Mega Menu Plugins For WordPress in 2016

It doesn’t take a WordPress nerd like me to point out the painfully obvious. Most of the time, mega is better. Mega millions, mega man, mega bus, mega yacht, mega charizard and WordPress mega menu all have the word mega tacked in onto them. Why? Because they are just that much more awesome than their standard counterparts.

The navigational menu is one of the most important sections of your website. It’s the first place users will go to find what they are looking for. The way you setup the menu can have a big impact on how people browse your website. You can reduce your bounce rate and improve the user experience by building clean, well-organized navigational menus. One way to improve the nav menu is to create a mega menu.

Mega menus aren’t just about buzzwords, they are about making browsing as easy and efficient as possible. With a mega menu, you can improve your navigation in a number of ways. Add large 2-dimensional panels, organize pages or sections of the site into groups, make everything visible, apply interesting animation effects etc.

Other trends may come and go, but the mega menu design has stood the test of time. They have improve usability and help users meet their goals. You may notice that many sites you browse have dropdown menus, especially large sites like directories or eCommerce sites. Not every site needs a mega menu, but every site does need a responsive nav menu that helps people browse your site.

The bottom line is that a mega menu plugin you can make your site better. Although WordPress comes with built-in tools to create navigational menus, there are many WordPress plugins that help you create a high quality mega menu with lots of useful features. The following plugins can help you create full featured navigational menus as well as sticky menus to help drive user interaction.

Uber MenuUbermenu The Ultimate Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Uber menu is a WordPress plugin that can help you create menus with interesting layouts and features. This plugin makes managing your nav menu simple. It works by enhancing the WordPress 3 Menu System so you can build beautiful menus.

This highly customizable mega menu plugin gives you lots of options. It has tabbed submenus, allows you to filter by category and add animated effects. The customizer gives you the power to change colors, fonts and other settings instantly. The live preview allows you to see your results instantly.

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Superfly Responsive WordPress MenuSuperfly 4 WordPress Menu Plugin

Superfly is another responsive mega menu plugin that enables you to quickly build beautiful, efficient menus. You can use this plugin to create your main navigational menu or build an auxiliary menu. Superfly is versatile and performs like a champ. If you are looking to create a menu with modern style, look no further.

Superfly’s designs are a product of the slide in vertical menu trend that proved to be a winner for mobile phones. The powerful user interface gives you the flexibility and tools needed to get creative. Building is easy and fun allowing you endless design possibilities.

Create your own vertical push/slide/static menu in minutes. Superfly stands out because of its ability to output modern, slick looking menus. It also offers plenty of features to add to your menus. The code implements web design’s best practices when it comes to performance. Create responsive menus for mobile and desktop on the fly.

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Hero MenuHero Menu Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Hero Menu is a top plugin in terms of performance and output. Use this plugin to things simple and build a slick menu with dropdowns, or create a complex menu with rich features. WooCommerce is fully enabled for those who run eCommerce websites. This makes it much easier to add items from your store to your menu.

The user interface is clean and simple, making customization a cinch. It works much like WordPress standard menu builder, with some added improvements. Building menus with Hero Menu is much like building pages with a visual page builder. Simply choose the layout, add content and style your menu. Hero Menu has been tested with a number of the biggest and best WordPress Themes, including Enfold, X-Theme, Avada and Salient. Hero Menu helps you easily build beautiful menus with WordPress.

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WP Sticky Menu PluginSticky Menu Plugin

The Sticky Menu Plugin is a nice set of tools for building sticky menus. It’s great for adding extra menus onto your theme to give your site’s visitors easy access to content. Create flexible dropdown menus with cool animations, multiple columns and interesting layouts. You could build sticky menus with text, links, images and custom CSS.

Styling is streamlined in the options panel. It comes with 20+ predefined styles, animation effects and more. If you want to customize the look further all you need to do is add a few lines of custom CSS. This is a nice menu plugin that works great for building extra menus with sticky content in addition to your main navigational menu.

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Mega Main MenuMega Main Menu — WordPress Menu Plugin

This responsive menu plugin may not be fancy, but it has the potential to build expansive mega menus to improve navigation. Get all the options you need to build professional nav menus quickly. This is one of the top selling WordPress mega menu plugins because it gets the job done. Adding content to your menu is a simple. With the click of a button you can add text, images, widgets, shortcodes and more.

Customization is easy from the admin panel. Features include sticky menu, icons, dropdowns, custom logo and search. You can add all these features in a single menu to make your site look great. Get unlimited colors to play with. Your backgrounds use flat colors, patterns or images.

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Liquid Mega MenuLMM - WordPress Responsive Mega Menu based on Bootstrap

Liquid Mega Menu is another menu which, like Superfly is built under the mobile-first concept. It’s based on Twitter’s Bootstrap which is known for great mobile functionality. It works well for developers and regular users for the creation of horizontal or vertical nav menus. The interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to build and customize an unlimited amount of menus. Everything can be done without coding.

If you are a programmer, you can stretch the functionality and get even more mileage out of this plugin. LMM provides advanced configuration options for power users like advanced hooks and custom CSS fields. If you want to build a mobile menu Liquid Mega Menu can help you do it.

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NOO MenuNOO Menu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

NOO Menu is a mega menu plugin that offers lots of customization options. The admin panel gives you a variety of settings to configure. If you like to have all your options in one place, you might like the way NOO Menu’s options panel is setup. Beginners may really like this plugin because of the easy to use admin panel. Everything is in one place and it’s easy to find.

Currently there are 9 preset styles to get you started. You can choose a preset style and tweak the settings to create something unique, or start from scratch. It features 6 tabs in the options panel for you to configure: Animation, Menu Bar, Top Menu, Top Menu Hover, Sub Menu and Sub Menu Hover. Beginners will like this plugin because of its intuitive user interface and live preview in the backend.

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WR MegaMenumega-menu-by-woorockets

Mega Menu by (AKA WR MegaMenu) is a free WordPress Menu Plugin offers you more power than the native WordPress menu builder. For a free plugin, it works quite well. While it doesn’t work quite as bug free and seamlessly as some of the premium plugins on this list, it is still worth checking out.

WR MegaMenu will free you from the headaches caused by the native WordPress menu panel. With it you can add vertical or horizontal nav menus to your website. Build fully responsive menus with dropdown functionality, icons, links, text or widgets. If you want to change styles you can add custom CSS to your menu. Drag and drop to build impressive menus for mobile or desktop.

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Max Mega Menumax-mega-menu

This is another freebie. Max Mega Menu also has a paid version with more functionality available. With the free version you can create custom mega menus. The editor gives you over 100 options for customizing your website. It supports traditional mega menu styles or flyout menus. You also have access to transitions, menu icons and more. Use CSS to change the style, layout and colors of your menu. This free plugin is minimal but it gets the job done.

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Final Word

Using a WordPress menu plugin can help you optimize your site. A good mega menu offers several advantages over classic nav menus including better organization, more visibility, the use of images and interesting animation effects like flyouts.

The high end plugins near the top of this list will give you the most hassle-free, premium menu building experience. Mega menus are great addition to any site, especially for eCommerce. We hope you like this list of plugins and find something useful to make your site better. Let us know if we missed any good plugins and share your favorites in the comments section below.


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