QuoteUp: The Complete Proposal Management Plugin for WordPress

The best buyer/­seller relationships work best when there is open communication from both sides. This is easy enough to achieve during a live transaction, but what of virtual sales? A major drawback of online deals is that there is no scope for a customer to ask a query about the product to be purchased directly.

Or is there?

QuoteUp bridges this gap by letting customers request for a sales quotation for the product they are about to buy. This is especially useful for orders where bulk quantities, custom made products and discounted goods are involved.customizable-quote-form-woocommerce
QuoteUp, the ultimate quotation plugin for WordPress is simple in its operation. The customer chances upon a product they are to buy and requests a quote for it. The seller does his calculations, takes into account all expenses involved and sends one. If the customer approves of the quote, he is taken directly to the checkout page wherefrom the deal is then closed. If not, he has the option to reject the quote and request for a new one, stating why the previous was not satisfactory.

Fierce bargainers that we are, this process continues till both reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement and close the transaction cordially! Seems like a pretty useful plugin for your WooCommerce site to have, doesn’t it? Let us have a look at the plugin features in more detail.

Plugin Features

QuoteUp has some one­of­its­kind features that set it apart from other, similar plugins. Here is a comprehensive look at some of these.

User Friendly Interface
A clean, straightforward interface makes navigating the plugin extremely easy. With grouped sections of all relevant settings, the display is sleek and ergonomic and has everything you need at one place.


The layout of the Quote Button is completely customizable, with text, position, font and color change options. Additionally, succinct summaries of what each tab does are available right next to the given tab, thereby leaving no scope for confusion.

Multiproduct Quote Requests
QuoteUp allows for enabling single and multi­product quote requests, i.e. customers can include all the products they have queries about in a single query sheet.send-quote-woocommerce

Also, if you decide to limit quotations to specific products, these can be enabled separately from the product page.

The Quote Cart
The Quote Cart is where all the quote requests are displayed. Much like a shopping cart, the Quote Cart lets customers add the products they require quotes for. On enabling multi­product requests and disabling the ‘Add to Cart’ button, it is replaced by an ‘Add to Quote Cart’ button which can be displayed on individual product pages as well as the ‘Shop’ page.quote-cart

A floating Quote Cart icon appears on the customers’ screen to help them keep track of the products they add to the cart and provide a quicklink to the same.

Selective Price Display
As the plugin enables selective hiding of product prices, so does it enable selective display of the same. This is useful when you need to convert your entire store into a Quote Only store with just a few exceptions.price-hide-add-to-cart-woocommerce

PDF Quotation Generator
This quotation plugin for WordPress has an in­built PDF generator that dynamically sends your quotation as an e­mail attachment to the customer. Moreover, it also includes a direct link for the customer to accept or reject the quote in the e­mail so that the customer need not login to your site to complete the purchase.

Customizable Quote Forms
Similar to contact forms, you can build a quote form using QuoteUp. The form can be modified as per your requirement, from a simple Name­Contact­Query sheet to one having advanced spam protection questions, telephone number and Additional Remarks fields. The plugin supports drop­down menus and multi­select options, but each of these needs to be coded and attached using hooks. It does not have a drag­ and­ drop type of form builder.

Backend Management of Quotes
QuoteUp has a comprehensive backend quotation management system that helps the store owner manage quotes efficiently. The quote request can be arranged in forward and reverse chronological orders, according to customer names, order ID’s and so on.

Request details are displayed by a pop­up when one hovers over the item list. Also, the store owner can reply directly to a quote request by clicking on the order ID.

Display Control
The proposal management plugin lets you control when a quote can be requested. For example, quotations can be selectively enabled for in stock products only or for both in­ and out­of­stock products.

The location of the Quote button can also be varied with it being displayed after each product summary or at the end of the product page.

‘Quote Only’ Store Creation
Fixed prices are well and good for a store selling generic products but when it comes to made­to­order goods, there always has to be a price range to allow for the customization expenditure. Using a quotation plugin like QuoteUp can be of great help here. Not only can the seller provide a detailed sales quote but can even lock down the entire site by making quote requests mandatory.

This type of a store is a Quote Only store.

The Ruling

QuoteUp is a robust proposal and sales management plugin, with a great user interface and various developer and customer friendly options. Though it is still taking baby steps into the plugins’ world, it has a formidable set of tools that make handling complex quotes on your WooCommerce store simple and straightforward.

Developed by WisdmLabs, the creator of Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce, the plugin is priced at:

➢ $57 for 1 site
➢ $77 for 2 sites
➢ $185 for 5 sites

Compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce and with comprehensive documentation available, QuoteUp is a great option for managing all your quotes and proposals efficiently.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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