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16 of the Best Single Page WordPress Themes in 2016

Single page WordPress websites are very useful for many applications. This can include all different types of websites for high end business, portfolios, online stores, events, products and e cards. In the past few years this design trend has had a solid presence on the web due to fact that more and more people are browsing on mobile phones – where scrolling is easier than navigating to a new page.

The majority of websites are built using the classic multi-page design convention. This is a great way to build a website but may not always be applicable. One page websites can be an effective way to provide a high quality user experience. Single page sites can make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

You can present everything you need to highlight a product, service, story or anything else without having to make users navigate to other pages. The goal of the single page site in most cases is to simplify things and streamline browsing. Removing all the clutter and getting straight to the point. It’s sort of a no nonsense way of building. Oh yes, let’s not forget, just because you have a “one page” website, doesn’t mean you won’t have a menu or additional pages (privacy policy, blog, about us etc.).

Why Build a One Page Website?

If we take a look at web trends set by the most successful social media platforms like Facebook, the answer is obvious. With high speed internet connections available most anywhere that people have high speed mobile devices, social media sites have set the standard. Scrolling is the best way to provide any type of dynamically generated content.

Long scrolling is one of the most compelling reasons to create single page sites. This trend has been mounting for years on the web. It’s popular because people love it and it’s a robust method of delivering content. While one page sites are great for mobile browsing, they also are useful for desktops. Design concepts utilized by one page style websites are quite useful. Modal boxes, parallax sections and efficient use of space are useful elements.

Those who are looking to build portfolios, landing pages for products or even simple business e cards may like the simplicity of a one page template. With a clean design and efficient use of space, you can showcase all the information you need right on the front page. This article contains a list of some of the best and most popular WordPress themes for building one page websites.

Bridge — Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeBridge — Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bridge is a huge multi-purpose theme with lots of potential. One of the many things you can do with it is create a clean one page website. It comes bundled with Visual Composer and LayerSlider to make building pages and slides easy. Bridge also has tons of demo content, with plenty of one page sites. With over 160 demos, there are lots of different templates to choose from. Most people in need of a website will be able to find a demo that fits their project.

Get Bridge Live Demo 

Salient — Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeSalient — Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient is a very clean theme that works great for professionals looking to build things like portfolios, landing pages for products, event sites and more. It’s clean business theme that you can use to put your best foot forward. While the demo content is limited, the theme itself ideal for minimal business platforms. I’ve seen some nice sights that make amazing use of Salient’s full width demo content.

Get Salient Live Demo 

Jupiter — Multi-Purpose Responsive ThemeJupiter WordPress Theme v5.1

Jupiter is very hot right now. It comes with a free, custom version of Visual Composer so you can build with ease. Jupiter is fast, easy to use and has some really stunning design outputs. It has a really nice demo for one page websites as well. If you are looking for a theme to help you build a modern site up to date with the latest trends, check this one out.

Get Jupiter Live Demo 

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeAvada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada is still one of the biggest and most powerful themes available for WordPress. The sky is the limit with Avada and their one page demos can get you setup very quickly. Many people prefer Avada because of the built in page builder, which gives you easy access to tons of elements and design tools.

Get Avada Live Demo 

Uncode — Creative Multiuse WordPress ThemeUncode Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is another flexible multi-purpose WordPress theme. For creative types, Uncode is perfect. It’s easy to work with and outputs some beautiful websites. They currently have two readymade demos for one page websites. Photographers, startups, cafes, artists, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs and other creative websites are easy to build with this them. All you have to do is install it and be creative.

Get Uncode Live Demo 

Brooklyn — Creative One Page Multi-Purpose ThemeBrooklyn WordPress Theme

Brooklyn is another top selling theme because it’s capable of creating cool, modern websites. Get all the tools you need to quickly setup a one page website. The proof is in the final product. Check out Brooklyn’s page on Themeforest for a list of urls using the theme. It is a great way to see just what you can do with this theme.

Get Brooklyn Live Demo 

SCRN — Responsive one page / single page portfolioSCRN WordPress Theme

This theme is great for those looking for less options. You can build a quality one page site for restaurants, blogs, portfolios or products with it. The theme options panel is powerful and helps you change just about everything you need to quickly.

