Top 6 Places to Hire WordPress Developers and Experts

WordPress is a fully open platform for your website or blog. This means that you can add any element of front-end or back-end interface as desired. However, this requires some knowledge in the field of web development and design. Alternatives are ready premium WordPress plugins and themes, which include a variety of additional functions. But this approach is not always effective. In addition, the existing themes and plugins can meet not all unique ideas that you want to implement on your website or blog.

There is a simple way out of this situation. Professional developers and experts in the field of WordPress administration can help you with any challenge to implement the unique features of the site or blog. These experts can work in a team or alone, but all of them are distinguished by the excellent knowledge of WordPress as a platform and an opportunity to quickly finalize your project.

Today we will talk about where to find such experts, and how exactly can they help your web project on the WordPress platform. In fact, there are two main approaches to the search for the WordPress developers to carry out certain work on the site: it is an appeal to the services of specialized companies or finding a freelancer.

Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the services of specialized companies are distinguished by a large range of available options, meet deadlines, and overall professionalism, and freelancers` services can be cheaper. However, it is quite a generalized representation. That is why we want to look into the matter more deeply, and reveal to you the details of our research.


WP-KrakenWP-Kraken is a team of WordPress experts with extensive experience and more than 33,000 satisfied customers. WP-Kraken specialists will perform all work associated with WordPress: theme and plugin installation, server configuration, front-end and back-end customization, theme and plugin development, security improving, conversions boosting, site migration to a new server and much more.

An important feature of the service is the possibility of 100% money back guarantee, if you do not like the result of the experts` work. Also WP-Kraken works exclusively with professional staff, without using the services of freelancers.

If you are a novice in the field of WordPress administration, you may need all of these services, beginning with setting the theme and required plugins. Ask yourself whether you want to choose a theme from a million existing options? Are you ready to spend hours reading the relevant articles about what plugins are necessary for your site? Do you have the ability to constantly maintain the site with timely updates? All these questions will be completely covered by the experts of WP-Kraken.

If you are already an experienced WordPress administrator and can even support the migration of your site to a new server, then you probably have some brilliant ideas that you still can not realize on your own. Free and premium plugins may not be able to meet all your ideas for customization of the WordPress site. In this case, the experts of WP-Kraken will be glad to offer their expertise in the field of development to create any elements of WordPress project, which you can only imagine.

Still not sure you can afford to hire these experts? Leave a free quote online through the WP-Kraken site and you will receive an individual assessment of the work required. Leaving a request is absolutely free. A convenient and pleasant interface of WP-Kraken site will be an additional advantage, even for novice users, and will answer all your questions with the help of a detailed FAQ or live chat with the manager online.

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CodeableCodeable is a team of professionals in the field of WordPress development, which is located in Denmark. Codeable team consists of more than 275 professionals from Europe and the United States, which meet the highest standards put forward by the company to its employees. 24/7 support and the ability of complete refund is also included in a number of Codeable team`s advantages.

Codeable service is focused on meeting the needs of the three groups of WordPress sites owners: small businesses, WordPress agencies and bloggers. Small businesses will be interested in creating websites from scratch and connect all the necessary features for online store or site representative with a striking portfolio. WordPress agencies are interested in cooperation towards some complicated or non-interesting to their professionals’ projects which Codeable team is ready to bring to perfection. Bloggers will appreciate the ample opportunities for customization of WordPress themes and plugins to the needs of your site and specific audience preferences.

Codeable has extensive experience with various projects in the field of WordPress development. The total number of completed projects exceeds 50k, and the number of satisfied customers is at around 21k. At the same time 98.7% of customers give 5/5 to this service.

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WPMU DEVWPMU DEV is more about community and all-in-one service, but it has a place in our top, because it meets all the needs of a novice WordPress administrator in support and knowledge aspects. WPMU DEV Premium provides access to a set of WordPress themes and plugins, a set of unique services, 24/7 support and the community of developers, which serves new ideas to implement on your website or blog.

In essence, WPMU DEV is a universal solution for the novice WordPress administrator. It has collected the best themes and best collection of plugins for those who do not know where to begin the development of his website. This set of plugins will help to optimize the speed of the site, its protection and SEO metrics. WPMU DEV even provides the opportunity to enter into a special academy to get all the necessary knowledge to successfully administer WordPress. But if you do not believe in your own abilities, the responsive community and the 24/7 support will help you with any problems associated with the WordPress platform.

Despite all the advantages of a universal service, WPMU DEV has its drawbacks. For example, you can not buy a certain theme, plugin or service separately. All elements of WPMU DEV are available only when you activate a premium subscription, which includes all the features of the service, without exception. Such an approach may be economically impractical, if you want to use only a certain service or buy your favorite theme or plugin as cheaply as possible.


Envato Studio

Envato StudiosEnvato Studio is the perfect symbiosis between professional WordPress development services and freelancers in the same field of activity. Here you can really find a performer for any kind of activity associated with WordPress development or design.

In addition, it is extremely easy to compare prices on all the services provided by different developers. Suffice it to sort the list of services and performers of certain filters to get the most relevant results for your search.

Note that here you can hire a professional or team of developers for different time periods – from 1 day to 14 days. The corresponding filter will help you to find the experts at the right time. Here you can choose to sort developers by different criteria of professionalism: by the number of completed works, testimonials, or for a certain range of prices for their services. You can select a specialist from a particular country, to improve thr communication aspect with the executors of your job.

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UpworkUpwork is a universal platform for hiring freelancers from around the world. Where you can find a performer for a wide variety of work types. And the WordPress website development is no exception. Upwork has a whole section dedicated to WordPress experts in different aspects of the work: article writing, HTML and CSS customization, PHP and JavaScript development, Joomla, graphic design and much more.

On the main page of this section, you will find Upwork list of the best freelancers working with WordPress platform. You will immediately be able to evaluate their rating based on the feedback of other customers, their experience in the number of working hours and the price of their work in an hour.

Upwork neutralize the disadvantages of working with freelancers who are in disrupting the timing and performance. Freelancers tend to earn the highest rating here, so they will fulfill their duties with full responsibility. At the same time you can save on payment of certain types of work, which will cost more in the performance of the whole team of experts.

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FreelancerFreelancer is one of the most popular places for the recruitment of experts in various fields of activity. Here you will also easily find a special section for hiring WordPress experts of various directions – from developers to copywriters.

The main feature of Freelancer project is an opportunity to put your job on the free auction. In this case, you will not need to view a ton of profiles of suitable performers for your job. Your task will be read by interested freelancers and each of them will offer good price for its implementation. You just have to choose the best offer from the existing ones.

WordPress section of Freelancer project is one of the most dynamically developing. That is why there are always new experts with the best offers. Natural competition between the performers will also help you to save money to perform all tasks related to your WordPress project.

Visit Freelancer

Final Words

Choosing a developer has never been simple. It is difficult to entrust your WordPress project to people you do not know. However, in the age of information technology, we must rely not only on our own strength. Modern WordPress experts will not fail your expectations as they wish to receive positive feedback on their work. After all, even one dissatisfied customer is able to damage the reputation earned over the years of hard work.

Trust the work on your WordPress site only to the proven professionals from our list and you will not regret your choice!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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