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The Divi Builder — A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder Review

WordPress platform offers equal opportunities in creating websites for everyone. There is no need to learn programming languages for web development of WordPress sites and blogs. All the technical component of the process is performed by special visual editors. These editors allow WordPress administrator to deal with ready-made design elements or whole blocks that can be rearranged or changed in styles of their design using an intuitive user interface.

This key feature of the web development of WordPress sites provides tremendous popularity to the entire platform. Beginning site owners come here to create their own project without special knowledge, and advanced users appreciate the comfort and speed of this system.

The Divi Builder plugin is one of the vivid examples of those tools that provide the popularity of the WordPress platform due to the convenience and ease of its use. This visual drag-n-drop page builder allows you to create sites from scratch in a matter of hours using ready-made design blocks and extensive customization through styles` editing capabilities.

The Divi Builder is the key tool that is included in the kit of the Divi WordPress theme. If you are interested in a complete solution for your WordPress project, then you may be interested in this premium theme. But you should consider that The Divi Builder can work with any WordPress theme of your choice.

The Divi Builder is a premium WordPress plugin, but its creators have provided a free trial period for testing of this tool. Today we will take a closer look at the advantages and features of The Divi Builder so that you can decide whether to purchase such an important tool for your WordPress project.

Ready-to-use Content Modules

Ready-to-use content modules are one of the distinguishing features of The Divi Builder. The plugin includes 46 ready-made content modules, each of which you will need sooner or later in the creation and development process of your WordPress project. In the number of content modules are included not only simple elements (for example, button, image, text, divider, video, post title and so on), but even more complex solutions (such as maps, sliders, counters, social media follows, testimonials, contact forms And much more).

Drag-n-drop editor allows you to add any content modules to any place on your site. It is also easy to transfer, delete, or swap the content of modules that were added earlier. In addition, each module can be individually configured — you can apply various ready-made styles or choose your own parameters of sizes, colors and position on the page in accordance with personal preferences or recommendations of usability specialists.

Prepared Demo Pages

Demos Divi BuilderDemo pages are both ready-made elements of your site and examples of the work of the Divi Builder plugin. Together with the plugin you get 15 ready-made demo pages, which you can use directly within your project. Minimal changes in the form of unique texts, logos and headings will allow you to immediately start working pages of your website or blog with a ready-made design.

Demo pages can serve as an excellent source of inspiration or templates to learn for beginning WordPress administrators. Do not know where to start the creating process of your own project? Use the variety of demo pages to find the right design. After that, you can easily make your own changes to colors, certain elements or layout to achieve a unique design. By the way, Divi Builder plugin offers a huge number of variants of layouts based on 3 section types and 20 row types.

Controls and Useful Features

Divi BuilderThe combination of simplicity and high functionality allows the Divi Builder plugin to stand out from the competitors. With the help of drag-n-drop editor you can add any number of rows and columns while building the pages of your WordPress website. You can also easily move these items together, hide them from users or duplicate them with one click. The colors of all elements in the editor will allow you to easily navigate between active, hidden or blocked blocks.

The editor also allows you to lock certain items from any changes. This feature will be useful in cases where you are dealing with a lot of design elements and want to highlight some of them as the most important and static ones.

Any module can be copied and inserted the necessary number of times, including on other pages of the site. For the convenience of editing, you will have the option of folding and unfolding any blocks of the page design. The change log will allow you to return to any of the changes made and cancel it.

Layout Spacing Control

Layouts Divi BuilderThe Divi Builder allows you to gain complete control over spacing on your WordPress website. This element of design is extremely important, because it will depend on the perception of content by users. It is important to choose the right distance between rows, columns and separate blocks of your site.

The Divi Builder also allows you to select and easily customize custom paddings and margins for various elements and blocks of the site. An additional setting of row and column widths will allow you to better distribute content blocks across the width and height of the site.

The Divi Builder Library

Library Divi BuilderThe Divi Builder Library is your personal repository for any items, blocks or modules that you can create using the site editor. Thus, you can be sure that no result of your work will be lost in vain — everything can be saved in your personal library.

If you save any object to the libraries, you can immediately configure its availability for different levels of the editor. Also you will be able to import and export your library to any other WordPress project. This feature will be a real treasure for the owners of several WordPress sites or blogs.

Global Items

Global Items Divi BuilderGlobal items are the elements of your Divi Library, for which you chose the appropriate setting when saving. Global items can be added to any number of pages on your site. The peculiarity of such blocks is a synchronous change when editing one global item. Thus, you can significantly save time for making changes to any unit that you consider equally relevant on all pages of the site.

Global Items have even more subtle settings than can be imagined at first glance. For example, you can set the same styles for a global item, but make different text content in its copy on different pages of the site.

Final Words

The Divi Builder plugin provides truly unlimited possibilities for creating and editing WordPress sites. For beginners, WordPress administrators, this plugin will become a ticket to the amazing world of web development, and for advanced users it will become a pleasant and convenient tool in a personal storage.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the Divi Builder plugin yourself with live preview on the developer’s site.

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