Showing Custom Menus Logged WordPress Users

Quick Tip: Showing Custom Menus to Logged In WordPress Users

Experienced website owners on WordPress know how important it is to segment the audience of readers. This way you can provide the best content for each group of visitors and the better involvement for them in the commentary of interesting entries on the website or blog.

One tested method to segment the audience on WordPress website is to create a custom menu to show it only for the logged in users. In addition, this tool allows you to further motivate users to register on your site to see the hidden pages.

In this Quick Tip article we will analyze in detail how to quickly create a custom menu, which you will be able to show only for the logged in users of your site. To be effective, you need a premium WordPress plugin called Superfly.

Once you buy and install the Superfly plugin, you will make just 3 simple steps to create a custom menu, which you can show only to logged users.

Step One: Add or Select Menu

Find the Appearance item and Menus sub-item in the sidebar of the admin panel on WordPress. Here you will see all the available pages and categories for creating a custom menu:

Add or Select MenuUse the Remove feature in the drop-down menu for each page or category to delete those items that you do not want to add to the generated custom menu:

Add or Select Menu 2After setting up the necessary pages and categories, click Create Menu button.

Step Two: Add Menu to Superfly

Select Superfly plugin menu in the sidebar of yout admin panel on WordPress. Select the desired custom menu by title and click on the orange plus button next to that line.

Add Selected Menu to SuperflyStep Three: Customize General Display Rules

Scroll down to the General Display Rules subheading and choose the following item in the drop-down menu:

Customize General Display Rules

Do not forget to press the Save Changes button.


You can individually configure the display of custom menu on desktop and mobile devices with the optional settings in General Display Rules.

You can set custom menu hide option on specific pages or categories, as well as certain default WordPress Pages (for instance, 404 error page or Archives pages).

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