How to Use Cryptocurrency on Your WordPress Website with Premium Plugins

How to Use Cryptocurrency on Your WordPress Website with Premium Plugins

Cryptocurrency is a stable trend of the past few years. Now this trend comes into a new level. For example, cryptocurrency has been already recognized as the official currency in Japan. It means any cryptocurrency operations are protected by the law in this country. It is most likely that other countries will follow the good example of Japan in recent months.

In such a situation any WordPress website owner should be ready to ensure the seamless usage of cryptocurrency within his or her project. Fortunately, WordPress plugins` developers have already took care of creating the corresponding premium tools for the platform.

Today we will take a closer look at the existing premium WordPress plugins for the usage of cryptocurrency within the platform. These tools allow WordPress administrators to create charts, pricing tables, faucet lists and even interactive games based on various cryptocurrency types. If you are eager to to keep up with the times, you should be interested in the opportunities the participants of your today`s list offer.

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress

Premium Cryptocurrency WidgetsPremium Cryptocurrency Widgets present a big set of tools for your WordPress website to work with cryptocurrency in all possible aspects. Plugin supports more than 1500 cryptocurrency types, including the most popular like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and others. Moreover, you can convert most of the existing currency types (EUR, USD, RUB, GBP and other) to provided cryptocurrencies. This feature brings a real freedom of converting between currencies for your users.

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets have a simple and convenient admin interface. The dashboard is beginner-friendly and requires no special skills in web development to fine-tune any of the provided widgets for your WordPress website. Furthermore, you obtain the very flexible tool in terms of editing styles and positions of the widgets within the WordPress website.

This set of premium tools includes various types of WordPress widgets: inline widgets, comparison widgets, leaderboard widgets, spark charts widgets, box widgets, table widgets, scrolling ticker widgets. Each of the provided widget types has a set of templates which you can use for the fastest widget creation.

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Virtual Coin Widgets — Cryptocurrencies Shortcodes WordPress Builder

Virtual Coin WidgetsVirtual Coin Widgets is also a set of tools for creating WordPress website`s elements via shortcodes. This premium set provides you with 10 custom widgets to use on the WordPress website. Virtual Coin Widgets support more than 1000 cryptocurrency types. All data about cryptocurrency rates are automatically updated each 10 minutes.

The set of widgets includes: converter, change label, price card, change big label, price big label, full card, change card, table, small table, price label. Virtual Coin Widgets also have 21 color schemes from which you can choose the most suitable for the design of your WordPress website.

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Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress

Cryptocurrency ChartsCryptocurrency Charts is a specific tool for building perfect charts based on the changes of rates for different types of cryptocurrencies. These charts can help your users to compare different cryptocurrencies and their rates over time. The plugin supports more than 1800 cryptocurrency types and major fiat currency types.

Cryptocurrency Charts allow you to build lined, smooth lined, column type and step type charts. You can create any number of charts and place them on one page of your WordPress website or add them as widgets to display in sidebar or footer for every page of the website.

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Coin Charts — WordPress Cryptocurrencies Historical Charts

Coin ChartsCoin Charts is the similar to our previous list participant plugin. This premium WordPress tool also allows you to create charts based on difference of rates for various types of cryptocurrencies. This plugin supports 69 of the most popular cryptocurrency types and 2 main styles — dark and light.

The main advantage of this cryptocurrency chart plugin is its simplicity for beginners in the field of WordPress administration. The plugin does not require a lot of time to set up and use cryptocurrency charts for the sake of your users interested in this question.

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Altcoin Prices — 1,000+ crypto prices for WordPress

Altcoin PricesAltcoin Prices is a simple and handy price table builder for any of the existing cryptocurrency. This plugin allows you to use more than 1000 cryptocurrencies for pricing tables on your WordPress website. The rates will change automatically due to the latest information available.

Altcoin Prices uses creates a new WordPress page automatically when you allow the plugin to work with your website. This plugin uses JSON cache system to prevent the unnecessary load on your website and to deliver the automatically updated pricing tables for your users in the most convenient way.

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Cryptocurrency Prices for WordPress

Cryptocurrency PricesCryptocurrency Prices is one of the newest WordPress plugins dedicated to cryptocurrency pricing tables. This plugin offers a simple installation and setup for the beginners in the field of WordPress administration. Cryptocurrency Prices work with more than 1300 cryptocurrency types and can automatically exchange more than 30 currency types.

Cryptocurrency Prices plugin has a mobile version for your users visiting the WordPress website with smartphones or tablets. The plugin supports special abbreviations for the experienced cryptocurrency users. Cryptocurrency Prices plugin has a set of shortcodes to make your work with it even easier.

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Cryptocurrency Faucet List for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Faucet ListCryptocurrency Faucet List is created for those WordPress administrators who want to earn money passively with referral programs provided by the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Faucet List support only the most popular cryptocurrency types: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Primecoin. There are 8 cryptocurrency types supported in total.

Cryptocurrency Faucet List plugin also allows you to track all earnings you have got from the referral program via the comfortable table. The table displays the source of referral, cryptocurrency type, amount and date of receiving.

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Cryptocurrency Converter WP Widget

Cryptocurrency ConverterCryptocurrency Converter is one of the straight and simple tools to convert real currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa within the WordPress website. Your users will get a simple access to automatic exchange rates for the most popular currency types and can use them along with your online store.

Cryptocurrency Converter is a light-weighted plugin that simply allows you to create custom widget with cryptocurrency exchange rates. But this simple tool has an unlimited potential due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. So, you should not ignore the opportunities it gives you.

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Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Game for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction GameCryptocurrency Price Prediction Game is a unique addition to your modern WordPress website oriented to follow the cryptocurrency trend. This plugin offers you and your users a possibility to train your skill on prediction the cryptocurrency exchange rate. This skill will be primarily important if you are eager to work with any type of cryptocurrency.

Your users will also evaluate the opportunity to play on the cryptocurrency market for free to evolve their prediction skills. This simple tool will significantly increase the engagement of your users within the WordPress website and allows you to decrease the overall bounce rate on the website.

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