Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for WooCommerce

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is known is the largest trading platform for WordPress websites. However, WooCommerce is not the only tool you need to create a successful online store project on the WordPress platform. The modern eCommerce is a pretty complicated sphere that demands lots of work to bring your efforts to success. Even more work is needed to keep your WordPress online store among the leaders in any segment of marketing. Today we will pay attention to one of the most important aspects — social media integration within a WooCommerce project.

Social media represents one of the most rapidly growing channel of new customers your business can possibly have. Social networks tend to replace all kind of online services — from testimonials and feedback to buying guides and personal assistants. That is why your WooCommerce project based on WordPress platform can not ignore the opportunities of social media.

Fortunately, WooCommerce is flexible enough to work with lots of useful social networking plugins for WordPress. We will consider the most interesting and promising tools of this category in the article below. Do not hesitate to learn more important tips on developing your WordPress online store with us!

How Can Social Media Plugins Help Your WooCommerce Project?

Social media plugins can help you in three different directions of a WooCommerce project`s development: automation, mobile optimization and feedback. Each of these aspects is precious at its own, but all together they can bring a real success to your WordPress online store.

By means of social media plugins you can either bring useful automation to your users or yourself as a WordPress administrator. Social login plugins, save and share carts, social coupons and other tools can deliver excellent user experience for your potential customers. They can also simplify your work as a WordPress admin and bring you much more precious data for analytics of your users’ behavior.

Mobile optimization is foremost important for each modern WordPress project because many users tend to choose goods and buy them by means of their smartphones and tablets. The quick response to users’ questions is also crucial nowadays, both for providing good service and collecting testimonials.

Now let us look at some examples of WordPress plugins that can bring social media advantages to your WooCommerce project.

Instagram Feed Gallery — Grace for WordPress

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery for WordPress

Instagram has already become an ultimate tool for sales and marketing. This social network provides the most intuitive interface for users and influence their choices constantly. The wise use of branded Instagram pages can become your special sales tool. The easiest way to reach this goal is to use Grace Instagram Feed Gallery.

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery plugin is the most advanced and beautiful tool for Instagram social streaming on the market. The prominent features of this premium WordPress plugin include: 4 different stream layouts, 5 feed types, no streaming limitations and public content streaming opportunity.

The defining feature of Grace Instagram Feed Gallery is the posts approval system. You can pre-moderate any post in your Instagram social wall manually or set the automatic preferences for including and excluding any content by definite word, phrase, user ID, URL and so on. This features makes it simple to promote your personal or corporate brand through Instagram social stream without the fear of inappropriate content.

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Facebook Customer Chat — Customizable Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Customer Chat

Facebook Customer Chat is a simple but effective WordPress plugin that gives an opportunity to seamlessly connect your website with the power of live Facebook chat. It allows you to get the closest contact with your users and potential customers without living the WordPress website.

Facebook Customer Chat is a perfect tool for improving your social media marketing strategy along with your branding strategy and community building opportunities. This plugin allows you to quickly react to user questions, offers, requests and other messages. Such additional engagement on the pages of your WordPress website will lead to a significant growth of conversion rates and decreasing of bounce rates.

Facebook Customer Chat obtains some unique features which make it a perfect tool for involving your users into chatting and improving their level of trust to your service. Facebook Customer Chat is your guarantee for delivering the message to a user. It is 10 times more effective than the most popular way of conversation with potential and real customers — an email newsletter. Your brand awareness will grow along with the amount of customers you have chatted live.

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YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts

YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts

YITH WooCommerce plugin represents the first category of social media plugins that aim to give your customers a discount for their likes, shares, tweets and other social activities. The main principle of the plugin`s work is pretty simple: you choose the set of social activities and the reward your users will receive in the form of discount coupons.

Plugin works with different social networks and is highly customizable. It means you can choose for yourself which action will cost a 5% discount, and which will cost 10% discount. The amount of discount is always for you to decide, and the choice between social networks to use can be determined by your own marketing strategy.

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WooCommerce Social Reward / Coupon

WooCommerce Social Reward / Coupon

WooCommerce Social Reward us another example of simple yet effective tool for motivating your customers to like and share the information about your goods. With this tool you can also give discount coupons to users who spread your content and live testimonials on your website or branded social network pages.

The plugin works with Facebook (like and share), VK (like), LinkedIn (share), Twitter (tweet and follow). It also allows users to cumulate coupons for each social action made if you activate the corresponding feature. This may provide you with even more likes, shares and reviews because in this case even one user can produce many good testimonials for you.

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WooCommerce Social Login — WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login is one of the most popular tools to provide your users with the corresponding opportunity. This plugin relieves your users from the necessity to register and login with some unique username, email and password. It simply unlocks an amazing opportunity to login in one click using their social network accounts.

WooCommerce Social Login is compatible with 11 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Foursquare, Windows, Instagram, VK, PayPal and Amazon. Moreover, the plugin provides you with an opportunity to collect and analyze statistics of social network usage for your website login. It can be very helpful for your marketing campaign.

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Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce

Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce

Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce is a unique WordPress plugin which allows your users to use extended opportunities of their shopping carts. The idea of the plugin is quite simple: a user can save his cart to use it later for further purchases or just for his own purchase history. On the other hand, this option opens up much more opportunities for your sales.

For example, customers can share their carts to be paid by other users. You managers can also pre-fill the cart to send it to a customer after a phone call or email feedback. This way a user can pay for his choice in one click. Other example is to use a special promotional cart and share the link to it with your potential customers.

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