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Contact forms make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form plugin can make it easier for users to get in touch with you and has some interesting features as well. There are many advantages to be had by adding a responsive contact form to your website. You can grow your audience, gain a stronger connection with your visitors, generate more traffic and bring in more revenue.

An appealing and inviting contact form is an ideal way for people to ask questions, reach out for advice, or make inquiries. Regular contact forms are well suited for getting in touch with your visitors, they don’t offer anything special in the way of looks or functionality. Ninja Contact Form plugin was designed to increase the likelihood of making contact with your visitors. If your goal is to make yourself readily available, promote a service or product, then this plugin may be your answer.

The Ninja Contact Form Button

Ninja Contact Form Example

I was pretty happy with this plugin compared to my themes standard contact page. It’s better in terms of function and display. Don’t give your visitors the runaround. Readers won’t have to try too hard to find the contact page, load it and then send their message. This plugin makes things much more convenient by removing all the extra steps involved to get in touch.

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What Ninja Kick Contact Form Can Do

At its core Ninja Kick Contact Form is a fully functioning contact form generator for your WordPress website. However, the way the form is implemented goes above and beyond your average contact form. The developers aimed to create a contact form that is convenient and sleek. This plugin adds a floating button to your website that is always visible. You can easily create and setup your custom button, changing the text or adding a unique icon.

The best thing about having a floating contact form on any page is that your visitors can click the button at anytime to view the contact form without having to load another page. You can include links to social media channels, custom icons and more. The floating contact button is always visible, serving as a constant reminder that they can easily get in touch with you. This is a great way to increase the chances that your visitors contact you, which in most cases is a good thing.

Creating a Custom Contact Form

After you install and activate the plugin, the floating contact button will display on your site. The button stays fixed as you scroll down the page as a constant reminder. This way if something invokes the reader to get in touch with you, they won’t have to look far. All they need to do is click the button and the form slides out, kicking the content to the side. The default form is pretty nice, but there is much more you can do with this handy plugin.

Once the user clicks the floating button, the form will slide out from whatever side of the page it’s on to show the form. There are multiple ways which you can set the form to display. This plugin comes with 3 different layouts to choose from that affect how the form appears. You can customize the colors, form elements and text to suit your needs.
In the contact form settings, you can see a preview of the changes you make in real time. There are tons of options for changing the appearance of your form from custom background images to choosing colors and adding your own icons.

The Ninja Kick Contact Form plugin also gives you the option to safeguard your contact form from spam by adding a “human test.” This test is a simple math question like “2 + 2.” If you add this requirement users will have to fill it out before their contact request form can be completed.

If you check out the form settings page you can see that there are plenty of options to control how the form works and looks including:

  • Background Image/Pattern
  • Color Scheme
  • Profile Image
  • Text

Ninja Kick Contact scrnshot 1

Ninja Kick Contact scrnshot 2

Ninja Kick Contact scrnshot 4

Ninja Kick Contact scrnshot 3

Social Sharing

Besides just displaying the contact form, you can also show links to your social media profiles. This plugin supports all the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Adding the URL of your profile will show that networks icon in the contact form. This adds another easy way for your readers to get in touch with you.

Final Word

This plugin is an awesome way to help users get in touch with your visitors. There are plenty of options to customize the appearance and behavior of the form. This plugin is definitely a time saver and makes it easy to produce a high quality contact form that reflects meshes well with your WordPress theme.

If you like the idea of a floating contact button that uses smooth animation to reveal a custom sidebar/contact form, then this plugin is definitely worth it. If you find that you really like Ninja Kick’s trendy fly out form, you will probably be interested in Ninja Kick’s other plugins. Checkout Ninja Kick’s All in One Pack to get the Contact Form along with a sliding panel and a subscription form with similar functionality.

All in the Ninja Kick Contact Form is great for any WordPress websmaster who wants to make give users an easy way to get in touch and/or connect through social media.

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