Most Important WordPress Plugins for Food and Restaurants Websites

Most Important WordPress Plugins for Food and Restaurants Websites

Food and restaurant business remains one of the most important and demanded industry worldwide. That is why WordPress offers lots of opportunities for food and restaurant websites in the form of free and premium themes and plugins. Previously we have reviewed the best premium WordPress themes for food and restaurant websites. Now it is time to study the additional opportunities provided by premium WordPress plugins.

Any food or restaurant WordPress website has a need of different services for its users: menu, delivery, stores` locations, booking and reservations, recipes and so on. The set of important plugins is dictated by the individual topic of your food-related WordPress website. Today we present you the list of the most important premium WordPress plugins for food and restaurant websites. Among them you will find tools for different purposes and we believe that any owner of food-related website will receive an interesting piece of information within this article and the related plugins.

WooFood — Online Delivery for WooCommerce & Automatic Order Printing

WooFoodWooFood is a really versatile set of tools for any website that provides online order and delivery for the food products. WooFood includes not only the helpful plugin for creating and editing your delivery service but also a WordPress theme, Android and iOS applications, and automatic printing software for your orders. With such a package you would not need any additional WordPress tools to start and develop a successful food-related online business.

The beautiful conjunction of premium WordPress theme and plugin within WooFood brings you the full control on categories and product pages for your food or restaurant website. You can also use the MultiStore feature which would be very useful for the owners of network-based stores of cafes. The automatic order sending to the customer`s nearest representation of your business will also be helpful for developed food or restaurant networks.

WooFood allows you to create lots of additional services for your customers. For example, you can provide your customers with delivery or pick-up options for their orders, show maximum distance for delivery on the map, add any extra options for extra price, allow orders with multiple customer addresses, set custom delivery hours and so on.

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Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

Store LocatorThe location of your food stores or restaurant should also be visible and transparent for your customers within a WordPress website. That is why you should use Store Locator for WordPress. This plugin is based on Google Maps functionality which is the best option the modern plugins and applications can bring for your WordPress website.

Store Locator for WordPress provides your users not only with a simple and understandable map with your stores of restaurant underlined within it. This plugin also brings lots of additional opportunities for your users not to leave your WordPress website for: filtering stores, creating routes and directions, measuring distances and so on.

Store Locator for WordPress also gives lots of customization opportunities for WordPress administrators. For example, you can upload Microsoft Excel files (.xls) to create or edit your stores` or restaurants` list for the maps you use within your website. There are also 5 ready-to-use themes to use with your maps within the contact and location page. Accordion template with the appropriate hierarchy, time zone selection for each location, customizable info window content and other viable features are packed inside the Store Locator.

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WooRestaurant Pro for WooCommerce Restaurants

WooRestaurant ProWooRestaurant Pro plugin provides your customers with the modern service of online food ordering via the WooCommerce functionality. The idea of ordering food online is important not only as the booking and reservation service but also as a modern attitude to an order on the spot. This could work very well in the conjunction with any WooCommerce payment method including the trending cryptocurrency exchange and payments.

WooRestaurant Pro allows you to get the full control over the categories and products on your food-related WordPress website. You can create and edit menus of any complexity with ease and style while you are using WooRestaurant Pro plugin. This tool is also fully mobile responsive and allows you to create convenient versions of your WordPress website for any existing platform: desktop, mobile, tablet. With this plugin you can provide your customers with the best online order service without special web development skills.

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WordPress Food Menu Plugin with Layout Builder

WordPress Food MenuThe menu is one of the most important part of your food-related WordPress website. That is why we can not miss the opportunity to introduce WordPress Food Menu Plugin to you. This tool allows you to create and edit cafe and restaurant menus without unnecessary loss of time and effort.

WordPress Food Menu Plugin includes more than 20 ready-to-use templates which you can use directly or as an inspiration to create your unique style of restaurant menu. The plugin also includes more than 1000 icons to use within your food-related WordPress website without limitations.

WordPress Food Menu Plugin also provides a WordPress administrator with advanced features like color picker or layout builder. You can take control over columns and rows and edit the overall appearance of your food-related WordPress website with the help of convenient drag-n-drop visual builder.

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Foodpress — Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin

FoodPressFoodpress is another beautiful option to create your restaurant menu for a food-related WordPress website. This plugin also offers your customer the reservation service which makes it more versatile and viable tool for any WordPress administrator.

Foodpress allows you to choose from various styles of menu design: boxed category menus, lightbox menus and lots of other variations. You also get full control over colors and icons to create your unique design. Shortcode generator and categorized menus within the WordPress dashboard will help you in this task.

Foodpress includes not only the stylish and convenient reservation form for your customers but also additional reservation management options for you as a WordPress administrator. The reservation management provides you with the complete information on orders and their statuses.

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Le Chef — Premium Recipe Plugin

Le ChefThere are also food-related WordPress websites which have more informational direction. These are recipe advisors and recipe builders. Le Chef is a good example of a WordPress plugin that allows you to provide your users with recipe creation opportunities. It is also useful when you run the website for your own recipes and share them with public.

Le Chef provides you with convenient opportunity to create and edit food recipes of any complexity. Moreover, it brings you the full control over the design of your recipe block within the WordPress website. There are also important additional opportunities like Recipe of the Day or Video Guides which aim to make your website really useful and unique.

Le Chef also gives you an interesting opportunity to connect informational and business aspects within one website. You can provide your users with special Grocery List feature. This feature allows a user to make purchases in accordance with the corresponding recipe via WooCommerce functionality.

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Total Recipe Generator — WordPress Recipe Maker with Schema and Nutrition Facts

Total Recipe GeneratorTotal Recipe Generator is another amazing tool to create recipes for your food-related WordPress website with ease and style. This plugin comes with a package of demos which can serve directly for your website or just as an inspiration basis for further development of your unique website design.

Total Recipe Generator provides you with reach pins feature which allow your users to bring the juicy images from your recipes directly to their Pinterest collections. There are also options to add another social sharing buttons and assure your content with great viral potential.

Total Recipe Generator includes the nutrition facts calculator. Nutrition information becomes more and more viable nowadays, that is why this feature will make your WordPress website more useful and precious. Built-in visual editor will allow you to build your own design for these important functionality as well.

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