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Sliding menus are quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in WordPress web development. They look stunning on desktops as well as mobile devices. These menus are located in one corner of your site. When the menu pops up, the content is moved aside.

Superfly is an awesome WordPress plugin for building fly-out menus on your website. It’s one of CodeCanyon’s top selling plugins, and easily lets you generate a trendy new navigation menu on your site. I was really impressed by the sleek design options and smooth performance. Long gone are the days where you need to suffer through a clunky nav menu to plod through a website. Take a look at the back-end and you’ll see clean code, and some of the best industry standards for animation and smooth performance.

With the Mouseover interface, opening the menu can be done without a click. You have the option to add a click if you want though. There are plenty of options when it comes to the layout. As you scroll through the options you’ll see that Superfly has flexible design options and is fully customizable. The menu is responsive and has a solid design. It takes no time at all to insert eye catching icons to menu items as well. You can also add Font Awesome icons to the menu. There is even a special option that supports full screen view. This responsive plugin can also be multi-level.

Superfly menu WordPress plugin Example

Why use Superfly?

Superfly lets you create a fixed primary menu on the left or right side of your site. Many people like to integrate hidden sliding menus. This keeps the menu hidden until the menu tab is hovered over. As I mentioned before, a click is optional. Superfly’s vertical menus look and function perfectly on mobile devices. There’s also a good variety of effects to customize your menu.

Customization couldn’t be any simpler. The only way to make it any easier would be to pay someone else to do it. You have a ton of choices when it comes to choosing custom colors, icons and font options. All major social networking sites are pretty easy to integrate as well. Add links to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site. One of my favorite features is the multi-level menus to further categorize your menu links. Superfly was designed with mobile users in mind and it has native-style swap functionality for all touchscreen devices. I love using this plugin and I bet you will too. Following is a brief overview of some of Superfly’s features:

The Rich Menu

You have so many options available to really make the menu your own. It not only looks cool, but it works like it should too. You can do anything from custom panels, to custom icons and layouts. You’ll really be able to utilize your design skills with all the features offered. Removing the need for a click, the hover feature opens the menu as soon as you hover over menu icon. This makes my sites so much easier to use, and gives them a much more responsive feel. Users on mobile or desktop devices appreciate the convenience of this feature. Quick response and easy navigations will definitely add nuance and quality to your guest’s experience. This plugin allows for ease of use across any platform or device.

The Basic Menu

This option gives you a clean, barebones navigational menu for your WordPress site. The basic menu has a slick, attractive design that provides an elegant experience. It’s perfect for personal websites or smaller websites, offering smooth scrolling. The only difference between the basic menu and the rich menu is that the functionality. The rich menu opens up as soon as you hover over the menu icon, while the basic menu requires a click. A sidebar can be positioned on right or left side as well. Main content is faded out when menu is open, heightening the focus to the menu. You can click anywhere on the page to hide the menu.

The Static Menu

Static menus are often employed by developers that don’t want to make their navigation menus too complex. This options makes things easy for visitors to navigate through the site in an easy and efficient manner. This is great especially if the user is not very computer savvy. Whenever the site is loaded, the menu will be visible. Often it is used for chapter lists and catalogues for online literature. Superfly can save webmasters a lot of the time that usually goes into programming a static menu. You can avoid any of the usual hassles that arise trying when you are trying to add static menus on certain themes.

The Icon Menu

Superfly also allows the options to incorporate Font Awesome icons in the navigation menu. You can set this up in WordPress admin section, located in Appearance/Menus section. With this menu option, users can view the sidebar smoothly when sliding out without pushing content. The search bar, site logo, and social icons will be hidden when the Icon Menu is being used. The menu button goes with text and can be translated in 5 different languages.

The Full Screen Menu

Superfly menu WordPress plugin Full Screen

When the superfly plugin is purchased, it comes with an awesome bonus mode for those who want to add functionality and make their site look and feel current. This new pattern is ultra-minimal and at the same time, good for simple navigation. Currently, this mode shows only single-level menu structure

The Bottom Line

It’s so easy to customize the display. You can create a multi-level menu, hide the default menu button and toggle any element on the page. Make use of icons to make menu items stand out. There are plenty of great options to go through after you’ve installed this responsive menu plugin. The bottom line is that Superfly can take a standard menu and give is some style, class and enhanced functionality. I gotta say that Superfly is a must have plugin for anyone looking to create a navigational menu that has premium functionality and looks current. Superfly can definitely take your navigation menu to the next level of professionalism and style.

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