How to Create Social Wall on Your WordPress Site with Flow-Flow

Social wall is a unique interactive element of a site that combines information from various social networks on one page. Constantly updated social wall can become your universal source of unique content and a way to update the site on an automatic basis.

The source for your thematic social wall can be not only your personal accounts in social networks, but also any open community. This fact opens up unlimited possibilities for crawling of any corresponding content from the social networks. This social wall will be an excellent addition to the author’s content on your WordPress site or blog. In addition, you can attract readers with constantly updated content, even at a time when you can not give your own time to create articles or reviews – social networks will provide your site with enough interesting content.

Naturally, the creation of social wall on your own will require in-depth knowledge in the field of web development and design. However, premium plugins come to help modern WordPress administrators and provide ready-made solutions for this task. Flow-Flow Social Streams WordPress Plugin is designed specifically for comfortable setting and quick launch of the social wall of any theme and complexity.

Today we will take a closer look at the possibilities and features of the Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin for your WordPress website or blog. This review will give you an opportunity to evaluate the advantages of simply creating social streams and the feasibility of maintaining a similar page within your own project.

Starting the Work with Flow-Flow

First of all, you should buy and install the Flow-Flow Social Streams WordPress Plugin. This can be done through the search for plugins right in the admin panel of WordPress or by following the link from the following button:

Get Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin

After purchasing the plugin you will be able to download all the necessary files, including the official documentation for developers. When the download of the plugin files to your computer is completed, visit the Plugins section of the WordPress admin panel. Use the Add Plugins feature and click the Upload Plugins button to select the installation from the folder on your computer where the Flow-Flow files were downloaded.

Installation of the plugin will happen automatically. If everything went well, then there will be a separate menu line called Flow-Flow in the sidebar of your WordPress admin panel. We recommend you to visit this section immediately and select the Settings tab to set the most important plugin instructions. This tab allows you to configure access to plugin settings. Also we recommend to pay attention to the settings of the date format and the opening of the links in new tabs.

How to Add a Social Feed for Flow-Flow

Now when the plugin is installed, you should consider the sources of content that you will be using. Flow-Flow offers a wide selection of 16 different social networks to connect to your unique social wall.

First, visit the Auth tab. Here you will need to authorize access to those social networks that you want to use in your social streams. At first glance, this stage may seem complicated and incomprehensible, but the creators of Flow-Flow took care of your comfort by providing links to detailed guidelines for setting up authorization for each social network. These links you will find exactly where you need them – in the appropriate social networks subsections on the tab Auth.

After setting up the authorization, you can freely create social feeds using any of the 60 available options. Go to the Feeds tab and click the Add Feed button. A window with the choice of a social network for use as a social feed will appear:

FLow-Flow Social FeedNext, you will be able to set the basic settings for displaying this social feed. These settings will vary depending on the chosen social network. For all social feeds, a pre-moderation post feature is available. This means that you will be able to view each post of the specified social feed to meet your own content requirements on your WordPress site.

How to Create Social Flow with Flow-Flow

When you have created the necessary amount of social feeds, you can proceed directly to creating a social stream. Note that you can use an unlimited number of social feeds within the same social stream, and also you can use the same social feeds in different social streams. For initial testing, only one social feed will be sufficient.

Visit the Streams tab and find the green Create Stream button. In the new menu, you will be prompted to connect any of the created social feeds. Consistently connect all the social feeds that you want to see on one page of your social wall:

FLow-Flow Social StreamThen you will have to give your stream a name and walk through the basic settings. In the General tab, you can select the number of posts displayed, their sequence and more fine-tuning for your stream. The Grid tab will enable you to choose from 3 main types of layouts: masonry, classic grid and justified position. Also here you can adjust the settings for responsive mode and change the styles of the grid container.

Stylings tab allows you to customize the appearance of each card in your social stream. Here you can choose to display or hide many elements of the card, the color of its various elements, the appearance of the icons, text alignment and much more. CSS tab will allow you to add your own unique styles for your social stream. Recommended for use by experienced users only.

Flow-Flow StylingFinally, the Shortcode tab contains the ready-made code for inserting on any page of your site. To place a customized social stream, you only need to copy this shortcode and paste it on the page where you want to see your social stream.

More Features for Flow-Flow with Premium Extensions

Flow-Flow offers to extend the functionality of your social walls with two extremely useful extensions: Advertising and Broadcasting. These extensions will allow you to use Flow-Flow with additional benefits, even beyond your WordPress site.

Flow-Flow-Advertisement-and-Branding-ExtensionAdvertising & Branding Flow-Flow Extension allows you to add paid ads from Google AdSence or any custom ads to your social streams. In this case, you do not need to have any special skills in the field of web development – the implementation of ads occurs in a few clicks. With this extension for Flow-Flow, you will be able to receive real revenue from content from social networks that is automatically added by a plugin to your WordPress site.

Flow-Flow-Broadcasting-ExtensionBroadcasting Flow-Flow Extension allows you to broadcast the contents of your social streams on large screens without losing quality and preserving all customized styles. This extension will be very useful for advertising purposes and as an excellent addition for any of your presentations on large screens.

Final Words

Flow-Flow Social Stream Plugin offers a versatile tool for working with content from social networks on your WordPress site. Combining fine style settings with the ability to automatically update without administrator intervention makes this plugin a unique quality content generator for your site.

Flow-Flow can not only be an excellent addition to the existing features of your site, but also a basis for creating a separate project dedicated to content from social networks. Such a project will never lack a fresh and interesting content and will not require large investments of time and money in its content.

Use only the best WordPress plugins from Social Stream Apps!

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