Zaser Pro — All-in-one WordPress Theme Review

Zaser Pro is a new all-in-one WordPress theme, which will surely impress you with its capabilities. Zaser is created to meet the needs of the owners of the most diverse sites. This WordPress theme is suitable for personal blog or portfolio, and for the online shop or the agency website as well. This versatility is achieved by having a large number of pre-made templates, and the ability to easily adjust them to the individual needs of any web project on the WordPress platform.

Zaser meets all requirements of a modern WordPress theme: it is mobile responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized. These features solve the majority of problems that the owner of the WordPress site could potentially face. For example, Zaser eliminates the need for additional optimization for mobile devices. In addition, the question of optimizing a website in accordance with the requirements of search engines requires needs a considerable investment of time and money if it would not carried out by the creators of a WordPress theme. Zaser allows you to leave these problems behind and to be engaged directly in the development of your site, and creation of the content for it.

In this article we analyze all the features of Zaser WordPress theme in detail. This way you can familiarize yourself with all the advantages of this theme before you buy it. We will separately analyze the opportunities and benefits that Zaser provides for portfolio sites, personal blogs and online stores.

Included Plugins

Zaser theme kit includes three most important plugins for easy and fast customizing of your WordPress site: Visual Composer Page Builder, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

Visual Composer Page Builder with Ultimate Addons allows you to edit all site elements in a visual mode. You do not need any expertise in web development or design to change any of the elements of the site in the editor with an intuitive interface.

Slider Revolution plugin allows also to easily and quickly create one of the most attractive elements of your site. With dynamic sliders you will be able to attract the attention of visitors to the new posts on the blog, news and sales in the online shop or the key advantages of your agency on the corporate website.

Home Page Templates

Zaser provides its owners with 7 different templates for various types of web sites: Agency, Architecture, Classic, Creative Studio, Personal, Portfolio and Shop. Each of these templates has its own features and peculiarities.

Agency template has a full width slider on the first screen and a lot of different blocks to scroll further. There is a block for a brief description of your company and its advantages, grid for the best projects from your portfolio, interactive counters, blog timeline, call-to-action block and so on. This template copes with attraction and retention of the user attention on the site.

Architecture template is a full width slider without any additional elements. This page should fully capture the visitor’s attention and invite to learn the details within the site. That is why there are no distractions and no scroll below the first screen.

home-page-architectureClassic template is the great mix of the most important and useful elements, such as sliders, portfolio grids, team members` introduction, call-to-action and blog timelines. Classic template is for those who have not yet fully decided on the theme and specialization of their online project and wants to have room for maneuver in the future.

Creative Studio template is a bit similar to Agency template, but it has an emphasis on bigger and qualitative photos and images. Any creative agency needs a way to present its team and ideas in a favorable display. This template has all features to satisfy such needs.

Personal template presents one full width slide with parallax effect to stun your visitors immediately. Like Architecture template, it has no other elements to scroll down. But it comes even further in a pursuit of attracting the user`s attention to a single element, because it has no slider. And it is perfect to present yourself in such a minimalistic and creative way at once.

Portfolio template is something in between the Agency and Personal types of a site. And in the same time, it is much different from both of them. Portfolio template contains a slider to capture attention, a big grid to hold it and a call-to-action block to guide it into the write channel. And that is exactly what you need from the portfolio site.

Shop template is created to guide a user from the main page to the depth of any category or brand pages. It has a full width slider, a couple of grids for new arrivals and sales, and the call-to-action block to proceed the shopping online for any interested user.

Pages and Elements

Zaser WordPress theme has lots of elements which you can add to any page of your site or blog. But we will consider these elements through their purposes for the different types of sites: portfolio, blogs and online shops.

Zaser Portfolio Features and Elements

If you are eager to create a perfect portfolio site, then you should be in a need of really good About Me, Testimonials and Contact pages. Zaser WordPress theme offers you the best template for the About Me page. It is perfectly clear and stylish. Here you can use great fonts to write shortly about yourself and awesome photos to illustrate your appearance. Also you might need interactive charts and graphs to show your skills in various fields.

There are a lot of layouts to use on your WordPress portfolio site: carousels, filtering, masonry and others. You can choose one, two, three or even four columns to visualize your content. As for pagination, you can use classic one with default page numbers and without them, and infinite scroll (which is very trendy).

zaser-portfolio-masonryTestimonials pages are also very useful for any portfolio site. Zaser offers a bunch of styles for displaying the reviews which the clients have gave you through your professional career. Here you can find grids, masonry, sliders and other styles for testimonials reveal.

Contact page should clearly show the way to speak with the author of all the works presented on the portfolio site. And Zaser provides three different ways to execute the Contact pages: classic, modern and traditional. Classic and modern styles provide your with the opportunity to point your location on the map. Traditional design of the Contact page focuses on the contact form without any distractive elements.

The separate video or gallery posts on your portfolio site would be the best addition to all advantages you can gain from the Zaser WordPress theme.

Zaser Blog Features and Elements

zaser-blogContent is the key for every blog. But you should also think about the layout of your content on the blog. Zaser provides a lot of layouts for blog content: full width, masonry, carousels and columns (single column or two-, three- and four-columned display).

Also there are a lot of layouts for the posts on your blog, including unique post formats for gallery and video posts. All layouts and post formats are optimized to work on mobile devices.

Zaser Shop Features and Elements

zaser-shopZaser WordPress theme are created for the online stores. The owner of any online shop should provide his customers with a lot of services, and Zaser ensures all this services to be easily customizable and optimized. For example, you will need: pricing tables, accordations and FAQs, carousels, call-to-action blocks and elements, charts and counters, separate page for team and services presentation, contacts, shopping carts and much more. And Zaser has it all covered for you.

Also you will be pleased to know that there is a good choice between shop layouts in Zaser theme. You can use full width shop, products with sizes or products with gallery and so on.

Shopping cart and user account page are also very comfortable to customize and easy to use by your visitors.

Testimonials and custom contact pages are also very important for the online shop. And you can choose the most suitable formats for these pages through the Zaser`s templates.

Final Words

Zaser Pro WordPress theme is a good choice for nearly any type of site or blog. We have tried to cover the most interesting features and capabilities of this theme to provide you with the essential information during the difficult choice of a WordPress theme for your internet project.

You can also estimate the quality of Zaser WordPress theme by visiting the demo page. There you can see all elements and templates in real action and compare them with the needs of your site.

Live Demo Get Zaser
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