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Superfly 4 — WordPress Menu Plugin Update

Superfly is an awesome WordPress menu plugin and it just got better. This top-selling vertical menu plugin is powerful, easy to use and loved by many. You can use it as a standalone menu or as an auxiliary menu.

I am happy to announce the release of Superfly 4! The team at Looks-Awesome knows how important it is to keep things up to date. The great thing about Superfly is that the design is shaped by the community. Thanks to feedback and suggestions from users, the developers are able to improve Superfly and give people the features they want.

The bottom line is that Superfly improves WordPress navigation. It allows you to create nav menus that look and function better. With Superfly your menus can include the latest and greatest design trends for mobile and desktop. Superfly helps you create an awesome user experience for your website’s visitors. It’s fast and easy to build a variety of navigation menus with rich features.

New Features and Improvements Superfly WordPress Menu Plugin Icon Library

There are some awesome new features and improvements implemented in Superfly 4 WordPress menu plugin to make your navigation menus even better. The changes implemented in the latest version are based on requests. Developers took the most requested features and added them on this update.

Users can now have multiple Superfly menus on a single site. The newest version of Superfly also includes improvements and new features for buttons and icons. An icon library for menu buttons and menu icons. You can upload your own icons into the icon library and style them.

More options allow you to get creative with the enhanced button settings. The new button settings give you more power and control over your menu buttons. Configure the X,Y positions for perfect placement. Add a text label and play around with the coloring, size and position. Change the shape of your button, trigger menus with any element and explore new options for hamburger menus.

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Powerful WordPress Menu Plugin Options

Superfly WordPress Menu Plugin Button Customization

Superfly is a 100% responsive WordPress menu plugin. It works on top of the native WordPress menu architecture. You can create a new menu or use an existing one from the WP dashboard. You can navigate to the Superfly options page and choose that menu as the source. Superfly will add this menu in its sidebar. You can also build menus from scratch from within options panel. Below is a full list of the new features and improvements:

  • Multiple menus allowed on one website
  • New “skewed” panel design added
  • Icon manager tab allows users to upload custom icons
  • Custom button icon with optional label
  • Custom icon for any menu item
  • Google Fonts now available
  • New design features for hamburger button
  • Horizontal shift for menu button
  • 2 more content areas available
  • Rich text editor for content
  • More social networks added for social bar – Dribbble, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo
  • More colors for icons
  • Improved admin UI/UX

Help Shape the Next Version

The development team at Looks-Awesome is listening. Some of the best features and improvements are based on user feedback. If you have any suggestions or opinions please fill out the form in the link below.

Give feedback and help improve Superfly

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  1. Peter Gorkiy
    Peter Gorkiy says:

    I was using 3x version for a long time. And decided to update recently. New admin panel looks truly amazing with so many new features. Just want to say thanks for this awesome update. Keep it up great work!


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