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Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress Theme is a powerful modern tool for creating websites and blogs in any subject. This theme is based on a unique technology — Divi Visual Builder. The capabilities of Divi Visual Builder guarantee freedom of action for the WordPress administrator, even if he is a beginner.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme, however anyone can freely evaluate the features of this product after registering on the site of its developer — Elegant Themes. Such an opportunity will be very valuable for novice WordPress site owners who are just looking for the optimal theme for their project.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Divi WordPress Theme so that you can independently evaluate the need to purchase this premium product. The expediency of buying should be based on the needs of your potential audience: if the features of Divi WordPress Theme can improve the user experience of your readers, then it is worth to purchase. However, do not forget to look forward to the future and try to anticipate the desires of users on your site before they actually appear.

Visual Site Building with Divi

Divi Visual BuilderMany modern WordPress themes support the work of Visual Composer for creating and editing content without using skills in web development and design. What is the difference between them and Divi Visual Builder? In short, this tool provides more opportunities for real-time creating and editing of any text and visual content. Next, we will look at the features of Divi Visual Builder to fully understand its distinctive features.

The two most important features of Divi Visual Builder are real time design and click-n-type technology. Real time design means there is no need to save the changes you made and reload the pages of the site to see the result. Everything you do with Divi Visual Builder immediately becomes relevant for the live version of your WordPress site. Naturally, you can go to maintenance mode, if you do not want every change to be immediately seen by site visitors. In addition, any change can be canceled, or you can download an earlier version of the site, if the new design did not make it for you.

Click-n-type technology eliminates the need to go to the admin panel to add new text on the page. You can add new text or change existing in all elements of the page — in the body of the post, in the title, in footer, in the sidebar and so on.

Divi Visual Builder allows you to edit any elements of your site through a visual interface. You will also be able to edit the display of content on various mobile devices. Divi WordPress Theme supports automatic optimization for all existing mobile devices, however you can personally influence the unique arrangement of design elements of your site in a specific mobile version.

Divi Visual Builder supports the technology of global elements. This means that you can create elements that can be simultaneously changed on all pages of your site, making edits only to one global element. Divi WordPress Theme also supports easy import and export of elements, which will become a real godsend for owners of several related projects or large companies that use several sites for their corporate purposes.

Divi WordPress Theme offers 46 pre-made elements and moer than 20 ready-to-use layouts for your infinite inspiration in website creating. Prepared elements and layouts will help to quickly build a website of any subject from scratch and launch it as a unique project of its kind.

Prepared Elements

46 pre-made elements include everything necessary for the self-assembly of a unique site. Here you will find not only such simple elements as title, button, header, image, code, accordion, but also more complex and interesting, for example, email optin, comments block, slider, filterable portfolio, pricing table, social follow, testimonials and much more.

Do not forget that all these ready-made elements are not static. Each of them can be changed at your discretion, in accordance with personal preferences in the design or recommendations of experts in the field of usability. Do not forget to track the reaction of site visitors with built-in analytics and A/B split testing.

Prepared and Self-Made Layouts

20 ready-to-use layouts are ready to serve your site immediately as convenient and easy to edit basics. For most novice WordPress administrators, this set of ready layouts is quite sufficient to quickly launch your project. However, experienced users will appreciate the additional possibilities of working with layouts within the framework of Divi WordPress Theme. Such possibilities are creation and saving of own layouts, as well as loading of unique layouts from Divi Community.

The first opportunity opens up interesting prospects for web developers and designers who want to make their own vision of a particular project based on Divi WordPress Theme. The second option will interest all WordPress administrators without exception, as Divi Community is constantly updated with new layouts, which you can use for free on your WordPress site or blog.

Divi Theme Demos

Divi DemosIn addition to pre-made design elements and layouts, Divi offers 6 completely ready-to-use demos on your WordPress site. These demos include everything you need to start a site without a long preparation. You will only have to replace text content and brand images — after that demo is ready to work on your site.

Divi WordPress Theme offers unique demo for sites dedicated to restaurant business, architecture and interior, online sales, portfolio of personal and corporate projects, representative offices of various companies. Each of these demos can be changed to the needs of your project using a simple interface of Divi Visual Builder.

Header & Footer Options

Divi WordPress Theme offers a wide range of possibilities for the selection of ready-made headers and footers, as well as unlimited customization possibilities for them. Headers and footers are one of the most important design elements, therefore Divi WordPress Theme pays great attention to the possibilities of customization in this regard.

With the settings of headers and footers, you can choose to align the logo to the center or the left, switch users’ navigation between horizontal and vertical modes, change the colors and transparency of the elements, and hide them to a certain degree of page scrolling or use slide-in mode.

Analytics and Split Testing

Divi Split TestingThe built-in analytics system allows WordPress administrators to use Divi WordPress Theme with maximum efficiency for their website and business in general. All necessary data about the behavior of users on the pages of your site will be delivered to the admin panel of WordPress. You do not even need to connect Google Analytics!

Divi WordPress Theme also provides the ability to conduct A/B split testing for every element of your site. We decided to change the design for the email optin, call-to-action button or comments section of your WordPress website? Be sure to track the effect of changes that will occur to users. Compare the behavioral indicators of visitors with previous versions of design elements and establish the most effective option.

Translation and Security

Divi SecurityDivi WordPress Theme has been translated into 32 languages. Right-to-left translation technology allows you to correctly display text content both in languages ​​with left-hand writing, and in languages ​​with right-handed. Divi WordPress Theme has already taken care of adapting the site to other languages.

Security of Divi WordPress Theme is checked by the authoritative service Sucuri.net. There was no cause for concern for the WordPress administrator on personal information or on the personal data of visitors of his site.

Final Words

Divi WordPress Theme is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced WordPress administrators. A variety of opportunities creates a great scope for creating websites of any subject and goal. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the live demo of this WordPress theme and consider the purchase option for a new or old project.

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