Best Themes and Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site on WordPress

Amazon is one of the largest trading platforms of the modern eCommerce market. The secret of success and constantly increasing popularity of Amazon is the multi-channel traffic received by this site. People buy on Amazon not only on the trading platform, but also on a huge number of affiliated sites. Affiliate sites successfully advertise and sell certain niche products that are of interest to visitors and regular readers of this particular WordPress project. And even sites with little traffic can earn online thanks to a simple and convenient affiliate program by Amazon.

Are you already interested? Do you want to receive revenue from the sale on your site without having any problems with the storage and delivery of the goods, as well as with all the service attendance problems? In this case, the offer of Amazon affiliate program is created especially for you.

Naturally, in addition to a desire to earn money, you will need certain WordPress administrator tools. On the other hand, all these tools are at your fingertips – in the form of WordPress themes and plugins. Today we will review the most convenient WordPress themes and the most useful WordPress plugins for your participation in the Amazon affiliate program.

WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site

If you are just planning to create an online project for Amazon affiliate program, the first important step will be to select the correct WordPress theme for its design. There are 7 important criteria that you will need to pay attention to when choosing a WordPress theme for Amazon affiliate site: Amazon compatibility (sure thing, but not every theme is capable for this purpose), secure level (you will work with the clients, so no jokes on security), responsive design, user-friendly admin options (there), responsive design (nearly 60% of your customers will visit your site from mobile devices), useful features (some features just have to be on your site to succeed, for example, price comparison) Is not necessary to use a difficult tools, loading speed (crucial for every modern site) and nice design (for the best user experience you can provide to your visitors).

Collecting all these criteria together is difficult if you do not have much experience with WordPress administration. And even experienced WordPress site owners can find it difficult to navigate the constantly updated variety of modern themes and plugins. Therefore, we will provide you with a selection of 5 optimal WordPress themes for launching your Amazon affiliate site.

Kingdom — Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

KingdomKingdom is created specifically for WordPress owners of sites that want to participate in the Amazon affiliate program. The design of this theme uses neutral colors for the most part and shades to maximize the individuality of each advertised product from Amazon. This will help you to concentrate users’ attention on the main part and sell more.

Kingdom includes such useful tools as WooZone, WooZone Contextual, Discount Finder, Kingdom Store, Visual Composer page builder and Slider Revolution. This kit will help you save a huge amount of money compared to a separate purchase of each listed plugin. With these plugins, you can easily add products from Amazon to your site, and also customize the location of all elements in the product card to achieve the optimal result in sales.

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REHub — Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme

ReHubREHub is a universal solution for those who want to participate in several affiliate programs at once. In addition to the full support of Amazon affiliate, this theme offers synchronization with eBay and many other popular trading platforms. With this theme, you can offer your users a complete set of tools for comparing and selecting products on all kinds of trading platforms. And regardless of the choice of your visitors, you will profit from the sale of goods on one of your affiliate programs.

REHub is excellent SEO optimized and fully mobile responsive. In addition, the package of this theme includes many useful tools for setting up a convenient site for choosing products for your users. For example, a choice of 12 different options for drawing up a product card with Amazon is given to you. Price tables to compare different offers and price history for each product will be a perfect complement to the features of your project.

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Price Compare — Price Comparison WordPress Theme

Price CompareA distinctive feature of the Price Compare theme is its high speed. The creators of Price Compare have focused on providing the best service for those sites that will use this WordPress theme. If you value the time of your visitors and do not want to lose any of them because of the long loading of pages with a comparison of prices, then this theme will suit you best.

Price Compare also includes convenient tools for customizing the visual display of product lists and individual cards. You can use more than 30 different shortcodes to place advertising products in different blog posts and on other pages of the site to increase the involvement of users in viewing offers and purchasing goods.

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Compare — Price Comparison Theme for WordPress

CompareCompare is one of the bestsellers among the WordPress Affiliate themes. The choice of the majority is based on the broad functionality of the theme and the convenience of its use, even for beginners in the area of WordPress administration. Many necessary plugins, such as price compare tables, are already included in the kit of this theme.

Compare also includes a set of shortcodes, useful widgets and localization opportunities. Customizing the appearance for product cards gives you almost unlimited possibilities for creating the most convenient interface for the needs of users of your site.

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Stored — Ecommerce WordPress Theme for Cart66

StoredStored is a special WordPress theme for affiliate sites, which prefer to use the Cart66 plugin to connect with Amazon marketplace. The synergy of these themes and plugin works well for beginners in the WordPress administration area or for those who have not worked with the Amazon affiliate program.

Stored WordPress theme offers an interesting set of additional features: 6 different themes for the design of your site, ready-to-use sliders, great opportunities for localizing the site for your language, a set of useful widgets and much more. In addition, Stored has excellent support for its users.

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WordPress Themes for Amazon Affiliate Site

If for some reason you do not want to change your WordPress theme, but still want to add the possibility of participating in the Amazon affiliate program, then you will need the handy tools from our list below. The listed plugins allow you to add products from Amazon, compare prices, change the design of product cards, insert shortcodes with product previews to different site pages and much more.

WooZone — Amazon Associates Bundle Pack

WooZoneWooZone is not one tool, but a whole set that will help you easily get started with Amazon affiliate program from scratch. The kit includes: WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin, WooZone Contextual (Amazon Advertising Plugin), Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress and Kingdom (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates theme). We have already written about the last element of the kit above.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin helps you quickly and easily add products from this trading platform to your WordPress site and receive a guaranteed profit from each sold product. The plugin has a special Synchronization Module, which automatically updates the information about the products without your participation. Also, in particular, the plugin includes searching by categories and keywords that relate to a particular product.

WooZone Contextual helps your site attract new visitors through contextual advertising. Amazon Discount Finder is designed to facilitate the navigation of users when searching for an optimal price or offers at a discount.

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Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStoreAmazon eStore Affiliates plugin allows you to fully automate the process of adding products to your WordPress site. You can set the refresh rate and the frequency of adding new items using a simple interface in the WordPress admin panel.

Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin uses Amazon’s CDN technology to provide the maximum download speed of content from this marketplace. You can be absolutely sure that visitors of your site will not have to wait long to load pages with goods.

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Let’s Review — WordPress Review Plugin with Affiliate Options

Lets-ReviewLet’s Review WordPress plugin is designed for those who want to not just place a list of products on their site and wait for buyers, but is able to attract the audience with interesting reviews. Many WordPress site owners try to make reviews and links to products by their own. But the result of such efforts can not be called beautiful and convenient for visitors of the site.

Let’s Review WordPress plugin offers a variety of options for product reviews with Amazon. In addition, the plugin gives you access to the simple and convenient addition of various buttons and other design elements that increase the interest of users in the presented product.

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WordPress Automatic Plugin

Wordpress-Automatic-PluginWordPress Automatic Plugin has many useful features for automating the creation of content on your website or blog. One of the interesting features of this plugin is the ability to add products to your site for a specific keyword or set of characteristics. In addition, WordPress Automatic Plugin allows you to overcome the limitation of the Amazon API, which does not allow you to store more than 100 products from the catalog of the trading platform.

WordPress Automatic Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce. This means that you can fine-tune the display of products on your site, as well as automatically download prices and images from the source – the Amazon trading platform.

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Final Words

A set of tools for synchronizing WordPress and Amazon is truly amazing. We brought the most popular and user-friendly themes and plugins which you can use without any experience in the sphere of affiliate programs. Over time, you will be able to find more specialized tools and go to a new level of work with the Amazon affiliate program.

We wish success to your online business on the platforms of WordPress and Amazon!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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