Best selling WordPress themes for creative people

Best Selling WordPress Themes for Creative People

The choice between lots of WordPress themes often becomes difficult for many novice users. The variety of themes is really amazing. The question is: what things you should focus, if you do not have a clear idea of how your site will look? One option is to trust the taste of the community.

If you want to know what themes are the most popular, the simplest and accurate way is to pay attention to the bestsellers. Themes that are sold best of all are the trusted by the international community of bloggers products.

Let’s find out what WordPress themes are bestsellers on ThemeForest. Perhaps it will help you make a choice in favor of the best themes for your personal website or blog.

Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bridge - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeThe most important advantage of WordPress Bridge theme is the presence of more than 200 ready to install demos for your website or blog. All demos that includes Bridge are divided into seven thematic categories: business, concepts, creative, portfolio, blog, shop and one page. We are interested in a demos, which are defined as creative by their makers. Such demos are present in Bridge in 102 pieces. Here you will find not only a demo for common topics such as photo gallery or portfolio for an illustrator, but also more specific, for example, the theme for a rock club or digital startup.

Users of Bridge theme notice excellent code quality and flexibility of provided demos. Customer support from the creators of Bridge theme is also highly marked by its users. If you are relying on professional and prompt technical support for your website or blog, we recommend you to choose exactly the Bridge theme.

Live Demo Get Bridge

Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeSalient has fewer ready-made demos, compared with Bridge theme. Nevertheless, the ability to combine different features of the demos in its own unique set for your site or blog can be decisive in the choice of creative themes. Most Salient users mark the highest quality of design and the degree of its elaboration, which is one of the most important indicators of quality of a creative theme.

Salient creators also provide excellent technical support of the product and are constantly introducing new features. Users who work with WordPress note the simplicity and intuitive of all the settings and features provided by Salient theme. This theme is perfect for beginners in the development of their own creative blog or website.

Live Demo Get Salient

Brooklyn | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Brooklyn | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeBrooklyn is a cutting-edge and smooth theme for lovers of true creativity. Most of the demos in the theme have backgrounds with the highest quality in order to attract and retain the attention of your website visitors. Ready demos presented in this theme as a set of 20 pieces. The structure of the finished demos corresponds to the modern approach of a stylish design: it contains a minimum of text, for being not distractive for visitors from the most important elements – brand names and active buttons.

Flexibility of Brooklyn themes also earned a lot of positive feedback from bloggers from around the world. Support is ready to help its customers very quickly. This is also evidenced by reviews of satisfied customers of Brooklyn theme.

Live Demo Get Brooklyn

KingSize Fullscreen Photography Theme

KingSize Fullscreen Photography ThemeKingSize Fullscreen Photography is the perfect theme for those who appreciate high-quality background of their website and blog.

Creators of KingSize Fullscreen Photography theme have focused not only on high quality backgrounds, but also on the full support of all mobile platforms. As competitors of this top, KingSize Fullscreen Photography has extensive customization capabilities of all the elements and a combination of different features from ready-made demos.

KingSize Fullscreen Photography provides its users with an innovative approach of working with the site gallery. Now adding the photos has become not only convenient, but also easier. And for novice creators KingSize Fullscreen Photography prepared a special surprise – a video guide for the use of all functions of the theme.

Live Demo Get KingSize

Impreza – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

Impreza - Retina Responsive WordPress ThemeImpreza can be called a representative of the classical creative theme for WordPress. It met all the standard aspect ratio, which you can change or adjust as desired. Flexibility of this theme is marked by many of its users, so the apparent simplicity is deceptive.

Like Bridge theme, Impreza has a division of the demo categories. And creative demos occupied not the last place in the set, provided by the Impreza.

Many enthusiastic users of Impreza not only speak of the incredible flexibility of the theme, but also a large selection of ready-made demos, high-quality technical support and friendly service for newcomers.

Live Demo Get Impreza

Stockholm – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm - A Genuinely Multi-Concept ThemeUnlike the first five participants of our ranking, Stockholm has no special section for creative demos. However, you can pay attention to the demos, which are located in sections named “Multipurpose”, “Personal” and “Blog”. These sections contain the demos, which are best suited for creative projects. The handy section demos called “Left Menu” should also be noted. In this section you will find all the demos, which have left menu. Its presence or absence can really become a decisive milestone in the design of your website or blog.

Most users of Stockholm theme notice its flexibility and extensive customization capabilities of ready demos. Also operational support and user friendly for newbies in creating websites and blogs are noted.

Live Demo Get Stockholm

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

Core Minimalist Photography PortfolioThe name “Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio” speaks for itself. And this is the first advantage of this theme. No need to guess, for what purposes are made the demos of this theme. Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio is designed specifically for the creation of different galleries. With this theme you can create a unique gallery for photo or video work. This theme will be indispensable to create a unique and original illustrator or movie director portfolio.

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio supports the connection of the most convenient plugins to spread your photos or videos: Twitter feed, Youtube Video, Vimeo Video, Social Media icon, Flickr photostream. Flexible settings of ready demos allow users of Core Minimalist themes to create a website or blog that best fits their needs.

Live Demo Get Core

Dandelion – Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme

Dandelion - Powerful Elegant WordPress ThemeDandelion is based on the original admin panel from Pexeto. This means that Dandelion users can benefit from additional options and improved interface, which is characterized by friendliness to beginners.

Dandelion includes 32 ready-made template to create your website or blog, and unlimited flexibility in customizing your own unique design. The theme includes 4 JQuery Sliders, which will help in the decoration of your site. Dandelion also has 3 templates for portfolio design performed in a fundamentally different styles.

Live Demo Get Dandelion

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress ThemeThe slogan of Uncode theme: “You deserve a stunning website”. Here you will find more than 30 ready-made concept demos. First of all, we are interested in creative templates provided in Uncode theme. Such demos are not numerous, but they cover the basic needs of their potential users. They are suitable for creative agency, studio, event or artist (including freelancers). In addition, Uncode provides interesting and original solutions for shops, one-page websites and portfolios.

Creative website builder, available in Uncode theme, includes not only a variety of design elements, but also some important plugins. For instance, WooCommerce and revolutionary slider are available. Their combination allows you to create beautiful and profitable website.

Live Demo Uncode Review Get Uncode

Oshine – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Oshine - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeOshine includes more than 25 demos, which number is constantly growing. Each of the demos provided may serve as an excellent base to make a creative web design. Naturally, the individual elements of the various demos can be edited and combined into unique kinds of design. There are both full-screen backgrounds for photographers, illustrators and connoisseurs of beautiful images and websites gallery for photos and videos.

Most reviews on the Oshine theme are extremely positive. WordPress community members note a qualitative approach to the design elaboration for each demo and documentation for ease of use themes to change certain design elements of the user’s needs.

Live Demo Get Oshine

Final words

Several parameters can be identified on the basis of the above ranking, which WordPress users evaluate in certain themes:

  • Easy installation of the theme and design flexibility for customization.
  • The presence of a variety of demos.
  • The possibility of adding more features, including the necessary plug-ins.
  • The quality of the design elements represented in the ready demos.
  • High quality and timely technical support.

The leaders of our rating are not necessarily suitable for your website or blog. And yet they can tell you a lot of interesting ideas to implement in any creative online project.

We hope that you will use only the best of WordPress themes!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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