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WordPress is one of the best places for virtual business representation. This fact is proved by hundreds of thousands of companies in a different scale – from micro-business to giant corporations. WordPress offers the most flexible conditions for creating a website and its ongoing modernization to benefit the growing audience of every successful online business.

Consulting WordPress theme gives business people the opportunity to create sites with unique design and functionality in a matter of hours or even faster if there is a desire to use ready-made templates in different styles. Consulting WordPress theme is one of those premium products that open the way to the internet space for every business owner. You do not need to collect a team of web developers, designers and administrators to start your own online business. It is enough to buy Consulting WordPress theme and spend several hours customizing the template you liked for your project needs.

Today we will take a closer look at the Consulting WordPress theme and the features hidden in it. If you are at the source of your own business on the web or want to open an office for an existing business, then this review will be useful for you to get acquainted with one of the best products in the sphere of WordPress premium themes.

Ready Demos

The first thing that meets the proud owner of Consulting WordPress theme is a variety of ready demos. Demos are full-fledged interface sites that you can use with minimal changes for your project. Minimal changes will include changes of the company logo, headlines and texts on the site.

Consulting WordPress theme includes 19 ready demos. Each of them is named after the famous city and has a unique combination of interface elements to create an interesting and functional design. Let us take a quick look at each of the proposed versions of demos, so you can evaluate the existing range and choose the best option for yourself.

New York Demo

New York Demo meets users with a fullscreen slider. The design of the whole pattern is made in a modern minimalist style. Blocks with different information replace each other in the process of vertical scrolling by the site visitor. Such a design will be primarily interesting for business, which wants to create a representative langing page for a company or a separate product.

London Demo

London DemoLondon Demo stands out with eye-cathcing video slider on the first screen of a user. This method allows you to retain more users and carry them away with the content of your site for a long time. This design also has a vertical scrolling format between blocks, but uses fewer blocks to focus the visitor on the most important content.

Frankfurt Demo

Frankfurt Demo is good for representation of a large business. The peculiarity of the design of this demo is the left side menu, which is not hidden when scrolling along vertical blocks of information. This technique allows you to focus the attention of visitors on the main pages of the site, links to which you can place in the sidebar.

Moscow Demo

Moscow DemoMoscow Demo is a representative of the universal design, sustained in strict and clear colors. An attractive slider on the first screen and additional blocks for placing information of any kind on the vertical scroll allow you to keep the visitors’ attention for a long time.

Shanghai Demo

Shanghai Demo also has a very versatile design. Unlike Moscow Demo, the style of this template is distinguished by a white background and contrasting black icons. Strictness and elegance are optimally combined in the Shanghai Demo.

Madrid Demo

Madrid DemoMadrid Demo is based on bright and light tones, which evoke persistent positive associations among users of the site. If you want to inspire trust and respect of your potential customers, then Madrid Demo will help you on the way to success.

Tokyo Demo

Japanese accuracy and punctuality found their perfect reflection in the Tokyo Demo. Here we use only the most important elements for communication with a potential client: an introductory slider, a service block, portfolio, simple infographic to visualize the success of your company, a block of partners and contacts with an interactive world map.

Seoul Demo

Seoul DemoSeoul Demo uses a structure that is distinctly proven in the Madrid Demo. A special feature of this template is the pastel and soft colors that users associate with comfort and security. Recommended for insurance companies and real estate agencies.

Sydney Demo

Sydney DemoSydney Demo is focused on the service sector in the B2B sector. This template uses such important blocks as interactive graphics, company benefits, service prices, testimonials and contacts with a map of representations around the world.

Hong Kong Demo

Hong Kong DemoHong Kong Demo differs with the fixed width of the main vertical column of the site content. The used blocks are similar to the Sydney Demo kit, but instead of the block with prices, the company’s latest news block is used.

Paris Demo

Paris DemoParis Demo uses the technology of the sticky left sidebar menu, which we saw in the Frankfurt Demo. But Paris Demo is more focused on the B2B business segment, because it uses such informative blocks as interactive graphics and company’s advantages illustrated with some icons.

Singapore Demo

Singapore Demo uses modern style icons and images to present your products and services in the best possible way. This template also has a fixed width and is visually distinctly divided into vertical blocks of content.

Sao Paulo Demo

Sao Paolo DemoSao Paulo Demo features calm green and olive colors in its design. This template is able to perfectly present almost any type of business on the internet. Having contacts and feedback on the main page will increase the loyalty of potential customers of your business.

