Best Grid Building Plugins WordPress

Best Grid Building Plugins for WordPress

Grid Building Plugins allow you to create a unique collection of pages, posts, social activities or products on one page of your website on WordPress platform. Grid pages show a high level of audience involvement. Users feel much more convenient and pleasant to interact with a collection on one page, instead of having to search for information in Google or to walk around the site for updates.

Providing your users with the convenience and constantly updated content is quite simply. We present a list of premium Grid Building Plugins, which will take care of all the hard work to build a special grid pages on your site on the WordPress platform. You can verify the simplicity and user-friendly interface of any plugin using the opportunity to live preview through the links that we provide in this article for each listed plugin.

The Grid – Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid PluginThe Grid plugin is one of the most multipurpose solutions for your website on WordPress. It is suitable for creating grid pages with different content, purpose and style. For example, using The Grid, you can build a page with a preview of the definite category goods or the feed of your posts from the blog for some period of time. This page will provide a great help to users in navigating through your site.

The plugin provides ample opportunities for setting up your style of the grid pages. You can use one of 30 prepared styles or create your own with the built-in editor with intuitive interface. You can also add your own custom CSS styles, if you have the required knowledge in web development.

Another visual configuration option for grid pages is the choice of a layout. The Grid provides its users with 3 prepared types of layouts. Each of the three types can be implemented in two versions – vertical and horizontal. You can easily experiment with different layouts to determine the best option for the needs of your site`s content. Changing the layout is simple enough, so you can quickly evaluate the options available and choose the best for yourself.

The Grid is fully mobile responsive. Thus you do not need to separately adjust the display of grid pages for mobile devices. On the other hand, if you want to create a unique design on mobile devices, the plugin will provide you with that possibility. The Grid is also fully compatible with WooCommerce. This means that you can easily connect your online store catalog to create special grid pages with products from your assortment.

Live Demo Get TheGrid

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid WordPress PluginEssential Grid is also a multipurpose tool for building grid pages on the WordPress platform. The plugin will be useful for blogs, online stores, portfolios, galleries with images and video, price tables and much more.

Built-in visual style editor allows you to customize absolutely all the elements of grid page. If you do not want to spend time fine-tuning, it offers 30 prepared templates to quickly create grid pages for any purpose – from portfolio to online store on WooCommerce. Essential Grid provides th site user wit a convenient functionality of import and export of presets and styles for the grid pages. You will be able to transfer ready-made elements for your other projects without any difficulty.

Essential Grid is ready to be translated into all languages of the world with the help of the built-in WPML plugin (WordPress MultiLingual). Also, the plugin is fully optimized to work with mobile devices for the most pleasant display of grid pages` content on smartphones and tablets. WPMS (WordPress MultiSite compitable system) can be also mentioned as an additional built-in features of Essential Grid.

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Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid - WordPress Responsive PortfolioMedia Grid is focusing on creating a unique portfolio pages. With this plugin, you can show your work with its best advantage. Potential customers will certainly appreciate the convenience and ease of use of your portfolio, where everything is clear and laid out on shelves. Do not miss your opportunity to make a great impression on the interested visitors of your website on WordPress.

This plugin provides an easy visual editor of different layouts for your grid pages. Media Grid also provides ready-made layouts for different variants of design options of your site. You can paginate items in your grid by visual editor. This function is very important for Search Engine Optimization of your site and especially for the specific portfolio page which you want to display as high as possible in the search engine results.

Extensive possibilities of Media Grid Plugin are ensured by the built-in elements, which have already earned the trust of the WordPress sites` owners. These elements are Visual Composer and Cornerstone. These plugins provide a stable operation of the visual editor and the ability of Media Grid to create the intuitive interface. Media Grid is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and WPML (WordPress MultiLingual system) and is totally mobile responsive.

Media Grid provides full support of any media file. So you can easily create grid pages and sliders not only with images and text, but also with video and audio content.

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Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress GalleryJustified Image Grid positions itself as an ideal gallery for photos and images in the style of grid page. This plugin allows you to create amazing gallery to attract attention of the WordPress site visitors. This grid page builder is ideal for photographers and artists who wish to present their work in the best possible way.

This plugin allows you to create a gallery of images in a horizontal layout. This approach will build a complete history of the images that reflect your professional and creative development. The plugin is fully retina ready and mobile responsive, ensuring your reach of a large audience that enjoys the smartphones and tablets.

Justified Image Grid allows you to quickly and easily download pictures from social networks. This way you can set up an effective content of your grid gallery page with the help of pictures and images from your Facebook or Flickr account.

Justified Image Grid also provides the ability to apply special effects to images in the gallery. It can be desaturation, softening, or black and white effects. You will be able to significantly improve the interactive component of your website with the help of these effects.

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UberGrid – responsive grid builder for WordPress

UberGrid - responsive grid builder for WordPressUberGrid is a special grid builder, which is focused on a square format of page elements. With this plugin you can create grid pages for different purposes – from the gallery to the presentation of goods from the online shop. UberGrid is compatible with WooCommerce and fully mobile responsive.

The kit of prepared templates to create grid pages from UberGrid includes 12 different layouts and 6 lightboxes. More than 600 Google fonts are also included. Ready-made templates allow you to create a virtually unlimited number of different styles for the grid pages at a reasonable combination of all available opportunities.

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Flow-Flow – WordPress Social Stream Plugin

Flow-Flow - WordPress Social Stream PluginFlow-Flow is the perfect choice to create a social stream. Social stream is a special kind of grid page, which consists of a variety of posts and comments on social networks. The diversity of social networks and a large number of thematic groups allows you to create a vivid and informative grid on practically any topic.

Flow-Flow provides its users with the opportunity to work with 14 different social networks and use more than 40 different types of feeds. If you combine these features, you get truly unlimited possibilities for social streaming. Consider also the fact that you do not need to stream your own accounts on social networks and constantly fill them with new content. You can connect a variety of feeds by active communities and collect unique content from them.

This plugin can be used not only for social streams (although it is its specialization). With the help of Flow-Flow, you can connect a variety of RSS feeds, WordPress posts, galleries and much more for your personl grid pages.

Live Demo Get Flow-Flow

Final Words

Active use of the grid pages` capabilities ensures your site with a huge opportunity for development and attracting new visitors. You need to choose the most appropriate of the following plugins based on the objectives of a specific grid page and content type that you are going to deliver on it.

As you can see in our list there are both universal grid buildeing plugins, as well as specializing in a particular form of content. Multipurpose plugins will be an appropriate choice only if you have not yet decided on your strategy for filling the grid page on the site. But we strongly recommend that you determine the strategy before buying any plugin in order not to regret the purchase afterwards.

Choose specialized plugins to create custom grid pages and you will get the most out of them. For example, select Flow-Flow plugin for social streams, and Media Grid for creating an attractive portfolio on your website.

Develope your WordPress site into compliance with your own unique creative vision, and you will surely find your fans among the huge audience of internet!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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    I actually tried these before and many others like it. You did indeed list the best ones. A few do have issues when using on mobile depending on what kind of blog you plan on running but for most, they work! I did end up getting the Flow Flow plugin and loved it but did end up switching to a different style for my blog. Out of the ones listed here though, I do recommend Flow Flow the most.


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