Hauntingly Spooky Halloween Website Templates and Builders!

Every year as the leaves on the trees start to change and the Autumn season comes into full swing, we all (okay, some of us dread it) look forward to the many traditions and flavors of Fall. Our culinary creativity goes seemingly to the ends of the pumpkin patch to incorporate pumpkin spice into every dish and beverage. And don’t pretend you don’t take that small paper apple picking bag as a light suggestion of how many apples you really intend on picking (and eating) at the orchard. Though the most devious of Fall habits is when we start to scheme on how to best outdo last year’s Halloween costume and, better yet, how scare the apple cider donuts out of your All Hallow’s Eve party guests!

Well now that we at Artbees Themes have clearly outed ourselves as overzealous Autumn and Halloween enthusiasts, let’s skip the pumpkin circumstance and get straight to templates (not apologizing for the corniness of that pun). What we’ve noticed is that Autumn is one of the most popular seasons when we see a boost in requests for website builders that can quickly build temporary mostly Halloween-themed websites. So we know that you need to build a website that’s centered around Halloween activities and materials, but that still leaves us with a few options. Two of the most common website requests we’ve gotten are for eCommerce websites to sell costumes and decorations or an invitation to be used for upcoming Halloween parties. So we put our Artbees ghouls and goblins to work to make sure you’d have a selection of fun and spooky Jupiter WordPress templates to help you quickly launch a website! Here we’ll give you a quick sneak peek of two of our Halloween templates that are ready to be summoned.

eCommerce WordPress Templates for Costumes & Decorations

One of the most widely used temporary websites built around this time of the year are eCommerce websites selling Fall & Halloween costumes and decorations. These types of websites require a balance of fun and eye-catching designs along with high functionality and speed. Your customers are scrambling to shop and will be trying to quickly purchase their costumes, packets of fake blood and house decorations in a pinch. That means the slightest lag in speed when scrolling through options, clicking on links or finalizing a purchase will pretty much guarantee that you lose your customer. Yep—talk about scary!

Our Jupiter eCommerce Halloween website allows you to display all of your products in a clean and well-organized structure, has features that allow you to highlight promotions and Call to Action buttons, and has a checkout and purchase process that will be quick and easy for your customers! All of this functionality on top of a fun and entertaining layout will create an engaging and practical user experience for your customers? Take me to the demo!

halloween website templates

Online Invitations to eat, drink and be scary!

After obsessively googling creative ways to terrify your guests, spending hours making delicious foods that look absolutely gruesome and covering your entire home in cobwebs, ghosts and skeletons, you certainly can’t have a generic-looking invitation! Our Jupiter WordPress Online invitations are easy to download, guaranteed to get to every guest and easy to customize with a riddle or rhyme. Most online invitations don’t give you so much space to customize the individual elements, colors and fonts used. We don’t do generic so you shouldn’t have to either.

The online template invitation we’ve crafted is eye-catching, fun and suitable for Halloween party guests from a wide age range. The Halloween Jupiter template allows give you the flexibility to change almost every element to match your color scheme and theme. You’ve got a party to get ready for; leave the invites to us starting now!

halloween website templates

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