Abu Dhabi Demo

Abu Dhabi Demo is a rich and wide-spaced design, which is perfect for a representative homepage or a single landing page. Fullscreen slider with parallax effect produces an excellent first impression on your customers, and the remaining blocks will disclose all the necessary information about the company.

Dublin Demo

Dublin DemoDublin Demo is an excellent choice for social networking sites and foundations. Full width sliders and a special block About Us with exponential counters of achievements will help to present the organization or company to the visitors of the site in a correct way.

Tel Aviv Demo

Tel Aviv Demo is designed taking into account the peculiarities of fonts for Yiddish and Hebrew. The design of this template includes a fullscreen slider on the first viewer’s screen, counters of the company’s achievements, presentation of the project`s team, customer reviews, contacts on the interactive world map and much more.

Dubai Demo

Dubai Demo was created specifically for sites in Arabic. The fonts, icons and images in this template correspond to the regional business features of the Arab countries.

Tehran Demo

Tehran DemoTehran Demo offers a unique design for websites in the Persian language, taking into account the features of fonts, images and the very style of business in the countries of this region. The template also has a sticky sidebar, but unlike Frankfurt and Paris, it is located on the right side (again due to the characteristics of the region’s writing).

Oslo Demo

Oslo DemoOslo Demo is sustained in a strict and neat Scandinavian style. Nothing superfluous, only business. Here everything talks about it – from clear fonts to an appointment widget on the main page of the site.

Simple Style Editor

Consulting WordPress theme is not only an outstanding set of ready-made templates, but also huge possibilities for customizing ready-made demos. For this purpose, the theme’s kit includes such important plugins as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Booked.

Visual Composer allows WordPress administrator without the knowledge and skills in the field of web development to make changes in the design of any template using a simple drag-n-drop editor. Slider Revolution makes it possible to create attractive sliders in which you can use not only pictures, but also video. Booked implements the ability to record for meetings with representatives of the site owner’s company to any user.

You can also change the layout of the header and the elements inside it. This part of the site is extremely important for the right impression of users about your company. Therefore Consulting WordPress theme gives you a full freedom of creativity, with all the changes being made with ease.

Events and Appointments

Events and AppointmentsAppointment widget is a great addition to any business site on WordPress. With this widget, site users can schedule appointments to you or your representatives. The functionality of the widget is extremely simple and easy to use.

At the same time, it brings great benefits to your business in the form of increasing the trust of potential customers. After all, only an open and reliable company is always ready to meet with its potential customers.

Portfolio, About Us and Contact Pages

Consulting WordPress theme provides ample opportunities to present your business and its success to all potential customers and partners. In this case, extremely important are the Portfolio pages, About Us and Contacts.

Features of ready demos allow you to create amazing pages with a presentation of your successful works and projects. You can connect interactive graphics, performance counters, full-screen sliders (including video content) and many other interesting content for users.

On the contacts page, you can use the interactive map to show your offices around the world. It looks really impressive, if you have at least several offices in different countries of the world.

About Us page is the face of your company, so it should provides many useful features. Here you can post images and videos, presentations and useful widgets, highlight important moments of text content with beautiful quotes and much more – just start working with Consulting WordPress theme and you will feel the full power of its capabilities.

Online Shop Options

Online Shop OptionsConsulting WordPress theme offers a simple and convenient functionality for creating an online store on the platform of WordPress. All the advantages of stylish demos remain with you if you want to sell products or services through your website. Full compatibility with WooCommerce will be an excellent tool for expanding small businesses to medium and large sizes.

Theme Flexibility

Consulting WordPress theme is a really flexible product. There are at least 5 big reasons to say so:

  1. WordPress MultiLingual system is ready to translate your site to any world language. And even more – the theme already includes the translation for all its content into 8 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Persian/Arabic.
  2. Fully mobile responsive and retina ready design.
  3. Integration with the most important plugins and services: WooCommerce, MailChimp, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity and more.
  4. Over 120 ready-to-use shortcodes for implementing in any page of your site just by copy-pasting the shortcode to page content.
  5. Cross-Browser guarantees for FireFox, Safari, Chrome and IE10+.

Final Words

We have presented you all the features and benefits of Consulting WordPress theme. We hope that you will like it no less than we liked it. Buy only high-quality premium WordPress themes and develop your projects with us!

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