and social sharing buttons.

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Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply

Facebook Auto-ReplyFacebook Messenger Auto-Reply is a revolutionary plugin that allows you to optimize the communication with your potential and real customers in a few clicks. Auto-Reply can be fine-tuned for nearly any situation that appears in comments to your Facebook posts.

Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply provides your users with immediate feedback on their questions, wishes or testimonials. You can also simply redirect users with links in your auto-replies. This can become an exclusive internet-marketing tool for your business.

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WP Brain — A Brain for Your WordPress WebSite

WP BrainWP Brain is a unique tool for content filtering based on lots of factors: from user’s geolocation to browsing device. WP Brain allows you to create simple but effective rules of displaying text content, image and video galleries, menus, widgets, archives, categories and lots of other website elements suitable for each website visitor individually.

In other words, WP Brain allows your WordPress website to be much more flexible and intelligent system than the simple “content for all” display mode pages. With this tool you can extremely increase user involvement and decrease the bounce rate for each page of the project.

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WP Google Maps — Map Plugin for WordPress

WP MapsWP Google Maps provides the standard features of Google Maps plus lots of additional fine-tuning opportunities for your WordPress website. For example, you can significantly widen the information about your business inside the map`s info card. Tons of different unique markers are also available for your maps inside the WordPress website.

WP Google Maps allows to show directions and routes to your offices or stores. This feature will help your users to find the needed places much faster and easier. You can also style your maps with different color schemes and layers. There are predefined styles and the opportunity to pick your own unique colors through the simple visual editor.

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WordPress FlipBook

WP FlipBookWordPress FlipBook is a unique tool that allows a WordPress admin to create interactive magazine within the WordPress project. It would be very interesting for all online catalogs and the internet representatives of shops which have their own weekly, monthly or annual magazines.

WordPress FlipBook provides full support for the technical issues needed to create an interactive magazine of high quality. Your customers will surely be pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to flip through the interesting magazines online.

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