How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for a WordPress Website

Nowadays it is extremely hard to attract and engage internet users even for a one second. Is it necessary to create and customize your About Me page within your WordPress website in these circumstances? Obviously yes, because it represents one of the few opportunities to grab user`s attention where he wants it by himself.

Although you could have seen thousands of boring and useless About Us (About the Company, About Me or any similar suggested name) pages it does not mean that your own representation should also be so. We have gathered the most important tips on creating your unique About Me page to interest and intrigue your potential readers.

This article will show you why About Me page is essential for any type of a WordPress website and how could you use it for the sake of your website popularity and recognizability. Do not hesitate to spend an appropriate amount of time and effort on this part of your WordPress project because it could become your key to success.

Why Does About Me Page Matter?

Why Does About Me Page Matter?

The most important thing you need to understand is that your About page does not represent the tool that brings people to your website. On the other hand, it is the place where a lot of visitors are going to react to your project and form some opinion about it. In this context, an About page is of the most importance to any type of a website: from personal portfolio or blog to a corporate representation or a big online store.

The other reason why About Me page is important is the sign of recognition. That is also a reason why you should not name this page in some sophisticated way like “Essential Words” or something similar. People will seek for familiar words and if they would not find them quickly, they will just go away.

In general, the writing process of an About Me page is relatively difficult even for experienced bloggers and writers. It is hard to hold on and not to write tons of information which would never be read. That is one of the reasons why serious companies often hire writers to create such important text content for their About pages. However, this task is not insurmountable and will try to master it with a tips selection that follows. Let us divide all tips to good and bad ideas and see what they bring.

What Should Not Be on Your About Page

What Should Not Be on Your About Page

The first you should refuse of is your autobiography. This could be the most obvious decision but surely not the best one. Your life description in details could have been interesting if you are already a celebrity. Even in this case your About page should stay simple and short.

You should also avoid long and boring stories when you write about a company or a brand. The story of a brand could really be exciting but no one actually has time to dive into it. The much better idea would be to create a separate post about your company`s history. About page can cover the most interesting picks from this story in some engaging manner. For example, storylines are getting much popularity within most About pages for different types of corporate projects.

Another important understanding should come to you about the main purpose of this page. This page is actually not about you or your company despite of its name. It is about your potential readers and customers. The main purpose should be to relate you or your brand to a reader, not just to say that you exist.

Must Have Elements of Your About Page

Must Have Elements of Your About Page

This part is a bit larger, so we will divide it into logical blocks for your convenience and for quick catch of the main theses.

Basic Information

In most cases, your website visitors expect to see the most important information about you personality at the very start. Do not disappoint them and write your name, job title and location as the first string. What the usually do not expect is some small detail added to this most common string. One of the ways to add such detail is to describe your hobby in a short but kinky way. For example: Hi, I’m Brad, a freelance writer from Amsterdam. And I’m crazy about diving.

Brag a Bit

This is also an element that people expect to see on your About page. Honestly, who would give you a compliment if not you yourself. On the other hand, you can do the thing in an unexpected way by striking your readers with brightest examples from your practical experience or unusual situation from your professional activities.

The Way You Work

People usually know what results brings your activity but they are not aware of the way you bring theory to practice. Do not use small details rather focus on your overall style and way of work. This is often interesting and engaging, especially when written with an understanding of what you are usually doing.


In most cases you do not need a separate page for your testimonials and can easily place them right to your About page. Even if the amount of testimonials is large, you can still give your readers a sneak peak to it within the About page. Testimonials are one of the most important witnesses of your success, that is why you need to place them on the most important places of your page, according to the overall idea of your web design.

Additional Media

Pictures and video are much better than text in the context of presenting yourself to the audience. At least try to place actual pictures that represent you as a personality. One photo speaks for thousand words. If you represent a company, a video is much better because it can show the workflow and other tiny details which do not feet to the text.


There is no way you would wish to give your visitors information about you and live them with it. There should be some logical continuation of this process of reading text, viewing pictures and videos. Call-to-action buttons inviting a user to subscribe to your newsletter or to contact you directly would be the best decision for this logical task.

Contact Information

This is the logical continuation of the previous point. There should be not only a contact form for the feedback but also some more opportunities to contact you: phone, direct email, WhatsApp, physical address – whatever would be convenient both to you and your potential readers.


About page is one of the most important and undervalued elements of your WordPress project. It means that you can go ahead and stay out of the crowd just be creating your unique About page with all recommendation we gave you in this article. Do not forget to keep the data on this page fresh and the success will be not long in coming.

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