How to Style Contact Form 7 With Ninja Kick: Contact Form Plugin

There are many reasons why you’d need a contact form on your WordPress website. You can use them to produce leads, provide customer service, get feedback, give quotes and book appointments among other things. Web forms are a problem that has been solved many times over. Finding a plugin to help is usually the most practical solution. Unless you are a good web programmer and you can bang out a web form in a couple minutes, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Recently we published a post on how to Styling Contact Form 7 in WordPress. While Contact Form 7 is an awesome contact form plugin and easy to use, you may want something a little more powerful. Perhaps you are looking for ways to make your form stand out so you get as many responses as possible. One way to build a killer contact form is to use Looks Awesome’s Ninja Kick: Contact Form plugin. Use it to create a engaging forms and record your submissions.

This unique contact form plugin lets you create and style attractive contact forms. Ninja Kick adds a floating button to any page you specify. The button serves as a constant reminder in case your guests want to get in touch with you.

You can choose from three attractive themes and customize your form to match your style. Ninja Kick Contact Form uses CSS transitions to add cool animated effects to your contact form. Another attractive feature is that the contact form will appear without loading a new page, making it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you.

Building a modern form is simple and fast. To use create a form from Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7, all you need to do is paste the shortcode into one of the fields in the Ninja Kick settings panel. Contact Form 7 Shortcode with Ninja Kick

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Some Quick Contact Form Tips

Plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and Ninja Kick: Contact Form Plugin make it easy to create a contact form. But the real test will come from visitor interaction. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to contact forms.

  • Make your form easy to find – place your contact form somewhere that is easy to spot. Floating buttons are good because they serve as a constant reminder to get in touch.
  • Be direct and keep it brief – only add relevant fields and try to cut out anything extra. Do you really need a “subject” field?
  • Add social media icons – connect your contact forms to your social media profiles to get more exposure.

There are some other ways to optimize your contact forms that may be obvious to some people – but if you aren’t a marketing pro you may not consider them. One way to measure the performance of your contact form is to do some simple A/B testing, also known as split testing.

You can use split testing to give you some insight into which efforts give you the best results. One way to do this is to create two variations of your contact form. For instance, say you wanted to collect donations for your non-profit. You can try using a different call to action on the forms and compare results to see which one gets you more responses.

Recording the submissions of your forms is one of the best things you can do. This can also help you find out the best location for your forms. Plugins like Ninja Kick can help you monitor specific forms through the use of unique IDs.

Once you have gathered some data you can compare your results. For low to moderate traffic, you can use WordPress to track your results. If you start getting heavy traffic and hundreds of submissions you will want to some analytics software to track your activity.

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Final Words

Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Forms is a powerful tool to help you create beautiful forms, track your results and achieve your goals. In the end, the contact form plugin you use is only as good as your strategy. The most important thing to consider is the value proposition. What do your users get from contacting you?

Don’t forget to monitor every submission. That which can be measured can be improved! Stay consistent and don’t forget to follow through on any promises you make. So if you put on your contact form that you will reply right away, stay on top of it. If you want to contact us, click the contact link in the nav menu in the header of this page. We use the Ninja Kick: Contact Form Plugin for this. Don’t forget to share and comment below.


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  1. Peter Gorkiy
    Peter Gorkiy says:

    Thanks for sharing! Contact Form 7 is a great tool for sure but lacks of design customizability features. It’s great to have some helpful workarounds like Ninja Kick to style forms without CSS hacking. I like how Aerial theme of NK in combo with CF7 looks on my website


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