9 Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Need to add Google Maps to WordPress? There are lots free and premium Google Maps plugins for WordPress that can make the process much easier. There are so many in fact, that it can be tough to know which one will suit you best. In this article we’ve collected 11 of the best WordPress plugins for Google Maps. All of these plugins can be used to add responsive Google Maps to any post, page or sidebar.

If you are running a business from a physical location, such as a brick and mortar store, your success will depend on people finding your location. People aren’t going to spend too much time browsing your website to figure out how to find you. This is why it’s important to make yourself as accessible as you can.

The best way to do this in WordPress is with a plugin. Although Google Maps has it’s own API, it’s not the most elegant tool. First off there is a bit of a learning curve to overcome, second the Google Map API doesn’t provide many options for customization.

This article outlines 11 plugins to help you embed a custom Google maps with WordPress. These plugins enable you to add locations, markers, directories, meta info, animations, custom icons and more. Easily build professional maps with no coding, no API keys and no unnecessary stress.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPressAdvanced-Google-Maps-Plugin

This Google Maps plugin is extremely powerful and fast. You can build simple or complex maps in minutes with Advanced Google Maps. Working from the backend is very easy. There are lots of settings to configure and options to play with, but the UI is very intuitive. Beginners won’t have trouble getting lost as they navigate through the well-organized admin panel.

Over the past few years this plugin has developed into an efficient and expansive solution. Get the freedom to build better maps for your visitors. Add unlimited locations, custom or readymade icons, export/import CSV files, add locations from a database and more.

If you are looking for tons of options when it comes the functionality and behavior of your map, you have found the right plugin. Get creative and build work with layers to build maps. You can use layers to create stunning displays with useful information.

Get Advanced Google Maps Demo 

Map List Pro — Google Maps & Location directoriesMap-List-Pro

Map List Pro is a heavy hitter because it’s proven to be an easy and powerful way to integrate Google Maps with WordPress. The options panel is intuitive and beginner friendly. It’s great for directories. Use it to create store locators, contact lists, location reviews or office branch lists. It’s very user friendly and offers lots of advanced functions.

With a full range of features to build interactive maps, you can give your users a premium experience. Create fully searchable maps and control how the results are displayed. This plugin is very helpful for building maps with a large number of locations. Map List Pro is an easy way to enhance your web site and make your business more accessible.

Get Map List Pro Demo 

Responsive Styled Google Maps — WordPress PluginResponsive-Styled-Google-Maps-WordPress-Plugin

Responsive Styled Google Maps is a simple and powerful maps plugin. With it you can quickly create responsive maps and place them with a shortcode. This plugin allows you to add multiple markers on a single map, and multiple maps to any page.

You don’t need an API key, just install the plugin and start building maps. The beauty of Responsive Styled Google Maps is in its simplicity. The settings panel (Responsive Styled Google Maps Helper) lays all your options in one place. You can see your changes immediately by refreshing the live preview. Choose from 50 prebuilt styles to get started or start from scratch. Customize things further to build a unique map for your visitors.

Get Responsive Styled Google Maps Screenshots 

Mapify.it: Customized Google Maps for WordPressMapify-It

This plugin claims to “Go Beyond Google Maps!” With it you can integrate Google Maps and add a completely unique style. For designers who have a strong vision and want more design control, Mapify.it makes gives you just that. It gives you the control to display Google Maps however you want. You can change background color, add images, icons, add hotspots, build galleries for each location etc.

When it comes to designing maps, you can get as creative as you want with Mapify.it. The demo content has everything you need to get started. Whether you are a beginner who wants to quickly put up a custom Google Map or a seasoned designer who wants to get creative, this plugin can help. There are endless use cases. Try out this plugin if you are looking to build a map with style.

Get Mapify.it Demo 

5sec Google Maps5sec-Google-Maps

This plugin doesn’t mess around. If you are in need of a simple Google Map that allows you to help people find a location, this might be the most straightforward choice. You won’t have to setup this plugin or deal with complicated configurations. Just install it and go. No coding is required and no API keys are needed.

The options are kept to a minimum for the sake of brevity. Add a Google Map to any sidebar, post, page or use custom post type. It supports full screen views, directions and offers 12 different markers. The documentation is comprehensive and easy to follow. Help people find your location fast. This plugin will help you get a map up in seconds.

Get 5 Sec Google Maps Demo 

Hero Maps Premium – Responsive Google Maps PluginHero Maps Premium — Responsive Google Maps Plugin

The Hero Maps plugin is a full featured Google Maps Plugin. This is a modern plugin that is very accessible. Build your maps in real-time and see your changes in the live previews. Many people will appreciate all the options this plugin contains. It also performs very well, with some great features to enhance browsing.

Quickly and easily add Google Maps to WordPress without coding. Hero maps provides a full set of options to configure and the capability to aggregate all your markers in one map. Workflow feels very modern when using this plugin. The WSYIWYG editor LINK is filled with options to customize the colors, layouts, animation, fonts and more. This plugin offers a really smooth experience for WordPress designers and their website’s visitors.

Get Hero Maps Demo 

Simplified Google Mapssimplified-google-maps-for-WordPress

Simplified Google Maps (SGM) gives you an easy way to add Google Maps to your WordPress website without a sweat. This plugin does all the heavy lifting. Like all the plugins on this list, it works via shortcodes and allows you to customize the way Google Maps is appears on your site.

This one isn’t quite as fancy or full or prebaked solutions as Hero Maps or Map List Pro, but it offers you plenty of useful functionality. It’s great for beginners who don’t want to become overwhelmed by choices. Everything you need to create custom maps is included such as export/import data, full screen mode, location clustering, street view, address searching, custom icons, custom CSS etc. Use SGM to take control and build responsive maps for desktop or mobile.

Get Simplified Google Maps  Demo 

Free Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugincomprehensive-google-map-plugin

This is a completely free plugin that offers you full functionality. This plugin comes loaded with lots of useful features to help you integrate custom Google Maps with WordPress. The user interface is easy to navigate and configuring the settings is simple.

For a free plugin, Comprehensive Google Map Plugin offers you plenty of power. It comes with 250+ marker icons and allows you to aggregate locations via Marker Geo Mashup. There are many more configuration options to choose from. This is a great plugin if you want to add a Google Map to help your users find locations and get directions.

Get Comprehensive Google Map Plugin Screenshot 

Free Plugin

WP Google MapsWP-Google-Maps

This is a great free version of WP Google Maps. You can use it to embed custom Google Maps into any post or page on your site. It’s useful for contact forms, directions, aggregating locations or a number of other uses. The free version offers you a basic tool for adding maps.

You can add a single map to your page with as many markers as you’d like. The pro version offers you much more flexibility including multiple maps, links, directions, advanced display options and much more. Checkout this plugin if you want to get a feel for WP Google Maps.

Get WP Google Maps Screenshots 

Final Words

Providing detailed contact information on your website is crucial to success, especially if you are a business with a physical location. Making your contact info accessible is one of the best things you can do for your visitors. It’s not wise to rely on people to reach out to find you. Things like your location, email address and phone number should be easy to find.

Having an accessible map on your website can help people find what they are looking for and offer a great UX. I hope this list of plugins helps you create effective maps on your WordPress site. Every plugin on this list allows you to add beautiful Google Maps with lots of useful features. Don’t forget to share this post and let us know in the comments section if you have any favorite Google Maps for WordPress.

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