Get SCRN Live Demo 

KALLYAS — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeKALLYAS

Hell yes we like Kallyas! Like all the multipurpose themes on this list, with Kallyas you can do just about anything. If you are looking for a flexible theme that allows you to make future changes, this one is a great choice. It’s stable, allows you room to grow and produces current websites. You don’t have to be an expert to build like one.

Get Kallyas Live Demo 

Bigbang — Responsive WordPress Template
Big Bang WordPress Theme

I put this on the list for those looking to build portfolios. It’s good for one page blogs or portfolios. Checkout Bigband if you are in need of something very simple that gets the job done. You won’t have to fool around much, just choose from a few different layout choices and get started. Easy.

Get Bigbang Live Demo 

Jarvis — Onepage Parallax WordPress ThemeJarvis Parallax WordPress Theme

This one is quite nice if you want to build an impressive parallax theme. Parallax themes are fun to scroll and can give users a fun way to interact with your site. There’s multiple layouts for you to choose from and make unique. I would use Jarvis for anything from online WooCommerce shops to photography portfolios.

Get Jarvis Live Demo 

907 — Responsive WP One Page – Multi One Page Parallax907 Mult One Page Parallax Theme

Unlimited portfolios, free premium plugins and tons of options make 907 a strong contender. They have demos for a wide range of sites that can help you get started right. 907 has premade sites for photography, real estate, gyms, designers, apps and freelancers. If those fit your project you should definitely check out the demos.

Get 907 Live Demo 

Patti — Parallax One Page WordPress ThemePatti One Page WordPress Theme

Patti is good for business or creative. This template is clean and simple, yet versatile. You can stretch, tweak and morph the design to fit anything you want. If you take a gander at their live demo, you will see that it contains all the elements needed to build an awesome one page website. Things like parallax sections, custom boxes, contact forms, icons, testimonials and more.

Get Patti Live Demo 

Visia — Responsive One Page Retina WordPress ThemeVisia Impressive One Page WordPress Theme

There are lots of creative businesses thriving today. Sites for things like tech startups, freelance artists, writers, fashion stores and marketing agencies are all good use cases for Visia. It’s optimized to help you build a single page site. Check it out if you are looking for something professional and easy to setup.

Get Visia Live Demo 

OneUp — One Page Parallax Retina WordPress ThemeOneUp WordPress Theme

This is an exceptionally easy to use theme for those who want to build a WooCommerce website with some soul. There are 3 skins to choose from, light/fullscreen, mixed/layer slider and dark/video. It comes stocked with LayerSlider free of charge and a powerful page builder. This theme is also useful for portfolios and events.

Get OneUp Live Demo 

Construction — WP Construction, Building BusinessConstruction — WP Construction, Building Business

This is relatively new. It’s geared toward small businesses in the construction. This includes home builders, contractors, plumbers, architects and engineers. It’s simple and comes with Visual Composer to help you build pages just by dragging and dropping. You won’t have to worry about too many options with this theme. It gives you just what you need for a very nice business site.

Get Construction Live Demo 

Scalia — Multi-Concept Business, Shop, One-Page, Blog ThemeScalia WordPress Theme

If you are looking for flexibility and a lot of power, this theme is worth checking out. Scalia has over 150 different demos ready for 1-Click installation! Building is easy and you have lots of options to choose from. As with many of the top tier multi-purpose themes, Scalia includes Visual Composer for free. If you are someone who likes to keep things fresh and make lots of changes, this theme is for you.

Get Scalia Live Demo 

Final Words

There are lots of themes on this list for you to think about. Even if you are not looking to build a strictly one page site, you can use the techniques used in one page sites. Doing so can make browsing better and give help you provide people with a good experience. Many WordPress users decide to do this, using elements like parallax, long scrolling and modal windows alongside things like traditional nav menus.

Before implementing mobile-first methods like long scrolling, you need to consider your objectives. There may be better options after you weigh the pros and cons. We hope that this list can help you find something that fits your project. Let us know what you think of the list and if you have experience with any of these themes in the comment section below.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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